The Lucky Man

*This story is writen like a script* Niall wishes that he can have a girlfriend. So to cheer him up Harry and Zayn brought home Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. That only keeps him happy for so long. Danielle, Eleanor, and Selena go to find Niall the perfect girl. *I'm sorry if it is horrible, I wrote it when I was in the 6th grade*


1. The Beginning

Niall:(thinking out loud) I wish I had a girl on my side, who would care for me, and I would care for her.

Liam: Good luck with that.

Louis: I know right, but i have my grandma, Eleanor.

Eleanor:(slaps him in the back of the head) i heard that dummy.

Liam: Ow that's got to hurt. Hey don't worry Niall, you will find the perfect girl. (whispers) You can have Danielle if you want.

Niall: No thanks. She scares me.

Danielle: How stupid do you guys think i am?

Liam: More stupid than you look.

Danielle:(slaps him)

Liam: Ow that hurts (slaps her back)

Danielle and Liam:(slapping each other)

Niall: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Louis:(slaps him)  Don't encourage them.

Harry:(walks in the room) Hey guys. Guess who I brought?!

Liam:(stops slapping Danielle) Leona Lewis!?!? O.O

Zayn:(walks in behind Harry) Nope. Keep guessing.

Niall: Forget guessing! Just tell us already!

Harry:(moves his arm in a way to motion someone to walk in) Come in guys.

Justin and Selena:(walk in holding hands) Hi guys.

Niall:(screams) OMIGOD!!! No you didn't!

Harry and Zayn: Yes we did!

Niall: You look even better in person!

Selena: Thanks I try my best.

Niall: Not you (pushes her to side)

Selena:(walks up to Danielle and Eleanor) Should we got to the mall?

Daniell and Eleanor: Yeah!

Eleanor: Yeah 'cause our boyfrineds are ignoring us! (she says loud enough for the boys to hear but they don't pay attention)

(The three of them walk out of the room)

Niall: So Justin..... Will you go out with me?

Harry:(whispers to Justin) He is really desperate at the moment.

Justin: Okay? Well um...sure...I guess...ok yes.

Niall: OMIGOD! Thanks it really means a lot to me!

Justin: No problem. Anything to please my fans. (whispers to Zayn) He's not gay or anythng... Is he?

Zayn:(laughs) Of course not. Wow. I can't believe you would think that!

Justin: I didn't mean it like that.

Liam: Of course you didn't.

Justin: You heard what I said?

Liam: No. I was just messing with you. What were you and Zayn talking about anyway?

Zayn and Justin: Nothing!!

Liam: Okay, okay. Don't tell me.

Zayn: Oh we won't.

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