The Lucky Man

*This story is writen like a script* Niall wishes that he can have a girlfriend. So to cheer him up Harry and Zayn brought home Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. That only keeps him happy for so long. Danielle, Eleanor, and Selena go to find Niall the perfect girl. *I'm sorry if it is horrible, I wrote it when I was in the 6th grade*


2. Running over Demi Lovato

***Three Hours Later***


Eleanor: Um Danielle... I think we are lost...

Danielle: No we are not!

Selena:(looks at the map) Yes we are we were in L.A. and now I can't even say it.

Danielle; Just say it already!

Selena: We are in San Diego.

Eleanor: That explains why Demi Lovato is waving at us.... Should we pull over?

Selena: Even better, run her over!

Danielle: Wait. Before we do run her over, we should ask her for directions.

Eleanor: Good idea.

Selena: Yeah, whatever just hurry up I wanna see the look on her face!

Eleanor: Wow. And I wonder why you guys aren't friends.

***To Be Continued***

Louis: Where is Eleanor?

Liam: Yeah, Danielle too.

Justin: We should call them (whispers to Zayn) Niall is really staring to scare me. He is just smiling at me.

Zayn:(laughs)  You will get used to it. You should see him when he sees Demi Lovato.

Niall:(turns towards Justin) you wouldn't have any hot girls number by any chance?

Justin: Nope. Just Selena.

Niall: Oh. In my opinion, she is not that pretty.

Justin: Don't tell her that.

Niall: I won't. I promise.

***Back To The Lost Girls***

Selena: Hey Demi. Can you help us get back to Hollywood?

Demi: Hollywood? Well yes, if you keep heading north, it will take you about 4 hours.

Danielle: 4 hours? Thats a lot of driving for me...

Demi: Well you should go now before it gets dark.

Selena: Yeah, Ok. (whispers to Danielle) Now run her over!

Eleanor: I'm going to take a video of this, so that I could put it on YouTube. It will show the world how bad ass we are.

Danielle:(takes in a deep breath) Ok, here we go...

Demi: Hey, what are you guys- BAAAMMMM!!!

Eleanor: Wow she's finally dead.

Danielle: Selena, I now know why you hate her so much, she is really annoying.

Selena: Yup.

***Back to the Clueless Boys***

Justin: I tried to call Selena, she didn't answer her phone.

Liam: Yeah, Danielle didn't answer either.

Louis: What if something happened to them? No not my El.

Harry: (hugs Louis) Don't cry LouBear!

Louis:(hugs him back) I will try not to HazzaBear!

Justin: Well that's not weird

Zayn: Again, you will get used to it.

Niall: Why so happy Liam?

Liam: Because Niall, I just realized that I love Danielle.

Niall: Aww Liam! (hugs him) When are you going to tell her?

Liam:(pushes Niall away) As soon as she gets back.

Justin:(phone is ringing and he answers it) Hello?

Selena: Hi um we are coming in about 3 hours.

Justin: Why?

Selena: Because we are in San Diego.

Justin: San Diego?!

Selena: Uh yeah. First we got lost, then we ran over Demi Lovato...

Justin: You guys ran over Demi Lovato?!

Niall: I loved her why??

Danielle: Because Selena told me too.

Justin: Yeah whatever.

Selena: Now it going to be 3 hours until we see you guys.

Justin:(hangs up)

Louis: Wow.

Justin: What are we going to do for 3 hours?

Niall and Harry: I don't know

***Back to the Girls***

Selena: We are almost there!

Danielle: I can see that I'm not blind.

Eleanor: Don't start you two.

Selena and Danielle: Okay.

Eleanor: Good. I'm so excited!

Danielle: And you are because?

Eleanor: I get to see my LouBear!

Danielle: Of course.

***A Few Minuets Later***

Danielle: I feel bad that Niall doesn't have girlfriend.

Eleanor: You are not saying that you are going to break up with Liam so you can go out-

Danielle: No! I meant we should get him one. Well we kind of killed Demi Lovato... So what about Debby Ryan?

Selena: I have her number (takes out her phone) Let me call her

Danielle: Okay, but hurry up.

Selena: (on the phone) Hello? Debby?

Debby: Hi Selena. What's up?

Selena: You know Niall Horan?

Debby: Yes I love him!

Selena: Okay. Where are you? So we can pick you up.

Debby: I'm at the studio. Just finished recording a new song.

Selena: We are on our way to come pick you up. (hangs up the phone)

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