Janoskians Time Warp

The 5 Aussie boys find themselves in the shire? these five boys will find themselves traveling through different fantasies.


2. The Shire Frodo and his bags

The five boys landed on the soft grass fields in the Shire.

"Ah great where the hell are we now" Beau asked pissed

"From what I can tell we are in lord of the rings" Luke says

"Oh not hairy feet again" Beau said

"Look guys let's just get out of here" James said taking off

There were small green holes in the ground. 

"Uh hairy feet" Beau called to a hobbit walking in the grass

'Uh, its Frodo Baggins" He smiled creepily

"Well Hello Frodo we were wondering if you could help us" Jai asked

"Why sure what do you need?"  Frodo smiled

"Okay can you direct us back to Australia" James asks

"Austrulie...what?" Frodo scratches the top of his curly head

"Oh great!" Luke said losing his temper

"Calm down we'll get out of here" Beau says

"So where can you direct us?" James asks

"Well if you travel that way you should hit Mordor" Frodo says pointing down one way

"And that way" Frodo turns and points

"Well that way is Rivendell" Frodo puts his hands together

"What do those things even mean?"
"Oh silly... Whatever you things are, they are places to exit the Shire" Frodo then takes off walking

"Wait where are you going!" Daniel calls

"Well come on I have a map at home to show you silly's" Frodo says

The five aussie boys squeezed through the small green door to see hundreds of plastic bags piled everywhere.

"What the freak" Jai says getting his foot stuck on a bag

"Careful that's "el fanzo" Frodo says running over and placing the bag carefully

"Oh sorry "El Fanzo" Jai nearly bursts into laughs 

"Oh no,no,no,no I'm behind schedule" Frodo says locking the door and closing the windows

'whats wrong?" Daniel asks

"They will be around soon!" Frodo says hiding under the table

"The Nazgul will be around soon" 

"Oh so those are them?" Daniel ask staring out the window

"Wait guys, remember how we got out of that Hogwarts" Luke said

"Not really" The four guys said

"You idiots" Luke said

Luke grabbed the sword leaning against the wall and nearly ran out the small hobbit door breaking it.

"Oh dear, Please not the bags" Frodo called

"Hey creepy guys on evil horses!: Luke called

"Yo Bro what are you doing!" Jai called

"Getting us home" Luke said

Luke stabbed one of the creatures in the heart. 





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