Janoskians Time Warp

The 5 Aussie boys find themselves in the shire? these five boys will find themselves traveling through different fantasies.


4. The Bitch of a Witch

They landed in snow.

"Holy shit It freezing" Beau stood up shivering

"Yeah but your not wearing shorts" Luke said 

"Guys can we stop, we just need to get home" James said

"Yeah we've been trying genius" Jai replied

"Come on guys" Daniel said leading the way

"I just wanna get home and watch Titanic" Beau said frowning

"Will you shut up we all want something" Luke snapped

"Hey look some sort of castle" Jai pointed 

"Does Elsa live in there or what" Beau said

The boys hurried into the castle they nearly froze but the castle was nice and sort of warm it was still cold but it would do.

"And who may you peasants be?" A lady in a white dress asked

"Hey bitch we are anything but peasants" Beau snapped

"What is is bittch?" The lady asked

"Oh she's a dumb one too" Beau added

"Do you know Aslan?" She asked rudely 

"WHAT??"Luke asked annoyed

"Look weird lady, we just need to get back to Australia drink some lattes and watch friends" 

"What do you speak of peasants?" 

"We are not peasants!" Daniel yelled

"Guards bring them to the prisons!" She screamed

"Ok so I guess we have to get this white queen bitch" Luke said

"Beau, Jai, and James get the witch Daniel and I will get the guard OK?" Luke asked

"Still such great grammar during the worst times"Jai smiled

"Thanks, oh and when we get out I'm gonna kick your ass"Luke smiled back

"Okay sure" Jai said 

"READY!" Daniel yelled

"Hell yeah!" Beau said lunging at the queen

Everything went black.




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