Janoskians Time Warp

The 5 Aussie boys find themselves in the shire? these five boys will find themselves traveling through different fantasies.


3. "Doctor what?"

They landed on the hard streets of London. 

"Figures, We couldn't land in grass again" Jai said standing up

"Let's just see where we are" James said

"Are we In Australia yet?" Daniel asked

"No, not yet" Luke said getting up 

"Whats that?" James asked pointing to a blue box that said police box

"No Idea" Beau picked up a rock and broke the lock

"Whoa its the size of a house in here" Beau ran over to the control panel

All the boys pushed to get into the box.

"Hey guys what does this do?" Jai asked and then pressed a button 

The box started to make a weird sound and disappeared. 

"Uh what did you touch?" Luke says pushing Jai aside

"Ah just this" The button that said teleportation

"JAI!!!" everyone screamed at once

"Well sorry, like you guys wouldn't have" 

"We wouldn't you idiot!" Luke yelled

"Terminate!" They heard someone say from behind the door

"Well what do we do?" Jai asked

"You take this mop and go first" Luke said handing Jai a mop

"Oh you should take one too to clean up my blood" Jai snapped

"Okay fine, everyone take a mop we can do this" Luke said tying a bandanna around his head

"Can I have a broom instead" Daniel asked

"Are you freakin kidding me?"

"I just figured...."
Luke cut him off

"Sure, take a broom" Luke faked a smile

"Ready on my count!" Luke said

"Why do you get to count?" Beau asked

"Fine, you count" Luke replied

"Okay everyone on my count one two,charge!" Beau counted

All five of the guys barged out the door and attacked the Dalek pulling at the robotic head and pulling the wires apart as hard as they tried. 

"Terminannnn...." The robot shut off

"Yeah!!" The boys got up and danced like crazy monkeys. And suddenly disappeared to another crazy place and adventure. 




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