Janoskians Time Warp

The 5 Aussie boys find themselves in the shire? these five boys will find themselves traveling through different fantasies.


1. A visit to Hogwarts

I never thought I would wake up to seeing Voldemort's non existing nose. At first it seemed like a dream but it was real. We had discovered time travel some how. And for all we knew we could be stuck and there may not be a way out. But at the moment we had to deal with Voldemort. They were running through a dark forest. They kept saying weird words like  "Expelliarmus" and we saw flashing lights behind us.

"We will catch you boys with the scars" Voldemort called

"What the hell is his problem?" Luke said keeping his pace

"Well for starters he has no nose" Beau said

"True but still he is barefoot with long toenails that's gotta hurt" Luke replied

"I think we would all laugh but he is trying to kill us with lights!" Jai said picking up his speed

Next thing they knew they boys were running into a large castle. It looked old medieval there were many kids who wore red and green.

"Is it Christmas already?" Beau said stopping to take a breath

"Check mate!" They heard a British boy say

"You cheated" Another British boy yelled

"I Harry Potter are better than you Ron Weasley"  

The five boys hurried over to the two playing chess

"Hey can you help us?!" James said 

"Sure I can I'm Harry Potter the boy who lived"

"Uh ok" Daniel said confused

"This dude with no nose is sorta trying to kill us" Jai said

"Yeah and with these lights" Luke added

"You mean Voldemort?" Harry responded

"Uh I guess" Daniel said

"He ran into a wall when he was going to start Hogwarts, he got mad that he lost his nose 

and decided to take revenge upon Hogwarts" 

"Dark stuff" Beau said

Harry nodded

"Uh so where is Voldemort?" Harry asked

"He was right behind us" Jai said

"Remember those feet of his?" Luke said

"Ah you've seen those wretched things" Harry said

"They scarred me" Daniel said

Ron stood up 

"They actually scarred me" He said showing his arm which was scratched

"Yikes man" Beau said shielding his eyes

Voldemort came running into the dining room

"The boys with scars!" He said running over

"Oh I am done with this nose-less man's crap" Beau said punching him right is the place where the flat nose lied

Next thing the Five boys knew they were in "The Shire"

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