Wolves Of Destiny Saga


2. preface

In the year 2013...

"6 will come and join together to form the biggest pack."- the leader of the first wolf pack.

A certain kind of supernatural creature takes over. In the darkness night, everything is silent. But not us. We are active and always on the look out for anything.

I don't care if we go the whole night.

Running through the woods with our speed. Racing across open land and grass. Wind flowing though our fur. Protecting our love ones from the dark evil. We are the protectors of this forest.

We fight for the good of the world, all we had was paws and teeth, but with teamwork it could work out.

My friends are the only ones that keep me alive, and so do our fans.

I am never going to give up, until we have succeeded.

The moon is there to guide us. I care about my friends, the people who really care, and of course my family. There the ones who really believe in me.

This story is one that you won't forget.

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