Wolves Of Destiny Saga


9. 7

Just for you.



It was the weekend. Finally! I can do all the things I ever wanted to do. But today is not the time for that.

The lads and I are going to the forest where I kept on hearing the voices and visions.

I had my backpack and safety gear

Inside my backpack were extra shirts, food, flashlight, and a bottle of water.

Oh yeah! On Saturdays I must wear a beanie.

I went to my closet and wore a red beanie I got from Christmas.

I unplugged my eyes to wake them up. Mostly I blinked 4 times. The boys are not yet here. Harry believed me. Possibly the others will too, unless its really stranpe.

I sighed and looked at myself. I had blond hair and blue eyes. Then I spoke, "Hi, I am Niall." I had an Irish accent truly.


Then I heard a knock on my door.

I opened it and Louis appeared.

He gave me a smile, ever since this week, he didn't bully me. Well he sometimes would pick on Liam.

"Now that I am here, lets get this show on the road,"he said tapping his foot on the floor. "Oh yep you did remember to wear a beanie today."

He touched my head.

"Well we have to wait for the others." I said calmly.

Louis raised his hands and like he was surrendering. He sat on the chair and put his feet up on the table.

The door knocked again, very loud. If that was Zayn I am going to get him. I opened it and Harry appeared with the guys.

"Hey Niall!" Zayn greeted me with a fist pump. I just gave him a handshake. They all sat down as Harry began to talk.

"Ok," he began. "We are all gathered here today because we are going to a place where Niall has been seeing visions and hearing voices." Then Liam raised his hand.

"What kind of voices did you hear?" He sounded kind of curious about it.

"The voice sounded like a wolf, but like a deep voice." I explained. They all seemed to understand me.

"So where are we going?" Zayn asked in a kind tone.

Then Harry gave out the answer in his voice, "Woods."

Then Liam gave a smile and ran out the door. "Well I guess we follow the nerd." Lou said. I smiled and headed out the door.

We ran out the house and passed the park and mall. I ran with all my speed.

Then Liam stopped.

As I stopped, I felt that same feeling going inside my head. I felt so dizzy I fell to the ground.

"Niall!!" Harry cried. I was to numb to hear anything. My eyes were closed. I could feel a hand touch me.

Then I felt water was splashed in my face. I reopened my eyes and the boys were staring at me.

"Niall you were taking a nap. Where you feeling ok?" Harry asked.

I don't know, then that same voice appeared to me. *Its alright, that happens every time. But don't wast any second.* Then the voice went away.

"Yeah I am fine, but come on." I said quickly to pick up the pace.

We continued to run until we stopped in front of a group of trees.

The woods.

"Come on let's go inside." Harry smiled.

We all obeyed and went inside the woods. The trees were blocking the sun.

I felt images coming inside my head again. "Harry are you sure you know where we are going?" I asked.

"Of course." He said like he was sure.

As we walked down, crows and and bats screeched up in the air. The clouds were gloomy and dark.

It felt like I was in a horror film. Howls filled the scene. I could feel my hair stand up at the back of my neck.

Louis was still being brave while Harry was being like the leader. I am still being scared.

Then we were stopped by a pack of wolves. "Ahhhhh!" Zayn shrieked like a young girl.

"That's so not fetch." He says.

Then the black wolf turned his head and barked. I shook. The wolf walked towards us. Liam started to walk back.

The wolf barked softly. I stopped. Then walked towards the wolf.

"NIALL!" Harry said. His voice was booming like a general commanding his men.

But I didn't stop. I walked and petted the wolf on the head.

As I did a warm feeling went in me. I smiled.

Then I heard a crunching noise from the wolf. The crunching noise stopped. In front of me was a boy with dark hair and wearing a wolf shirt.

Then I knew, what I saw.

A wolf. No. A werewolf.

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