Wolves Of Destiny Saga


7. 5

HEY ALL YOU DIRECTIONERS and Wolfers! Hope you have an awesome time in what you are doing! I really appreciate all the kind and wonderful messages and comments. Please keep that up. I really worked hard.

BTW: Niall will be narrating the whole story.

The school bell rang as we ended the day. Harry has asked me to hang out with his friends. I was so excited, because back in Ireland, no one would hang out with me because they think I am a bit strange. Meanwhile I was thinking about my dreams and running them over in my mind.

The man with a raspy voice, who was quite intimating. But then as I start to remember, I could see more people in the background. Like they were in a council or hall.

But as I said, these dreams get stranger by the day. I let that flow out of my mind for now. Right at this moment I am focused on my friends and school. If I do a great job, then I can find a good university.

Liam was still quiet as usual. I wondered what bothered him? He felt like the responsible but most shy. I kinda felt bad. I then decided to make give him a little pep talk.

"Hey Liam," I called as I walked to him.

"Oh hi Niall!" He smiled. He put his arm around me.

"So what's happening?" I asked.

"Well, I have this cool place I can hang out. It's this cool forest." I looked at him. Forest? Isn't that a bit to dangerous.

"Maybe after school, we can go there sometime?" I couldn't say no. "Um..ok" Liam gave me a quick smile. "Thanks Niall, I know you will be a great friend." As I walked pass him, Harry caught up to me.

He ran to me and gave me a smile. "Harry," I said while he panted. "What are you doing?" Then the curly haired boy said "I am runing away from a Louis." he looked so panicked. "Why?" I asked. "I put a blindfold on him."


"Well, I kinda drew a mustache on his face. And now he is going to beat me up."

I gave him a wide eyes. Then I heard some trash cans banging.

A loud shout came from the dark ally. "HARRY!"

I turned around it was Louis. "Hey Niall where is Harry? I need that curly haired idiot so I can beat him up!"

I didn't want to argue. Louis really is a bully.

I was shaking. "Where?!" His voice boomed.

I pointed to the direction where I saw Harry ran. "Thanks Niall. By the way that loom band is so amazing." He thanked me and chased Harry.

I continued to walk around the town where I felt like a connection that seemed to like call me.

It's like a message.

"Come closer.."

I can hear like a faint voice calling me.

As I walked my head started to see pictures in my head. I could see 6 wolves. One gold, one sliver, one was light brown, one white, one black, and one dark brown which kind of reminds me of Jacob from Twilight.

The voices kept on leading me until they faded away!

It led me to a large forest.

"Help." Was the last voice until everything became silent.

Something was calling me.

Someone who looked like in desperate trouble.

But I can't fully trust someone until I get to know him completely. I could hear howls. Sounded like a large dog.

Maybe this is the forest Liam was talking about! I peeked over to see.

The branches were blocking the setting sun.

I don't want to go in the woods myself. I will have to bring the boys here.

They are brave enough. If this is going to be a weird dream.

It will. But it's not, it's the real thing.

With my panicked look, I ran back to my hotel. I ran with my fast human legs could. Sounds of the wind and ravens were sounding through the air.

I ran to my hotel until I bumped into Harry. He seemed very cool as usual. With a tee saying "kitty kats."

But me, I felt like I pooped my pants.

I hear howls from the trees.

Harry however helped me up.

"Niall," he said while helping me. "What the cupcake happened to you? You looked like you've seen a monster."

But I didn't see a monster you dummy boy.

I muttered. "Harry you might now believe me but I felt something." he seemed to believe me now.

"Ok Niall, lets go to the room." he set me down on the bed. He held me tight.

"Ok Niall," he began. He let my hand go.

"Tell me what you what happened." I began.

"I had like a vision."

"Are you psychic?" Harry asked.

"No." I say.

"What kind of vision?" Harry asked.

Then I spit out that one word. "Wolves."

"Wolves? You mean like the one from Little Red Riding Hood?"

"Yeah. Wolves that looked like us."

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