Wolves Of Destiny Saga


4. 2

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I woke up feeling woozy. My body twisted and turned as I got out of bed. I let out a large yawn and stretched my body.

I walked to the bathroom and began to wash my face. I turned on the faucet and began to put water. Then I began to think of the dream I had last night.

If I could remember I herd a voice saying I was chosen and four others. Then an image appeared witch looked like an image of a large dog hologram.

But I wasn't so sure until I was woken up by my alarm. I got in my shower and scuffed my feet on the tub.

The water was so warm, that it felt like an oven. It felt so nice. I shampooed my hair and washed every part. I got out of the shower and into my room with a towel on.

I put on my red shirt and blue pants. I combed my hair and looked at myself. I was a boy from Ireland who is having weird dreams and has a big craving for food. "It's time to go." I muttered.

I got my backpack and went out the door.

The manager of the hotel waved goodbye as I headed out the building.

Outside the building was jolly good England. My new home is going to be amazing.

I thought. The taxi came passing by. I got in and we drove to Bradford High.

........Skipping the trip..

I finally reached Bradford High. It was so huge. The school looks so large and modern. There was a large field full of soccer nets. And for some weird connection, lots of stain glass art around the windows.

The image seemed to represent a large dog or wolf. The got off the cab and went inside the school.

Inside the school was full of lockers and class rooms. There were also lots of students, mostly British.

If I am the only Irish boy here I am going to flip out. I decided to go in the school office.

"Hello," the principal greeted me.

"Hi." I greeted back.

"And what is your name?"


Then the principal pat me on the shoulder. "you must be the new student." he said. I nodded. "Well follow me."

I followed him to the classroom and introduced me to the teacher.

"We have a new student, he just moved in from Ireland." The principal says.

"Welcome." The teacher says. A Scottish boy looks up.

"I am from Glasgow." He says.

"Wrong student." The principal says.

"Oh right." The teacher apologizes

"Oh hello," she greeted me.

"You must be Niall. I am Mrs. Loyd. I will be your homeroom and science teacher." she shook my hand and I did the same.

"You may sit down with those nice three lads in that corner." Mrs Loyd pointed to a group of boys who seemed to be my age.

"They seem..nice" I mumbled.

"Oh they are wonderful, but be careful around that boy with stripes." Mrs. Loyd smiled.

Oh. I thought. I put my bag down on the desk where I see my name.

I walked over to the three boys and sat next to them. "Hey, I'm Niall."I said.

They turned around to face me. "Hey," a curly haired boy greeted. "You must be new in this school." I gave him a quick nod. "Well its nice to welcome you. I am Harry." his voice was a deep British tone.

He had emerald green eyes and curly hair which was kind of wavy. I smiled. He was taller than me.

"I want you to meet my friends." Harry gave a smirk. "We are kinda called The Populars."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because we are like teen royalty." He responded.

Harry dragged me over to a boy with dark hair that stood up. This boy looked like he was using to much hair gel. Harry tapped him. He turned around and I was shocked. He had a tattoo that was a ying-yang symbol.

His eyes were dark and was wearing earrings. He must be like the badboy. Then his jacket. It was blue that says "Rollercoasters!"

Wow! I thought.

"What's up Harry?" he asked while staring at me. "Who is the yellowed haired leprechaun?" I think he was referring to me.

"Excuse me?" I questioned.

The boy stretched out his hand. "Niall," Harry who stared at me. "This is Zayn. Zayn Malik." he introduced. "Nice to meet you." I gave a smile.

"He has two trendy helmets and a silver Harley." Harry says.

"So this your your first time in England?" Harry asked.

I nod. "Wow!" Zayn says smiling. "Awesome!"

"Thanks." I say.

Zayn leaned on me and whispered, "Harry is one of the dumbest boys in school."

"Last year he asked me on how to spell apple."

"So is there more?" I asked. "More what?" Harry asked. "Friends." I said.

Then Harry dragged me again to a boy with short brown hair who's eyes seem to wander off the room. "This is Liam. Liam Payne." Harry introduced.

Liam looked at me and gave me a slight nod. "What's wrong with him?" I whispered. "Don't talk about it." Harry said. "Liam, this is Niall.

He is a new student here." Liam just reached out his hand. "It's good to meet you." Liam said softly. We walked slowly away.

"is that everyone?" I asked. Harry seemed to look around the room. As if someone is missing. "Harry..?" I asked again trying to get him back to reality.

"Oh sorry, I was expecting someone. Someone who is counted as a friend but a bully." Harry says.

"An evil takes form in Louis Tomlinson." Zayn says.

"Who's Louis Tomlinson?" I asked.

"You meet him eventually." Zayn says.

Then I felt something went in my mind. I felt like my dream.

"You have found friends, but you need one more." then I felt someone clapping.

Then someone calling my name. "Niall? Niall?!" Then the caller was Harry.

"Are you alright bud?" he asked. I was wasn't in my present of mind. "Yeah I am fine."

What the heck was that?!

Why did that happen?

Then Mrs Loyd then called us. "All students, please take your seats." We sat down and began homeroom.

I sat down next to Liam, Zayn, and Harry.

But still Harry was still looking for someone. Hmm.. Who was this Louis Tomlinson?

I wonder what surprises I can find later?

"We have a new student in our class, his name is Niall." she said to the whole class.

"Niall," she called to me. "Can you please come up to the class and tell us a little a bit about yourself?"

"Uh sure." I said.

I went up in front of the board. Then I began to talk.

"My name is Niall," I began. "I am from Mullingar, Ireland. I love to play the guitar and sing." I could hear the crowds murmur about me.

I suggest its either a good thing. "Well that's it I think." I concluded.

"Well thank you Niall." Mrs Loyd thanked. I sat back down and let her talk.

"Ok, class you will be welcoming Niall and showing him the school." Then the bell rang.

I went out and I felt someone or something push me to the ground.

Who is Louis Tomlinson?

He seems like a mean boy ...

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