Wolves Of Destiny Saga


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The train horn was loud.

I turned to see it. It's paint was red and it's wheels were black.

I had my carry on with me.

It has all the things I needed to live.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Mom?" I say.

I could feel the pain that's she's feeling. "Niall," she says. "Are you sure your going to be alright without me?" I could see tears coming down from her eyes.

And I could feel the same for me as well.

"Yeah mom I will," I lied. I can't live without my mom. She's the one who taught me from right and wrong. My mom is making me move to London.

She and my dad divorced when I was like around five. I didn't know my dad was going to leave me because I was young back then.

Now that I am 16, my mom told me everything. It was hard for me that I won't be able to see my dad for a while. I hugged my mom tight.

I could feel her struggle to not let me go. "Come and visit me won't you?" She asked. I could feel tears coming down my face. I sniffed. I nod.

"Of course mom," I assured. She hugged me again. "I love you Niall," she says.

"I love you." I say.

I am from the Emerald Isle. Which means I am from Ireland. My mom was suggesting that should study in England for the rest of high school.

Then I would go back to Ireland for collage.

It was a rough childhood for me in the Emerald Isle. You see back when I was like five, I kept on hearing barks and howls in the forest at the back of my house.

It kept me up all night. My mom kept on telling me these stories about giant wolves who attack those who come in their territory.

They are always dangerous and want to eat humans.

But I never believed in that. As of now I am getting off the train station of London Metro. I could hear my mom say, "Niall, I love you.." I sighed.I got my bag and out the train station.

My eyes got shined by the rays of the burning sun.

The roads of England were a lot different than in Ireland. It was much bigger and the streets were crowded.

Lots of double decked buses in this. Mostly red ones.

I raised my hand to call for a cab or a driver. "Hey," I shouted. "I need assistance please?" Cars kept on driving pass me. I sighed again and though of just walking. I walked for like 15 minutes and decided to have a snack.

"Hello," the snack owner said. "May I help you young man?"

"I would like to have some chocolate." I smiled. The owner got the chocolate bar out of the glass and hand it over to me. "Here you lad!" he said with a smile. "How much do I owe you?"

"For you my good friend, it's free."

Wow! England is so friendly. I walked back to the streets and saw a hotel.

Maybe that will be my temporary home for now. I walked inside and was greeted by the hotel manager. "Hi, you would like a room?" He asked. "Oh yes!" I smiled. "Ok, follow me please." I followed him up the stairs and into a room.

The room was so lovely. The ceiling was made of marble. The floor is carpet, and the bed is big. There is a large tv so I can entertain myself. "Excuse me sir?" I asked."yes?" He responded. "How long can I stay here?" "As long as you need." I was so grateful because I was going to attend high school, and I barely know most of the students there.

I think I will be happy that this accommodation is so helpful. I thanked the manager and he left me to unpack my things. I put my luggage on the table and opened it. Inside was all my shirts and pants. Also my lucky charm necklace. It had a shamrock on it to represent my culture. I got all the clothes and put them in the closet. "This is going to turn out ok." I muttered, but with joy.

I checked the time on the clock. It was 7:30 at night. I decided to clean myself and go to bed early. I got my Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush and went in the bathroom. The bathroom was really clean. I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth. It was minty fresh now.

I flopped to my bed and rested my blonde haired head on the nice cotton pillow. I began to sleep. As I slept I began to hear things like a dream. All I could hear were the cars and people talking outside. I am living here by myself.


In my dream I hear voices. They were like whispering to me. As I squinted my eyes I could see blurry images. They looked like people but as I blinked the people were gone. They were replaced with large dogs?

Wolves! They were talking to me.

Something that seemed very important.

"You have been chosen..." One said. I was surprised. I was chosen?

"What?" I asked. Surprised the image didn't answer my question.

"You and 4 others..."

"Four others?"

Then the voice faded.

I fell down my bed.

"Gah!" I said in shock.

What was that?

I could see very clearly. Four other boys were there. One had curly hair...hmmm.. Then an image which looked so real. It seemed liked it was actually calling me.

Calling me to do something.

And I was chosen.

Chosen? For what?!

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