Divergent- A different story

Tris Prior never existed in this story. Elsa, dauntless born, is not all that dauntless. She is Erudite/Amity Divergent. And the only person she can trust to keep her secret is her childhood friend Tobias. But Jeanine Matthews and Jack Kang suspect that Elsa is Divergent, and want to kill her. Although Jeanine doesn't want her dead...


2. Trust The Test- Age 16

Today is my aptitude test. Tobias said there is nothing to worry about, its over before you know it.

"I can't tell you whats in it, but its easy.  You aren't supposed to share your results either." Tobias says.

"Okay... I hope this tells me who I really am."  I say.  Tobias says he got dauntless, but I don't really know if he got just dauntless.  He went through initiation for dauntless last year because he likes it here, and wants to see me one last year.  Tobias knows I'm done with dauntless.

I jump onto the train along with the other 16 year olds.  Most of them will stay dauntless.  I don't really talk to them much so the only person I'm gonna miss is Tobias.

Time to jump off.  I have to do this once again tomorrow and I'm done.  OWWWW I just cut myself on gravel.  The candor stare at me.

"Woah I didn't think dauntless would be as soft as an amity." One says.

"I'm not soft it just hurt." 

"You are a terrible liar.  Name's Peter.  I think I'm gonna join dauntless."

"Well, glad you are.  Its time to go in now."


We just listened to a speech from Johanna Reyes, amity's leader.  I like her, her and Jeanine, erudite's leader.

I walk in to the testing room.  Great, a Stiff is gonna administer the test.

"Don't be nervous," she says. "It will be over soon."

I drink the solution and close my eyes.  Nothing happens. I open my eyes and everything from the room is gone.  I guess it worked.

All of a sudden, a bunch of mirrors appear and my reflection shows up.  WAIT.  This can't happen in real life.  This. Isn't Real.

Suddenly a clone of me shows up.  "Choose," She says.

"Why do I have to they make no sense?" I had the choice of a knife or cheese.  I take the cheese.

A dog shows up.  He looks angry.  I quickly think of what the most logical solution would be.  Giving the dog cheese.  I kneel down and give the dog cheese.  He turns into a puppy.

I wake up gasping.

"Okay.  Back door.  NOW." The Stiff, Beatrice, says.

"Why what did I do?" I ask.  She rushes me over.

"You are going to leave after this and tell no one.  Your result was Divergent."

Here comes the terror.  Im gonna die im gonna die im gonna die

"Your factions were Erudite and Amity.  If I were you, go to Amity.  Erudite is basically giving your life to Jeanine."  Beatrice says.  "I input Amity as your result in the computer.  Good luck, and go home."

I don't look back.  I have too much on my mind right now.

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