Divergent- A different story

Tris Prior never existed in this story. Elsa, dauntless born, is not all that dauntless. She is Erudite/Amity Divergent. And the only person she can trust to keep her secret is her childhood friend Tobias. But Jeanine Matthews and Jack Kang suspect that Elsa is Divergent, and want to kill her. Although Jeanine doesn't want her dead...


1. School- Age 15

I wake up, brush my hair and jump on the train.  This is routine for me, it's time to go to school.  I love school but the other dauntless don't.  They call me Nerd, which is a name for the erudite.  It's pretty much like Stiff to the abnegation.

I don't feel like dauntless.  But, I have to try to be one or else i will be called a coward.  My childhood friend Tobias helps me.  Today he goes to get his aptitude test, as he is 16.  I wish him luck.  

My name is Elsa.  I am 15.  My story begins showing up at the dauntless doorstep when I was one saying, "I can't take care of her.  Please give her a new life.  Her name is Elsa."  Up until this day, no one knows who my parents are.  Tobias took me in as family and we were friends from the start.  He said he sees erudite in my eyes, and Jeanine's blondeness in my hair, but I don't agree with him.

As the train approaches school in the erudite sector, I get ready to jump.  I really hate jumping, but I did it so many times I don't think. I just do it.  Ah, another great day of learning.  I can't wait to see my friends Carla and Mia.  Carla is an erudite and Mia is an amity.  We get along pretty well, but we stand out.  I guess we are supposed to hang out with our factions.  The candor usually play court, the dauntless jump fences, erudite study, amity pick flowers and sing songs, and the abnegation help out.  They are pretty stiff.  Carla, Mia and I find a way to have fun.  One day Carla told us what flowers last longest as a headband.  They were at the top of a tree so I climbed up and picked them.  Then Mia told us how to make the headbands.  See, something all of us can enjoy.

"Alright everyone settle down.  I said settle down.  URIAH PEDRAD, DO YOU KNOW WHAT SETTLE DOWN MEANS?" Our teacher Mrs.  Prior says.  She is erudite, of course.  "Okay class. We are going to learn about the aptitude test today."

The test.  It gives me chills.  I don't know why.

"99.9% of the time, you will receive a faction that is true to you.  That 0.1% makes up the very few people who don't receive one faction.  They can receive 2-5 factions as they're result.  Those extremely dangerous people are called Divergent."  The room gasps.  "Divergents cannot be controlled.  They are immune to even the strongest serums, so they have to be killed."

This is starting to scare me.  I don't feel like I belong in one faction.  What if I am Divergent?

Later at recess, everyone is pretending to hunt down Divergents.  Even Carla and Mia are doing it.  I just feel like studying right now.


"I think we got a Divergent," Jeanine says.

"I agree.  Elsa must be eliminated," Jack states.

"NOT YET! What if she isn't?  Lets wait to see her test, and then we will put a sim through the faction she chooses," Jeanine replies.

"Okay fine.  But if she is Divergent, I want her dead," Jack sighs.

'I don't care if she is or is not Divergent,' Jeanine thinks. 'I want her alive.'

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