Divergent- A different story

Tris Prior never existed in this story. Elsa, dauntless born, is not all that dauntless. She is Erudite/Amity Divergent. And the only person she can trust to keep her secret is her childhood friend Tobias. But Jeanine Matthews and Jack Kang suspect that Elsa is Divergent, and want to kill her. Although Jeanine doesn't want her dead... ~THIS IS A TERRIBLE STORY PLEAS IGNORE~


5. No initiation

As soon as we get off the bus, Johanna is there to greet us.

"Hello everyone! Welcome to Amity! I know you all are extremely nice so there will be no initiation! So now you are all members but now we have to train you for jobs!! Heheheheheheeheheheh! I just had a piece of bread, WOW IT WAS GOOD!!!!" Johanna yells.  I wonder who put peace serum in her.

A figure comes out from nowhere.

It's a dauntless crew, and they have the fear landscape equipment.

Oh no.

I'm dead.

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