Divergent- A different story

Tris Prior never existed in this story. Elsa, dauntless born, is not all that dauntless. She is Erudite/Amity Divergent. And the only person she can trust to keep her secret is her childhood friend Tobias. But Jeanine Matthews and Jack Kang suspect that Elsa is Divergent, and want to kill her. Although Jeanine doesn't want her dead...


4. Faction Before Blood

Me and Tobias walk into the arena.  The bowls, bandaids and knife is set out on a table in the front of the room.  We sit in the black seats for the dauntless up in the third row.

Jeanine and Marcus Prior, Abnegations leader, walk into the arena.  They conduct the ceremony.  Jeanine puts her hand up to tell everyone to be silent.  She begins the speech.

"The only way our society can survive is for each of you to claim your rightful place.  Today all of our 16 year olds will choose what faction they belong.  The future belongs to those who know where they belong."

She walks off and Marcus steps up to read the names.

He finally says, "Eaton, Elsa."

I walk over to the bowls.  I know to not choose abnegation, or dauntless, or candor.  I was told that erudite is just like giving my life.  The only option is to join amity.  I feel like I will belong there.  pick up the knife and cut my palm.  My blood drops over the bowl of dirt.  "Amity," Marcus says.

Tobias' eyes meet mine one more time before I disappear into the red and yellow of amity.  This transfer must have been strange, but these people are kind.  They have to accept me.  A few stand up to hug me, then one gives up their seat to let me sit.

I watch the Dauntless run out of the arena followed by candor and erudite.  We go out next, and the abnegation stay to help clean.

Amity has a shuttle outside to take us to their headquarters 15 minutes from here.  I get on.  If I don't then I will become a zombie.  Sorry, I mean a factionless.  The bus engine roars as it goes down the streets.  All the amity born are giggling and talking.  The transfers are 2 candor, 2 abnegation, and 3 erudite.  I am the only dauntless transfer.  I sit next to one of the candor.  Woops.

"Hey.  Too scared for dauntless?"  She asks.

"No.  I just... don't fit in there."

"Yeah right.  I'm Christina."


'Do you think we all have to be farmers?"


The bus stops at the amity headquarters.  There is no turning back.

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