-The boys who saved me-

A strong friendship can win everything..


4. The nightmare is back

When I left the hospital I went to the only place I knew I was able to calm down.. The beach.. That place is always so peaceful and I needed some time alone...

* Beau's, Luke's, Jai's, Skip's and James' POV* 

Beau: I can't believe her cancer is back. I just can't..
Luke: How did this even happen again?

Skip: She does not deserve this..

Jai: I just can't..
James: I am.. I am.. I am speechless..
Beau: And now.. We do not even know where she is..
James: Wait.. What?
Jai: What to do you mean?
Beau: She left the hospital.. She literally jumped out of it and disappear.. 
Luke: We need to find her..
Jai: I'm afraid she will do anything crazy..
James: Does anybody tried to call her?
Beau: Me, her parents, the doctor.. Her phone is dead..
Skip: This can't be happening.. What are we going to do?
James: We need to think where she might be..
Luke: She can not be far away..
Jai: What about a friend's house?
Beau: Are you kidding me Jai? She is always with us..
Jai: Yeah, right..
Skip: Just think...

*Hope's POV*  

I can not believe I'm sick again.. I just can not.. Why? I was about to tell James how I feel, but now.. I can not.. What if he likes me back.. What if we end up as a couple.. What if I die this time and leave him alone.. I can not hurt him like that.. Oh my God.. Why if the boys do not want to be my friends anymore.. This will kill me faster.. I do not want be in that amount of pain again... Now I can understand everything.. Cancer is not my game anymore.. I do not want the doctors to open my head.. I do not want start chemotherapy again.. I just want to die.. Killing myself will be so much easier.. I will not feel any pain.. My parents someday will be happy again.. They will not lose their self again because they have a sick daughter.. 

* Beau's, Luke's, Jai's, Skip's and James' POV* 

James: The beach!
Beau: What? What bitch?
James: No that bitch idiot.. THE B E A C H..
Jai: Oh my God.. Yes..
Luke: It is her favorite place..
Skip: I am bringing the keys..
Beau: Let's go..

*Hope's POV*  

Near to the beach there was this cliff.. I just run towards it.. Is just a jump I thought and I was so ready to do it.. I did not want to live anymore.. The news about the cancer literally destroyed me.. I was getting closer and close to the edge.. I was about to jump when someone pulled me back and hugged me.. I was familiar with that smell.. It was James..

James: What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?
Hope: I do not wanna live anymore.. I do not wanna be sick..
James: Yes, you wanna live.. And you will win this.. You did it once and you will do it again..
Hope: I am not strong enough to do it.. To fight.. 
Jai: Of course you are..
Hope: Jai?
Luke: You will not be alone..
Skip: We will fight together..
Beau: Years ago we gave a promise..
James: No matter what will happen we will stay together...
Hope: Nothing can not break us.. We have a friendship that can win everything..
Beau: Now you little piece of adorable shit.. WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD YOU TRIED TO KILL YOURSELF?
Hope: Because I am weak.. 
Jai: No baby.. You are not..
Hope: Yes, I am.. And I know what I will try it again.. You can not even imagine how I feel.. How sick I will be..
Skip: It doesn't matter how sick you will be.. And you will not fucking try it again.. Every time you feel like that just text any of us..
Luke: We will be together.. We will fight together.. We will win this  T O G E T H E R..
James: No matter what.. We will not leave you..
Beau: You are our princess.. 

That moment a just wanted to cry... All of them hugged me and took me home... I went in and hugged my parents.. I told them how much I love them.. The boys and my parents meant the world to me.. I went to bed thinking what happened today.. I was about to sleep when my phone started vibrating.. I had a message from the boys.. From all of them.. At the same time.. That is new, I thought and laugh..

Beau: Stay..
Luke: Strong..
Jai: Princess..
Skip: We love you..
James: Especially me.. 

I could not stop smiling.. I replied back to all of them..

Hope: You are all I need in my life.. You make me happy.. You make me wanna keep fighting.. I love you to the moon and back.. Thank you for being my heroes..

I also sent one more message.. This time it was just to James..

Hope: We need to talk.. I need to talk to you about something really important.. I can not wait any longer..
James: Look out of your window..

I looked outside and I saw James standing there with a box of pizza in his hands.. I smiled.. I opened the window.. He came in and left the box on the table.. Before I even say anything.. He grabbed me and gave me the most sweet, romantic and passionate kiss...

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