-The boys who saved me-

A strong friendship can win everything..


10. The last goodbye

Day of the funeral 


*Moms and dads POV*

-Mom: My little angel...
-Dad: She is gone..
-Mom: This can not be happening..
-Dad: I feel like it is just a bad dream..
-Mom: I want our princess back..
-Dad: Me too sweetie.. Me too..

*Jai's, Skip's, Beau's and Luke's POV*

-Luke: No, no, no..
-Jai: Someone is playing  a game with us..
-Beau: Yeah, she will come here in a few..
-Skip: With that big smile..
-Jai: She will make fun of us..
-Luke: And then we will go for pizza...
-Beau: And ice-cream... She loves ice cream so much..
-Skip: Especially chocolate ice-cream..
-Jai: With cookies..
-Luke: Just wait a few minutes.. She will come in...
-Beau: Life is so unfair..
-Skip: She took our angel away..
-Luke: Jai, please.. Relax..
-Beau: Where is James?
-Skip: He said he wanted to go for a walk before the funeral..
-Jai: He is a mess.. He needs us.. And her parents need us the most..

*James' POV*

What the hell is happening? She can not be dead.. I mean yesterday she was okay.. And now what? Why God why? You took the most important person in my life with you... I want her back.. I want to be with her.. I want to feel her.. To hug her.. To kiss her.. To be her boy again...
Oh that place.. I saved here.. She wanted to jump of that cliff and kill herself.. 
The beach.. That is.. Was.. Hew favorite place.. She used to come here every time she was mad.. Or sad... I still do not why this place was so important to her.. Why this place could make her so calm.. Hope, please come back my one true love.. I can not leave without you.. You were the reason for my happiness.. Come back..



Out of nowhere started to rain.. Every single angel is sad today.. Even the sky is sad.. But who would not be? 

So many people came... The whole world loved her.. She was always so polite and sweet.. She would do anything for you.. No, was never her answer...

The church is full of red roses.. Her favorite flower.. On our first date I gave her roses.. She kept them.. She putted them in a frame... I want to have till the rest of my life, she told me..

-Jai: James, Omg, you are okay.. I was so worried..
-James: Do not worry about me big boy.. I am always okay..
-Beau: How are you feeling mate?
-James: I feel just like you.. Lost.. Dead inside..
-Skip: We all have to stay strong for her parents.. We are all they got now..
-Luke: Exactly.. Put your happy faces on and let's sit..

During the funeral all I wanted to do was to cry.. I miss her so much... I stood up and talk about how perfect she was.. She was the best friend anyone would love to have.. The best girlfriend.. The best daughter.. The best person.. She looked to peaceful now.. The pain was gone.. She was finally free..

I went close to her and whispered to her ear: I will love you forever my little teddy bear.. Someday we will be together again.. This is not our goodbye... I will never forget you.. To me you are still alive.. You are still next to me.. You are still my everything.. Do not forget me.. I love you.....


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