-The boys who saved me-

A strong friendship can win everything..


2. The day after

I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was my mom's beautiful blue eyes... She was smiling and I was alive.. My dad came into the room... He called me princess.. I love it when he calls me like that... My surgery went well.. The doctor was happy but unfortunately cancer was still here.. He could not take all of it off.. It was too dangerous... 


-"She will start the chemo as soon as possibly" , he said and smiled to my parents..
-"Can we wait a few days?" , my mom asked..
-"No, if we want to win this thing we need to start now", the doctor replied..


*Two months later*

Chemo was going great.. I few sessions more and I could say that my cancer was officially gone... The side effects of it tho was intense.. At least there was no pain... My mom and dad were with me during the chemo.. They were holding my hand and that was the most beautiful thing to me...

*One year later*


My sixth birthday was here.. I was in Australia and finally cancer free.. Oh my Gosh.. I was so lucky.. I won "my game" in less than a year... The pain was gone.. My parents were beyond happy and I? I was their little happy girl again...


Months were passing by.. I was growing up. I was stronger.. I had my hair back on my head now and I finally started going to school.. The kids here were so polite and sweet.. I made friends immediately.. I was so close with five boys tho.. I don't know why.. They were like my guardian angels.. Their names were James, Jai, Luke, Beau and Daniel but we call him Skip because he ALWAYS skips words when he is talking.. That is too cute..

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