-The boys who saved me-

A strong friendship can win everything..


6. Moments

*Beau's, Jai's, Luke's, Skip's James' POV*

Play this song as background music.. 




-Beau: We need to find a way to help her..
-Jai: We can not help her this time.. Only doctors can..
-Skip: No Jai.. We are the ones who can help her the most.. I do not mean by giving her medicines.. We need to be there for her..
-Luke: We need to support her.. We need to make her happy..
-James: The mοst important is the we have to make sure that she will not try to kill herself again.. Every night I go to be that is all I think about..
-Jai: Same here... I am afraid that she will do it and we will find her when it is too late..
-Beau: We absolutely need to talk with her parents.. They need to know.. 
-Skip: Her daughter has cancer.. If the find out that she is also suicidal...
-Luke: They will die first.. 
-James: We can not talk to them.. They need to stay strong.. We need to support and be there for all of them not just my girl.. I mean Hope..
-Beau: We know James.. She is your girl..
-Luke: And we are so damn happy about it..
-Jai: Mate, you need to be happy in front of her.. Do not show her a thing..
-James: I can do that.. What about you?
-Skip: This will not be easy but we have to try..
-Luke: Ahhh guys.. Let's talk about something else.. 
-Beau: Yeah, he is right..
-Jai: So, James, James, James.. You need to go on a date.. I mean you kissed her and then nothing..
-James: Yeah, I am working on that.. HAHAHAHH..
-Luke: And by that you mean that you are waiting for her to do the first move..
-James: Pretty much yes..
-All of them: AHHAHAHAHAHHAA..
-Skip: Why are you so stupid..
-Beau: Oh shut up Skip.. He is not stupid.. He is an idiot..
-Luke: I agree with both of them..
-Jai: Same, same, same..
-James: Oh screw you boys..
-Luke: Hope just messaged me..
-Beau,James,Jai,Skip: Same..

Hope: Hello my loves.. Tomorrow at 9 is my first day of chemo. I thought that you wanted to know that.. It would mean the world if you could come with me.. I love you all.. Goodnight...

-Beau: We will be there princess.. We love you more.. Sleep well.. Xx


-Luke: This is happening..
-Jai: It feels so..
-Skip: Weird.. Fake..
-James: Are you ready guys?
-Luke: Oh yeah..


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