-The boys who saved me-

A strong friendship can win everything..


7. Big day

My night was horrible.. I could not sleep.. I was no nervous.. It was about 7am.. I left my bed and I went downstairs.. I made breakfast for my parents.. I knew they were up so I went in their bedroom and told them that I cooked for them.. 

-Mom: How are you feeling baby?
-Hope: I am good mom.. A little bit nervous..
-Dad: A little bit?
-Hope: Well, a lot.. But it is okay.. I can handle it..
-Mom: Do you want us to come with you today baby?
-Hope: No mom.. There is no need to see me like that again.. They boys will come with me..
-Dad: They really care about you..
-Hope: Yes. I am lucky to have them..
-Mom: Especially James..
-Dad: What? What is happening here?
-Hope: Nothing daddy..
-Dad: Daddy? Ohh no.
-Hope: HAHHAH do not worry dad..
-Dad: Too late young lady..
-Hope: Omg look at the time.. It's 8:30.. I would love to stay and chat but I do not wanna be late..
-Dad: That is how we call it now?
-Hope: Maybe.. HAHAHHA.. Love you both.. 
-Mom,dad: Love you too babe..

I left my house and the boys were already outside... They make me so happy.. 

-James: Good morning sunshine..
-Hope: Good morning babies..
-Jai: How are you?
-Hope: You know.. I am good..
-Luke: Ahhh, yeaaah maaate..
-Hope: Of course mate... Heheheh
-Skip: Omg you are really happy..
-Hope: Yes, I am.. and that is not normal..
-Beau: Why?
-Hope: Oh well you know.. We are going to the hospital..
-Jai: I think you are the only person who is actually happy about it..
-Hope: To be honest.. I am happy because I have you here with me..
-James: Group hug?

We all hugged and 20 minutes later we were there..

-Doctor: Good morning Hope, Jai, Luke, Skip, Beau and James.. How are you all today?
-All of us: Goooooooooood.. 
-Jai: So doc.. Are we ready to start?
-Doctor: Of course we are..
-Beau: Can we sit there with Hope?
-Doctor: Of course you can..
-Skip: Yes, awesome..  

We went into the room and my chemo started.. I remember this place.. Nothing changed since the last time I was here.. Oh well there were not little kids in the room anymore but adults.. And the paintings on the wall were gone.. I wanted to cry.. I could not believe I was back here.. And that drug? Oh God.. It makes me so sick.. 

The boys were scared.. I could see that in their eyes.. They could not stop looking around..

-Hope: This will be me in a few days..
-Skip: What? What are you talking about?
-Hope: I mean.. In a few days I will have to shave my hair.. I will look super sick and pale.. And sometimes during chemo.. I will need  bucket with me... Now you all look so damn scared.. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA no.. This is normal.. This happens when you are doing chemo.. I know.. This is the first time you are seeing this but do not worry. It is okay..

They were still worried.. But I was not.. Deep inside I knew that I was going to die this time.. Who survives cancer twice? My boys saved me once but now there was nothing they could do.. Their support means the world and more to me.. I do not wanna lose them.. I really do not....

The people here were so.. Depressed.. The doctors.. They do not give a f*ck.. Beau, Jai, Luke and Skip understood that and they started doing silly things to make the other people who were doing chemo.. Happy.. It worked..

James came next to me and hold my hand..

-James: Are you feeling okay? Do you need anything? Water?
-Hope: Naah. I am okay.. So big boy..
-James: Yeah.. Small girl..
-Hope: Are you going to ask me out on a date? Or do I have to do that?
-James: I think you need to do that..
-Hope: Ahhh.. boys..
-James: What? We are also shy..
-Hope: Yeah.. Sure..*laughs* So, babe, will you go out with me?
-James: Of course I will..
-Hope: Yay.. 
-James: Pizza and movie night?
-Hope: Sounds amazing.. But we need to do it this week..
-James: Why?
-Hope: Because i would love to have hair on my head on our very first date..
-James: You will look good anyway..

He came closer and kissed me on the lips.. Jai saw us..

-Jai: Oh my God.. Yes, finally they kissed again.. Applause please.. 

Every single person in the room applauded and they suddenly they were happy.. I was the youngest in there and seeing me happy I guess made them happy too..

After two long hours I was finally able to go home.. I was so tired.. I could not even walk.. As soon as I got home I said hi to my parents and I went to my bedroom.. I took a shower because I wanted the smell of the hospital out of my body and went the bed.. I slept like baby...


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