-The boys who saved me-

A strong friendship can win everything..


3. A friendship that endures everything

Every single day my friendship with the boys was getting bigger and bigger.. We all lived next to each other and we could spend all day together.. That was exactly what we were doing... I was about 7 or 8 when I came really close with James.. He was always the one who could make me laugh and cry at the same time.. As the years were passing by he became more than a friend to me.. I started have feelings for him.. But I could not say anything.. I was afraid... One day we were at Skip's house.. Except James...

-"You need to tell him how you feel"  Luke said..

-'Yeah, you never know"  Beau continued..

-"What if he feels the same way about you?"  Jai said and smiled to me..
-"But even if he does not feel the same way about you he needs to know.. He was always next to you and now he feels like you are hiding something for him"  Skip said with a sad voice..

The boys were right... We were friends since i remember myself.. I can't just hide that from him.. He is next to me for 10 years now.. Oh my God.. I can't believe it.. 10 years.. It feels like yesterday since I moved here.. Since I was diagnosed with cancer.. Since I won cancer.. Since I met my best friends.. Ι am 17 years old now and so deeply in love... I have been though so much, talking to James can not be that hard.. I took my phone and I sent him a message..

-Hope: Hey my little precious unicorn"
-James: Ah, you are alive my monkey?
-Hope: Oh yes, I am..Heheheh. So I text you because I really need to talk to you about something"
-James: Is it bad?"
-Hope: No, not all.."
-James: That's good. Wanna meet in the morning?"
-Hope: Not in the morning.. I have to go to the hospital for my check up"
-James: Yeah, right.. I forgot it"
-Hope: I will call you tomorrow"
-James: Okay. Goodnight princess"
-Hope: Goodnight prince"

Did he just called me princess? Yes, he did.. I can't believe it.. I am so nervous.. What if he likes me back?

*Next morning* 

Since the moment I woke up I was feeling that something bad was going to happen.. I did not know what.. I did not want to believe that something bad was about to happen.. I did not say anything..

I went to the hospital with my parents and Beau.. He is like the brother I don't have.. A full day was about to start..

They took me blood because that's what people do on check ups.. Because I used to have to have cancer the doctor wanted to do a brain scan.. I was familiar with that.. Memories came back to my mind.. I was lost for a few but Beau brought me back to reality..

-Beau: Baby girl it's time to go in"   

I smiled and went for my scan.. The feeling I had this morning now became stronger.. I was scared but I did not want to say anything...

*30 minutes later*  

I was waiting with my mom, dad and Beau for my scans results.. The doctor came out.. His eyes were red.. Like he was about to cry... He looked at me and told me..

-Doctor: Hope, I know you for 10 years now and I was praying every day to God so this day would not come but I'm afraid that he never listened to me.. My point is.. I don't know how to say this... Your cancer is back.. We found a small tumor"


That moment I could not react.. I was lost.. I was just staring at the doctor.. My parents were crying.. Beau was screaming... I did not want to be there anymore.. I ran and left the hospital..

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