Our Little Buffer

The hate has been going strong ever since the band started becoming big. It's been getting to the point where certain members are beginning to lose it.. so, management came up with the only thing that they could. A distraction. The amazingly brilliant idea ended up as shoving someone next to the band, to shift all of the hate to them. The question is, who will it be, and how will it work out?


1. Introduction


Jem's POV


           Today is what I'd call the perfect day. The air is crisp and chill against my skin, brushing my thick, curly hair off of my shoulders. Fall has always been the best season. 

            I slip into the classroom, quickly making my way to my seat. My bag falls to the floor with a small thump, but I don't bother even glancing at it. My eyes skim over the board, doing whatever is instructed. My pen moves swiftly across the paper, as if I've done it a thousand times. Which, I actually have at this point. Without missing a beat, Max walks in. I chew on my lip a little, giving him a small smile to greet him. 

           Max is.. the stereotypical football player. He's a little dumb, but I think he's sweet. Max is popular, and I'm not, but he still talks to me. Part of me thinks I'm becoming popular too... that'd be cool. My entire life I've been with the awkward crowd, but now things are seeming to change. I like it. 


            Science goes by quickly, and so does band. Of course, we're all reminded at the end of our classes that we're "The best Military Academy in this area. We should keep everything up to check." My parents could hardly afford this place, so I'm basically here on all scholarships. So, that thought is always ringing in the back of my head anyway. 

             By lunch, everything slows down. Lunch is the best part of my day. I get to sit with most of my best friends, eat and laugh and talk. I sit next to Kayla, my best friend. 

"This um.. "chili" just moved. " Kayla mutters, poking at it with the fork. 

"I think mine just winked at me." I laugh a little, pushing my tray away from me. "Y'know, for a boarding school, they could use some of that money to get some decent food." 

"Yeah.. instead they spend it on the cheerleaders." Kayla groans. I shake my head.

"Do not! Have you seen how crumpled our.. nevermind, you useless paperclip." I roll my eyes. I actually like being a cheerleader. After a moment, I smirk. "Good thing I got these in..." I reach in my bag and take out a bag of brownies, with powdered sugar on top. 

"Woah, no way!" Cameron, one of my other friend says. Everyone begins to reach for them. 

"Ohh, nice." Alex says. I used to have a crush on him, but we also used to hate each other so... I'm not really sure what to think of him anymore. Either way, now we're cool. 


            We all pretty much demolish the brownies, my face stuffed and powdered sugar dotting my lips. Suddenly, I hear a couple groups of girls squealing and yelling. 

"What the hell?" Cameron mutters, although you can't understand it through the brownies. We all turn, looking at what's going on. 

          Suddenly, my dark hazel eyes land on them.. I'm not sure who they are, although I'm pretty sure they're famous. A group of girls rushes up to them, bouncing. 

"Aren't they that one band? Five.. Five Seconds Of Summer?" I ask and Kayla shrugs.

"I dunno." 

            Without much warning, the PA system comes on. 

"Hello students! As some of you know, the well-known band 5 Seconds of Summer is in the school. Some of the female students will be.. interviewed, by their management. Those who do well will know why. Have a good day, all!" 

            The rest of the day goes as usual, only every once in awhile, I'd see one of the band members. They're... tall. And quite frankly, gorgeous. 


           I'm relaxing in my dorm, listening to my music, when there's a small knock at the door. With a small groan, I pull myself from the bed and swing the door open. I'd expected to see my friends, so seeing the principal was a little surprising. 

"Oh," I fix my posture and force myself to smile a little. "What can I do for you, ma'am?" 

"Jemsmend," She begins. I wince. 

"Er.. Jem, please, Ma'am." 

"Of course. Jem, it's your turn to be interviewed. Last one of the day!" Her smile is wide and proud. I'm taken aback a bit. 

"What? I wasn't aware I was being interviewed..." 

             I'm soon tugged into the detention room, where two men in suits are staring at me, disapprovingly. Behind them, the four band members were sitting, looking completely bored and miserable. The principal hands me a mirror, whispering a quick, 'fix yourself up, dear.' I groan inwardly, but take the mirror.

          I have a mess of curls for hair, thick and long. It falls to about the edge of my ribcage, longer when I straighten it. My eyes are almost black they're so dark, but have little flecks of gold and brown. I'm tall for a girl, 5'6" actually. I'm not super skinny, but I don't really consider myself fat. I run my hand through my hair and fix up my eyeliner. I set the mirror down beside me and look up at the men sat across from me. 

"Hello.. um, Jemsmend? Did I say that correctly?" 

"Jemsmend? That's a weird name." The one I remember as Calum laughs. 

"Yes, I agree. It is a weird name. That's why I go by Jem. Granted, that makes me sound like a stripper but..." I shrug. "What are ya gonna do?" My comment makes the boys laugh a little, but my principal scoffs. 

"That is no way to speak to-" 

"Ma'am, you can leave now. We'll handle this one ourselves." The manager says, his voice deep and monotone. A small smile creeps onto my face as she walks out of the room. 

"Now we can really get started." The odd man takes his time to eye me up and down, clearly measuring my appearance. I give him a sort of look, making him realize I know what he's doing. "Ehem.. Do you participate in any after-school activities?" I sit up, a newly found habit of mine. 

"Yes.. I cheer for the football team. Although, I don't act how cheerleaders usually act.." My voice trails off when I realize how little they care. I roll my eyes. 

"Right.. Do you know who the boys behind me are?" He stares down at a clip board. 

"I believe so.. they're a band, right?" 

"Thank you for not screaming that." Michael groans. He's holding a wash cloth to his head. My head tilts to the side as I peer at him curiously. 

"Do you need some Ibuprofen? I've got some right here.. I get headaches too so.. yeah." I murmur somewhat sheepishly. The cloth is lifted off of his head so he can take a look at me. After a small pause, he nods. 

"That'd be great." 

            I push myself up and stand, digging through my bag. The bottle rattles as my fingers curl around it. I hand the medicine off to him, giving a faint smile. The tall one, Luke, looks as if he's fallen asleep. Ashton seems to be keeping himself busy by twirling his drumsticks. 

           I'm asked a few more questions, and I answer as best  as I can. The manager doesn't seem impressed, but after a few really really lame jokes, the band seems to like me somewhat. 




            The next day, during science, I get called down to the principal's office. She informs me that I did the best during the interview. Even though I kept asking over and over, she refused to tell me what the whole thing was about. 

"So.. you're being offered the chance of a lifetime. You're being invited to travel with the band, and just.. I guess just be around them." A soft sigh emits from her lips. "Your grades are good enough that you can take a few tests and finish school early. This is optional but.. highly recommended. 

             I stare at her, my mouth agape. 
"I-I'm sorry... what?" 

             After minimal effort explaining further, I head back to my room... and pack. I'm unsure of why, but I guess this is the best option at the moment. She'd said that I'd be traveling the world, seeing more countries than I could imagine.. I've always wanted to travel the world. 

            I end up gathering my closest friends in the Commons room. I explain to them that I'm leaving. I'll text and write them and all of that fun stuff, and just try and keep in contact with them as much as possible. 

"So.. you're just gonna travel around with these four boys, whom you've never met before?" Cameron laughs. "That's totally smart." I laugh a little, shaking my head. 

"Oh yeah I know. There should be no flaws what-so-ever." I say sarcastically. I plop down onto the couch, glancing from person to person. "But.. I'll get to see so many places! I'll get to go to Australia... you guys know that I've always wanted to go to Australia! Hey, I was born in Scotland, maybe we'll go there?" 

"Do you know why they invited you? Hell, they didn't even invite me to an interview!" She squints her eyes and scrunches her nose, what she does when she thinks. I shrug.

"They won't tell me.." 

"What about graduation?" Alex asks, looking over at me. I sigh. "I took a few tests.. I graduated early. I'm done." I say, more sadness in my voice than anything else. "I'm really going to miss you guys.." I've never cried in front of them. Ever, ever. Well, except for Kayla. As for Cameron and Alex, they've only seen my eyes well up. Not in the 7 years that I've known them, and now is no different, although it's much harder.

"C'mon, let's get a picture." Alex says softly. 

            We all stand up, setting one of our phones on a timer. We all stand in a row, smiling. 


             First is me, then Kayla. She's about two inches smaller than me. Her pale face is dotted with many freckles, her hair is slightly wavy, but really frizzy, and falls just below her bust-line. As for her body, she's extremely skinny, but still pretty curvy. She's got long, slender legs. Her bright blue eyes go well with her bright blonde hair. Kayla is always energetic and laughing.. I can't describe it. 

               Next is Alex. This pale, broad-shouldered boy is three inches taller than me, but it seems like 7. His hair is always kept short, and is just as black as my nail polish. Oddly enough, his arms are decently toned, his fingers longer than you'd expect. I'm guessing that's what happens when you're a percussion major. Funny, Alex is always so firey and.. I suppose just intense. Right now he's surprisingly gentle. 

            Finally, Cameron. In the 7th grade, he was 6'1". Now, he's 6'4". I remember in the 6th grade, He was at least 4 inches shorter than me. I'll always love the picture comparisons. Anyway, his neck is a little long, his blond hair is always tussled and curly. Basically, the best way to describe Cameron, is 'lengthy.' But that's okay. We first met in band. We both played the French Horn. Then we both quit and came to this school. 


              Once the picture is taken, we all send it to each other, so we've all got it. I set it as my background photo on my phone, and we all promise to print out a copy. After that, we all go to our dorm rooms. My roommate is passed out on the bed by the time I get back to the room. 




              My eyes peel open slowly, the alarm clock disturbing my peace. In my opinion, 5:30 is too damn early for anyone to wake up. A groan passes my lips as I smack the alarm clock. I grasp my bags and stumble downstairs, still unsure if I'm wearing pajamas or not, but oh well. 


              Once I'm at the airport, I meet up with who I think is the band. My eyes are still half closed. 

"Hey, Jem." Ashton smiles. His hair is longer than Cameron's, but tussled like his. It looks... a lot better. I give a half wave and a slight smile. 

"Hey." I groan a little. I hear a couple laughs, but I'm not sure who it was from. 

"Need some coffee?" Luke asks. My eyes instantly widen. 

"Yes, oh absolutely. Thank you." 

"C'mon, there's a Starbucks over there." 

               We grab some coffees for everyone. I quickly remember that before I'd left, I put on a pair of jean shorts and a hoodie stolen from Alex, along with my black and white converse. My curly hair is thrown up into a ponytail, so I'm comfortable. I'm not really wearing any make up, but it's not like it's that important right now.. right? 


              Just before we're about to head to the plane, I hear a few clicks and shouts from behind us. I turn, looking curiously at where I'd heard the noise. A few of the boys swear under their breath, but I've still got no clue as to what's going on. 


"Ashton! Who's this?" 

"Calum, is this a girlfriend of yours?" 

"Are they talking about me??" I ask frantically, attempting to shield my eyes from the bright flashes. 

"Let's go.." Michael mutters quickly, his hand on the small of my back as he leads me out of the area. 


Management's POV


"Good..." I breathe out as that girl gets onto the plane. "They got a few good shots." 

"You don't feel bad at all about this?" My partner asks. I shake my head. "Nah.. It'll get the hate away from the boys."

"Yes, but onto her." 

I shrug. "Whatever. She's not really our problem, is she?" 

          With a smirk, we clink our champagne glasses together and take a sip. Our plan was set in motion. This is gonna be a long, bumpy ride. At the expense of this girl, but it'll definitely be worth it. 


((A/N: Hey! Please don't be too harsh about this chapter, it's honestly just a rough draft. Anyway, thank you for reading! Chapters will get better as they go along.))  

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