Our Little Buffer

The hate has been going strong ever since the band started becoming big. It's been getting to the point where certain members are beginning to lose it.. so, management came up with the only thing that they could. A distraction. The amazingly brilliant idea ended up as shoving someone next to the band, to shift all of the hate to them. The question is, who will it be, and how will it work out?


3. Chapter 2



Jem's POV


           "Why don't you just leave me the hell alone!" I scream, aimlessly tossing a book in his direction. With a shake of his head, he steps forward. I stare up at him, not falling for his 'lost puppy' look this time.

"Because," He begins, sighing softly. His thumb skims across my jawline, causing a shiver to ripple through my body. "I love you." My heart stops in my chest.

"I.. you.. what?" I stammer. I fumble to find words, just staring up at him, my mouth hanging open moronically. 

"I love you." He repeats. "I always have. Even though you did once accidentally stab me with a fork. I loved you from the moment I first saw you, even though you looked like total hell."  

           Tears well up in my eyes, my stomach twisting into a knot. I can't believe what I'm hearing.. there's this odd feeling in the pit of my stomach. I can't explain it. I look up at him, my hand resting softly on his shoulder. 


In my softest voice, I whisper, "Liar." 


            The chill of the early morning nips at my face as we walk into the hotel. We've finally arrived, after what's seemed like years on that bus. I walk next to Niall, unable to help but notice how adorable his hair looked when he hasn't styled it. I accidentally bump his shoulder a couple of times, but he didn't seem to mind. Of course we sneak into the hotel the back way, so the paps don't find us. I roll my eyes. I guess that's too late for me. 

             I get my own private room, since I'm the only female, but I really wouldn't have cared. All of our rooms are connected, and we can open our connected doors to walk in and hang out with someone else. Louis and Harry have their room, then it's Niall, Liam and Zayn. They're on my right side. On the left, it's Luke and Calum, next to Ashton and Michael. 

           I'm just relaxing in my room at the moment, watching some TV. I'm in the mood for a movie, but I'm not sure what movie to watch. Suddenly, I hear a knock on my door. I walk over, but hesitate before opening it. I'm wearing leggings and an oversized sweater. My hair is thrown up into a pony tail. I've taken my makeup off too. I shrug and swing the door open, revealing Niall. 

"Niall? Hey, what's up?" I ask. He pauses, his eyes scanning over me quickly. I frown, feeling self conscious. 

"Oh, well, we were all gonna watch a movie. Wanna join us?"

I pause, wondering if it'd be a good idea. After a small moment, I nod. "Sure, that sounds fun." 


           Of course, of course, of course, we end up watching a horror movie. I love them, but.. I'm a total wimp. 100%. No doubts. Niall and Ashton chose damn Annabelle. That new movie about the creepy ass doll. 

           I end up huddled on the left side of the couch, next to Ashton. I find myself glancing at him every once in awhile, unsure why. His cologne fills my senses, making a small smile appear on my face. It sort of reminds me of Alex. 


          There's a sudden jump-scare, and I can't help but let out a small squeal. I cover my mouth, my cheeks instantly turning a deep shade of red. Oops. I hear Niall chuckle in front of me. Ashton, who's smiling widely, nudges me for reassurance. I try to shake off the embarrassment and focus on the movie, when I feel a small tickle on my knee. I glance down, only to realize that Ashton's irregularly long fingers had found their way to my knee. I think he's just trying to comfort me, as his hand isn't too far up my leg. 

          From the corner of my eye, I give him a small look, but he just stares straight forward. I shake my head a little. After a few minutes, he shifts. His hand is now right next to mine, the feeling of his warm skin just barely there. I bite down on my lower lip, chewing on it. Slowly, very slowly, our fingers begin to intertwine. I silently thank god that the lights are off, covering us with darkness. 

         We stay like that for the remainder of the movie. A shudder shoots through my body, providing a warm, comforting feeling whenever his thumb strokes across my hand. I do the same, but my motions aren't nearly as large. His hands are so much bigger than mine, it's surprising really. I guess that makes it easier for him to play the drums. 

          When there's a particularly alarming part in the movie, I instinctively huddle closer to his warmth. I try not to be too obvious, as I don't exactly want everyone in the room to know that I'm holding hands with him, and practically hiding in his chest. He just laughs silently and allows me to take refuge in his broad shoulders and chest. 


              The credits begin to roll, and I quickly move away from him. I let go of his comforting hand, pulling away and relaxing into the couch, as if I'd been like that the entire movie. 

"What'd you think?" Liam asks.

"That was the most terrifying thin I've ever seen." I groan. 

"Agreed." Shudders Harry, who seems quite comfy with Louis. 




                 I can't sleep tonight. At all. Earlier I'd put on the comfiest thing I own; My older brother's old flannel shirt. I'd allowed my hair to fall naturally. Even so, I've been tossing and turning all night. I sigh and shake my head. I slip from the bed and flick the light on. I groan and grab my room key off of the table, honestly not even bothering to put on pants. Hey, at least I'm wearing spandex shorts underneath, right? 

              I head down to the lobby, where I quickly find the vending machine. I eye the snacks, before finding exactly what I'm looking for. Perfect. I punch in the right numbers, smiling when my Kit Kat bar falls. I pick it up, and spin on my heel, only to find the familiar tall boy looming over me. I take a small step back. 

"A-Ashton." I stutter, not having expected him to be there. "What are you doing up? It's past 4 in the morning." I yawn. 

"I'm used to different time zones." He says. There's a faint smell on his breath. He's been drinking. I forgot that it's legal for him here. I place my finger on his chest and push him away a little. 

"You need to go to bed." I state. I begin to walk away, but his large hand is placed on my stomach. 

"Maaybe you should come with me?" He says playfully, giving me a wide and stupid grin. I laugh a little but shake my head. 

"No, go by yourself. You're drunk." I say gently. I again begin to walk away, but he stops me. He's sticking out his lower lip and pouting. 

"But you're so pretty. And I'm so lonely." He tilts his head. "C'mon, we wouldn't even do anything, we'd just cuddle a little.. Like during the moviee?" He sings the last part, swaying back and forth with me.

While it is in fact very very tempting, I shake my head. "I shouldn't. Just.. go to bed." This time, I successfully move away. I rush towards the stairs, knowing that if I took the elevator, I'd have to wait. 


             The next morning, I wake up late. As in, past two in the afternoon. I go through my usual morning routine, showering and getting dressed and all that, but I'm still groggy. There was a note slipped under my door telling me that the boys would be asleep for the rest of the day, because they've got a concert tomorrow. I take this chance to have a relaxing day. Exactly like I would back at school. Well, home. Whatever you want to call it.

           The TV is on, and I've found a channel that I really like. I'm painting my toenails, and have my phone in hand. I text my friends, waiting for their responses. All of them read the same thing, "Hey! How's it going?" And as always, they respond in completely different ways. 

Alex: "Hey. I'm okay. Different without you lol. How's Australia?"

Kayla: "Hey!! :D I'm playing Xbox right now but now Imma talk to you."

Cameron: "Hey, things are pretty good. You?" 


             I end up having many different conversations with them, happy to finally be talking to my best friends again. I ask about some people we go to school with and talk to them about teachers. Of course I make fun of them for having to go through finals, when I finished all of them already. We all say that we need to meet up sometime, and I agree. Alex mentions that he saw some pictures of me on the internet. I explained that the pictures were taken without my permission and actually caused a lot of hate. He told me to ignore him. I reassured him that I would. I lied. 

            To tell the absolute truth, I've been reading those messages. Over and over. The new ones and the old. They constantly tug at the back of my mind. Making me feel absolutely terrible. I find myself constantly looking at my body in the mirror, judging every aspect of it. I know I shouldn't. I know I'm not supposed to be super skinny. I know that I'm supposed to have muscle and fat. But... the constant hate gets to me, honestly. 

             The rest of the night, I watch TV. Random movies and TV shows. I paint my toenails my favorite purple color. Of course I end up falling asleep, the blankets and pillows cuddled up around me. My friends are used to me falling asleep while texting, so none of them are mad when I stop replying. 




           The concert is... crowded. Very, very crowded. I find myself surrounded by screaming girls, who are all obsessed with these boys. I find it.. believable. They're really quite attractive, and after hearing the music live, I know why the girls have totally lost it. Some of them are crying, which I think is weird, but hey, I'm not one to judge. I cry at movies and television shows, which is worse than crying over a real band. 

         I'm in the front row, smiling at the boys. I wave at them shyly, and they wave back. Then.. it's so sudden.. a wave of clicking and flashing phones. They're all taking pictures of me. And videos. Every single one of these thousands of girls. I stumble back a bit, blushing and wrinkling my nose in confusion. Then, the boys start singing and they all switch their attention back onto the stage. 


((A/N: Sorry that this chapter was so short!! I hope you like it.))         


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