Our Little Buffer

The hate has been going strong ever since the band started becoming big. It's been getting to the point where certain members are beginning to lose it.. so, management came up with the only thing that they could. A distraction. The amazingly brilliant idea ended up as shoving someone next to the band, to shift all of the hate to them. The question is, who will it be, and how will it work out?


2. Chapter 1


Jem's POV


         I hug my knees to my chest, sighing softly. I've got my headphones, in an attempt to block out the noise of the plane. I'm scrolling through the old videos on my phone. A smile sneaks it's way onto my lips as I come across one that I'll never get tired of, no matter how awful I look in it. It's a video of my first successful standing back handspring. After I land it, I ran up to my trainer, José, and hugged him. I couldn't stop smiling that day. 

          Now I'm to the videos of my friends. Videos with old cheer friends, such as Kennedy. Little Ken is 9, and not related to me, but I love her like a sister. The same with 10 year old Katie. I decide to listen to music instead. Much less emotions. I put my playlist on shuffle and lean against the window, allowing myself to drift off to sleep. 


Ashton's POV


       My eyes flick over to the sleeping curl, who's basically huddled up to Michael. I'm sitting across from the two of them, my music blaring in my ears. 

       I'm honestly so excited for when we land. Not only will we be in Europe, but we'll be with our best friends again. Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis. We haven't seen them in awhile, but now we get to tour with them as we both promote our new albums. It should be a pretty interesting year. 

        Suddenly, Jem's eyes pop open. With a small groan, she rubs her eyes and picks up her phone. Her knees are tucked a little further into her chest as she smiles widely down at the screen. Her thumbs tap at the phone before she sets it down and goes back off to sleep. After that, there's just something different about her. I can't quite explain it. 


Jem's POV


           The plane shudders and bumps as we collide with the ground. I run my fingers through my hair, taking it out of it's pony tail. I gather my bags and follow the tall figures off of the metal death contraption. I eagerly hop down the steps, not able to stand being on the plane anymore. 

            The humid air washes over my face. I slide my sweatshirt off, leaving me in an old t-shirt and shorts. The instant the four boys hit the pavement, they go sprinting off. I wrinkle my nose in confusion and watch them. I realize exactly what they're doing when I see five different boys, all of whom I recognize. The One Direction boys. 

              As I get better looks at the nine boys that I'll be traveling with, I begin to regret not putting makeup on today. They all look so.. perfect. How? Niall's hair is perfectly styled, yet it doesn't look like it was too over done. Liam just looks.. um, wow. Are Zayn, Louis, and Harry secretly gods because it is not possible to look that good at the freaking airport. I sigh softly and run my hand through my hair, slowly approaching. 

             All of them are talking away and laughing, like the old friends that they are. I awkwardly stand to the side, waiting for someone to acknowledge me. Niall is the one to do it first. He's shorter than you'd expect, but still much taller than I am. His blue eyes almost pierce into mine. 

"Oh hi.. Lads, who's this?" He asks Ashton. 

"Ohh, that's Jem. Not.. not really sure why, but management says she's gonna be traveling with us." He replies. Everyone says hello to me, and I give them all a small wave. 

"Jem.. that's a pretty name." Liam says. I smile up at him. 

"Oh, thank you." I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

            I suddenly get an itch to tumble, but I hold myself back. I hop a little, without leaving the ground, to keep myself distracted. Louis notices what I'm doing and gives me sort of an odd look, as if to say 'What on earth are you doing?'. I reply with a look that says, 'I know what I'm doing, but I'm aware that it's weird.' Even so, I don't stop bouncing. 

           We soon leave and hop onto.. the biggest bus I have ever seen. What kind of bus is furnished and has two levels? Apparently, this one. 

"Woah.." I mutter softly to myself, and hopefully no one heard me. 

          Once sleeping arrangements are all figured out, we're all gathered on the lower level, on the couch. Everyone's all talking and catching up, when the attention is suddenly flicked over to me. 

"So, Jem, tell us something about yourself." 

"What? Oh," I say stupidly. "Well.. my full name is Jemsmend, but.. I hate it." I laugh a little awkwardly, looking around at everyone. "And uh.. there's not really much to me, I guess. I do gymnastics, though." I say softly, playing with the tips of my hair. 

"Gymnastics, that's cool." Niall says. 

"Have you got any siblings?" Liam asks. I'll always love how their accents sound. 

"Um, yeah. I have an older brother. He's in college." 

"Do you play any instruments?" 

"I play the piano.. I used to play the French Horn, but I quit." 

"The French Horn? What isn't that like.. the weird looking trumpet thingy?" Louis asks, swirling his finger around. I laugh a little. 

"Yeah, yeah it is." 

               We spend a lot of the night just chatting and talking, watching movies. Slowly, each of us grow tired and trudge our way back to our bunks. I wrap my arms around my pillow and snuggle into the blankets, my eyes closing slowly. I fall asleep quickly, the rocking of the tour bus soothing me to sleep. 



          I wake up a little earlier than everyone else, a habit built into me from school. I shower and decide to leave my hair curly. I do my makeup, not wanting to look horrible in front of them again. I end up putting on skinny jeans and an American Eagle sweater. I grab my computer and curl up on the downstairs couch, making sure to say hello to the driver. 

          Once everyone is awake, we decide to make a stop. 

"The mall?" I ask curiously. Why would they chose the mall of all places?

"We figured you could use a little downtime." I shrug. I don't really like shopping a whole lot, but this should be fun, right? 


        We split up into a few groups, depending on where we want to go. I end up with Niall, Calum, and Liam. They're all so much taller than me, it just makes me feel even more tiny. We end up shopping for awhile at American Eagle, and other places like that, but we end up at a frozen yogurt place. 

"How can they call this frozen yogurt, this is so ice cream." I mutter, peering down at my cup. Niall laughs a little at that comment.

"I totally agree." Liam says absentmindedly. 

       I end up walking between Niall and Calum, mainly focused on my frozen yogurt. I glance up at the boys every once in awhile, listening to their jokes. I giggle at a couple, but try not to butt into their conversations too much. 

"You're really quiet." Calum states. "You were funny in your interview, though." I shrug.

"I guess I'm just shy sometimes. It depends on my mood." I pause. "And whether or not I'm holding ice cream." 

"Frozen yogurt," Corrects Liam. I raise my cup at him like I was toasting. 

"You were interviewed?" Niall chimes in. I nod. "Do you know why management wanted you here?" I shake my head. 

"I have no clue. But hey, I get to see the world and listen to music. Who would say no?" 

           We return to the bus soon enough, and I set my bags down under my bunk. I grab my phone and sit in the bed. I scroll through my friends twitters, looking for their updates. A few of them mention me in some cute 'we miss you' tweets. Then, I run into some other.. very unpleasant tweets. 

          There are pictures of me, with a few of the guys. The things people are saying.. who could say anything so awful about someone they know nothing about?

"Who's this bitch??" 

"I bet she's just with them for publicity." 

"Gold digging whore." 

            I wrinkle my nose, scrolling through the tweets curiously. The more I see, the more upset I become. Slowly, I feel tears begin to well up in my eyes. I sniff in a little and shake my head. They're just morons who never leave their computer. They're wrong. They're wrong, they're wrong, they're wrong. I just have to keep telling myself that. I angrily throw my phone to the side, not wanting to look at it anymore.  

            I make my way downstairs, shaking my head. I plop down onto one of the couches, next to Luke. I focus on whatever TV they're watching, trying to forget that whole twitter incident. I guess that's just something that comes with hanging out with people like this. I curl up on the couch and lean against the couch, a blanket draped over my shoulders. 


Alex's POV


           Even though it's only been about a day since Jem left, the dynamic of our group shifted a little. I'm not really great friends with Kayla, so she's sort of left as a third wheel to Cameron and I. It hadn't taken me long to realize that Jem had stolen one of my hoodies, which annoyed me. Nothing I can do about it now, though. 

          I had noticed that she's been getting a lot of attention from hanging out with that band. Why would she even go? She liked it here, didn't she? Part of me hates her for leaving. 


Kayla's POV


            Jem just.. left. It was so sudden, and now I'll probably never get to see her again. I'm gonna miss her.. I've known her for so long, it's ridiculous. Now we're practically never going to see each other again. She's the only one that I could relate to, and now she just left. Maybe we don't really mean that much to her...


Cameron's POV


          It's been so awkward since Jem left. Kayla's been third-wheeling me and Alex. I feel bad for her. I mean, her best friend just left. She did the same to me, but it's extremely obvious that she's been really ticked off about it. We all sat together for awhile, just watching TV and talking. We were more silent than usual. It's weird. 


((Okay, this chapter is a little weird and poorly written, but I promise, I'll be much better soon. Thanks.)) 

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