The New Boy || L.H

Im a huge fan if 5sos and Luke hemmings just joined my school, anyway he asked me out and I'm so excited!!!!


11. Whats Wrong?

I just want to say that I'm starting this book again. And everything from the sequel is no longer existing. Luke and els are fine. 5sos is still huge and 5 pebbles never existed.


El's POV:

How do i tell him?

How do i show him?

When do i tell him?

What will he do?

What if he leaves me?

What if he is angry?

What if he is happy and doesn't mind?

What will my kids say?

Will they be happy?

Will they be angry?

When do i tell them?

Lukes POV:

El has been quite distant lately.

Always in our room.

Always listening to music.

She has been ill as well.

I have been trying to help but she doesn't let me.

Is she cheating on me?

Is she having second thoughts?

Does she want a divorce?

Did i do something wrong?

I just want to know whats wrong?!

Els POV:

This is driving us both crazy.

I know whats going on but i haven't told Luke yet.

Just as I'm thinking about how to tell him, the door opens.

"Hey erm i think we need to talk" oh no! I bet he thinks i want a divorce.

"About what?"

"Come on els don't play dumb with me. You know exactly whats going on and your avoiding me. Its driving me crazy. Like are you cheating? Do you want a divorce? Did i do something wrong?" By now there was tears spilling out of his eyes.

"No Luke I'm not cheating on you. I don't want a divorce. I love you for god sakes!"

"Then what is it els?"

"Well....ermm..i-i-im p-p-preg-pregnant" I'm so scared of his reaction.

His eyes lit up and his smile grew bigger.

He picked me up and spun me around.

"Wait i thought you would be angry or sad? Like we already have 3 kids?!"

"I don't care how many we have. As long as they are with you"

"But mister we need to use protection from now on! Its hard keeping your fit after 3 kids so i don't know how hard it will be after 4!"

"Yes, we will you protection but you will still be fit to me!"

I laughed and playfully hit his arm.

He put his bottom lip out and help his arm.

"You look so much like sammy!!"

"Do i?"


He came in and i told him to come over.

"Do the exact same thing that daddy is doing"

He done it and they looked like the same person. In between all the laughter i grabbed my phone and took a picture. I showed it to them.

"We look like the same person! High five!" They high fived and then taylor and stacey came in.

We spent the rest of the night watching films and eating popcorn.

Thank god he is happy about the baby!


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