The New Boy || L.H

Im a huge fan if 5sos and Luke hemmings just joined my school, anyway he asked me out and I'm so excited!!!!


9. The Wedding

"One of the girls has dwarfism" the doctor says to us."but you can take them home today, do you know what you are naming them?"

He asked us. "Yes we are naming them Taylor and Stacey" " such lovely names" "thank you". The doctor took us to the girls and we could already see one of them was a lot smaller than the other. Taylor is the one with dwarfism and stacey is the one without it. I don't see anything wrong with taylor having dwarfism. I think its different and different is good.

1 year later

Els POV:

So today is the day of luke and I's wedding. My dress is a corset top with LOTS of sparkle and a ruffled bottom. Tay and stace are my flower girls. My sister, cousin and to be sister-in-law are my bridesmaids and their dresses are blush and have a black ribbon round them. The colour theme of the wedding is white, blush and black. Luke is wearing a black suit with a blush tie. Our 1 month old son, Sam, is out page boy and Luke's best men are Cal, Mikey and Ash.

Luke's POV:

I cant wait to see Els. Im waiting here at the altar for her to come down the isle in her beautiful gown. She already showed me it. She said its a tradition in her family to show the groom the dress. As she walked down the isle i just stood there and stared at her. She is the one i will be with for the rest of life and she is the mother of my children.

When we get to the bit where the vicar says if anyone disagrees with this marriage speak now. (A/N i don't know what the vicar actually says so lets stick to that). A women bursts through the door."LUKE HEMMING YOU CANNOT MARRY HER!!!"

A/N hope you guys like this chapter. I will probably post the next chapter tomorrow. And thanks for 95(+) reads it really means a lot to me. I need a girlfriend for calum , ashton, mikey and the girl that ruins the wedding. So comment down below the name of the person and what they look like (and the girlfriend you want to be).



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