The New Boy || L.H

Im a huge fan if 5sos and Luke hemmings just joined my school, anyway he asked me out and I'm so excited!!!!


1. Science class

Hey! Im Eleanor and i go to saint Mary's high school in america.

Today is monday, the worst day of the week!

I sighed as my alarm went off. Its 6 am and i need to get ready for school...yay (sarcastic).

So i couldn't chose what to where so i just went with a casual 5sos top as they are my favourite band!! Apparently there is a new boy at school today and i think his name is Luke but i don't know his last name.

8:30 am Eleanor's pov

Im just sitting in registration. After this we have science ( groan ). I hate science. Its just soo boring and my teacher has a really squeaky voice!!

Science class

So we just got sat down in class and miss said we have a new student i wasn't looking because i was doodling on my hand but he got told to sit next to me, i put my head up and screamed. It was Luke Hemmings. The Luke Hemmings.

Everyone turned what i to see what i screamed at "is there a problem?" Miss asked, i couldn't answer, i couldn't even speak. Miss asked again " Eleanor is there a problem?!!" I finally managed to get the words out " N..No miss its...its...fine.."

"Great! Luke go sit down and Eleanor will fill you in!" He came over and sat down he looked at my hand and then my top. There was an awkward silence. " so you like my band?" He asked ever so sweetly. I still couldn't speak so i just nodded my head.

We chatted the whole lesson and got no work done. The bell went and we all rushed out as i was walking over to my friends he called me back." Ermm..Eleanor?" He asked sounding nervous. I turned round to see him go red in the face. " Yeah?" I walked over to him. " I wanted to know if you wanted to like... Hang out after school?" He looked at me and i couldn't help but stare at his big blue eyes. "Yeah i would love too" i said trying not to scream. " great meet me outside school" "okay" i said. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked off.

I ran over to my friends and squealed they asked what was wrong and i told the everything. They all squealed and hugged me. I told them to be cool because he was the other side of the hall. I looked back, saw him and bit my lip. He glanced over and smiled, i pocked my tongue out and he did the same. I laughed and looked back.

After school

So the bell just went and I'm going to meet Luke for our 'date'. I saw him and tried to play it cool. I got to him and hugged him. " right so where are we going?" I asked him? " my house?" He winked at me. I giggled but I'm not the kinda girl who does it on the first date.

We got to his house and he opened the door for me. My jaw dropped. It was huge!! He walked in and i followed him up this huge staircase that led to this huge hallway and these huge bedrooms. It was amazing. We was upstairs and we was just talking in his room and then he said " Eleanor.. I know I've only known you a day but i really like you and ermm... Will you be my girlfriend?" He said putting his head to the ground. He slowly lifted his head up and looked at me. I kissed him passionately " of corse i wil!" He kissed me and we had this like make out session.

I ha to go home but i just flopped in bed and started texting him.

I miss you already xxxx

Mee too xx i cant wait to see you at school tomoz xx



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