The New Boy || L.H

Im a huge fan if 5sos and Luke hemmings just joined my school, anyway he asked me out and I'm so excited!!!!


4. Luke.

Luke's POV:

I woke up with Els in my arms. It felt so good to have her in my arms. Ive waited so long for someone like her to come into my life. But i cant help thinking if shes just going out with me for the fame? I cant ask her can i?

Her eyes started to flutter open. She was like a butterfly sliding out of her cocoon. "Hey" i said kissing her forehead. She yawned and hugged me "morning".

Eleanor's POV:

"Ill make breakfast" i said as i slipped away from Luke's arms and disappeared into the kitchen. I grabbed the eggs , bacon , sausages and cooked some breakfast. As i was cooking i felt someones hug me from behind and kiss my neck. I smiled and turned kissed him and then put breakfast on the plates. We ate it and them Luke looked at me and sighed, "whats wrong babe?" I asked. "Well i have this friend and hes like famous and he wants to ask his girlfriend wether she is him"

I knew he was talking about him and me. I cant believe this how can he think that?!!!!! I grabbed his plate and mine too. I threw them in the sink and was surprised they didn't smash. I walked back in the room, Luke had a guilty look on his face. "HOW COULD YOU THINK THAT LUKE!!!!!?" I shouted at him. A tear fell from my eye. "I just though-" i didn't let him finish. " WELL LUKE YOU THOUGHT WRONG.!!!" I shouted again, now the tears pouring from my eyes. "GET OUT!!" I told him. "What?!" His eyes shot at me. " YOU HEARD ME, GET OUT!!!"." Eleanor please no don't tell me to get out". "THEN EXPLAIN!!!" I shouted making a tear fall from his eye. He paused for a second, " I WANTED TO MAKE SURE I HAD FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THE RIGHT GIRL!!! ill see myself out..." He said walking off. " Luke...wait.." I called for him but all i heard was the door slamming. I stumbled in the kitchen grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting my wrists. Ive done it before and i already have loads of scars. Im surprised Luke hasn't seem them.

2 days later.

Eleanor's POV:

Im still cutting. I haven't heard from Luke at all. There was a knock at the door. I covered my arms in bracelets and ran down to answer it. "Hi I'm Calum Hood, this is Ashton Irwin-" i cut him off " and thats Michael Clifford i know". Ashton looked at my bracelets and i looked at his. It looks like he cuts but i cant tell. "So you know us then..." Michael said. " look i know why you're here and i feel really bad about if so as much as i love you guys can you just leave?" I said trying to sound not offensive but failing miserably. " please its about Luke". Ashton asked. " fine". I said letting them in. They looked at me worriedly. " so what do you want?" I asked " you may want to sit down" Calum said as we all sat down. " guys you're scaring me?!". Michael coughed" well...erm.. ...erm....kill himself".

A/N i wanted to say that i hope you like this chapter and sorry its so short. Also i wanted to say that i will probably not be posting tomorrow as i have some private business to attends to.


Lulu. Xxx

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