The New Boy || L.H

Im a huge fan if 5sos and Luke hemmings just joined my school, anyway he asked me out and I'm so excited!!!!


10. Becky

Luke's POV:

"Becky what are you doing here?" I said to the girl that stopped the wedding. Becky is the girl i was supposed to marry 3 years ago and i left her at the altar because i didn't love her. And i never will. I guess she heard me and Els are getting married and decided she was going to ruin it. "IM STOPPING YOU FROM MARRYING MY HALF SISTER!!!" "Becky? Get out get out get out!!!!" She shouted across the church. "Wait whats going on here?" I asked them both. "SECURITY!! GET HER OUT OF HERE!!!" Els shouted for security. We had security because if fans that would barge in on the wedding. The security took Becky away and we finished the wedding. When we was alone i decided to as her about Becky. "So how is Becky your half sister?" "Well basically my mum and dad split up and then my mum had two kids with this other man.." I cut her off. " becky and shasha?" "Yeah. Oh how do you know Becky?" I hesitated. " well basically i was supposed to marry her 3 years ago and then i realised i didn't love her so i left her at the altar and.." Then she cut me off. "Wait. Do you still love her?" "No Els i don't love her. I love you and out children and you know that because.." She put her finger to my mouth " sshh. Thats all i need to know." We kissed and then walked back into the wedding and we partied till the night was the morning.

A/N sorry its short but i have. Alot of homework and stuff. Thank you for 104(+) reads!! EKK! Im so happy!!! I love you guys.



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