Escaping the Districts

"We need to escape." I said softly hoping no one else herd. "And how do you suppose we do that Dawn?" Luke asked me. I let out a deep breath. "I don't know, we can't go to that arena. I'm not a big fan of death." I explained. Aspen piped in. "She's right we need to go. None of us really have family left, just each other and If we stay here we all die." I nodded. "We have to escape the districts."


4. chapter 4

            Dawns P.O.V. 


      "We have to escape." I whispered hoping no one would hear me. "And just how do you suspect we do that Dawn." Luke asked. "I don't know." I said. "She is right we have to escape, we have no family that they can hurt, we are all we have left." Aspen pipped up. "We have to escape the districts."


       Ashton's P.O.V.


       We arrived at the Capital and I think I have gained their trust, I need to be allies with them we could be an unstoppable force together. People with weird clothes and weird hair stood outside the window cheering and laughing. I didn't like them already. Right when we get there, Burit told me that we are going to meet our stylist and get ready for the chariots. Great now what are we going to dress up as? Last time they were trees. 


        Aspen's P.O.V


      "Hi, I'm Gybsen, your stylist." The tall man said. He looked like any other capital resident. Golden hair smoothed back, grey eyes and low cheek bones. He smiled showing large dimples. Dawn who was sitting beside me groaned. "Are we going to be trees?" she asked. "No hun, I was looking at the district 7 past and I liked what I saw. So that's what you will be. People used to call you guys Indians I believe." Gybsen said. "Ok then lets get started." I said.


        After an hour of hair pulling leg waxing and for Dawn an ear piercing we were finally put in our costumes. I came out of the dressing room wearing, a brown tunic, with aqua blue designs on it, I wore nothing under the tunic so my legs were bare. They combed my curly red hair and braid it to the side then put a giant "headress" is what they called it on my head. I saw Dawn saunter out of her room cautiously. "I feel stupid." she said tugging at the feathers on her headdress. "You don't you look very pretty actually." I told her. She really did. She was wearing something different than me, more revealing because she "has better curve than me". She wore a dark blue belly shirt that matched the colours of her blue tipped feathers, and a short black and blue skirt. To top it off she wore brow boots made of deer pelt like mine. Her headdress was bigger than mine and had wings that attached to her wrist. Her make up was pretty dramatic being dark eye lids and blue and white lines on her face. I didnt have much makeup just blue lips and brown eye lids. We walked out to meet the boys and to see that they also wore headdresses and those boots, but they wore long pants and no shirt. Their chests had lines all over like Dawn's face.  We were ready to be shown to the world. 

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