Escaping the Districts

"We need to escape." I said softly hoping no one else herd. "And how do you suppose we do that Dawn?" Luke asked me. I let out a deep breath. "I don't know, we can't go to that arena. I'm not a big fan of death." I explained. Aspen piped in. "She's right we need to go. None of us really have family left, just each other and If we stay here we all die." I nodded. "We have to escape the districts."


2. Chapter 2

         Dawn's P.O.V. 


      I glanced at myself in the mirror beside my unmade bed. I flatten out the wrinkles on my green sweater rubbing the soft material between my frail fingers. District 7 is bland. Bland food, bland houses, bland clothing. The floor boards were cold under my bare feet. I sauntered over to the dresser made of oak and opened my sock drawer. I pulled out a pair of grey wool socks and put them on. Each and every day during this month I was getting nervous. The reaping was in two weeks. I wasn't worried for myself because I never had to be put in the reaping, but my friends. At age 17 they were all at risk until they turned 18 and were safe. This year was going to be hard for the districts of Panem. Last year district 3 started a rebellion. It didn't last long, The Capitol is to powerful for that. Punishment went out for all the districts, "Now instead of two chosen from the reaping, four will be chosen, two girls two boys." I recall hearing President Snow's announcement. I frowned at the thought. I nibble on my lip as I walk down the hall to my father's room. I peeked in carefully. He stood there buttoning up his shirt. "Sir." I said quietly standing in the door way. My father looked at me with those grey eyes. He was handsome once, I guess, but time wore him away to the older man he is now. He is the strict father I grew up with. His face always stern and pale like he had just witnessed a ghost. He never laughed, never cried. He was truly emotionless. "Yes?" my father asked me. "May I please go out into the forest to watch the peasants work?" I lied. My father nodded at me. He was cruel and vile, I would pretend I was watching my people work and taunting them but, really, I was helping them. I walked to the front door and saw my boots waiting for me. "Where are you off to dear?" I herd a sweet voice ask. I turned and looked at our maid, Fern. I gave her a warm smile. "I'm off to watch the others work." I said gently. Fern gave me a wrinkly smile. "Ok dear be careful." she cautioned me. I stared to lace up my leather boots. Fern was old, like my father and has been with me since I started to toddle. She was like the mother I never had. 


          The grey clammy weather outside was so cold my bones shattered with every step. A gust of wind slapped a lock of hair on my cheek as I strolled to Luke's house. A little tornado of leaves of browns and reds danced around the sidewalk next to the dull houses. The streets were absolutely vacant. The streets of district 7 used to be full of life, people talking to their neighbors, walking down the street to the market, throwing a ball, but the light is gone. Ever since my father became mayor. I arrived at Luke's run down house. Paint had peeled away and fallen to the ground and the house. I step over the sickly green weeds that over grow across the path. The strong breezed made the shutters tap against the house. I knocked on the decorative door. I herd some commotion going on inside the house before Luke opened to the door. I smiled at him. "Ready to go?" I asked him. Luke looked at me with his dim eyes. "Ready as ever." he said. 


     The sparrows and blackbirds flew overhead gracefully. The melodious chirping is enchanting. They seem to welcome the winter with their sweet notes. Even though they would leave soon and be replaced with the ravens. Luke, Aspen and I walk silently through the forest. We keep our eyes and ears open. We each carry a bow widdled from the wood from the an aspen tree and a quiver of arrows made from oak so they fly straight. We arrived to the lake where the deer were plentiful. Sure enough two does stood by the water and lapped it up. We each hide behind a tree. I would shoot one and Alice would shoot one since we were the best archers. Luke was better with knives. We both aim our bows at the does and aimed. The deer I picked suddenly got startled and perked it's ears up. The other then did the same. Something wasn't right. It wasn't us they smelled. Luke yelled and the deer ran off. I looked to my friend and saw a giant grizzly bear a couple feet away from us. We each raised our weapons at the threat. It let out a large growl. We were in some trouble.I shot my arrow directly in the bears thick neck, but it didn't effect the beast at all. It ran at Luke and tackled him. Luke grabbed his knife and slashed it at the bear's face grazing it's nose. I shot my arrow in the grizzly's back. It turned toward me and got off Luke leaving him breathless. "Come on bear!" I screamed at it. It walked on it's hind legs to me and Aspen and I. We shot arrows. It ran at us full speed. We both jumped out of the way before the bear could get us. We shot more arrows making it more angry. Aspen got to close, I yelled to her, "Aspen look-" the bear had struck her letting her go flying into a near by tree. I shot two more arrows at the bear so it turned it's attention to me and dashed in my direction. It butted me down to the ground. I felt it's hot breath on my skin. Saliva flowed from the beasts nasty chops and dribbled onto my cheek. I screamed the bear pinning me down to the cold hard ground. The bear was about to strike when I something attacked it from behind. It got up on it's hind legs and turned around. Luke hung from the bears back a knife in between it's broad shoulders. The bear tried to shake off it's attacker as I reached for an arrow. I fitted it onto the bow and grabbed onto the fletchings also pulling it back way to my ear. I waited for just the right moment when the bear's face was in view I let the arrow fly. It hit it's mark directly in the grizzly's eye. It collapsed on the ground Luke on top of it. He laid there wide eyed. I looked to Aspen, she lay by the tree she was thrown into. I ran to her Luke not far behind. I saw a large gash on her head. Luke lifted her up and we ran to town, the battered girl in Luke's arms. 








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