Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


2. Chapter Two - He Shows Me to His House

Chapter Two - He Shows Me to His House

"Finally" I exclaimed when the wooden door that I'd been looking at for 20 minutes finally opened.

"Were you looking at me the whole time?" Tara asked in disgust and I almost choked on her stupidity.

"Yeah, I have the ability to look through doors." I retorted sarcastically, wondering how on earth we were related.

"Creep!" She stated, pushing past me and probably going to look at herself in the mirror again.

Once occupying the bathroom, I took this time to look in the mirror myself, something I only do once, just before I leave. I take note of the curling iron which is still on and hot due to my unreliable sister. So, I take advantage and curl my fringe slightly and the tips of my hair. That's the most effort I'd go to for my hair, I'm not the Girly type, nor am I the tomboy type. Just in the middle. I admire my brown eyes and brown curly yet wavy hair that I was fortunate to gain from my mother.

I completed my morning rituals before skipping down the stairs to have breakfast. I sipped while savouring my cup of English tea while biting into my buttered toast. When I had finished that it was time to head to school.

Through the whole car trip which should be my time, I had to listen to Tara's whole conversation with her best friend Mikaela, whom she would be seeing in the next few minutes. When she stepped out of the car Mikaela was right there to greet her so they just continued with their conversation.

After locking my car I met Bec and Lilly in the same spot I meet them each morning but this time they were more excited than I'd ever seen them in the morning.

"Tell us everything!" This was Bec's first words when I joined the two girls.

"Well I managed to finish my extension homework from history and I read my 50 pages of Lord of the Flies so I'm still on top of everything," I said, proud in my achievements.

They looked at me as if I were a complete fool.

"We mean about Luke!" They squealed in unison at his name.

"Nothing to tell," I simply stated, completely bored with the conversation.

"Alex, don't act like you hate it. You get to spend 2 whole terms with the guy that girls only ever get to spend one night with, it's a big deal!" Bec said implying that I were a complete moron.

"Bec, it's not a big deal," I told her honestly and began walking to homeroom just as the bell sounded.

Over the past almost 5 years that I have been attending this high school, I've done my best to stay out of other people's way, just so I'm not noticed. I stay out of the trouble makers way and they don't go any where near me. It's just we don't mix and we shouldn't, after all, I've never landed myself with a detention. So the world has ultimately betrayed me in partnering me up with the Bad Boy himself.

"What is a pretty girl like you doing walking to class alone?" A strong masculine voice said from behind me, speak of the devil.

He was so close that his hot breath hit my skin causing every hair on my back to stick up.

"Can I help you?" I asked, not even caring to look back.

"Does every word out of your mouth need to be impolite?" He asked me, now walking beside me.

I was slightly taken aback. When was I ever impolite? My whole body tensed in his presence. Just something about this boy made my jaw clench and my stomach churn.

"Is your aim in life to completely p-" I stopped myself because I wasn't sure if piss #ff was a swear word.

"To what? Something related to you?" He suggested with an amused smile.

"I'm not self centered like you," I retorted which caused the side of his lips to curve into a sideways smile.

"I never did tell you my name." He stated as we walked past the crowds of students.

The majority being girls which were giving me stares. Stares I've never endured before. The question through everyone's mind in this hall was "What is the freak doing with him?" and I was asking myself the same question.

"Is that so?" I asked, referring to his original statement about never telling me his name, I was trying to not take interest in all those stares.

"But of course you know my name," he paused, "Right?" he asked with uncertainty, now stopping us right in the middle of the corridor.

I considered the situation, I could play this both ways and only get a good result with one.

"Um sorry, no I didn't quite catch it." I responded to the face looking intensely at me.

"You're joking right?" He asked, re-adjusting the strap on his shoulder.

"I'm really sorry but no I'm not." I replied, feeling bad because I try not to lie often.

He was shocked, as if no one had ever said this to him before and looking straight at him I realised that no one actually had. He was standing right in front of me so I took an opportunity to soak in his features. Muscular arms, effortless hair with the front streak of blue, chocolate brown eyes and a small dot above his nose.

I'm not going to lie to myself, he is taller, dark and sexy but I'd never admit that to him. I could now understand why the girls flock. He has a swooning smile, a masculine voice and the charm in his stance.

"Luke. My name is Luke Brooks," He introduced slightly annoyed, he probably hasn't had to introduce himself in a long time.

"Right well I'll try and remember that." I said and continued to walk on.

He grabbed onto my arm which I shrugged off but still slowed down. I came to realise he was a head taller than me and his plain white untucked school shirt did nothing for him as you could see the outline of his abs. Or maybe the shirt was doing everything for him.

Either way, I decided to stop looking and I focused my attention on what he was actually saying to me. "So what are you learning about in..." his voice trailed off as he racked his brain for a subject.

"Science?" He asked when the light finally clicked.

"Reproduction," I replied and I nearly made my way to my home room class, nearly.

He pulled me to the side and he leaned against the wall.

"I could always teach you." He told me, half of his face actually portrayed that he was serious.

"No thank you Mr. Pervert." I said before walking away go straight into homeroom.

Once again, he grabbed onto my hand, something I was growing tired of. "Mr. Brooks," He corrected me.

"Whoops, sorry I forgot." I teased and continued my journey through my homeroom door.

I could hear the smile in his voice as he called out, "You'll remember it when you're moaning my name of a night!" After I took a step into class, I just waved him off and sat down. 

School was average but I got a taste of how popular people feel. Yet theirs is in a good light, people, actually specifically, girls throughout every year were giving me filthy looks through out the whole day. I was going to say something but the ring leader was Mikaela aka just another one of the Players one night stand.

The last subject for the day was none other than Health Class with Mr. Player himself. I placed my back pack outside the class room like I do each lesson. When I stepped a foot in the class, drops of warm milk were squirted in my face.

"Yuck!" I exclaimed, purging my face of any milk with a bib that was just laying around due to a lazy student.

"Aw Al, I was just checking how wet I could make you," he said, adding a wink.

He took the bib out of my hands and wiped a small bit of milk that was dribbling down the side of my face. Then he pinched my cheek, he was about to say something further but the teacher interrupted, informing us that we needed to take our seats.

"Today's lesson is, learning how to change the diaper. It will take a while as nappies are a bit fidgety but soon you'll become naturals!" Miss announced, clearly in a good mood.

We were all allocated working benches which we would share with our partners, then it got me thinking.

"Someone must have gotten laid last night." Luke said with a big grin, referring to the teachers impeccably good mood.

I ignored him and decided to change the subject because he was immature. "So what exactly were you expecting when you signed up for this class?" I asked him because I was generally interested into knowing to why someone like him would take a class on how to look after a baby.

"I thought they were going to teach us how to have safe, active and healthy sex." He informed me so openly.

I blinked at his response, in all honesty, I think he was serious.

"I'm not cleaning that," he said referring to the baby's mess she made in her nappy.

"That? Really? Is that what you've resorted to calling her?" I asked him.

"Have you come up with a name yet?" He questioned me as he leaned over the bench just to see exactly what I was doing but in all truth I had no idea myself.

"No, any suggestions?" I don't even know why I bothered asking though.

"Actually yes," he surprised me. "How about Annabelle?" He suggested.

I looked back at her and at once I knew, she was Baby Annabelle. Soon enough the teacher came 'round and showed us the whole ropes on the nappy situation. Luke refused to wipe the baby so of course I had to do it. I then sealed the straps on the clean and new nappy and was happy with my work.

Today was our first night taking the baby to our homes so I was a little worried. I still didn't know what temperature the milk should be at, what they eat or how to get them to fall asleep.

"Would you relax please? You have a mother who went through all this for you." Luke reminded me as he noticed me pacing around the bench.

I stopped midway as the light bulb went off. Duh, geez Alex, how could you have been so stupid? I was never more relieved to hear the bell ring for home time. And home was exactly that.

I gathered Annabelle up into a nice, cosy blanket, offered to us by the teachers. I grabbed my school bag and I swung it over my shoulder. In the correct posture I carried Baby Annabelle to the car where I strapped her up in the back seat. I couldn't exactly strap her up because the seat belt had no effect, she continued to slid out of the seat each time.

There was a tap at my window as I frantically looked for the dummy that fell out of Annabelle's mouth. I unlocked the car door as I just assumed it was Tara struggling to get in. Bingo, I found on the seat but it rolled behind the baby and out of my view.

I composed myself in my seat when I realised a figure at my window. He gestured for me to roll down my window which I did involuntarily.

"I thought I told you not to bring your car." He said in a husky voice.

"And who are you to tell me what to do?" I snapped back.

"And I told you that there was no way in hell that I was getting on that bike" I added forcedly.

"Oh is that so?" He responded back, once again resting on the ledge of my window.

"Okay Al, you win. Just follow my bike," he informed me.

He began to walk away but I stopped him, "Oi Brooks!" I called out.

"Yeah?" He said, spinning on his heel. His skin was glistening from the reflection of the sun.

"Don't tell me what to do." I said, as I pulled my sunglasses over my eyes to block out the glare.

"Oh and Al," he said before I winded up my window.

"It's Mr. Brooks to you." He replied with a smug look on his face. He hopped on his bike and waited for the traffic to move so he could get out of the car park.

"Do my eyes deceive me or were you just talking to The Luke Brooks?" Tara gasped as she settled into the front seat.

I was slightly insulted as though I wasn't good enough to talk to him. "Actually Tara, he was talking to me and you need to get a ride with Mikaela because I have an errand to run.

"Great!" Tara said sarcastically. "Just as I got comfortable," she added, clearly annoyed.

"Where are you going?" She asked after I locked the door behind her and rolled down the window.

"Oh to Luke's house," I teased and zoomed off. For the first time in our relationship I had the upper hand because for the first time, I had what Tara wanted.


He didn't zoom off like I had expected, from his own cocky self. He took sharp corners which made me scared for his own life. He lives live on the edge, something that I admired but could never do myself. I followed him into a neighborhood which I'd never dared to go before.

I locked the doors as in my head I referenced all the stories I heard as I passed girls in the corridors. The neighborhood was dangerous, it wasn't safe, it was just the perfect environment for the Bad Boy. And me, the Good Girl, did not fit it.

He turned into a cemented driveway and he parked on the grass. I flicked my indicator on and turned into the same driveway that he drove over. As I parked I looked out the windscreen to see just which house I'd be working in.

It looked nice and cosy from the outside with the garden freshly tended to and the sweet sound to a dog barking from within. It didn't look like this was Luke's home environment at all. It was different to many of the houses on the block, this one actually looked like a home.

I hauled myself out of the car and I carried the baby along with me. I stood beside Luke as he unlocked the garage door. He had organized everything last night, pulling out every last thing baby related. It was as though we had stepped into a baby warehouse. He had everything and everything was still in very good condition.

I settled Annabelle into the high chair and then Luke and I got to work.

"I'll set this up in my room," Luke informed me as he began to carry the very heavy cot by himself.

"But where is she going to sleep in my room? I don't have a cot." I replied which made him stop.

"So?" He drawled as though it were obvious.

"You aren't actually implying that I sleep over? No way! We just have to take shifts." I told him as firmly as I could.

He laughed and just let me tell you, his laugh made me die a little. "You're so different from other girls, normally they wouldn't reject a sleepover with me." He added as he took a few more steps to the stairs.

"A good different?" I asked him as I fiddle around with some woolen blankets.

"Definitely," he replied as he climbed the stairs and he sounded sincere.

He helped me stack the high chair and play cot in the boot of my car. I chose the cutest toys to take with me as Annabelle will be having the first two nights at mine.

"Can I come over and see you?" He asked once everything was sorted.

"See her," I corrected him. "And no, I'll bring her to school tomorrow because there is no one that can look after her for me." I told him.

"My mum can look after her," he offered but I rejected, I couldn't do that to his mum.

"Bye." I said as I reversed out of his driveway.

With one hand in his pocket he waved with the other hand. So let's recap today; the bad boy called me pretty which I ignored, the player offered to have intimate contact with me which I rejected and he grabbed my hand twice.

This would be heaven for a girl like me but Good Girls and Bad Boys do not and should not mix.

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