Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


22. Chapter Twenty Two - I Wear No Pants

Chapter Twenty Three - He Challenges My Morals

It wasn't until now that I realized just how much society has changed and how much I didn't understand it. Studying is what threw me off. Something I've learned to love for several years, something I've grown accustom to and something I've always known. The definition of studying changed dramatically in the multiple years that I wasn't interested in conforming to society.

Kissing. The definition of studying seemed to change to kissing, not that I had a problem with that. I mean, kissing Brooks was like my new hobby and I knew I wasn't going to get sick of it. I'm getting a tad bit ahead of myself so let me explain what exactly is going on. This morning, I woke up much earlier than expected, so wasting no time at all I got ready and drove to school.

Of course, at the time I got to school it was empty, deserted but I didn't mind it at all. First destination on my agenda was the library, my safe haven. Upon arriving, I pulled out my exercise book along with my text book and I began studying to horrors of trigonometry.

"Thought I'd find the nerd here." His husky and completely sexy voice consumed me, causing me to unintentionally blush.

"Really? Nerd? Brooks you could do so much better." I judged with a smirk on my lips.

"Get rid of that smirk Binks." He said, pulling the chair beside me out from under the table and slouching on it.

"Oh and what are you gonna do if I don't? Make me?" I challenged, leaning on my textbook with my elbows.

Amusement filled his eyes and then I averted my gaze to his lips. He was now wearing a smirk but I had to admit, he wore it much better, I wouldn't even be in the running.

"Yes, I would make you." He said, smugly smiling as he leaned back into his chair. Folding his arms across his chest, I mirrored his actions.

"And how exactly would you do that?" I quizzed in a challenging tone. No way on this planet earth was he winning.

"I'd kiss you." He said simply. I take that back, he already won. The blood in my body bubbled to my cheek forming a red tinge on them.

"So kiss me Brooks." I whispered and there was no arguments. Kissing was the only this we ever agreed on.

Brooks took my hand which was flat on the table, lifting it up gently he took me with me into the aisle of fiction novels. Pressing my back against the shelves of the library, Brooks laced his hand in mine. His eyes flicked from my own and then to my lips before he leaned in.

"Take a note out of Hitch, 90/10." Brooks said in a hushed tone so I could only hear. Hitch, a movie starring Will Smith. His predicament is that the boy should lean in ninety percent of the way, following the girl to close the gap, the further ten percent.

I closed my eyes shut and leaned in the rest of the ten percent. At first I just pressed my lips against his, followed by Luke's lips moving so I decided to follow his pace. Enjoying every second on electricity thrill, I almost didn't hear the disgusted squeal of a younger student.

"Get a room jerks." Normally I would be taken aback but I was too busy focused on Brooks' breath mingling with mine as we willed a part. Leaning over me he pulled a novel from off the shelf and held it in front of our faces before connecting our lips.

His warmth radiating hand found my cheek as my arms wrapped around his neck. I couldn't deny how good Brooks was at kissing but I'd never tell him that. His ego didn't need further boosting. My breathing was uneven which was basically expected when in the presence of Brooks. My heart skipped a beat when his forehead rested on my own and he stared down at me with those gorgeous brown eyes of his.

As if on que the bell sounded for homeroom and a smirk formed on Brooks' lips. When his gentle grip on me remained and there was no signs of him budging I sighed. "Brooks, we have to go to health class." I said. Today was our last lesson of health class before the term ended. Baby Annabelle was to be assessed for the first term.

Running a hand through his thick hair, he dropped his head down. "Okay Al, just for you." He smiled, tugging on the sleeve of his shirt I drew him towards the direction of the exit.

"I'm surprised you stepped foot in there to be honest." I told Brooks as we walked to class.

"I have developed this sense where I know where you are and since I wanted to be where you were I had to step through the threshold." Brooks said with a smug smile on his face. I blushed behind my hair but I wasn't daring to tell Brooks that I can feel his presence too.

"Are you worried about the assessing?" Brooks asked me, his eyes firmly glued to my arms which were holding my folder. I knew he wanted to offer to carry them for me but I made him restrain himself with a firm word.

"No, I think we worked well as a team." I admitted, twisting the ends of my fringe around my finger.

Upon arriving, the vivid classroom filled with noisy pupils quieted down when Brooks and I walked in. Me first, due to the fact that Brooks follows the 'Ladies first' policy. I hated the way girls looked at me, with such disgust and jealousy. I hated peoples eyes on me, watching my every move, waiting for me to slip up so they can pounce of Luke.

"Ignore them." Brooks would always say, placing a hand on the small of my back with ulimately relaxed me. It's like he had some sort of spell on me, which I thought was pretty neat. It's really incredible how one person can intact your life (for the better) immensely.

I led him to our bench, trying my best to ignore the the burning glowers I was receiving. I was proud of myself that I didn't back out like I probably would have done two months ago. Just like Winston Churchill said "Keep going" which I'm doing, even though I hate the attention which I'm receiving because I'm apart of Luke's life, I'm not backing down or wussing out.

My eyes were staring at my teacher but my attention was focused on Luke's warm fingers. Like he has done previously, his finger tips made contact with the skin on my hips where he drew stars and strange symbols which I tried to draw in my brain as the teachers words went through one ear and out the other.

You'd think that the heart beating rapidly would stop after the first kiss but in fact it just increases. You'd think that the nerves would vanish once you know each other but in truth you never know everything about a person so no, the nerves do not disappear. And of course, you'd think that the burning tingling and prickling sensation would no longer remain after his touch but in fact it grows stronger. So much that I think I can't breathe when he makes contact with me.

" that's what you will be learning next term, we will start our first lesson today but remember to continue to look after the baby because as you do your study I will be behind the scenes marking and grading you during the final term." The teachers voice boomed, suddenly snapping me back to her lecture.

"What are we learning?" I whispered to Brooks, wanting to be more informed with the new subject we were to be learning today. I really should be listening in class, Brooks' hands can be such a distraction.

Wait that sounded inappropriate when he was doing something so innocent. I should just stop talking.

"Sex Education." I could hear the smile in his voice without having to turn around and seeing the smirk.

Mentally I groaned, I was trying to prepare myself for a whole terms worth of sexual comments and cocky suggestions. I averted my gaze to what the teacher was doing at the front of the class which scored so many students attention. Oh no.

"Take two and pass it along, I advise the boys to take at least five as they tend to be the" My teacher instructed, handing the full woven basket to the first bench.

A chuckle escaped from Luke's lips as he watched Adam Mackain filled his hands with the small square packets. Adam was Bec's partner so she was stifling back a laugh as she watched the class clown -good looking class clown- fill his pockets as if it were chocolate.

"Looks like my previous position has been taken." Brooks announced and the whole classed boomed with laughter. I noticed half the girls were only laughing to grasp Luke's attention. I was nervously fiddling with the hem of my shirt. Was I known as the Player's girlfriend?

The basket slid onto our bench and my stomach flipped as though I were on a dangerous roller coaster. When Brooks picked out three packets I grew nervous. Was these for me? All three for us? Oh no.

"I don't think these will fit, too small." Brooks chuckled, sending a wink in my direction. I gulped audibly, trying my best to hide my nervousness. Each and every pair of eyes were on Brooks as his hand rummaged through the basket.

"Score dude. You got a hot one." A anonymous voice shouted from the back of the classroom but I couldn't depict which horny male peer it came from.

"F#ck you." I groaned at Brooks, hating the fact that he has created a scene.

"All in good time," Brooks smirked, "that's what these are for." His egocentric body screamed as he held the thin packet between his thumb and his indent finger.

Brooks was indirectly suggesting that he was planning to have a physical and innocence-stripping bond with me.

I nervously looked up at Bec who was giving me look, her eyebrows raised so high that they were almost touching her hair line, her eyes widened so wide that her pupils almost covered the whole circumference of her blue pigment. I know what she was thinking, "What the actual hell?" Because the same question was implanted in my brain.

"You know you haven't answered my question." Brooks whispered as he handed Baby Annabelle to my teacher who was going to take her the whole week to analyse each and every plastic baby.

"Which one?" I mumbled, my eyes glaring at my sheet which was a closed passage about sexual transmitted diseases.

"Who's the sexiest guy you know?" He repeated loud enough so I could only hear.

"Brooks, I'm trying to do my work." I muttered, flicking my pen in the webbing on my fingertips.

"So you aren't going to answer?" He inquired, an amused look plastered on his face.

"I don't want to hurt your feelings." I lied. It's not that I wanted to hurt his feelings, what I wanted was to make him think that there was someone sexier than him when in reality no body compares.

"Oh really? Come on Teddy, everybody knows that the good girl falls for the bad boy, the good looking bad boy if I may add." He sent me a charming smile. That was the thing about Brooks, he had this natural charisma that drew people in and those charms were a killer.

"You're right. Those boys in London." I cut off without a need to finish my sentence. I theatrically fanned myself, speaking so highly of those hot bad boys from London.

He scoffed lightly before studying me intently. I told myself not to unveil the truth and keep my poker face as strong as I could manage.

"What are you trying to tell me Al?" Brooks asked, watching my each and every feature. Even the slightest twitch in my eyebrow could ruin everything that I built.

"I've seen better." My voice came out more confident than I expected so I mentally patted myself on the back.

"Is that so?" He asked cocking his head up and raising an eyebrow as he leaned further on this folded forearms.

"Yes." I swallowed, my hovering around the blank space that was room for me to answer the question which was in reference to the closed passage.

"You're always keeping me on my toes, Al." Brooks commented, laughing lightly to himself.

"You aren't safe yet though, Teddy." He said in a hushed tone as he passed me. Scrunching the fresh paper into a ball before tossing it in the green garbage bin.

What was he going to do? Torture me? Possibly tickle me to get the answer he wants to escape from my lips.

Surprisingly when he returned to the bench he didn't say a word. He played with a match what was left over from a previous class and I noticed that on several occasions he would glance up at me just to see if I were still there. I know that he was omitting something, some plan that he was configuring in his master mind.

Over my shoulder I looked to catch Bec's eye but she was too busy focused on what? My eyes traveled down the line of sight which hers were in and she was staring directly at Adam's lips. Wow, make it obvious there Bec. Maybe this would be good for her. Her and Adam, I mean. To be completely honest they suit each other quite well. And it's far better than her ex, Matt in whom she was convinced that she was in love with but she's really not.

His dirty blond hair was trimmed nicely meaning that he was well kept and he was genuinely a nice guy. I knew what I had to do. I was going to strap on my roman sandals, dress in fine white garments and hold an arrow in my hands because I was playing Cupid.

"What do you think of Bec and Adam?" I asked Luke, desperately wanting a second opinion.

"Adam Mackain? He's a top guy, hilarious and a charmer. Reminds me so much of myself." Of course, Brooks being an ego centred person, some how he managed to link any conversation back to himself.

"Do you think that him and Bec would be good together?" I asked, turning my head to the side to see if looking at them on another angle would convince me more.

"You have a crazy look in your eyes. You aren't considering playing match maker are you Teddy?" He knew me so well, so you can only imagine why I didn't need to nod.

"Absolutely not. I don't get guys in with chicks." Brooks shook his head when I told him my plan. I just wanted Brooks to mention Bec a few times to Adam but he was so stubborn.

"Brooks." I complained using my most threatening weapon. The puppy dog eyes.

"Al don't look at me like that." Brooks groaned, avoiding my look. My lip whimpered and I knew that he saw it in his peripheral vision so I knew I had it in the bag.

"Al." He dragged my name and I smiled in satisfaction. "Fine." He muttered and I thanked him.

With satisfaction I looked over at Annabelle who was peacefully laying on a owl woollen blanket at the back of the room. My teacher, leg crossed over knee with an unimpressed look marked a baby who looked like it was run over a truck. It probably did because on the flattened forehead there were tire marks.

Happily, I completed my worksheet just before the bell rang indicating the end of the first period. In a hurried pace my teacher adjusted her sheets and collected all the babies in a plastic tub before rolling it out of the room. "Alexandra, please lock up the room for me." She said just before escaping the room.

It was heart warming that teachers trusted me with the room to lock it for them. Gathering students as though they were a herd of sheep, I pushed them out of the classroom. My Brooks alarm thundered as I felt his presence behind me. His hands began fiddling this trends of my hair before his fingers trailed down my arm which made me shudder.

He held my hand and walked me to the closest black bench, where he -without my permission- placed his hands on my waist and picked me up effortlessly and placing me gently on the bench.

"You really should answer my question Al." He said with a very low and determined voice. ,y lip quivered because his intense concentration made me shake with pleasure.

"N-No." I stuttered but Brooks continued, ignoring my stuttering.

"Teddy, if you don't answer my question I will begin to kiss you starting from your forehead, missing your lips and trailing down as low as it takes until you answer." I licked my lips in anticipation.

Was he serious? There was a class in this room in the next five minutes, if a teacher walks in- I will be late for my next class. Dammit Brooks. Yet, with all my consequences firmly compressed into my mind I never parted my lips and answered his question.

After my prominent silence he began. A chilling shiver travelled down my spine as he planted soft and electrifying kissed on my forehead. Just as he informed, he kissed my temples before trailing down my nose. Gently and as sweetly he kissed my cheek, following down my jaw line.

He then kissed in a teasing manner on the corner of my lips. I knew that I was going to be late for my next class and we could potentially be caught and I had all the control in my hands to make it stop but the tingling got the better of me. So I didn't make him stop.

His answer was on the tip of my tongue. All I had to say was three letters to make this fluster frenzy stopped. My breath hitched when Brooks placed his hand on my chin and began to tell the story of how much he liked me.

"Just say my name and I can make this all stop." I don't want you to.

I couldn't trust my voice now, not after his marked his sign my sweetly kissing and sucking mid way down my neck. My hands wrapped their way around his neck on their own accord, basically encouraging him to continue.

"Brooks, some one could walk in." I moaned as his lips trailed along my collar bone.

"Let them." He said, showing his affection in such a manner that made my heart knot, twist and spin.

"Just moan my name. Scream it. Just say 'Luke Brooks is the sexiest guy I know." He muttered against my skin.

Oh no.

His lips were drawing closer to my chest, my back stiffened. His lips travelled dangerously close to my upper chest. Was this classed as second base if I allowed him to continue? I can't, not on a school desk.

"Brooks." I stammered in a low and deep voice which made a moan of pleasure escape from the back of his throat. I didn't want him to stop. Not an inch of me wanted to make him stop but I knew that I had to.

"You are the sexiest guy I know." A look of disappointment was screened on both of our faces. The moment Brooks helped me off the bench and as I began to readjust my shirt, the new teacher for period two and her class walked in.

"I knew that you thought I was sexy." Brooks said, stuffing his hands deep into his pockets as we walked. My heart was still raising, Brooks wouldn't have stopped if I didn't tell him to. I groaned inwardly at my sensible morals.




"You can't eat that." Brooks said, leaning over the wooden table and snatching the ripe banana out of my hands.

My eyebrows knitted in frustration and Brooks just chuckled. "Al, you can't sit across from me, your eyes directly on mine as you eat a banana. That's just a cruel form of teasing." Immediately I blushed because I knew what he was meaning. How did I find such a dirty minded boy.

"Well what am I supposed to eat?" I asked, throwing my arms up dramatically I'm exasperation.

"Here, you eat my apple and I'll eat your banana." Lilly offered, passing me her green apple and taking my banana from childish Brooks.

"Problem solved." He smiled and stuck my tongue out at him. Either way I was going to win this battle. Gently, I bit into the apple, licking every drop of juice which rolled around the sides. I looked at Brooks who was leaning forward, intensely staring at my lips and the apple.

"If you're done making out with your apple," Bec said, staring at me causing me to blush, "can we please talk about details for formal. Someone asked me." She squealed and I joined in.

"Who?" I repeated several times, now feeling like an owl.

"Adam." She blushed and my eyes darted to Brooks who folded his arms smugly.

'You?' I mouthed to him in silence and he nodded, a genuine smile tugged on the corner of his lips. I returned his smile and mouthed 'Thank you'.

An abrupt buzz came from the pocket of my bag, placing my phone between my thighs so the teachers wouldn't confiscate it, I read my new message.

Brooks - It was easy, he liked her already :)

I was happy that Brooks was genuine about this and he wasn't soaking up all the glory for this. I almost choked on the air I inhaled when I read his second message.

Brooks - Your skin tastes as sweet as that apple ;)

Trust Brooks to make a comment like that. After gulping down water to stop the mild coughing attack that I was experiencing, I found myself immersed in a conversation with the girls about our dresses, make up and transport. I thought that we were slightly unorganized considering that the dance was two days away but hey, at least we weren't one of those girls who has been planning this night since they were in year 7.

"So Lilly," Brooks cooed from beside Bec, "I hear that you are going with my idiot brother." I smiled that Luke spoke with my friends as if he's known them for years. I think slowly, he is breaking down their defensive walls.

"Yeah." She said in a cheerful voice but I know that she was trying not to sound to excited to give away the fact that she was actually really excited, it's a girl thing.

"Let me know if he ruins your night 'cause I'll bash him if he does." She nodded and smiled before returning to our conversation, explaining that her dress was a long red dress. I mentally groaned, something that I had done a lot today. I still had to find a dress.

"Al, let me drive you home this afternoon. I have a surprise for you." Brooks asked and I nodded trying to hide my fear of that motorcycle. Yes, he had it repaired. I offered several times to pay for it but he wasn't having it. He was too stubborn.

"Okay." I said softly, I was hoping that subconsciously I didn't develop a phobia after my near death experience. Maybe I'm exaggerating but I know it wouldn't have ended cleanly if half my body was compressed into the trunk of a tree.

After twenty more minutes of talking finally the bell went because my jaw was starting to hurt. My timetable was scheduled for English so I waited as Brooks packed up his bag before we walked to our class.

"So, I should start my own dating show." He said smugly and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Please, don't trip over your ego." I said as we walked up the stairs to the second level of class rooms.

"It's cute how you're worried about me." He said, brushing my arm slightly.

"I had the biggest morning glory today." I heard a boy boast to his friends as we passed him in the hall way.

I made a fake gagging noise but not close enough so he could hear me and become offended. "Oh the good old morning cramps." Brooks laughed and I rolled my eyes. Boys.

"How do you get rid of them?" I found myself asking. What do I have? Foot in mouth disease.

Brooks chuckled before responding. "I get a magazine out and-" I cut him off by drawling on a long 'Yuck' to block out his next words.

"Or there is one method I use. I close my eyes and think of you. Poof, it's gone." Brooks teased and I sarcastically laughed with him.

"Very funny." I said, sarcasm laced on my words.

"I'm only joking. If anything, you boost it. Especially that night when I was drunk and you slept in the same bed as me without pants on." Brooks chuckled now but before he was going off.

I remember that morning specifically before Luke was ranting that I couldn't just fall asleep in bed with him without pants on when he was drunk. He defined boys clearly for me and what they do when they are drunk. He said I was lucky but he is making sure that he doesn't seek refuge in my room when he is drunk anymore.

We took our seats in class and we analyze the poetry of Shakespeare. "Mr Brooks, do you have your note to attend the screening of Mid Summer Nights Dream at the theatre next Wednesday?" Our English teacher inquired for maybe the third time this week because Brooks is the only one who hasn't brought his note in. Typical.

"Yeah, I got it." He said surprisingly and dug through his pocket to get the note out. When his hand slung out two packages from toady's health class flew out with it. My cheeks burned a fiery red as I saw them laying on the ground.

The class had an uproar of laughter and Brooks joined in with them. Was I the only one who didn't find this funny because it is undoubtedly mortifying.

"Looks like the nerd isn't a virgin. Nice going Luke." A deep voice said to my right but I didn't dare to look bare. Instead I buried my head in the booklet filled with Shakespeare's famous poetry and I drowned in my own embarrassment.




My heart raced in fear. I trailed down the hallways in a slow pace, taking as much time on the ground before I trusted my body on the death contraption. When I eventually made it out of the school building, I stood in the car park and looked around. No bike. Had he stood me up? How was I to get home? I asked Troy to drive Tara home with my car where he could then skateboard home so I officially had no ride.

Thanks Brooks.

"What are you staring at?" His sexy voice always made my heart skip a beat. My head cocked up and followed in the direction of his voice. Brooks was leaning against a black Mazda and I gave him a confused look as I advanced towards him.

I stood back, examining what was laid before my eyes. "I don't bite Al, at least not hard." He smirked, referring to my distance from him.

"Brooks please tell me that you didn't steal this." I begged as he unlocked the new and fresh car. Luke chuckled and opened the door for me to slip in.

"No silly." He said before closing my door and walking around to the drivers side. "I bought it."

"What?" I blurted out.

"I bought a car so you didn't have to take rides on the back of my motorcycle anymore. I got a car so I wouldn't have to feel emasculate when you drove me places especially late night McDonalds runs. I got a car so in two days I can drive you to the dance in a well respected style. Plus, didn't want your pretty dress and hair to get ruined when the wind pinned it as I rode." Brooks spoke and started to drive.

I was impressed with how smoothly it drove along the roads but can we not by pass the fact that he bought a car to suit me.

"Also," He added after allowing me to collect my thoughts, "I didn't exactly want to be making out on the back of a motorcycle, there isn't much room to move if you get what I mean." I understood perfectly well.

"But I still don't have a dress Brooks." I said in an apologetic tone but Brooks just smiled.

He turned the volume up on the radio and Impossible by James Arthur sang sweetly through the speakers. I hummed softly to the tune as a distraction from the worry that began to settle in. I still didn't have a dress and the formal dance was two nights away.

"Are you excited to be named academic dux?" Brooks questioned as he pulled the clutch into second gear.

"I might not even get it Brooks, if you didn't notice they don't hand the award out to those who skip class." I said, poking the blaming finger.

"It's okay Al, you're always a winner in my books." His hand caressed my knee and Brooks smiled over at me. When ever he smiled at me, I could resist the urge to smile back so I decide not to fight it.

"I was hoping that you didn't answer my question." His lips curled when he spoke and I held back my giggle and blush.

"Me neither." I replied absent-mindedly.

"Maybe we can pick up where we left off tomorrow." He suggested as he pulled into my driveway.

"Maybe we could." I said, undoing my seat belt. Just before I opened the passenger door Brooks gripped onto my arm.

"Wait." He asked. With one hand digging around the back seat I patiently waited as he lifted a white box up and over the seat. Placing it on my lap he offered me a smile before nervously speaking. "Open it when you get inside. I hope you aren't too mad at me."

Lines formed on my forehead in confusion, why would I be mad at him and why did he buy me a gift. To say I was eager to open it was an understatement but I remained calm and collected as I kissed his lips softly. I pulled away first because I read that I should keep him wanting more.

Sweetly I waved goodbye before stepping inside my house. From there I ran up my stairs and isolated myself in my bedroom where I opened the big white box. My heart was racing when the lid was securely off but my eyes remained squeezed shut.

Three. Two. One. I opened my eyes and there it was. As perfect as ever. Laying in the box, untouched in its up most beauty. Gently, I picked it up by the straps and held of up, admiring it. It w as the same dress that I so desperately wanted to buy. At that moment I remembered just how expensive it was.

It's folding formed hung before me. The silver jewels stood out from the black darts and pleats. It was soft, on the outside a silk like fabric but on the inside it was slightly firmer with padding in the chest area. How could he buy me this?

At the bottom of the box, laying above all the white tissue paper was a small white card with black penmanship written across it.

This dress defines you. It is both sexy and confident so I believe it is only fair that you own this dress. Plus, it's a major benefit to me because I get to see you wear it all night. - Your Brooks.

I wish that he didn't do all these cute things to make my whole body feel as though I cannot take another breath. He is making me fall for him so effortlessly. I couldn't understand if I was scared of falling for him or scared of getting hurt. All I understood was that I was scared.

I was just about to lean across my bed and collect my phone to call Brooks and thank him for the dress but I think he beat me to it because my phone began to ring. Without looking at the caller ID, I slid my finger across the touch screen to answer.

"Hey." I said in an extremely happy voice.

"Alex." The voice was deep and dark. It wasn't a male but then again the phone call was too short for me to actually pay attention because all I was focused on was his or her words.

"Get ready to experience the most horrible night of your life. Bring tissues to the formal and don't wear a lot of mascara because you are going to end up crying. I told you to stay away but you didn't listen. Now you suffer." They hung up and their words repeated inside my head.

Immediately my mind assumed Mikaela but I can't allow myself to just assume like that. I wasn't frightened, just a little bit worried.

I think I was just threatened.

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