Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


21. Chapter Twenty One - He thows flour at me

Chapter Twenty One - He thows flour at me

My ear is being verbally chewed off at the moment. I'm not really listening to what's going on, I tune in occasionally when I hear his name mentioned, it's become a rather embarrassing habit. Also I've noticed that I've uncovered another sense, it's the Brooks sense.

I can literally feel his presence without seeing that he's there. It's like an alarm sensor goes off and I just know.

"How do you know that he isn't going to leave you like all those other girls?" My mother challenges, referring to Luke as 'he' as though he knows him.

"Because mum, I know him. I trust him." I admitted, so word leaked out to mum as you probably have already figured out but surprisingly this time she is backing down.

She looks physically exhausted, not the bright, happy and chirpy mum I once knew. The bags under her eyes suggest that she's older but I know that she has had sleep deprivation, most commonly caused by stress. I woke up one night, changing Annabelle'a nappy at 2 in the morning is so much fun. Note, that it sarcasm. As I advanced to the bathroom I happened to walk past her bedroom door which had the door open and I peered in.

There sprawled out on the double bed was my mother, just staring at the ceiling. I pitied her and I felt bad for the hard time she has received. Although lately she is acting like the Tara sent from hell, she is still my mother and I owe her anything if at that.

"Look mum," I sighed dramatically. "I really like this boy and it could be great if you can support us please. That's all I'm asking." I paused, allowing my words to consume her before she nodded.

"Okay Alex, I will support you." To say that I was surprised would be an understatement. I jumped off my bed, raced to her and enveloped her in a hug.

"Thank you." I said with complete sincerity.

"It's okay. Just get ready for school and if I see your grades suffering because of this boyfriend, this relationship will be no more." My mother warned and I held back a chuckle.

"Yes mum." I squeezed her slightly before releasing her.

With a simple nod she left my room, too much confrontation before 8am. Slinging my bag over my shoulder I glared at my own reflection in the mirror. I had to thank my mother for her natural olive skin which was passed down to me. My hair sported a simple wavy look, no hair elastic included because I know how Luke likes it. It's so weird though, dressing up to look your best for someone, I actually have someone.

Shaking my head at my internal nonsense thoughts, I left my room and descended the stairs.

"Wow Alex." An exclamation said from behind me.

Spinning on my heel I glanced at Tara who was smiling. "What? Is my skirt slipping?" I questioned, frantically trying to pull it down.

"No." She smiled genuinely, I smile I rarely saw. "It's just, you're glowing." She stated and I couldn't help the smile curling on my lips.

"Thanks." I replied, accepting her compliment. She walked down the stairs effortlessly before coming from behind me.

"Your tattoos cute, what does mum think?" She teased, whispering in my ear. 

She walked past me with a cheeky smile on her face, her eyes never leaving mine. I scowled at her shaking my head and she chuckled, I knew that she wasn't going to say anything but she still had dominance over me.

I walked to the kitchen in a hurried pace so I could keep an eye on Tara. Opening the drawer, I grabbed a bowl and a spoon. Retrieving the coco pops, I served myself before drowning it in milk. I advanced to the dining table where I sat down and munched on my breakfast, my eyes never leaving Tara's back. Successfully, I finished my breakfast without Tara saying anything. 

I rinsed out my bowl in the sink before leaving Tara and her cheeky ways, to brush my teeth. Then the question dawned on me, will I be expected to kiss Brooks at school? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy kissing Brooks, probably more than I enjoy reading but to me, I believe that a kiss is a special secret, shared between two people so the fact of swapping saliva so everyone can see is not really a secret.

Rubbing my temples is a method I use when a question gets me worried, so naturally I did so. "Tara, get to the car." I called out harshly as I walked towards the front door.

"What's up with you, lover boy dump you already?" She cooed, overtaking me and exiting the house.

"No," I growled, "And thanks for telling mum." I said bitterly, sarcasm seeping through my words.

"It's okay, Colton already did the dirty work, this was just icing on the cake." She added, hopping into the car once I unlocked it.

"What's his problem anyway?" I inquired, the single most important question left my lips.

"I don't know, all I know if that he hates Luke and he doesn't talk about it." She said uselessly.

My fingers flexed on the steering wheel as I reversed out of my driveway and endured the long time to school where Tara asked me millions of questions about my relationship. Answering them as best I could, I turned into the school car park and sighed a sigh of relief.

Surveying the perimeter the Brooks alarm system went off.

"Good morning." His husky voice greeted me, placing a small kiss onto my cheek.

You'd think by now that the burning sensation would go away but it really doesn't. "Morning." I said, pulling the hair out from behind my ear to hide my fluster.

"Al are you already blushing? I said two words to you." He said, causing me to blush further.

"Then don't say things that make me blush." I shot back, clutching my folder to my chest.

"No, I don't think I will. You're cute when you blush." He complemented, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

"I want to kiss you." He whispered in my ear, he really likes making me blush.

"You'll have to wait." I teased, skipping ahead.

"Hey Al." I heard him call out from behind me, I could feel his lingering stare burn my back.

"Hm?" I replied when he was right beside me, his shoulder occasionally brushing mine as we walked.

"If a quiz is quizzical then what is a test?" He questioned in a superior tone.

"Testical." I said absent-mindedly. When I repeated my words in my head, I realized what I had said. Slapping my hand to my mouth, I looked at the signature smirk forming on Brooks' lips. I could take the upper hand if I formulate this sentence correctly.

"If you would call that," My gaze averting to his crotch to make my point, "a testicle then it would work but it's a bit small..." I said trialing off.

Rule one, Never insult a guy's private in front of his face, especially if he is your boyfriend.

He looked at me a bit taken aback, his eyes wide open as he studied me. Don't crack a smile, I told myself.

"I'll have you know Al, that these," He said, holding his genitals and shaking them slightly, "are the biggest in town, ask any girl." He challenged so I happily turned around and raked my eyes over the corridor.

"Carol." I called out to the young year 7 student that I tutored last term. Her light blonde hair whipped as she turned to face me. When her eyes landed on Luke she blushed and I wanted to vomit. That used to be you Alex.

"Do you think Luke's you-know-what is the biggest in the town?" I asked, emphasizing the words 'biggest' and 'town' to prove a point.

She blushed again but them analyzed my question. "Well, not the biggest," She said softly, not meaning to insult, "it only looks big now because he has a boner."

I almost scoffed on her words in disbelief. Had she really just said that? I turned to Brooks and the answer to my question was revealed because Brooks was blushing. I couldn't possibly- no that's preposterous-  he wouldn't-.

"I win." I stuttered after the pregnant pause where Brooks looked back at each other incredulously.

"Yeah, you do." Carol added sweetly before shuffling off. I happen to believe that her words have a double meaning.

"Okay, bye Brooks." I said quickly, slightly waving my hand and walking away. That conversation was going to get awkward and fast so it is best to avoid. He just stood there, hands stashed away in pockets and I could almost hear his heart beat increasing upon Carol's words.

"Hey Ally, wait up." His taunting voice called from behind me. Although we were 'friends' now, his voice would still scare the living beJesus out of me.

"What Colt." I said swiftly, quickly spinning around to greet him.

"Remember how on the weekend when I was over," He began, smiling as if something were to go horribly wrong yet insanely right for him, "and you said that you would chill with us because Luke bailed on you?" He inquired and I nodded, remembering what he was talking about.

I'll quickly fill you in, Brooks texted me saying that he would come over and collect Annabelle so I waited an hour in my room holding my phone, feeling like a untrusting girlfriend. Anyway, after the hour had passed Brooks finally texting me, apologizing that he could no longer make it over. It struck me as odd and he didn't elaborate so I left it and joined Tara and Colton who were in the kitchen making pizza.

"Well, Luke was out somewhere and he didn't tell you because he was cheating on you, getting laid." So Colt stops me on my journey to home room, informing me that my boyfriend cheated on me -one in which he doesn't talk to- and he expects me to believe him. Logic?

"Thanks Colt but you should really leave me and my boyfriend alone." I told him, not able to get my words out quick enough.

His jaw dropped and his eyes widened. "Boyfriend?" He repeated and I nodded slowly.

"Ally you can't trust him, he is a worthless, no good-" I cut him off from his horrible speech but placing a hand in front of his lips.

"I think I'm big enough to decide who to trust and who not to trust." I said with a slight indication in my voice that I did not trust him

As I walked off I knew that I could not exactly not trust Colt, I mean out of no where he wouldn't go to the effort to just bluntly bear false witness against Brooks. I attended homeroom, answering "Present." When my name was called and I patiently waited for the bell to ring. As expected my pants dropping (A new expression I am trying which means extremely good looking) boyfriend awaited me to embrace him, which I didn't.

He pouted when I left him hanging so it was my que to begin."Define lying." I said to him as we walked together to English.

"What?" He asked in utter confusion.

"Define lying." I repeated, holding my folder firmly to my chest. I decided to elbaroate when the plain confused faced stared back at me.

"When someone is not telling the truth. That is my definition of lying, how about you?" I asked, hinting something in my words.

"When your body reclines into a position, sort of like planking but on your back." He answered me smugly and I shot him a disappointed look.

Running his fingers through his hair made me almost die trying to consume his perfection. He scratched the back of his neck and looked down on me. "Did I do something?" He questioned as my eyes bored into his.

"Well at one stage did you ever lie to me?" I inquired, raising my eye brows.

He shook his head and his eyes stared with honesty. "I'm sorry." He said and my heart almost broke thinking that he admitted to lying.

"For lying or because you got caught?" I spat back at him, trying my best to push away the tears that were threatening to come out.

"No Al, I didn't know what to say so I apologized. I never lied to you and I would never." He said, clutching my body to his own. I hated the fact that he was either telling the truth or he was a really good liar. And I also hated that I believed him.

"Did some one say anything?" His voice rang accusingly as if he already knew the answer.

"Colton that son a-" He mumbled before searching in my eyes.

"He said you cheated on me but I didn't believe him, I was just checking." I blurted to Brooks and he nodded understandingly. I expected that he was going to yell at me, calling me a bitch and then breaking up with me but no, with the Bad Boy you always have to expect the unexpected.

He rubbed my arm soothingly before kissing my forehead.

"Thank you." I muttered into his chest as he hugged me, my whole body curling into his form.

"How about I come over and we can make cupcakes?" He suggested and my head shook up and down in a vigorous motion.

"Good." He smiled, offering his hand in mine when I finally detached myself from him. The question remained in my head as to why Colton tried to sabotage us and why did he look so hurt when I said that Brooks was my boyfriend (It still sounds weird).

Also, the questioned puzzled me as to how Brooks could smell so good. I mean you have those guys who wear cologne and they smell great but Brooks with cologne, with his natural scent is knee buckling.

It may sound childish and cliche but we walked hand in hand to class. Brooks even offered to carry my folder for me, after I gave him a no he sent me the puppy dog eyes which made me melt inside, clearly he won.

As English dragged on I could help but feel excited for when the bell rang, informing us that it was time to go home -Mind you, that's another 5 hours away- where I will race home to meet him there and we can make cupcakes and maybe, just maybe I can have my fourth kiss.




"Just whisk the egg Brooks." I repeated, wiping the remainder of flour from my forehead. Why is there flour on my forehead? You may ask. Well when you have an immature boyfriend who suggests to 'make cupcakes' you end up getting most of the ingredients thrown at you.

"You're doing it too hard, start slower." I told Brooks, instructing him on how to whisk correctly.

A wide smirk appeared on his lips. "That's what she said." He added cheekily and I felt myself blushing but I tried to hide it by rolling my eyes.

I turned around and continued what I was doing. Originally, I gave the job of sifting the flour to Brooks but by the mess on my face you can guess how it turned out. My Brooks sensor went off but I subsided my thoughts until I felt his chest breathing on my back.

"Don't turn around Al." His voice was soft yet it was similar to taunting.

Just as I was about spin around, I heard a faint cracking followed by the feeling of goo dribbling down the side of my hair. Raising my fingers to my cranium I felt the yolk of an egg, in my hair. Normally I would scream, yelp of disgust but I didn't. I needed to win this battle.

So I poured the remaining contents of the flour onto Brooks' head. He smirked, ruffling his hair causing a cloud of flour to linger in the atmosphere.

"Brooks." I groaned, trying not to cough or sneeze, which ever body function threatened to occur.

"That's the name they scream." He said smugly, sending a wink in my direction.

"Can we please continue with the mixture and actually make the batter." I said in an irritated tone when actually, this was only the beginning.

Combining the ingredients, I toyed with Brooks. "Stick your fingers in," I said, discarding the wooden spoon. I just wanted him to get his fingers sticky from the batter. Although my attempt of revenge was childish I was still in the game, "and move in a circular motion." I instructed and a smirk etched across his face.

"That," He said, emphasizing each word, "I'm good at." He smirked and I was quick to realize what he was talking about. He was talking about activity in the bedroom. I found myself blushing so I moved away and hid my red face from his view.

Advancing to the kitchen, I pulled out the carton of milk, needed in the recipe but I also got out the whipped cream, just as I was about to sneak behind Brooks and squeeze out the contents of the can, he spun around and captured my hip.

"I have a fast reaction." He stated, the side of his lip tugging to form into a smile.

"No wonder." I said, trying to ignore the burning sensation consuming my hip and burning the inside of my stomach.

"Maybe you two would like to continue this in her bedroom." Tara's voice rang through our ears caused me to notice the abrupt proximity between Brooks and I, my hip pushed up against his hand caused my body to shuffle closer to his.

"Maybe we should." He whispered so only I could hear and my blush could not be tamed.

"Maybe we should." I repeated in the same, low, seductive, hushed tone that Brooks used. I squeezed my eyes shut in hope that it didn't end up sounding like a dying whale but when I opened them and looked into Luke's I knew that I did well. The look in Brooks' eyes was one I never expected to ever show up. It was one of lust.

"Then what are we still doing here?" He whispered with a smirk. Averting my gaze to where I previously saw Tara standing, she was no longer there. An evil feeling consumed me because in a matter of minutes I was going to take advantage of my boyfriend's out of this world kissing skills and toned upper body.

As quiet as mice, we snuck out of the kitchen and crawled up the stairs which led -after a few steps- to my bedroom. Immediately, the moment I closed the door his lips found my own and I almost forgot the perfect feeling I was experiencing. Having my back firmly placed on the mattress for support, I pressed my body up against Brooks as he kissed me. Opening my mouth to finally taste him once again, I savoured the tingling sensation in my lips.

The moment my hands found his hair, jolts of electricity shot through me and I shuddered causing Brooks to laugh in the kiss. My lungs, screaming for oxygen made me hate the fact that we need to breathe. In time, both Brooks and I exhaled, panting and smiling at each other. I couldn't fathom how someone as sexy as Brooks, was here now, enjoying my kisses.

Brooks cupped my cheek, his thumb rotating in a circular motion as his eyes zeored in on my lips. I couldn't bare the proximity any longer so I arched my back and pushed my lips onto his. Moving at the pace he was setting, I moved my hands from his hair to the hemmed edge of his shirt. I found myself trying to lift it up just so my hands could explore him and finally run along the edges of his abs.

A small moan croaked out of the back of Brooks' throat and a jolt of pleasure soared through me. It was then that I knew he was feeling the spark too. Finally, my fingers made contact with his skin. He shuddered as my hands roamed along the edges of his muscles, admiring each and every one of them. Deepening the kiss in roam two, when my back arched Luke's arm snaked beheath it so now his arm was supporting my body.

But all good things do come to an end. There was a precise three knocks on my door. We flew a part, muttering swear words under our breath. I compose myself in a sprawled position on my bed, grasping my phone as if to pretend that I had been scrolling through it all along and not in an intense make out session with Brooks who adjusted his shirt and positioned himself on my desk chair.

"Come in." I said, recognizing my dad's knock which he hadn't used for a long time.

"Hey sweetie." He said surprisingly, catching me by surprised.

Slightly panting still, it's not a fast process in recovering for an intense make out session quite like the one I just experienced. "Hi." I breathed out and my dad nodded in Brooks' direction, acknowledging his presence.

"Your mother has left for a bit, she will be back, maybe sometime in the near future but she's just having a break." My father blurted and I nodded. Tara explained that this would happened and although I wasn't comfortable with it I still understood.

Times have been tough with my parents but I think that this will be the start of my dad trying. "I know that I haven't been the best dad for these past two years, I've detached and it hasn't been fair on anyone especially my marriage so I'm apologizing and I'm going to try to do better." My mum was stubborn so I know that she is the one who jumped to conclusions in leaving. I don't blame her, I mean who would stick around for a husband whose grunt is an acknowledgement or participation.

"I forgive you dad." I said, offering him a smile. I knew he wasn't ready to hug me yet so he patted my knee and left.

"Are you okay?" Brooks immediately asked, returning to my side.

"Yeah." I said, trying to wrap my head that my mum actually left without saying goodbye. She just left. I wanted to curse at her but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

"I'm sorry." Brooks said, lacing our hands together and kissing the back of my palm.

"I just hope it works out." I admitted and he assured me it would and even though I said it in my head, when he said it out loud made me more convinced that it will turn out just fine.

I didn't want to sound clingy or overly attached but the words slipped out of my mouth the moment they popped into my mind.

"You won't leave too, will you Brooks?" I wanted to face palm, he would probably get out of the relationship now before its too late. To my surprise, he squeezed me closer. Placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

"I don't think I'll ever be able to bring myself to leave you Teddy." He admitted in the most sincere and promising voice I have ever heard. I wondered how he did it. How he always knew the right thing to say to make my heart melt and to make me fall just that little bit more.

We stayed in silence for the next few minutes, just holding each other and living up the time we had left together because I one point, even as much as I wanted him to stay, Brooks had to go home, taking Annabelle with him. I kissed him solemnly as I walked him out which he immediately responded to. I knew that I was going to get carried away, wanting to drag him back to my bedroom so I pulled out and hugged his waist.

"I'm not going anywhere Al." He whispered knowing that I was squeezing him close to me because the fear of letting him go sunk in that maybe I won't get him back.

Nodding my head I pulled away and looked into his eyes. A scary and alarming feeling consumed me. Waving goodbye, I rushed quickly inside, closing the door behind me trying to push away those feelings. I can't be feeling- no it's too early. Shaking my head was a method I used to whip away the over powering thoughts.

I slummed up the stairs and returned to my room. Strangely the scent of Brooks remained and I almost drooled over how good it smelt. When I glanced back at my phone I realized that it was glowing.

Brooks - You know that Colton likes you right?

Me - What? Shut up Brooks, you're delusional. Focus on the road.

Brooks - I pulled over. But are you seriously that oblivious? I guess you are because you couldn't tell when I liked you...

Me - I am not oblivious! I just am new to all this.

Brooks -  I know and it's cute.

I found myself blushing, even over text messages he still gets me.

Brooks - Just be careful that he doesn't try anything on you.

That's the exact thing that I was going to warn Luke about Colton because when we stopped talking there was a crazy look in his eye, one for revenge.

Me - I'm not scared of him.

Brooks - Yeah but I don't want him trying anything on my girl.

My heart literally fluttered upon reading his message.

Me -  And you should know that I'm not going anywhere.

Brooks - That's my girl (:

It was then that I actually processed Brooks' words. Colt liked me? That was ridiculous, he tormented me all my childhood. In his eyes I'm just chubby Ally.

Me - How do you know he likes me?

Brooks - Al, don't be so oblivious, by the way he looks at you. It's the way I look at you.

What is this was everyone seems to be talking about? First Tara and now Brooks?

Me -  Well I can assure you that he doesn't like me.

Brooks - Yeah okay, what ever you say Teddy.

At least, I don't think he doesn't.


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