Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


24. Chapter Twenty Four - We're as Cliche as Twilight

Chapter Twenty Four - We're as Cliche as Twilight

"Thank you Sir, I won't let you down." I thanked, nodding my head towards the ink printed sheet that I held in my hands which was my extra credit.

"I know you won't Alexandra. I'm just glad to see that you didn't make a habit of those detentions." My English teachers half smile made me want to roll my eyes but I restrained the urge.

"Yeah," I sighed. "Thanks again." I muttered turning on my heel and walking towards the classroom door.

The sound of my leather and soled heel chattered against the boards of the corridor. My breath hitched in my throat when I felt his presence so I immediately stopped and soon enough his extremely fit body collided with the back of mine.

"I quite like this position." He muttered when his body was quite close to mine before he pulled away and composed himself.

"Hey Brooks." I said in a cheerful mood, crushing the side of my extra credit paper in my hand as it made a fist.

"Al." He breathed, pure affection humming from the way his said my name.

"I never made the grand gesture." He announced when I was now facing him. It was period three and Luke's shabby uniform left a lot to be desired for edict. Below his eyes a purple shading which I assumed to be from the act of deprivation from sleep. Maybe something was on his mind.

"What grand gesture?" I asked, trying to think of all the things that could possibly be worrying him. Maybe his exams or maybe his dog is sick thats worrying him?

"To ask you to formal. Every one, including us just assumed we were going together because you're my girlfriend." It was never getting old. Each time he called me his girlfriend he said it with such care as though it were delicate.

"So here I am, making the grand gesture." I looked at him puzzled for a moment before a crowd of people surrounded us and music started to play as everyone began to dance in the rehearsed movements.

I stood in awe, watching the flash mob from around me. I lost Brooks in the crowd but it didn't matter because he did this all for me. Someone pulled me into dance but I politely shrugged them off.

"You said you-" It's not that his words were cut off, just with all the loud music his words were drowned out by the chorus of an unfamiliar yet extremely dance worthy song.

"What?" I called out as I pushed through the swarms of people. I knew Brooks had sources so it wouldnt have been a big issue get this set up but I had to admit, I feel in love with the whole idea.

"You said that you wanted your life to be like a movie so here I am to make the whole day cheesy for you." He smirked as he repeated his words.

His warm fingers laced with mine and my heart leapt. Thumping away, I tried to hear Brooks as he descended onto one knee.

"What are you doing?" I hissed, taking note of all the people were staring yet continued to dance.

"Shut up, you are ruining my moment." He joked before composing himself.

"Will you, Al Binks, allow me, Luke Brooks to have the honour of taking you to formal?" He requested politely and articulately, wearing his best smile.

"Yes you baboon." I said using laughing as a defense force for crying. No boy has ever gone to such a length to even remember my name let alone ask me to formal.

When I was fourteen I wouldn't have imagined having a date to formal. Never in my wildest dreams. Let alone having the date with Brooks, the most gorgeous guy ever. With his chiseled abs and perfectly structured jaw line, it was apparent that I would be swooning at any moment tonight.

"Alright, you all can go." Brooks laughed, waving his hand in dismissal to all those involved with the flash mob.

Brooks leaned closer to me and I felt the exhale from his nose on my exposed skin. Moving myself closer to him, I saw a flash of red glossy paper in his hands. He lowered them and soon his hand found the pocket to my skirt.

"What are you doing?" I asked when my zipper was being drawn down.

"This," He said flashing the pile of twenty dollar notes in my face before slipping them in my pocket, "is for the formal."

I knew that Brooks earned his money from YouTube but he earned that and I didn't want him having to pay for some stupid dance. Plus he payed for my dress so it was only fair that I payed. I'm not saying that I'm loaded but I didn't have to earn my own money so that's why I declined his offer.

"No Brooks, it's my treat." I told him firmly, handing him the stack of cash back.

"Are you trying to take my role of being a guy?" He inquired but I just nodded.

"Fine, since you're so stubborn, but on our second date I'm the one who is taking control of everything and you have to follow everything I do." He said in a deadly and forceful tone.

"That sounds scary." I admitted as I blinked at the boy leaning closer to me, with hands firmly on my hips.

"Only if you are used to the one being in control." He said in a hushed tone. He winked before placing a kiss on my cheek.

"See you soon Teddy." His vice wasn't a taunt that I initially thought, it was simply a tease.




"Would you be careful?" He exclaimed for the third time.

"I am being careful." I mumbled from under his skin.

"Watch where you put your hands and how much pressure you are putting." He warned as though he were choking from under the pressure.

"Well you should be the one doing this." I muttered, allowing a blow to escape my lips, therefore pushing my hair out of my face.

"Why?" He questioned, placing his hands on my hips.

"Because you are the guy." I stated, matter-o-factly.

"And just because I'm a guy I'm supposed to know how to put these on?" He asked, scrunching his nose.

"Duh. Anyway, shouldn't you have experience with this?" I asked him, moving my hands to fix what the imbecile could not.

"I prefer to not wear them, they're so uncomfortable." He told me and I nodded, they didn't look that uncomfortable.

"Good excuse." I lied, it really wasn't a good excuse at all.

When I finished I pulled back to see if I did it right but of course, I didn't. Give me a break, this was my first time.

"Why is it leaning to the left?" I sighed, turning my head to an angle so it would look straight.

"It's your fault." He said, quickly shifting the blame.

I groaned in frustration and began working on it again. It was do hard to get the right parts in the right places. My head was throbbing with all the pressures that tonight would bring.

"I'm sorry Al, its not your fault. I can't believe I stuffed it up tonight. I wanted this to be special for us." He said, scratching the back of his neck.

"You didn't stuff it up. I'm sorry I can't get this bow tie right." I sighed before moving my fingers along the material.

"Almost there." I exhaled as my fingers were squeezed up against the strong material. They were turning purple from loss of circulation. I took note that if anyone were to listen to what we were saying and not actually seeing what we were doing, they would have an obscure image.

And just then, upon releasing my fingers, I signed looking at my master piece. I actually did it. I actually tied my first bow tie.

I was going to compliment Brooks, telling him how cute he was in saying that he wanted tonight to be perfect. Little did he know that tonight was one not to be forgotten because something was going down. I just didn't know what.

You are probably screaming at me saying that I should have told Luke about the threat. Don't shout at me, I've been trying, I really have. But every time I go to bring it up, he just kisses me or compliments me. It's hard to get important things across when your boyfriend is infatuated with the idea of kissing.

"Listen Brooks-" I began as always but of course Brooks cupped my cheek and pulled me into a kiss. Our noses brushed but I pulled out and he groaned.

"Fine, just say it." He said, slouching in his stance.

"What?" I asked him. My eyebrows knitted in confusion, did he already know?

"You've been trying to tell me for the pass two days. I get it, you hate the dress." I could tell he was beating himself up over nothing but I still couldn't stop the gasp from escaping my lips.

"Brooks, would I be wearing the dress tonight if I hated it?" I asked him logically, placing a hand on his arm.

"You are trying to make me feel better." He said, branching off on a long limp.

"Would you like me to show you just how much I like the dress Brooks?" I questioned with a smirk on my face.

"Yes." He said replicating my smirk.

So with my hand firmly placed on his chest I moved closer to him. My hot breath hitting his skin and I just saw him shudder and a sudden chill ran through me.

The moment his lips pressed mine I felt scared because I felt something that was different. The filling of longing filled my pelvis and I knew that at any moment soon I needed to pull away.

Luckily Brooks did, he smirked at me as his hand maneuvered up an down my back. "Be honest, do you like the dress?" He asked, his voice only a silent whisper.

"Brooks, I love the dress. Thank you." I admitted and inhaled his sweet toxin. Why can't I ever get used to this feeling? The feeling where my hands literally feel like they have just touched a voltage box or the feeling that I've just been struck by lightning and all the electricity runs through my veins.

"I think you owe me Miss Binks." He said, tucking my curled and silky hair behind my ear.

"How do you want me to repay you?" I asked with a sudden boost of confidence.

"I can think of one way." He smirked and I swallowed. I understood what he was indirectly suggesting and the butterflies warned from within me.

"Not yet Bad Boy." I gulped weakly, not even taking note of my choice of words.

"At least I got a yet." He smirked in a joking manner and his words dead panned.

I shook my head at Brooks before composing myself and moving off to my full length mirror. Flattening my dress slightly, I tilted my head to get a better perspective.

"You look beautiful Alex, you really do." That was the first time Brooks called me Alex so I knew that he was being dead serious. His arms wrapped around my waist as he was now hugging me from behind.

His warmth instantly comforted me so I let out the breath that I honestly hadn't realized I was holding. I averted my gaze to my alarm clock and I mentally noted that it was time to go. I have Brooks a sideways smile before I dragged him out of my room and out my house.

He held the door open for me as I walked out. A hot breeze surrounded me which was comfortable, as I approached his slick black car. As a gentleman, he leaned over me and opened the door to his car.

His neck in my face was a big temptation but I restrained the urge. A big waft of his new cologne consumed my nasal passages and once again, I resisted the urge to pull him closer so I could smell him some more. That may be strange to explain, if the task was ever put to hand.

"Al, you aren't sniffing me are you?" He questioned me with a scrunched face.

A blush change the pigment colour of my cheeks as I was quite embarrassed that he had caught me.

"I- Ugh." I stammered which resulted in Brooks laughing at me.

"It's okay because you're cute." He said as if I were a plastic doll, he then pinched my cheek before closing the door behind me once I sat down.

Brooks had the playlist that he made for us on while we were driving so that was a reassurance that tonight will turn out as expected which is well. I could tell that we were both nervous, this was the first place that we were being announced together as a couple.

Sure people knew at school but this was like our opening together. Upon arriving, Brooks gave me the look that I commonly receive which is the dont-open-your-door look. I sat in the comfort of his seats and patiently waited for him to round the car and open the door for me.

"Thanks." I said in a chirpy tone before grabbing his hand and lacing it with mine as we advanced to the entrance.

"You ready?" He asked me just before we entered the main big looming door.

I would have typically corrected him, saying 'Are you ready?' so his sentence would be grammatically correct but I decided against it and plainly answer his question.

"Yes." I swallowed unconvincingly but Brooks just send me a reassuring smile, followed by a slight squeeze to the hand before he continued to walk through.

Literally, as if in a scene out of a movie the big bright stage lights were on us. I have expected Mikaela and her clan to bitterly quote 'A Cinderella Story' and say, "Love the dress, hate her", but Mikaela was no where to be seen which gave me an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Let's get some drinks." Brooks suggested and began directing me towards the refreshments table.

With the provided ladle, he began to pour the red cordial liquid into the polystyrene cup which he held in his hand. Repeating the same process, he poured a second cup before turning to me and handing me a cup.

I offered him a smile which was returned with a smirk as I began to drink. The moment the cool liquid touched my tongue, my whole throat felt as though it were as dry as the Sahara Desert, to say the least, the drink was beneficial.

Upon disposing of the cups, Luke pulled me onto the dance floor as Party Rock Anthem played. The DJ which was supplied looked extremely edgy, he had a blue mow hawk and everything. I was surprised that he wasn't busting out the tunes from Bring me the horizon.

"Dance with me you Muppet." Brooks chuckled as he move my hands in a rhythm similar to his.

To be quite frank, I had no experience in dancing. I was worried that if I were to move my body it would look as though I were running like Phoebe from Friends. Slowly I trusted Luke and myself so I swayed my hips to the beat and soon enough, I was actually doing it.

I hadn't noticed until the had split us up but as I was merely distracted in not knowing how to dance, I didn't notice Mikaela and her minions drifting towards us. So now, I was dancing by myself in a crowd of people and Luke was pressed up against five barbies.

I almost missed it but I saw Mikaela's evil smirk as she looked at the pathetic me.

Mikaela: 1, Good Girl: 0

Luckily Brooks is always a hero and he pushed out of that crowd until he met with me again. He sent me an apologetic smile which I dismissed. It wasn't his fault. This war was between me and queen bitch.

Maybe my life was more of a movie than I actually intended. Rivalry between the Barbie and the nerd over the hot boy, I hadnt realised how cliche my life was until now.

I was just waiting for the song to change into a slow one so I could finally be closer to Brooks, plus, I'd just like to see Mikaela's destroyed face when a pair of arms are wrapped around Luke's neck which aren't hers. As if the heavens had heard my prayers, the delivered and a slow song was playing.

Immediately I recognized the first chords which belonged to the song 'Together with the sundown', it was an acoustic version which was purely innocence and completely perfect in each and every way possible.

My arms snaked across Brooks' shoulders until they met each other behind the back of his neck. Luke held me close, with his hands on my waist. My head pressed against his chest as we swayed to the familiar tune and I didn't think this perfect moment could ever be ruined.

I acknowledged the fact of how naive and how terribly wrong I could have been. The presence, even being in the same room as Mikaela literally screams trouble so when I heard the song cutting out and her voice ringing from the microphone, I knew nothing good come out of this.

"As you all may be aware, we are not living in America," This blond doing anything to convince us that her hair colour does not mean she is dumb. "Well we have managed to convince Mr. Glass to allow us to choose a deserving King and Queen."

Gasps surrounded me and I scrunched my face. This whole concept was just a popularity contest and if she didn't notice, there wasn't a need to have a king or queen.

"The nominees for King are..." Colton was up there too, I noticed. Oh no, the pair teaming up could not be any good. Maybe the threat wasn't meant to be taken lightly.

"Adam MacKain, Callum Reid and Luke Brooks." He said Brooks' name sourly but the whole crowd cheered. Brooks rolled his eyes, obviously noting how stupid this whole thing was. I mean we are in Australia for a reason!

"And," Her voice all too chirpy, "the nominees for the Queen is Tara Binks, Hanna Chambers and Alexandra Binks." I was on a roll in clapping for Tara but my jaw dropped and my body stiffened upon hearing my name.

This cannot be good.

"The King for 2013 is Luke Brooks." Colt said with little enthusiasm, in fact it was bluntly boredom. Brooks licked his lips an winked at me before he pushed through the crowd and took his place on the stage.

Nothing was placed on his head just yet.

"And the winner of Queen for 2013 is Alexandra Binks." Yes, I am well aware that my name was called but no, I shook my head as evil was looming.

Cheers and cooes filled the room, people pushed me in every direction until my feet met the first steps to the stage. Brooks smiled warmly at me but little did he know that trouble was brewing.

Without a need to lift my dress I ascended the stairs. On the last step Brooks offered his hand which I obviously took. One my feet were securely grounded Brooks enveloped me into the most meaningful hug. Although this whole situation was stupid, he was proud of me. I stared down at my peers who were all staring up at the stage with puzzled faces now.

I watched as Colt smirked and moved to a table which I presumed held the stupid crowns. It was odd when he returned to Brooks' side with a pointy cardboard hat. Was that a sad excuse for a crown or what? Then I felt something circular being gently placed on my head. When Mikaela moved away with an evil smirk I knew that she had done something but I hadn't quite caught on yet.

Suddenly an uproar of laughter, barked throughout the hall. Students laughed pointing up at us and I did my best to continue smiling but I obviously did not get the memo. I turned to Brooks with a puzzled expression on my face, one that he returned. Then in unison, we both looked up at each others heads and the truth had been uncovered.

Written on the top of Brooks pointy hat had the word 'Dunce' laminated in big letters. I didn't want to think what was written on my tiara. Brooks walked over to me, his whole body steaming with anger. He aggressively ripped the crown off my head and snapped the plastic in half before dropping it to the ground. Without a need to have to bend down I saw that on both pieces of the now broken tiara, letters were written. For me, it spelled out 'Ugly'.

"On behalf of the whole student body, I'd like to present a home wrecker. Some guy who thinks his top but in reality he is nothing. He is a failure, a dud and he is not worthy of love. His own father left him because he realized how pathetic his son was. Luke Brooks is a disgusting c-" I mentally beeped out the array of colourful language that left Colt's lips.

How could some human beings be so cruel? I looked over at Brooks who was flaring his nostrils and I was the only one to notice but he was on the verge of crying. It was hard to see Brooks in this state, he has been nothing but strong around me and Colt's vulgar words were deteriorating the think wall he built up for himself for many years.

"Is this on?" Her sickening voice chimed from the microphone. "My fellow students I'd like to present you a low life. One who seems to be taking up room in our little world. When she exhales her carbon dioxide she seems to be leaving a foot print of ugly. Her own mother even thought so."

Sticks and stone may break my bones but names will never hurt me, I mentally chanted to myself.

It was apparent that Mikaela didn't get the reaction she wanted. The whole room was silent, staring up at the troubled pair in disgust. Suddenly, boo's were were sung and people began to throw their plastic cups up at the stage. 

"Give it up Mikaela, he will never like you." An anonymous voice called out from the crowd.

"Colton, that was such a dog move." A male voice called out and I couldn't help but crack a smile. They were on my side, the whole student body was on our side.

The principal appeared and shorty after led the pair out of the hall, to his office. It was announced that Brooks and I were to have a dance together, on the dance floor, just us two. The spot light was on us as Brooks walked me down the steps and stood in front of me. My eyes bored into his and everything was OK. We were silently overcoming this.

I was half expecting a pleasant, slow song that Brooks had requested when he had a small word to the DJ before returning to opposite me. But with the Bad Boy, you should always expect the unexpected. 

I'm that flight that you get on, international

First class seat on my lap girl, riding comfortable,

Cause I know what the girl them need, New York 

I got lipstick stamps for my passport, make it hard to leave

"I'm sorry tonight wasn't perfect." Brooks whispered as he placed my hip on his own and we moved as one unit in sync.

"It is now." I said, enjoying the pleasure of the tingles in my pelvic region.

"Will you do one thing for me Al?" He asked, his lips dangerously close to my own. He wore a smirk so I was trying to prepare myself for something cheeky.

In sync with the music, he recited, "Will dirty to me."

I gulped extremely hard. His voice was so seductive, so suggestive and my whole body was screaming for him. Something that I have never, never experienced before.

"Do you want me to um.. talk dirty to you?" I stammered, wanting to know if he actually wanted me to take his joke literally. He simply nodded and licked his lips.

I bit my lip and began to think but the only thing coming to mind were the things that soon rolled off my tongue to my embarrassment. "Socks, kitchen, underwear, bathroom." I genuinely develop the disorder of foot in mouth disease when Brooks turns a light mood into something highly suggestive.

I felt the off run of Brooks' laugh vibrate onto my own body, we were standing that close. "You never seem to fail at making me laugh." He admitted with a cute smirk, slightly different to his common signature one.

"Just enjoy the feeling of us together now." He whispered to me in a hushed tone so I did as he instructed.

I placed my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat. I honestly thought that it was going to be steady but for some reason his heart was imitating mine and beating at a thousand beats per second. Maybe there was something in the cordial?

Or maybe it's you. Maybe he is feeling the same things you feel when you are around him. Maybe it's you having this reaction on his heart. As much as I'd like to believe that little voice in my head, I've been told many times not to. So I can't afford to.


"Tonight was....interesting." Brooks said slowly, trying to emphasize each word as we exited the hall.

In the few hours that had passed, the night had quickly grown chilly. Brooks must have noticed my goosebumps as he draped my arms with his tuxedo jacket. I mumbled a thanks as I soaked into the warmth and smell of the piece of material.

"Definitely." I admitted as we approached his car.

"You had fun right?" He asked me and I immediately nodded. After all the crazy things settled down, some people poured alcohol into the cordial, some people inhaled the helium from the balloons, yes, for seventeen year old we are quite immature. Henry, the grade's nerd was deserving of the title he received tonight. He received the dux which I knew he would, he has had his heart set on that award since grade six, so I'm happy for him.

After Brooks closed the door to his mazda from behind me, I snuggled into the comfort of his cushioned seats. Brooks mumbled on about some of his friends already looking at universities, considering we were almost finished year eleven. He jabbered on about exams and how he needed to buckle in, crack down and study.

I said the occasional "Mhm, yep", whenever necessary but to be honest, I was too busy focused on the pure hum of perfection which was his voice. It was so sweet and caring that I could honestly listen to it for days on end and never get tired of it.

"I like you Al." His words snapped at me as though a teacher had just run their fingers along a chalkboard.

"Hm?" I mumbled, checking to see if I heard him correctly.

"I like you Teddy, I mean, I really really like you." He said, he emphasized the 'really's as if to get a point across.

"I really really like you too." I admitted, I mean only last night when I was thinking about Brooks -no cheekiness intended- I was even considering using the L-word. I mean, that was a big deal but it popped in my head.

Maybe I was in love with Brooks and even though the thought scared me, it almost excited me.

"I just wanted you to know that. In fact I might even lo- Woah!" He shouted and slammed his foot on the brakes.

Was he just going to say he loved me?! Damn that stupid deer that paraded on the streets, showing off. Come on Brooks, finish off your sentence, say it, say it.

"I almost didn't see the deer in this pitch black. I could have killed it." He said, now driving smoothly as the deer had moved on.

Did he love me too? Wait too? Now implying that I love him. Do I love him? Do I love Brooks?

"This is your stop." He said, sadness filled in his words as he pulled into my driveway.

"Did Tara get home safely?" He inquired, I looked up to see that the light to her bedroom was on so I knew the answer to his question.

"Yeah, she did."

"You know what this reminds me of?" He said, walking me up to my porch as he nudged my arm.

"What?" I asked, fighting back a chuckle.

"This reminds me of our first date." He said with a wide smile which I returned.

"Yeah but something was missing that night." I said, trying to hide my teasing.

Curiosity filled his eyes, "What?" He asked me with desperateness.

"This." I said, lifting myself up on my tippy toes, I leaned in and made the first move. I kissed Brooks. I kissed him so passionately, thanking him for tonight, the kiss symbolized how much he means to me.

Damn humans and their need to breathe. "Wow." He rasps and my heart leaps, maybe he felt everything I felt. Maybe he understood what I was trying to express with my kiss.

"I like it when you make the first move Al, It's sexy." He said, leaning in to kiss my neck as I felt my blush uprising.

"Good night Brooks." I said, leaning away from the gorgeous boy who stood before me.

"Good night Teddy." Maybe it was just me over analyzing everything but there was something in his walk back to the car that gave me the uneasy feeling that he was disappointed. It was the same walk that he sported on our first kiss when we didn't kiss.

But this disappointment was much deeper. Maybe he was just disappointed that he couldn't tell you how much you really mean to him. How much he loves you.

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