Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


25. Chapter Twenty Five - We Change My Style

Chapter Twenty Five - We Change My Style

Today was the day that exam trials commenced. After formal I have buckled down every night until early hours of the morning, just studying. My phone has been turned off for three days because I knew Brooks was a distraction and despite my changes into becoming a 'bad girl' I still valued my grades and education. A shaky exhale escaped my lips as I locked the door to my car and walked through the dreaded school gates.

Today I only had my extension math exam which went for three hours. I know, three whole hours of sitting in my uncomfortable seat and scribbling across a planning paper to solve the equations. The exam begins at 9 am on the dot and finishes at 12 pm, no sooner and no later. I progressed to the sign in office, from there I would have to go straight to the hall where the exam is situated. The only good thing is that after 12 pm, I have the rest of the day off.

Normally I would take this advantage to study for my two science exams for Monday but I can't keep avoiding Brooks. I feel so bad, I don't know about him if he is using this unexpected break to study but we literally have not spoken for three whole days. No texts, no skype messages, no phone calls, no random drops to each others house, nothing. It hurt but it was for our own good if we wanted to end the year on a good note, but I missed him like crazy.

"Are you ready?" Bec's nervous voice spoke from beside me. I held my textbooks in a tight grib towards my chests as I nodded.

"As ready as I'll ever be, how about you?" I forgot to mention that I haven't spoken to either of my friends post studying.

"Nervous. I can't stop shaking." She held out her purple hand which was as expected shaking to no end. With a steady hand I gripped hers and smiled.

"You'll do great Bec, good luck." I wished her which she returned.

We heard a light footstep crawl from behind us so as one unit we spun around to see a very frantic Lilly. "I am going to fail this exam." She breathed like a pessimist.

Her eyes were blood shot, suggesting that she stayed up all night drinking caffeine, her hair was all messy as though she just literally threw it in a bun, her shirt was not ironed and her skirt was at different lengths, luckily, she smelt nice.

"Rough night?" I tried to laugh, in attempt to lighten the mood but she ignored my humor and plainly agreed.

"Mitchel wouldn't quit bugging me, I mean as if I weren't doing bad enough in general math he persisted to annoy me until I versed him in a round of basket ball. By the time we finished and I landed back in my room it was 10pm so I stayed up 'til 3am completely absorbing myself in these stupid equations." She rushed over her words as though she couldn't get them out fast enough.

Mitchel is her older brother of one year, he is a basket ball fanatic and he should have been studying for his own exams in year 12 but considering that he got a scholarship to university it's obvious where his priorities on sport and education lies.

"I'm sure that you will do fine." Bec told her positively but Lil just shook her head.

"I reckon i'm gonna be put back in general for another year." She admitted in defeat, I wish that there was something I could do to raise her hopes but it was too late. The bell had rung which informed us to enter the hall and line up to begin our exam. After following protocol I took my assigned seat before the teachers instructed that we should all turn our phones off.

I took this opportunity, while everyone turned their phones off, to turn mine on and see what mess I've created. Sure enough, my heart sank when I scrolled through the multiple missed calls and texts from Bec, Tara, Lilly, Colton, Brooks and my mum. Just as I was about to turn it off a vibrate tingled onto my fingers and I read my new message.

Brooks: Good Luck Princess x

It was clear as to why I couldn't wipe the smile off my face, ever since the formal at any given chance Brooks made the nickname princess because we won king and queen at formal. He said that he didn't want to call me queen because it was too elegant so it was decided on princess which just made our relationship even more cliche.

I knew that he had his own exam today but he was in another hall for it so I only had this chance to reply. It was good that I could now joke about his player days, it made me feel much better if I didn't take it too seriously that Luke had been with other girls, so it was only fair to tease him slightly.

Me: Good Luck Mr. Player x


"So she is alive." His voice and smirk easily missed over the course of three whole days.

"Yeah, I just was getting a bit sick of you." I lied, trying to hold the best poker face possible but I couldn't just looking at Luke with a smirk made me instantly crack a smile.

"I don't believe you." He said, nudging my arm as we walked out to the car park. I was in a good mood because I believe that I went well in my exam, I finished it which was always a thumbs up and I didn't struggle too much. It was good because my next exam wasn't until Monday and today was Friday meaning that I had all weekend to study so it was fair to say that I was happy.

"You better believe it bucko." I said, puckering as I used alliteration. Commonly known as a persuasive tool in writing.

"What are you doing this afternoon?" He inquired, throwing an arm over my shoulder. Now this I missed, I missed being caught up in his awfully good smell and I missed the burning sensation I received when having skin-to-skin contact with him.

"I'm spending it with someone special." I drawled and I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Well you better cancel your plans because I'm taking you to lunch and then we're going shopping." He said dominantly so I immediately obeyed like a little puppy, although the special someone I was talking about was him.

"How about we take your car because I lent mine to Jai." He suggested and held out his hand, gesturing for me to give up my car keys.

"Brooks, you never let me drive." I pouted, using my best puppy dog eyes.

"Al don't pout at me like that," He groaned, running a hand through his hair, "you're really making it hard for me not to kiss you."

"And why can't you kiss me?" I inquired as we made it to my car. I unlocked it before tossing him the keys and hopping into the passenger side door.

He shot me an embarrassed look and my eyes instantly widened. "You don't have herpies do you?" I gasped, running a finger along my lips. I knew it, I knew after hooking up with all those girls that he was going to contract a sexual transmitted disease.

"No," He laughed, "I don't have herpies." He shook his head while chuckling before awakening the car.

"Then what is it?" I pestered.

"My mum made a bet with me, you see if I can hold out a whole day without kissing a girl then she makes me my favourite dinner but if I lose, I have to wash her car." I rolled my eyes at Brooks and he chuckled.

"You should be washing her car anyway," He raised an eyebrow and smirked, "what did I do to deserve to be punished too?" I folded my arms and stared out the window, wondering where this boy was taking me. Would this be considered our second date?

"Al," He groaned and I cocked my head to look at him, "you can't stay stuff like 'why am I being punished' because it is killing me that I have to sit all the way over here." I chuckled at his frustration even though the bet was really stupid. This boy must love his food.

"And you are gonna have to call my mum and tell her that I haven't kissed you." He added, making a sharp right.

"Okay." I mumbled and nodded.

 It wasn't long until we arrived at a small Chinese eat in restaurant. "You like Chinese right?" He queried before we got out of the car and I laughed at his sudden nervousness.

"Yes Brooks, I love Chinese." I admired the fact that i could change the big, confident player into a worried, nervous....romantic? Would that be the word to use with Brooks?

I stood by his side as he wrapped an arm around my waist while we walked into the restaurant. It was humming and a welcoming smell flooded in my nose, making my tummy grumble. Luke directed us to a secluded seat where we sat opposite each other. I must say, I had a great view.

He handed me the menu and as my eyes scanned over the numerous dishes I licked my lips in hunger. I bit my bottom lip as I tried to make my decision between Mongolian beef and caramelized chicken.

"What can I get you two?" A young Chinese waitress with silky brown hair asked us.

"I'll get the Mongolian beef." Luke ordered and looked to me, gesturing that it was my chance to place an order. Well it looked like I was settled with the chicken dish, who knows, maybe Brooks will share. Highly Unlikely.

"Caramelized chicken." I ordered, offering her my order which she gladly took.

"Can I get you two any drinks?" She asked just before she scurried off.

"Yes please." I said, trying to salvage as much saliva in my mouth so my mouth would not become parched like the hot dry deserts.

"One lemon ice tea." I ordered with a grin.

"And I'll have a peach ice tea." Brooks ordered with satisfaction, finally handing the lady back the menu.

Once she left I exhaled a breath that for some strange reason I was holding. "My mouth is so dry." I groaned, running my tongue along the inside of my gum.

"Maybe there is something I can do to moisten it up." He suggested with a wink and my breath hitched. I had to admit it now, I was never going to get used to his incredibly good looks, his flawless winks or his signature smirk.

"Sorry Bad Boy, these lips are only for the glass in which I drink from." I said, folding my arms superbly.

"Why did I have to make this bet with my mum?" He muttered to himself, twisting his fork in between the webbing of his fingers.

"So, why are we going shopping?" Finally, the answer rolled off my tongue as it had be bugging me the whole car ride.

"Well," he said, leaning in closer to me. "I think that if you are gonna get a tattoo, get a detention, skip school and swear you may as well go all the way." He paused and I tried my best to hide my eyes from widening so much.

All the way as in..... A lump in my throat formed as my heart raced. The tension between us had be gulping audibly.

"You aren't buying me lingerie, are you?" My nose wrinkled at that word, lingerie, is it trying to make everyone feel french?

Luke's abrupt laughter caught me off guard. "We can if you want Teddy, but I was going to suggest that we buy you some new rebellious outfits." I sighed faintly but then Brooks shot me a look of curiosity so I knew that he wasn't going to drop the previous conversation.

"Wait, so you thought that by all the way, I meant all the way huh?" He smirked as though with every word he was stripping me of my innocence.

"You know its funny how your mind went straight to that Al," I could feel my blush deepening, "that means you've thought about it right?" I was expecting him to pop a smirk but no, he was dead serious.

"Brooks." I groaned, desperately wanting him to keep his voice down.

"Admit it Teddy, you want me." He was now wearing his cocky smirk.

"So many girls have seen this body and you are dying for it, I bet you that some nights you just lie there and fantasize about me don't you? Then your hands travel on their own accord and-"

"Your drinks." The chirpy waitress came back, handing us our ice filled beverages. Saved by the waitress. By now, my cheeks were probably the colour of a bright red tomato.

"You disgust me." I whispered to Luke as the waitress walked away.

"I'm flattered Teddy, I really am. I mean, it's cute how you can admit it. Well if we are being honest here I may as well admit that I think about you too, just like that." There was no way that I've ever blushed this much, not ever.

Was I supposed to take this as a compliment?

"Can you feel it?" He whispered after the prominent silence.

"Feel what?" I asked him.

"The sexual tension," He smirked, "It's rising."

And suffocating.


"Let's play a little game of heads and tails shall we?" Brooks suggested as we walked towards the shopping centre.

"Okay." I agreed.

"What ever it lands on I get okay?" What ever it lands on he gets? How can he get heads or tails? And then suddenly the little cabnet in the back of my mind that was labeled 'Dirty' opened and I understood what he meant.

"You're disgusting." I laughed, throwing a punch at his arm.

"It was worth a try." He shrugged with a smirk etched on his lips.

Brooks wasn't lieing when he said that he was going to make me try on some 'rebellious' outfits. Apparently in his own personal dictionary rebellious meant incredibly short. I don't know why I allowed him in chosing these outfits because he knew what it meant by giving him this right of passage.

I was currently in a changing room of a incredibly trampy store that Brooks dragged me into. I am being serious here when I'm saying that nothing goes below the star birthmark that I have on the back of my thigh which is pretty close to my bum. Brooks was majoring in throwing clothes over the door for me to try on.

What I saw was a lot of black. I had no idea what somethings were or how to even put them on. So I began with a simple short checkered yellow and black skirt, under this I wore a tight black singlet top.

"Do you need some help in there?" Brooks offered suggestively but I told him a firm no.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked different but I good different. I liked what I was wearing and although it was incredibly short I felt a lot like the old me. Not a skank if that's what you were thinking but I felt and looked young and care free which I used to be.

While Brooks was on a rampage for finding clothes the young sales assistant complimented us, saying that we were cute. Then she told me that if I wanted to look rebellious my make up needed to fit the part. So she coated my eyes in a thick liquid eye liner and my transformation was jaw dropping. I looked like a girl that you'd see with Brooks, all I needed was a cigerette and I was officially a bad girl.

"Let me see." Brooks complianed and I then remembered that he'd been waiting to see me in something for 5 minutes. Sighing, I unlocked the changeroom door and waited for Brooks reaction.

He stood one meter away from me and I watched as his eyes widened and he gulped quite hard. His eyes raked over me and he licked his lips as he ran a hand through his hair in frustration. "Dammit, why did today have to be the day that I made this bet." He complained and I could see that he was struggling to contain himself.

"Do you like it?" I asked in concern, scrunching my face.

"Do I like it? Well remember how I said that I didn't want this relationship to be completely phyical? Well let's just say if you keep dressing like that I'm gonna have a hard time keeping to my word." He swallowed and once again I was blushing.

"Maybe I should just keep to my jeans and band t-shirts...." I trailed off, silently smirking as I waited for his reaction.

"NO- I mean, I don't want you to feel obliged into having to wear this kind of stuff if you don't like it. I mean, you look gorgeous in anything you wear and I certainly dont want you feeling like you are changing for me, that's the last thing I want, It's just you look really sexy and now that I've seen you in something like this well, I dont want to not see you like that again- if that at all makes sense."

I just nodded because all I heard was that I looked sexy and that was enough for me.

"Now all you need is your own leather jacket and you are set." Brooks cooed as we walked out of the store after I purchased my clothing. Then I remembered just how much I owed Luke I mean he paid for all those lunch and dinner dates, he paid for my tattoo and the extremely expensive formal dress.

"Brooks, choose anything in this store and I'll buy it." I told him as I laced my hand with his.

"That's cute Teddy." He chuckled as we strolled passed stores.

I made sure we stopped so I could look him in the eyes. "Brooks, I'm being dead serious." Even my tone was frightening so he was not objecting. He ended up chosing a pair of white nike airs which he fell in love with so it warmed my heart knowing the I would buy him something that he liked.

"Thank you." He said sincerly but I brushed it off.

"Don't mention it." I told him but he wouldnt have it. He held my waist and leaned in.

"Thank you, seriously." He whispered and I smiled.

"Brooks, your bet." I said, noticing that his lips were dangerously close to mine.

"What she doesn't know wont hurt her." And once again I was consumed in the feeling of Brooks, loving every tingle on my lips as he kissed me.

This was never getting old.


Colton's P.O.V:

I heard a thud, one that can only be described as a large bird falling or maybe even knocking into a window. "Colton." Tara whispered from beside me.

"Colton, check who is there." I could tell if she was asleep, her eyes were sealed shut so I decided to be the brave one here and to see what was going on. There it was again. Only this time, louder. I heard a shuffling of keys, maybe Ally decided to come home.

An out burst of laughter evolved from downstairs, one that I could depict as Ally's. She hadn't spoken to me since the formal, I knew she was hurt. I tried explaining that I had no idea what Mikaela was doing, I thought she genuinely wanted Ally to win, but look how wrong I was.

At school, people got over it. I have received some nasty text messages but Luke deserved it. he started this war when he showed intrest in Ally, my Ally. He's just gonna break her heart and when he does, I'm gonna break his neck.

"Colton, go see what's going on downstairs." Tara hissed, chuckling a pillow at me which as a reflex I caught. In annoyance, I got off her bed and quietly crept out her room with a torch in my hands.

I flicked it on and peered through my squinting eyes. I saw her, in a very tasteful outfit. Her skirt was short, very short, and her belly was showing. It was hard to contain myself. Get it? Get my pun? That was a bad excuse for a pun but sue me, it was midnight and my brain doesn't function at it's best.

She approached the stairs and began to giggle. What was so God damn funny? "Tara, is dat you?" She slurred as she staggered up the stairs.

Oh Great. She was drunk.

"Help me." She chuckled and I watched as her form descended down the stairs. I threw my head back and groaned, how was I supposed to deal with a drunk Ally?

Leaving the torch on a photo frame table, I shone it towards Ally and I trekked down the stairs. She curled up in herself and I crouched down beside her. She looked so small, so innocent, so delicate. I shouldn't have hurt her, I didn't mean to.

"Tara, you smell like boy." She giggled and I couldn't help the smirk cracking on my face. Without a word, I picked her up and carried her in my arms.

"Wow Tara, you're sooooo strong." She drawled as she snuggled into my arms. If only she could do this when she wasn't drunk. Why did she have to be with him? Why him? Why did I leave? If I didn't leave then I could have prevented stupid Luke from taking my place and maybe now, instead of coming home alone drunk, which by the way I'm gonna have a word to this so called boyfriend, he can't just leave her to get home on her own whilst being drunk. It's not safe.

As I was saying, instead of her being drunk alone now, maybe we could have gotten drunk together, or we could have stayed in and watched a movie, cuddling into each others warmth. I probably sound like the biggest girl right now but she should be my girl.

Once I got her safe into her room, I pulled down her bed sheets and placed her petite body in the middle of the double bed. From there, I unzipped the zipper to her killer 4 inch boots before slipping them off her feet. I then contemplated whether or not I could change her, I mean that skirt looks way too uncomfortable to sleep in.

I walked over to her drawer and pulled out a pair of pajamas, I didn't know if they matched, it was dark but it didn't matter. I got boxer shorts and a singlet. Good enough. I just hoped that my hands were warm. I advanced to her bed and began peeling off her skirt. I quickly pulled the boxer shorts on her body before I got carried away, I mean I couldn't do all the things I was wishing to do with an unconscious body. That's rape Colton, you pervert.

I held her body up as I carefully pulled up her shirt over her head, I couldn't put a singlet on her, she will freeze. I needed something bigger and warmer. So I found myself pulling off my shirt and draping it over her small body. I tried to be a gentleman but I couldn't help myself. She is so gorgeous. Feeling like a dirty pervert, I stopped watching Ally as she feel asleep so I walk away but then something or someone grabbed my arm.

"No, don't leave me." She whispered and my breath hitched.

"I should really go." I said in a low and hushed tone.

"Please." Her eyes weren't open and if she was asking, who was I to object? So I carefully slipped in her covers and wished that Luke walked in right now.

She moved her body so now her back was on my chest and I was proud to say that we were spooning. "You feel so manly on my bum, you can't be Tara." She giggled in a quiet tone.

She grabbed my arm and pulled it around her chest as though it were a blanket. My heart was racing like a little girl, my arm was on her boobs. I whispered good night and I kissed her head. And then she said it and my heart sang, like literally.

"I love you," Now I know that she is drunk but she depicted that it wasn't Tara helping her, remind me to thank my little man. But who else could it have been, she knew it was me. She had to have. And now I know she loves me.


Now I was wide awake and there was no chance of me sleeping. That's not what I was hoping to hear.


Alex's P.O.V:

My head was pounding as though a rocket planned to take off but skyrocketed into my brain. I sat up in my bed groggily and tried to remember something from last night. I remember drinking with Bec, drinking a lot, she told me that the only way to tell Brooks how I feel was if I wasn't sober. Then I remember telling Brooks that I loved him. Wait, did he say it back? Oh no, What if he didn't say it back? I'm positive that he didn't say it back.

Great how can I face him now when I embarrassed myself. Telling my boyfriend I loved him when he clearly doesn't love me back. But what a douche, I don't want to ever talk to him again. He was gonna say it himself before that deer hit us. Maybe everyone was right, maybe he was just toying with my heart.

I was just about to slouch back onto my bed when I saw that I had a much bigger problem to worry about. My eyes widened when I saw my clothes discarded onto the floor, my shirt, it wasn't mine.

It had a foreign smell and it was big, big enough for a guy. As I was silent I heard the faint snores of someone from beside me. Why hadn't I noticed this before. There was a boy in my bed.

OH NO, OH NO, OH NO. My hand shook as I lifted the covers to reveal a very naked Colt Mayes. My heart was racing and I felt as though I were going to be sick because the single most important question remained glued in my head.

Am I still a virgin?

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