Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


3. Chapter Three - Motorcycles? Not My Thing

Chapter Three - Motorcycles? Not My Thing

You know those moments where you want to know the answer to something yet at the same time you don't. Well unlike many other people, I was up at 3am trying to stop Annabelle from further tears. As I was doing so a thought popped into my head.

Now this thought disturbed me. What if Luke had already taken Tara to the dark side, you know, made her another one of 'those girls'. There is no doubt Tara would be one to fall for his charms and good looks, things go further and suddenly, she's in his bed.

I hoped that she managed to get some common sense when she was born, some common sense to realise no one will ever be more than just a 'play' buddy to Mr. Player.

The thought alarmed me that I would be having to care for a baby with someone who had a heated night with my very own sister. But I didn't know for sure yet. Or if it did happen it would mean that it was in the past.

Atleast she's not the only dumb one to fall for him.

I was more than tired, my chewing movements were slow and almost incomplete. I sipped the last of my orange juice before preparing for the big walk. You may be asking yourself, Alex, why are you getting ready to walk to school when you have a car?

The answer is that when I was reversing out of Luke's driveway yesterday afternoon, my wheels and bumper scrapped the curb so now my car is in repairs. So it wouldn't be accurately correct to say that 4 hours was a night sleep. On top of Annabelle's constant crying and my early morning rise for my walk I would say my sleep was less than satisfactory.

The whole walk was non stop ear chewing. Tara complained the whole walk, if it wasn't that her human perspiration bothered her it was the weathers fault for the constant wind. The only time she shut up was when she got a text and my unintelligent sister could not multitask.

After meeting with Bec and Lilly just before homeroom I headed to my English class. I stepped in the classroom and as per usual I'm the first one in there but not today, today I could feel a burning sensation in the pit of my stomach.

"What are you doing in my seat?" I said through gritted teeth.

"You're cute when you're mad Al," he said with a sideways smile.

"I repeat, what are you doing in my seat?" I repeated. Now you may be thinking 'It's just a seat' but really it isn't, this seat is situated directly in the middle of the classroom, up the front. It is the seat where you dont get a draft from the left window, nor do you get a glare from the sun. This sight gives the perfect view of the board and easy access to the door.

"Does it have your name on it?" He teased with a huge grin.

"No," I replied, still fuming.

He laughed, "Then it's my seat."

I didn't realise that the whole class piled in as we discussed our seating but it was also extremely silent.

"Alexandra, take a seat." Mr. Plowman invited.

"I would sir but you see, he is in my seat," I responded with a slight hint of attitude.

The teacher was taken aback as he hadn't seen this side of me before. "Miss Binks, he has a name, and thank you Mr Brooks for finally joining us for the first time this term." I looked over at Luke who saluted the teacher.

Mr Plowman examined his role before speaking again. "And correct me if I'm wrong Luke but isn't Binks before Brooks on the roll. Brooks move." Just like that I resumed in my normal seat in the classroom. Trouble was, I was stuck next to Luke.

"If I had known I'd be sitting next to you the whole term I would have never have ditched class." Luke said as he swung dangerously in his seat.

"You shouldn't have ditched either way." I mumbled to myself, knowing that the message would never get through anyway.

The thump seemed louder than usual when the book slammed on my desk, I know that I was tired but I didn't know I was that tired.

"The character reminds me of me, yet I'm accepted." He said with a grin from beside me, he was holding up the book we were now studying.

A Scarlet Letter. 


"How about a ride?" His masculine voice said from behind me, something he does often.

I almost didn't hear it behind the load roar of his motor cycle, plus the wet condition was turning me off to even concentrate on anything.

"No, I'd rather live and walk than die on that death trap and I don't want the last person to see me alive to be you!" I began, desperately clutching my backpack on my shoulder with one hand and my folder in the other.

Tara was lucky she had Mikaela who lived near us, Bec and Lilly offered me a ride but they live in the other direction.

There was a big gust of wind along with the multiple rain drops constantly plopping on my head which caused me to hate this weather. Additionally, I hated my mechanic for taking so damn long to fix my car.

Plus, what was a motor cycle gonna do? I was still going to get wet by all the rain falling without a roof for protection.

Then I remembered, I'm Alexandra Binks, the girl who was always prepared. I remembered that I kept my umbrella in my left side pocket. My hands dug through my side pocket of my backpack in order to retrieve my umbrella. Little did I know how strong the rain and wind really were that day. My umbrella turned inside out as soon as I managed to put it up and I was almost light enough to be blown away by that gusting wind.

Suddenly, Luke got off his motor cycle which he used to slowly trail behind me as I walked. He paced towards me, looking almost angry. "Don't you know it's dangerous to walk in weather like this?" He asked me.

In one swift move, he bundled me up in my arms and carried me to his bike. It seemed like he was carrying me effortlessly, as though I weighed nothing. The water dribbled off the sleeves leather jacket that my body was surrounded by.

In an organized fashion he retrieved a cloth and wiped down his seat although it hadn't mattered considering I was drenched through and through and either way, the seat would remain wet. He unclipped the bike helmet from off his head and gently placed it on mine. My neck crippled and cracked beneath the shear weight of the helmet. His hands fiddled beneath my chin as he clipped the helmet securely into place.

And although I vowed myself that I wouldn't get on that death trap I found myself flying at 100km per hour. Almost instantly my chest fell onto his back just due to the impact of the speed we were going. I haven't exactly trusted him with my life but I sure as hell was not going to die, so, once again I put myself against my vows and I wrapped my arms securely around his waist. Making sure my hands didn't go too low as I was already uncomfortable with the whole touchy feely situation at hand I found myself fumbling with the hem of his shirt just so I could occupy myself and not look at the road.

Who would have guessed it? The Good Girl, Alex Binks on the back of a motor cycle with non other than the Bad Boy himself. I squeezed my eyes shut and I only opened them when I felt the vehicle come to a secure stop.

"It's over, you can let go now." He informed me and never have I ever let go of someone so quickly. I would have jumped off that bike quicker if the helmet wasn't weighing down on my head so much.

We were in the familiar driveway which I've now come accustom to, although I didn't want to. It's strange though, I've noticed that Luke is a completely different guy outside of the gates of our school. Not that I care for either of his multiple personalities. I felt bad for having to leave the poor baby with his mother for 6 hours while we slaved at school but I had no other choice. I shouldn't be at his house, I should be at my home.

"I don't get you Binks, first you are afraid touch me and you feel uncomfortable every time I'm in your presence or come remotely close to you. Yet, just moments ago you were clinging to my back like there was no tomorrow." He said as he fiddled around with the keys while standing on the porch.

"There would have been no tomorrow if I didn't try and stay alive on that death trap!" I retaliated, following him through as he unlocked the door.

"Motor Cycle," he corrected me for the first time.

I could hear little Anabelle crying already once we stepped foot in his house. Greeted by his dog Lala I almost felt uncomfortable that the house was familiar to me because it shouldn't. I greeted Gina, as that's what she prefers to be called and I took Anabelle out of her hands.

I patted her back gently and lightly before I was spun around. Luke stood infront of me with a towel and a hair dryer in his hands.

"Swap now," he said quickly.

I handed him Anabelle and I took to towel and the hair dryer to dry everything on my body. Gina insisted that I placed my uniform in her dryer so I was standing in her laundry with just a towel around my body. She hurried back after adjusting the load and brought with her a hand of clothing.

"Here," She said kindly and gestured the clothes in my direction.

It was evident that they were male clothes, a big jumper and a pair of skins. Gina hurried off and gave me my privacy but was she really expecting that I'd wear her sons clothes? What other choice did I have? My uniform was on an hour cycle and I wasn't going to arrive home in a towel so I quickly lifted the clothes up and over my body.

"We haven't even done it and you're just expecting that you can wear my clothes." Luke said with a small smirk as I entered the room.

"Shush. Your mum is too nice to say no to," I replied and huffed on the couch.

It was obvious that he was struggling. He was holding Anabelle in the wrong posture and his pats on her back were just taps.

"Pass, I'll take care of her." I said and outstretched my arms.

He seemed somewhat offended, "No, I'm doing fine, plus, you took her all last night and the night before. You need some rest, you look dreadful." He responded.

"Gee thanks!" I said sarcastically, "and well, I'm at your house or did you forget that?" I retorted, although I was exhausted from waking up at 3am to care for a fake baby it was something I was now going to get used to.

He looked at me as though I were stupid, "What? And you can't have a rest here, just lie down." He instructed me.

I wasnt going to but then he stared me down and I felt compelled to lie down. I didn't even realise it but I was out pretty quickly, I must have been more tired than I thought. 


I yawned while outstretching my arms, the normal process I go through when waking up in the morning. The only difference was that one) It wasn't morning and two) I wasn't in my room.

I looked around and everything seemed on a higher level. I pushed myself up and rested on my elbow and forearm as I took a better look. It seemed as though I were on a bunk bed, I dont want to sound creepy but as I moved around the smell of Luke was inviting to my nose.

As I looked around more and more I realised just where I was. In the Bad Boys room. This became more obvious when I saw him looking up at me from his computer chair. I sort of jumped out of my skin when I saw him, he was a fair distance away but he was just there.

Then I realised exactly where I was. I was in the Players room meaning that on this bed...It didn't take me long to have my body in motion as I jumped off the bed. Yuck.

"Did you see a spider?" He chuckled referring to my jump.

I stayed silent as I was rather embarrassed.

"I would have given you the tour but you were sleeping," he paused. "So this is my room." He said and placed his hands up as if 'Tada'.

"Where all the magic happens," I mumbled to myself thinking about the amount of girls that fell victim in that bed, one could have been my sister.

"And by magic you mean nothing," he replied upon hearing what I said.

"But you're the..." I trailed off, not meaning to insult.

"Player?" he finished off for me and I sightly nodded.

"Yeah well, my brother shares the room so I usually go to their house." He informed me, not feeling the least bit uncomfortable at all.

"How many girls have you, you know, this week?" I asked sightly sheepishly.

"Considering it's only Friday, one but ask me tomorrow and it will be two and maybe three, if they're lucky." He said proudly.

It wasn't like with most people who say 'If I'm lucky' with Mr. Player it's if 'they're lucky'. He shushed me before I opened my mouth to say another thing because finally Anabelle, who was resting in his arms, fell asleep. He quickly yet gently placed her in her cot, in the corner of his room and we crept out. Not daring to make a sounds just incase she woke up.

I frantically glanced at my watch remembering that I had to get home. I still had my math homework and science extra credit to complete. Far out, it was already 8:20pm, I had to get home. 

"Need to get home?" He asked from behind me, noticing that I was checking my watch.

"Yes," I replied in a hurried voice.

"I'll drive you." He told me, now stepping in front of me to head out the door.

"No way," I stopped him, "in hell, am I getting on that bike again." I replied with a boost in confidence.

He was a bit taken aback yet barely showed it in his facial expression. He chuckled and then smirked.

"Fine, we will take my mum's car." He told me.

He exaggerated picking up his mum's keys off the bench and placing his own keys on the key holder. I quickly left to get my uniform from the dryer which I simply bundled in my hands. When I returned he held the door open an gestured for me to exit, I walked out with my head down which then was a bad idea because I came chest to head with someone. I stumbled back, making sure that there was an even distance between us, not too close and not too far away to seem rude.

"It can't be." The figure said in front of me. I looked up and saw similar features on Luke as on this boy yet he was more tanned and older.

"Is this the mysterious Alexandra Binks?" He asked looking from me to Luke and then back to me.

"Yes," I mumbled, quite afraid of who this person was.

"Beau we have to go!" Luke said angrily, placing his palm on Beau's chest.

"Why so quickly?" Beau teased. "I want to get to know this Alex character," he said, eyeing me up and down.

"Beau move!" Luke said in a firm and warning tone.

With his hands up in defense, Beau walked in and past me. Placing his hand on the small of my back, Luke rushed me out of the house. He erected his finger from his pocket and unlocked the car with a click of a button.

We got into the car and he caused the engine to roar. I felt safer that we were in the car and not just flying down the roads with air completely surrounding me.

"Sorry about that." Luke sighed as his pressed his foot on the peddle to reverse.

"It's fine," I responded, still felling slightly uncomfortable that Luke placed his hand on my back.

He smirked, "Are you uncomfortable because I touched your back?" He asked as if reading my mind.

I hadn't known him for longer than a week yet he knew me so well already. Once again I was uncomfortable because I knew nothing about him. Not that I want to know anything.

After not responding, he pretty much took that as a yes. "Can I just ask, why? Like your boyfriend must be annoyed that you can't kiss for a long time before you feel remotely uncomfortable." he said.

"That's where you are wrong, no boyfriend and no kissing." I replied almost a bit sheepishly.

He slammed down on the brakes because there was a red light, it only so happened to fit in perfectly with the conversation.

"Wait, like ever?" He asked me in disbelief.

I shook my head. I was expecting him to gasp but no, he returned to his own cocky self.

"I could teach you," he said with an eye raised before returning his eyes to the road.

"No thank you." I responded and he sighed.

"Al, you are the only girl who doesn't notice when I flirt with them." He sighed once more, almost disappointed.

"Wrong, I'm the only girl who isn't interested," I corrected him.

Now he was definitely taken aback, almost offended. As if no one had ever said that to him before. Now looking at the side of his face I come to realize no one probably has. Maybe I'm just the loon that doesn't find hand rock abs, rich brown curls, chocolate brown eyes and a soothing voice not attractive. Well I'm not going to lie to myself, he is a little. But yet again, not my type.

"What the fuck is so wrong with me that I'm not good enough for Al Binks?" He exasperated, his fingers clenched on the steering wheel.

"Nothing is wrong with you, it's just we're are two opposite," I replied calmly but also worried that offended him.

He smirked and returned to his cocky self, "Opposites attract." He simply stated.

"I'm not your type," I laughed, looking longingly out the window.

He scoffed, "Oh and please tell me what is my type?" He asked challengingly.

"I don't know, popular?" I suggested, noticing the cute old couple walking happily along the street.

"Wrong." He replied and turned the corner.

"Oh what? You'd screw any girl that walks on two legs?" I laughed out.

"Wrong again Al, looks like you don't have me all figured out." He retorted and pulled into my driveway after I gave him the last few directions.

"So this is the Binks Residence." He said, almost admiring my house.

It wasn't anything special. Four walls and a roof. Slightly exaggerated but it was just a modern home. He twisted the key and turned the engine off, that's when the car fell silent.

"Thanks for the ride." I said, huddling my uniform in my arms.

As I unlocked the door and was about to open it, he stopped me.

"That's it?" He asked as if he were expecting a gesture. "No grand tour?" He offered and I shook my head.

"Sorry, I don't want you impregnating my sister." I replied with a simple shrug.

He scoffed and then played his face with a smirk, "Trust me, she isn't my type." He informed me, maybe he didn't go for her.

"Oh really, enlighten me on why that is?" I asked, snuggling into the comfort of the seat.

"She's just a bit stuck up and snobby don't you think?" He said as if he read my mind.

"Exactly!" I exclaimed, finally someone got it. Now this was definitely confirmed, he wouldn't do it with someone like my sister, right? Or maybe he would because he would do anyone.

"So now can I see the inside?" He asked me.

"No," I said quickly and I got out.

"One day I will!" I heard him call out just before I stepped into my house.

When I closed the door behind me, I found me chuckling. Most girls would die to be in my position, to have the Player compliment them, having to spend several hours with him and to even ride on the back of his famous bike.

Remember how I said that physical contact made me uncomfortable? Well there is a famous quote from Perks of being a Wallflower which is "And at that moment, I swear, we were infinite".

That quote I recited in my head when I was on that bike. The rain added to the experience, one that won't be ever forgotten.

Later I realised that my experience was one of a life time, when I was interrogated by my sister.

"I know there is some, who is he?" This was the first question I was slammed with when I managed to finally relax into the comfort of my own bed.

"What?" I sighed out, over tired to even comprehend anything.

"Who is the boy you are seeing?" She asked again, this time more excitedly.

I had never seen her behave this way towards me, so merry. She wanted to know something about me? The only time Tara ever asks me something is when she is asking me about a question in her homework or she asks me to edit her assignment, which then leads me to do the majority of the actual work.

"There is no boy" I said, finally addressing the question.

"Bull! You get home late and you are never late, your hair is really messy, kind of like bed hair...." she gasped before jumping up and down on my bed.

"YOU DIDNT!" She squealed.

"You're right, I didn't" I replied.

"WAIT!" She screamed abruptly, causing my heart to race it was so unexpected.

"How dare you lie to me Alexandra. I for one know that this is a male jumper along with male skins. Alex who is it?" She whined.

After I didn't respond she turned threatening, "If you don't tell me I'll tell mum and dad that you did it, plus, is it that embarrassing that you can't tell me?"

She winced, "Alex please don't say you lost it to Henry Wood."

Henry Wood is probably the smartest kid known to our whole year. He literally fits the whole stereotype for a nerdy boy. I feel bad that he is constantly picked on, especially by Brooks, they actually call him "Henry High Pants", they're not educated enough to know the saying is actually Harry High Pants.

Either way Henry isn't doing himself any favour by having his pants half way above his belly button.

"Can we get one thing settled, I didn't do it with anyone." I stated first.

"But you cuddled, you must have with that hair," she continued.

"No, now will you drop it and leave my room?" I said as firmly as I could.

"Not until you tell me!" She crash tackled me on my bed and pinned me down.

Her eyes widened before she inhaled deeply and loudly, she covered her mouth. "How?" She whispered to herself.

"How what?" I said pushing myself up on my forearms.

"The smell of ash trays," I was going to interject, saying that I didn't smoke but she continued, not even caring.

"Fresh after shave along with males lincs and a hint of boyish good smell," her eyes were still widened.

"Where were you Alex?" Her voice still and monotone, it kind of scared me.

"Tara, you alright?" I asked her, extremely concerned.

"Is that Luke Brooks' jumper?" She asked in almost a whisper.

So the secret of me working with the Bad Boy was going to get out and ruin what was little of my reputation.

I sighed, "Yes."

At first her eyes widened impossibly, then she murmured a few things under her breath about how lucky I was, then she demanded answers on what his room was like, every single thing he has said to me and how I got his jumper.

"Slow down." I asked her as my brain pounded in pain.

"Please tell me everything," she begged so I began.

I told her about how we both had number fifteen, how he walked me to class, how he called me cute, how he named the baby, what his house looked like, what his room looked like, what his mum looked like, what it felt like to be on the back of his bike, what his warm hand felt like, what his husky voice sounded like, pretty much everything.

"For a girl who says she isn't interested in him, you seem to remember every detail about him." She stated as her brain slowly processed everything about him.

Maybe she was right, I shouldn't remember or care what the fabric of his shirt feels like or the comfort of his bed.

In return Tara told me a few things. "You know, you are the only girl who has been on his bike, like ever. Girls have asked him for a ride but his bike is his pride and you got to lay your ass upon it. Also his bed, no other girl has laid on it, ever before." But that was just Luke being kind and giving me a ride and a sleep.

I wasn't any different from any other girl.

"You are in the perfect position to get me in, you have to give him my number. Plus I want you out of his jumper, you don't deserve it!"

She force fed me to remember her mobile number off by heart so I would give it to him. Maybe it was better this way, him and Tara, they come from the same world.

But just the thought of him with her made my whole stomach clench. I didn't like that thought, not one bit.

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