Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


39. Chapter Thirty Nine - Weekend Away: Part 1

Chapter Thirty Nine - Weekend Away: Part 1

Alex's P.O.V:

I haven't yet come across a movie where the main antagonist makes the first move in making amends. If there is a movie I would have gratefully liked to have seen it so then I would have something to refer to or prepare me for when Mikaela walked through my door. When Brook first informed me that she was at the front door, I thought it must have been a trick to lure me downstairs for a surprise.

I stood with my mouth agape as Mikaela, in her skinny jeans and navy peplum top shyly smiled at me. "Your hair looks nice," she complimented me as I rudely stared at her as though she were an alien.

"Thank you?" I replied as though it were more of a question in the up most confusion. Remembering my manners, I invited Mikaela in the house and brought her to the lounge room which I'm sure she'd sat in many times before with Tara.

After offering her a glass of water, she happily agreed and Brooks took the liberty of being of service. "So Mikaela, what brings you here?" I asked her politely. I was no longer mad at Mikaela for what she had done. To be completely honest, I didn't have time to really care.

"I really wanted to talk to you about," she paused as Brooks returned with a tall glass of water from the fridge. She thanked him, after noticing the look I gave him, he politely excused himself from the room. Once she knew Brooks was no longer in hearing distance, she began again.

"I wanted to talk to you about the scene in the bathroom a week ago. I should have come sooner but I struggled to find the right words. What I wanted to say was how grateful I am that you didn't share rumors to the whole school. You may be pleased to know that it was a false alarm." I noticed she was fidgeting with her hands so I didn't want to press what she was saying any further. She would talk when she was ready.

"I guess I'd just like to tell you that I really am sorry. Sincerely, you didn't deserve anything that I did or said to you. Previously, you have been nothing but nice to me and I guess jealousy got the better of me. I do hope you accept my apology and although we may never be friends per say, at least we will be on good terms, I hope." Then Mikaela gulped as though she were nervous for my reply.

I had to assess for a few moments what was occurring. Mikaela wasn't putting up her defense walls, she was showing me her colours of who she really was. I admired that she was admitting to her faults, I appreciated that. So it was no wonder that I said, "Of course I forgive you."

After offering her a slice of lemon cake that my father had purchased, we ate and laughed about the year we had experienced. It was odd, so odd that it was strangely nice. Mikaela left shortly after with a smile on her face. When I closed the door behind her, I was evidently happier as well as she was. I didn't realise it but post the conversation with Mikaela I felt much lighter, as though I were no longer carrying any baggage with already full hands.

Spinning on my heel, I ran up the stairs where I saw Brooks playing dead on the floor. Instead of going for an approach to play along like using a method of CPR, I simply crouched beside him and began tickling his sides. I began admiring the tanned skin revealed when his blue shirt rolled up, I also admired the view of his butt that I got. His fresh light brown pants caused a chill to run down my spine. He was so fit.

Among all the tickling and admiration, I almost didn't notice the tiny squeal that escaped Brooks' lips. I instantly jumped up and allowed my toes to curl into the soft carpet. "Did Luke Brooks just squeal?" I covered my mouth that had my jaw dropped.

He rolled over, his cheeks a crimson red. "What? No. Luke Brooks does not squeal." He attempted to convince me. I crawled onto my bed and began jumping up and down on the mattress.

"You did squeal, you squealed like a little girl." I chanted repeatedly until Brooks crash tackled me and began tickling me on the soft mattress beneath my back.

My lungs felt heavy but a cheeky smile leaped on my lips when I had the perfect view of his muscles flexing. I wriggled away from him trying to catch my breath between the fits of laughter I was undergoing. 

"Stop!" I squeaked while I continued to laugh, he didn't even pause. His fingers continued to tickle away no matter my attempts to remove his hands.

"Never," he replied and continued tickling my sides. I squirmed away even though a small portion of me wanted to stay because Brooks smelt incredibly good, like mouthwatering good.

I leaned up, reaching for my pillow, I began hitting his back ferociously. As he used one hand to fend off the pillow, I now had an advantage in wriggling out of his grip, which I did successfully. Sufficiently, I managed to make it to the floor safely where I took a moment to catch my breath. Seeing the look in Brooks' eye I knew he was just about to get me back when suddenly his phone began to ring.

"Hey," he answered calmly lost reading the caller ID.

"Yeah that's fine, I'm just at Al's. Yeah she came home," as he said that he was now smiling, grinning actually.

"That's fine, I'm on my way." 

"Is everything ok?" Concern hummed on every word that left my lips.

He nodded in reassurance and waved his hand dismissively, "Yeah yeah, it was just mum checking up on me. Listen, I have to go but seriously, start packing." I nodded feeling like a little girl being told what to do. Never the less I obliged to obey. 

My heart sank as Brooks lightly kissed me before leaving. A heavy sigh escaped from my dismay as I reached over for my suitcase. I only ended up emptying what I didn't deem as useful for the weekend away. I kept clothing to a light and comfortable style. To be somewhat honest, I was keeping the clothes to a minimal. Knowing that the car trip would take four hours and ten minutes, from Glenroy to Lakes Entrance, I took the liberty of bringing equipment to keep us entertained.

My father greeted me before dinner, well he brought me up a plate of lasagna and said, "Thank you for returning home." With that cold formal comment, he was on his way. I snuggled into the comfort of my sheets, pulling my laptop up to my knees I began aimlessly browsing to the Internet.

After what felt like twenty minutes later, I felt a buzz coming from my back pocket. Fishing out my phone, I saw a new message from Brooks. I slid my finger across my phone to unlock it, where I read the newly received message.

Brooks - Are you still up?

I swung my gaze towards my alarm clock where I read the glowing digits: 8:13pm. I scoffed aloud before my thumbs began flying across the bottom half of the screen. 

Me - Why, do I have a bed time mum?

As though he we were waiting for my reply, I soon received a response. I could just imagine him laughing behind his screen as he read my message.

Brooks - Smartass, what are you wearing? ;)

I could have responded incredibly maturely by saying 'Pervert' or I could have typed exactly what I was actually been wearing but I decided to be cheeky and immature by replying a little out of character.

Me - Nothing 

Brooks - Turns out all my clothes were stolen as well as my sheets, so I'm gonna need you to come over and keep me warm.

Me - Tempting. Why don't you crawl into Jai's bed and cuddle up to him? Or were his things conveniently stolen too? 

Brooks - Excuse me as I vomit because my GIRLFRIEND suggested that I should cuddle with my brother. So are you going to keep your naked boyfriend warm?

I rolled my eyes and laughed audibly. 

Me - Pass, I have my pillows to cuddle up to.

Brooks - Now Al, don't make me jealous.

Me - Sleep tight Brooks, don't let the robbers bite :)

Brooks - Good night beautiful x

I wasn't exactly tired but I knew that I had a big day tomorrow. Everyone was meeting at Bec's house tomorrow morning at 9am. From there, considering that there are six of us going, we will be taking two cars. Three persons in each. It was self explanatory that we would be taking Bec's car as well as Brooks'. I would be riding with Brooks, along with Jai and Bec, Lilly and Adam McKain will be in Bec's car. Excitement rushed through me making it hard for me to sleep, it helped that I had returned to the comfort of my own bed.

All in all, it was good to be home.



Kicking my feet onto the dashboard, I reclined the passenger seat back to make it a comfortable four hour car trip. Jai was in the back of the car, occupying three seats with his body and all the stuff he brought prepared for the car trip. With all our suitcases in the boot, Brooks had the keys in ignition and was ready to reverse out of Bec's driveway. We had a brief meeting before we got all the stuff loaded into the black boot of his cruising car. We were instructed to follow Bec, considering she was the only one who knew the correct route from her house, directly to the hotel.

"Alright Luke, anchors away!" Bec called, excitement stringing from every word. Carefully, Brooks reversed out of the driveway, leaving enough room for Bec to also reverse. When both cars were successfully out of the driveway, the foot was on the accelerator and we were following the glossy red Audi ahead of us.

"I took the liberty of making a playlist for the car trip, so Alex if you wouldn't mind pressing play on the CD it would be much appreciated." Jai said from the back as he rolled up his untangled earphones carefully.

"No problem," I replied, pressing my freshly black coated nails to the CD player attached to the car. Suddenly the stereos surrounding the car were blaring Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford and Sons. My heart recovered from its abnormal beating when I successfully turned the volume down. Brooks seemed to find my shock quite funny as a low, sexy chuckle escaped from the back of his throat.

Ignoring my mean boyfriend, I swung my gaze over to out the squeaky clean window. Looking out I saw a familiar sign that said, Thank you for visiting Glenroy. Hope you come back soon. It reminded me of when we drove to stay with my mum. What a mistake that was. I then took a moment to genuinely appreciate my selfless boyfriend, I don't think in a million years I could have a heart as pure as his.

I thoroughly enjoyed the song, singing along with the perfect beat. In the back, Jai was playing air banjo, which I soon joined in on in the banjo solo. Although I was in mini shorts and a tank top, I found the car to be extremely hot. I leaned over and pressed the button for the air conditioner to come alive. Relief washed over me as the cool air fanned my face. I leaned back in my seat some more, pulled on my sunglasses before I closed my eyes and listened to the sweet voice of Avicii singing Wake me up.


"Annabelle!" I screamed as I woke up. I felt like the McCallister's when they realized they had left their son Kevin at home for the holidays. Brooks placed a hand on my thigh and attempted to calm me. "It's ok Al, my mum's looking after her while we're gone." He told me which instantly soothed me, when that and along with the natural hum of his voice itself.

I had woken up hot and bothered. I didn't have the intentions of falling asleep, but nevertheless, I did not appreciate being woken in a state of being extremely hot. "Rise and shine Al, didn't last long before you dozed off." Brooks joked as he turned his gaze from the road to smile a 200 watt smile.

I grumbled, "I wouldn't have woken if you didn't turn the damn AC off." Pushing myself up, I went to hit the button for the air-con but Brooks' muscular hand grasped mine and settled back down by my thigh.

"Sorry princess, but it's broken." He said sympathetically and sincerely causing me to mutter a few swear words under my breath. Fair to say, if I'm not woken correctly I'm not a very happy person.

"Colton called by the way, you should probably call him back." Brooks informed me, but the way he said Colt's name surprised me. He usually said his name so bitterly, as though his name came from the pits of hell but this time he said it so calmly. Maybe between all their hate they came to a resolution but I dared not to ask.

"Thanks," I said weakly, still not recovering from waking up. Clutching my phone in my hands, I scrolled for Colt's number and I pressed 'call'.

After three rings I was greeted by his husky voice, "Good morning Ally, sleep well?" He inquired sweetly. How did he know I was asleep? Did Brooks answer for me?

"Yeah, I slept just fine thanks. How are you?" I asked, wrapping a finger around one of my curls subconsciously.

I heard movement through the phone so he must of been busy doing something. I felt somewhat guilty for disturbing him. "I'm good thank you and yourself?"

"Very well thank you. We are going to Lakes Entrance." I said excitedly but then I felt another pang of guilt for telling him when he wasn't invited.

"Well I'm in Napetown." I could hear the smile in his voice which was odd. What was he doing in Napetown? He and Tara were not on speaking terms.

"Whatcha doing there?" I drawled innocently, trying not to sound too interested.

"Would you believe it? After giving me the cold shoulder for a month or more, Tara randomly called me. She was evidently drunk but as she requested, I drove down here. What I wanted to tell you Ally is that you don't have to worry about me disturbing your love fest with your Prince Luke."

No way! Could it possibly be that in the time that Colt and Tara weren't talking, that he found some feelings for her?

"That's great to hear Colt! So what does that mean for you and Tara?" I inquired.

"Nothing yet but I sort of figured out what the hotel scene was about and why she hated me. It was probably a bad approach on my part but nevertheless, I'm here now and she's talking. So hopefully, I could win her back." There was a slight hint of uncertainty in his voice but I reassured him that everything would be fine and I wished him the very best of luck.

Post hanging up, I couldn't help but feel more excited. But dwelling inside me I came to realise just how cliche my life turned out to be since Brooks. Not that I regret a single thing.

Hour 3

With Bec's bright Audi still ahead, we were now in no-mans-land. What I meant by that is that we had now crossed the majority of the cities and were now driving through plains of farmland. There were very little cattle in the beaming red hot Australian sun and the grass lost its tinge of fresh green and had now dried out to a yellow colour. Luckily we had the cooler in the back of the boot because there we got Jai to lean over and grab us a few water bottles in the car.

Turns out that in the first hour Jai had already discovered the cooler and had been taking a few lemonades which he had been drinking without us knowing. With no houses or buildings in sight, I was alarmed to hear Jai scream, "Dude, pull over I got to chuck a piss."

Taken aback by his somewhat vulgar language, I began to groan and ask Jai to hold it. "I have been silently holding it for the past hour thinking it will pass but it hasn't. Luke pull over!" Jai demanded fiercely causing me to laugh a little.

"Dude, no. Hold it in. Can't you see the killer trucks behind us that will squash us like a bug if we slow down any further. Plus, if I pull over Bec will continue driving and then we will loose her behind these big ass trucks." Luke's response was both firm and logical causing Jai to groan and agree to hold it.

It wasn't only ten minutes later that we heard Jai yelling that he, "seriously cannot hold this in anymore."

"Maybe you shouldn't have drank all those cans of drink then." I retorted causing him to roll his eyes.

"And die of dehydration? I don't think so." I felt the smile roll on my lips in response to Jai's dramatic antics.

"Jai, I'm not kidding. You have to hold." Brooks repeated as Jai sighed heavily. I felt bad for the guy and if it were me driving I probably would have pulled over but that's only because I was not prepared to have any urine on my seats.

During the song Riptide, twenty minutes after we lapsed into a comfortable silence, I heard a noise which I depicted not to be a part of a song. My eyes widened as I turned around to look in the back seat, causing my back to crack six times on the way. "Alex, don't look!" Jai demanded as he carefully turned around from my eyes view.

"What are you doing?!" I yelled, "Jai you can't pee here. Jai you cannot pee here." Brooks must have hit the button to stop the music because soon enough the sound of Jai peeing was amplified.

"Jai! Are you peeing in my car?" Luke screeched as he whipped his head from the road to the back seat. Sure enough he saw the same sight I so briefly saw. Jai, relieving himself in an empty can of lemonade.

"Uh-oh," Jai said as his eyes widened. From experience of filling up my drink bottle I knew what the hollow noise meant. The can was almost full. But it seemed as though, Jai had a lot more to give.

"I need another bottle, quickly!" He said urgently. In a fast pace, I sculled the remaining of the water in my mount Franklin plastic bottle before I hastily handed Jai the empty bottle. I closed my eyes as he made the shift between bottles and I wiped my mouth, purging it of any excess water droplets.

I observed the relief on Jai's face as he had successfully converted to the second bottle. Balancing the can in one hand, he asked if I could tip it out the window. "You're joking right? You can't expect me to handle your pee before just carelessly tossing it out the window. What if it hits one of the trucks behind us?" I asked Jai incredulously.

"Far out Jai, if you get a single drop of pee on my seat. I swear you will be licking it up. Pass me the full can." Brooks demanded so considering he was driving I had to lean over and grasp the warm full can, to hand to Brooks where he disposed of it quickly.

I listened to the sound of Jai zipping up his jeans, knowing that he was all done was comforting. "No more drinks for Jai all weekend," I joked but what I meant was that he wasn't drinking another drop until we arrived at Lakes Entrance.

"And of course he couldn't hold it while we were driving through farm land." Luke said, shaking his head which had a small smile etched across his face. Jai lowered his window and the sound of pee hitting the tar road caused us all to laugh.

Who ever said car trips were non eventful wasn't in the car with the right people.


After all the comments and jokes about the pee incident died down Jai began telling me a story about when they were kids. They would play this game where Beau would be the dad and the girl across the street named Violet would be the mum. Together they had to look after their son who was played by Jai and their dog who was Brooks. It was funny because Brooks really got into his character of playing as a dog, that he decided to perform a bowel movement on their rug.

Furthermore, there was a fair share of stories spread about natural body function accidents before we lapsed into a comfortable silence. Subconsciously I was playing with my fingers nervously as I stared right out the window. We had now arrived in a town and were forty minutes away from our destination.

A warm hand pulled my two hands a part before another pair of fingers were knitted with my own. Brooks looked down at me with a worried smile, "Why are you fidgeting?" He inquired and I shook my head.

"I didn't even realize I was doing it," I replied honestly and a wrinkle in his forehead creased.

"That's what I'm worried about." He replied, my lips pursed into a thin line as I knew what was coming next.

"What if you get bored of me?" I blurted out loud and mentally cursed at myself for doing so.

Brooks was bewildered by my question, "Seriously?" He asked, making me feel even more concerned.

"Seriously," I gulped. I hated that I made this uncomfortable for Jai who was showing signs that he was attempting not to move a muscle or even breathe, just in case he interrupted.

"Al, I could never get of you. I can't even get bored with you. Everything about you fascinates me. I love the fact that I'm still learning things about you, like the way you absent-mindedly lick your lips when you are turned on or when your eyes flutter each time we catch out breath after a heated make out session. Or even when you sweetly moan after-" A inhaled sharply before allowing Brooks to continue.

"Okay I get it," I laughed which thankfully stopped him from completing what he was saying. Soon he chuckled with me before squeezing my hand.

"Al, I could never get bored of you. I'm being completely honest when I say that you are probably the one who will get bored of me." I could never.

His soft eyes caused me to melt. Luckily I was sitting down because my knees felt like jelly and I would be incapable of holding up my own weight. Lifting our hands up, I softly kissed his warmth radiating hand. "Sorry to disturb this um, whatever this is but Luke you are about to miss your turn."

The car swerved after Jai brought Brooks back to attention, I'll take the blame for that. Soon we were back on track after receiving a loud honk of the horn from the tuck behind us who apparently did not appreciate the last minute turn at the exit. The town we were driving through was gorgeous, it was an old restored town which still had vintage buildings with breathtaking architecture. Winding down my window, I propped my head out of the car and inhaled the sweet smell of fresh bread flooding out of the bakery we just passed.

I waved to Lilly who also had her head out of the car. She informed me that would arrive at Lakes Entrance after we drive through two more towns. I was so enthusiastic about this weekend away and I had a feeling Brooks had some ideas up his sleeve on what we should do. What surprised me was that in the last twenty minutes of the trip, Jai began subtly asking me questions about Lilly which I did my best to answer. Yet, I dared not to ask why.

I jumped several times in my seat when I saw the sign Welcome to Lakes Entrance. I squealed and memories of my childhood with Bec and Lilly flooded back as I recognized some familiar stores and building.To my left was the beautiful, outspoken beach. With palm trees along the coast and the smell of fish and chips, it was no wonder that this place was a holiday destination. The timid water and unpolluted sand easily took my breath away.

If you subtracted the sound of Brooks' car and Bec's car cruising along the road, than the single sound was the birds chirping freely. As Bec's blinker went on, as did ours. I saw the bright yellow building of the hotel that we would be staying in and I had to remember to thank Bec for a perfect choice in location. Pulling into the allocated parking lot, I jumped out of the car and quickly opened the boot.

Surveying the area, I knew that once we had settled into the hotel that I wanted to go straight out to the beach. As it turned out, Brooks had better plans. "Bec and Lilly, you guys go to the reception and get us the keys to our room while Adam and I get all the suitcases." Jai instructed and the girls squeaked in excitement.

A whole weekend away from our family with just our friends sounded pretty good to us.

"What about us?" I pouted when Brooks and I weren't allocated a job.

Brooks' arms snaked around my waist as he smiled down at me. "Al, don't pout like that our I'll take it as an invitation." Immediately I swallowed my lips as a smirk formed on my face. Brooks barked with laughter, before he let go of my body (to my dismay) and he slipped his hand in mine.

"How does ice cream sound to you?" He asked with an eye brow raised, knowing my exact answer.

I licked my lips, "Ice cream sounds pretty damn good right about now."

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