Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


34. Chapter Thirty Four - Confidencial Information

Chapter Thirty Four - Confidencial Information

                                                                                                          November 1st 2013, 6:23am.

Dear Diary,

And I return. Just not as the sad fourteen year old me, ending the entry on the depressing note that said ‘When will my life ever get better?’ Gladly now, as my seventeen year old self who some how, while Spring cleaning managed to find this trapped inside the stomach of her old stuffed polar bear, I can now say it got better. Unfortunately, in the process of finding this possession, Brooks (my boyfriend) snuck a peek. Actually that is extremely exaggerated. He snatched this book that used to be my world as a fourteen year old and read out many hand written phrases in a falsetto voice which had me clenching my stomach from all the laughter.

            Also in this process, to my dismay, he found out that yes, I had a crush on Colton Mayes. Emphasising the ‘had’ in that sentence. Sadly, as a fourteen year old, that was the standard I allowed myself to fantasise over. Happily, I have also found Harry Styles who raises the bar impeccably high. At first Brooks was not happy, but then I reasoned with him, I mean I was fourteen, come on. I didn’t even know who Luke Brooks was. So, he couldn’t really be mad. As a compromise I took him out for ice cream when we finished cleaning. It was kind of a win/win.

            Considering the majority of these pages are disappointingly filled with love hearts and Colt’s name scribbled all over them, I have no choice but after this entry to burn this sad sad sad diary.

            So I bid you adue in the future. And I hope that you live out your future endeavours. Who knows, maybe the ash from your pages can be recycled and become an asset to the environment (all though I doubt it, no offense).

            See you on the other side. For the last time. Scream and shout, Alex Binks is out!

           P.S Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.

I watched as the fire fed from the pages in front of me. It glowed, burned and shone, allowing me to feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. Partly because Luke’s hands literally rose from my shoulders and dropped to his sides but also because now, I don’t have to worry about the sad part of my life before. The one where I never went to parties, the one where I preferred to drink water than soft drink, the one where I chose staying in to watch the Big Bang Theory over going to a sleep over (although some nights, the big bang theory still wins).

With a sigh, I tucked my fringe behind my ear before giving Brooks a small smile, gesturing that it was time to go inside. Late afternoon had fallen and it was time for him to go home and have dinner with his family. There was still a week left for my parents to return but I suggested both Colt and Luke return home for a night so they aren’t complete strangers to their own families. Despite their poor attempts at an argument I compromised that Bec, Lilly would have a sleepover and Tara would invite her friend Willow. It was time for a girls night in, which was long overdue.

We walked through the big, white front door and travelled along the white, smooth and somewhat slippery tiles until we reached the kitchen. Leaning my upper body on the wooden island, centered in the kitchen, my fingers found their way to an empty discarded pack of lemsip which I subconsciously began fidgeting with.

“Seriously Al, I don’t have to go now,” he said as if he almost felt bad leaving me here. I knew he missed his brothers, his mum and of course his dog. How would I know that? This whole week particularly he had been gushing about them non stop and about all the great memories they have experienced. And although I’m not good at social queues and despite the fact that he won’t admit it, I kind of got the message loud and clear.

“Are you kidding? I don’t want you here tonight. I’m getting tired of seeing your mug shot around and I need some fresh air. Girls night in and no, you cannot stay.” I told him and he looked at me with amusement.

“Well I can see where I am wanted,” he said bemused.

“Go back to your mummy, mamma’s boy.” I teased but he was making no effort to deny the fact that he was a mammas boy. Luckily not those exaggerated ones where they literally cannot make a decision without their mother’s input. Ain’t no body got time for dat.

Fiddling with the pocket on his jeans, he dug out his keys and dangled them in front of my face. “Well, I’m going then,” he told me with a smile.

“Good,” I joked but keeping a straight smirk on my face.

“Okay, this is me going,” he commentated as he made slow movements towards the door.

“And this is me, not caring,” I teased but spoke with all seriousness.

When I made it to the front door, he was standing on my porch, looking back at me. I simply smiled, resting my body on the frame of the front door. I waved at him with my right hand and his head tilted back, revealing his smirk. He walked back over to me, hands in his keys. He bid me goodbye before planting a kiss on my cheek. I whispered a goodbye, baffled by his actions and I watched as he got on his refurbished motorbike and zoomed off like the wind.

His kiss on my cheek felt like I had come into close contact with stinging needle. It burned for a bit and I stood, bewildered in my place but then after several moments it went away. Luckily his kiss didn’t leave a nasty rash nor did lumps form on my cheek, so in theory, it really wasn’t much like stinging needle at all.

Deciding not to dwell on the obvious loss of a presence, I shut the front door and called for Tara. She and Colton returned home in the early hours of the morning yesterday, from what I gathered, things didn’t really go to plan for her. I could tell because she walked in on me in the bathroom trying to maintain my messy hair, she connected the dots and groaned loudly. She also has stopped responding in conversations if Colt walks into the room or if he is involved in the conversation. Before he left for his home, he asked if he did anything to her so obviously he was in the dark about the whole mishap as well. No matter, I was determined to find out tonight.

At the mention of a girl’s night in she jumped at the chance, raving about the new pizza place down the street that opened up last month. Apparently their meat lovers pizza is mouth watering and the supreme pizza is to die for. She also suggested a ton of movies that she wanted to get off her bucket list and watched. If only one of the movies included was the bucket list, then I would have chuckled at the unintended pun.

Tara showed her face at the bottom of the stairs. She was still in her netball uniform from the mornings game so I could only imagine her lounging around her room on her laptop. She informed me that Willow was set to come within the next half hour and I told her that Bec and Lilly would be arriving shortly. We agreed on her ordering the pizza while I set up food, drinks and the lounge room. We weren’t camping out, nor were we intending to drink alcohol or staying up to the early hours of the morning. What we were planning on doing was just to have a chilled night, away from school, drama and parents. We would eat some pizza, watch a few movies, maybe play a few games and then call it a night, considering we had school in the morning.

Heading in the direction of the kitchen, I adjusted some of the slanted photo frames so now they were straight (I don’t have OCD, I swear). The light in the kitchen was dim, skimming my fingers along the freshly clean surface; I then found my way to the pantry. Knowing this cupboard was filled with every thing ranging from sugar to cling wrap, I easily found a packet of chicken chips, red liquorish, party packet of lollies and of course, popcorn. Settling all the packeted food on the bench, I sorted them into bowls before bringing them into the lounge room which was pre cleaned.

The lacquered coffee stable stood at the couches height, blanketed with a thin white cloth like it always had since we were little. Over a number of trips I managed to place the four bowls on the table along with three 2 litre bottles of soft drink: creamy soda, lemonade and lemon lime bitters. Now you’d think that when guests arrive that they would ring the door bell, but with Bec and Lilly considering them a part of the family, they waltz right in. But I wasn’t complaining because they brought the chocolate: timtams, oreos, kitkats, snickers, boosts and mars bars. We were set.

“Who’s ready to have a party?” Bec called out as she walked in the room with her hands occupied with filled plastic bags.

“I know I couldn’t wait to get away from my brothers. It’s game night tonight,” Lilly groaned as she settled down on the couch. As previously mentioned, Lilly comes from a family of three teenage competitive boys. Now in this season, every Sunday night it was game night. This basically was where the three boys participated in a new sport each week and competed against each other. Who ever scored the most points at the end of the game scored a notch on the tally and at the end of the season, who ever has the most notches against their name wins the season prize.

Last year her brother Mitchel won two tickets to the biggest basketball game in the country. It was a big deal to him and the prizes are supplied by their parents. Lilly would have participated every season but with the amount of testosterone and unfair plays she always ends up hating the season. Who can blame her. So she flees to either mine or Bec’s home every Sunday night. Turns out she spend most nights at Bec’s house because I didn’t even know the season had started.

“Well I promise you tonight will be better than being at your house.” I assured her as I picked up their overnight bags and placed them in the corner.

“It better be because my nanna is staying for the weekend and I can’t spend another night knitting my way to china. I mean, she is teaching me to knit a scarf. It’s freaking summer!” Bec complained which made me smile because I missed this time.

“If only my nanna showed up,” Lil stated, “then she’d shut my idiot brothers up and allow me to be a princess for a week.”

“But Lil, you hate dresses.” I interjected.

“That’s not the point. The point is my brothers get so much attention for their sport, not that I’m against sport it’s just that when I achieve something my parents and even my brothers are just like ‘been their done that’, it’s not fair.” She huffed and she was completely right. The only time Lilly is ever recognised for her achievements are when we bring cake to lunch and celebrate her new medal.

“Well tonight we can eat, talk about our shitty problems but most importantly relax.” Bec said, already getting comfortable on the furniture.

“Bec remember when you had that meltdown two months ago about falling in love with your ex, how did that ever go?” I brought up the topic because its been gnawing at my brain the past few days.

She groaned, “Oh thanks for bringing that up Alex, really appreciate it,” she said sarcastically. “Nothing happened, that’s why I didn’t bring it up. He sent me the text that he loved me under the influence of alcohol so then I tricked myself into thinking I loved him too.” She said with her arms crossed.

“I’m sorry,” I apologised at a loss of words.

She waved her hand in my face dismissively, “Don’t be sorry A, I was being stupid and he was drunk. End of. Now, who wants some creamy soda?”  

“I do,” Lil and I said in unison as we held out the cups for Bec to pour.

With the black remote in my hands, I turned the TV on and flicked to the channel which had the new episode of Beauty and the Geek showing. Now this isn’t a show I watch on a regular basis, keeping up the characters names and all, I just watch it for fun. Currently, the geeks (males) needed to direct a photo shoot which they also had to pose for, with their beauties (females). No one complained as I happily watched it, laughing at how awkward the characters were. I was enjoying it almost too much because I didn’t hear the door bell ring.

Tara instructed that she had it and soon I heard an out burst of high pitched squeals. “Willow must be here.” I thought aloud. I didn’t know much about this Willow character, all I knew was that she was a new student to the school. If I eavesdropped correctly, then I believe that she is on a foreign exchange program from Florida and Tara basically adopted her. That’s all I know.

Tara and Willow’s voices were carried closer as they approached. I couldn’t see them but I could depict her thick American accent which made me smile instantly. “And Willow, I’d like you to meet my sister Alex and her two friends, Rebecca and Lilly. They’re in the year below us.” Tara introduced us to Willow.

She stood at about five foot eight. She had the most glowing tanned skin I had ever seen before. She had long, straight brown hair that fell to her waist and to top it off, she had the most beautiful shade of green eyes. Dressed in light wash overalls and a white top below, her white converse made her sun kissed tan more prominent. It’s like she just walked out of my Frankie magazine. She was one of those girls that you’d look like and tell yourself ‘now that is why I don’t have a boyfriend’.

She was: Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

“Hi,” she said politely and shyly which made me just want to pinch her cheeks but luckily I refrained or else she would have thought I was weird.

“Hey, you can call me Bec,” Bec said as she enveloped Willow in a hug. Lilly did the same, greeting her before hugging the petite yet leggy brunette. So naturally, I followed in suit.

“Hi, it’s a pleasure to meet you, please, make yourself at home.” I told her as I pulled her into a tight hug. And of course, the gorgeous girl was also polite and extremely well groomed. I mean, who's hair actually smells like strawberries?! Naturally, just her.

I made it back to my seat on the couch and zoned back into the show. Unfortunately I had missed the photo shoots and even Zack’s makeover but luckily I made it in time for the eliminations. My favourite part. This is when two teams are nominated for elimination where the beauties and the geeks go head to head, answering questions about the geeky topics and visa versa. This weeks topics were superheros and fashion.

After the commercial the beauties went first in the four questions. The beauty with the black hair requested that the host read the first question out to her which he willingly did. “Which superhero’s name was Princess Diana?” The host asked.

It took five seconds for me to register the question before I shouted “Wonder Woman” at the screen. Bec rolled her eyes at me because she never could really understand how I knew these kind of things. Thankfully, the beauty on the tv answered correctly.

Sufficiently, I answered all the questions correctly which they unfortunately didn’t. “Is this a rerun or did you seriously know those answers off the bat?” Willow’s accent startled me for a moment before I smiled.

“No, I just knew them.” I shrugged as if it weren’t a big deal.

Next it came time for the geeks to answer questions about fashion. The first question I couldn’t even think of getting. It went something along the lines of ‘What does YE-‘ and then I didn’t hear the rest because I was trying to work out the acronym for Y. Tara muttered an incomprehendable word which sounded like the answer read on the TV and I watched as she smiled to herself, knowing she got the answer right.

The next question was a photo and you had to work out who the female Australian model was except her eyes were covered. She had long brown hair, sort of messy. Her cheek bones were quite prominent and that was basically it. It could have been anyone but somehow Bec, Tara and even Willow could work out who it was when I didn’t even have the foggiest.

“Miranda Kerr,” they shouted and my heart jolted at the sudden outburst.

“Come on Alex, that one was easy!” Bec stated and I shook my head.

“Sorry, I didn’t know.” I shrugged and she groaned.

“For the record, I had no idea either.” Lilly whispered from beside me which then led to a hidden high five.

Turns out the beauty and geek that I wanted to stay got another chance so I was satisfied with the results. I suggested that we should begin the movie because at that moment the door bell rung and Tara rushed off to greet the pizza guy. No doubt she was flirting with him because it was taking an awfully long time to pay him, so I returned to putting 10 things I hate about you into the DVD player.

When Tara returned, she gushed to Willow about how cute the pizza boy was. How he was 19 and had the deepest brown eyes. Naturally she got his number but I kind of tuned them out when Heath Ledger appeared on my screen. No doubt his death is still mourned today, especially with a smile like that which makes all the girls swoon. He was a fine piece of Australia, literally perfect. It wasn’t long until the end that I found a sudden urge to use the bathroom so as nature calls, I left. On the way back from the bathroom I retrieved my phone and noticed 2 missed calls from Brooks and 4 texts from him.

The last two texts were just invoices, informing me that I had missed his call and the other two were slightly worried texts from him.

Make sure you don’t have too much fun without me ok Teddy? x He was just teasing.

The next one was sent a minute after the first.

Wait Al, by girls night in you don’t mean guys will be joining? And by guys I mean male strippers. You won’t have that right Al? Right? Please tell me I’m right xxxxxx I ‘awwed’ aloud because his worried and protective side was all so cute. Putting his doubts to rest, I finally texted him back.

Would you relax? I don’t even think we are legally allowed to order a stripper anyway.

Moments later I received a reply.

Well it depends where you go. Some don’t care, they just want your money.

A second later another text was received.

Not that I’d know or anything. I mean, that’s what I hear. Have fun Teddy, love you xx

I laughed at his horrible cover up.

Love you too mamma’s boy.

Slipping my phone into my back pocket, I advanced back to the lounge room where the girls were now stretching after the first movie had finished. Half the pizza was finished and let me tell you, Nemo’s pizza down the street is probably the best pizza you can ever get in Melbourne (sorry Nonna). It was then that the girls took the time to check their phones, replying to any texts that they had received during the movie and it was then that I came up with a great idea.

“How about we prank call?” I suggested and all heads whipped in my direction, smiling with amusement as they shared my great idea.

We settled the house phone in the middle of the circle we created. We used the house phone just because our phone number was already blocked so it was just easy. Settling on the first phone number, daring Willow punched in the ten digits. Placing it on speaker, we didn’t organise a script, we just listened for the phones ring.

“Hello?” A soft teenage girls voice spoke.

“Hi, I was wondering if I was speaking to the owner of this phone?” Willow asked and I bit on my lip just in case an unnecessary laugh erupted.

“Yes you are, may I ask who is calling?” She responded politely.

“Hi, I’m Victoria Justice and your friends signed your phone number on a radio station and you won a chat with me.” She spoke easily as though she were a professional.

That’s when everything went crazy.

The girl screamed. She screamed so loud I was squeezing my earlobes into my ear drums. Then she began to cry. I couldn’t understand the emotions this poor girl was experiencing but everything that Willow said into the microphone this girl was eating up. At first she told Willow how much she loved her (Victoria Justice) and how she was so pretty and how she wished she were her best friend on Nickelodeon. I couldn’t understand the majority of her responses but at the end she asked if Willow could thank the radio station for the opportunity. Then Willow hung up.

“I was not expecting that reaction,” I breathed when all the mayhem stopped. 

“That’s not the first time that has worked.” Willow said as though she were surprised herself.

“It totally worked because of your American accent.” Bec said and we all nodded.

“I’m next,” Lilly called dibs.

She told the man on the receiving end that she had an orange stuck between her bum cheeks. Lil made up this big story on how it got up there and turns out the man on the other end was a nurse. She recited to Lil step by step instructions and strategies on how to get it out and in the end Lil exaggerated relief and pretended she got it out. With a quick thank you, she hung up.

“You’re such a fool.” Bec said as she laughed.

“What can I say? I had an orange faddish.” Lil responded.

“Alex, you should have a go.” Willow suggested but I declined.

“No, I wouldn’t be too good at it. I’d just end up laughing.” I admitted but she persisted.

“I’m just gonna have a go,” Bec said, snatching the phone which was forcefully placed in my hands.

We waited as the rings rung through the speaker.

“Hello?” An middle aged woman answered.

At first I saw Tara’s eyes widened in recognition but then she shook her head as to say ‘no that’s a silly idea’.

“Um hi mum, I have something to tell you,” Note, it isn’t Bec’s mum.

“Mikaela, is there something wrong with your voice?” The old woman asked.

Bec faked a cough, “Yeah I have a bit of a cold, but that’s beside the point. I have something to tell you.”

“Get your father to take care of you ok? And what is it?” She asked.

“I’m pregnant.” Bec stammered as if she were in this situation and I almost choked. Lilly had to walk away she was already laughing way too much.

“I knew this day would come. Mikaela, I told you to be careful. I always bought you enough protection.” Was this mum serious?

“I know and I’m sorry. It’s not like I meant for it to happen.” Bec continued.

“Come visit me after school alright? If your dad allows you can spend the rest of the week with me,” the woman said in a nurturing manner.

“Okay. Thanks for understanding mum.” Bec said into the phone with a completely straight face.

“I’m disappointed but we will get through this. It isn’t that Brooks boy’s baby is it?” The mum inquired. I didn’t think much of the name she mentioned, I mean that could be anyone.

“I don’t really know yet,” Bec said and Willow struggled to bite back her laughter. Tara seemed to be extremely focused on something with the conversation because when Bec finally hung up she seemed disappointed.

“I wish that was my mum,” Bec admitted and we all agreed.

“The way she was so calm and understanding. I give her so much respect.” I said.

“How about we watch the house bunny?” Lilly suggested and so it was that we watched another movie before tucking into bed.

Willow was fast asleep on the big couch while Lil and Bec were kind of sprawled comfortably along the lounge room. Quietly, Tara and I collected all the glasses and bowls and brought them to the kitchen.

"So how was the fundraiser?" I asked, breaking the silence.

Her head whipped up to look and me and her eyes were soft and hurt. "Um, it was okay. I mean helping for a fundraiser is always fun," she lied.

"Tara, what happened?" My voice wasn't demanding. It was rather soft and sympathetic.

She shook her head as she placed the red plastic bowls in the dishwasher. "Nothing happened, nothing happened Alex." Her pained voice strained.

"Did he know your intentions?" I asked, tredding lightly on dangerous territories.

After a long pause, she began. "I was in the bathroom and I may have 'accidentally' left my underwear in my bag. I called for Colt to get them for me and that's when he saw the container. I wasn't expecting his reaction. I was hoping him to turn like the pizza boy earlier today, all smirking and cunning but he wasn't," she paused.

"He turned big brother on me. Asking me who the boy was. Asking my intentions. He told me it was a bad idea but he had no idea. He was so blind. I wanted to scream that they were for him but I was at a loss of words. He looked down at me like I was his baby sister. And then he hugged me and my whole world fell a part."

"His arms were strong and protective around my body. He looked down on me with pity. Al, he will never feel the same way. So I'm not talking to him. Maybe if I avoid him long enough, the feelings will vanish and all the pain will go away." That's when I turned big sister on her and I hugged her tightly.

She hugged me back before sniffling and sighing. "Hey, maybe Luke can led me a brother," she laughed but I didn't know if she was joking or not so I safely cracked a smile.

"You should get some sleep Tar." I told her and she nodded. She looked exhausted.

"Goodnight Alex and thanks for tonight. I really needed  it." She admitted as she made small steps out of the kitchen.

Deciding I’d clean the rest of the food after school tomorrow, I also called it a night. I slowly followed Tara up the carpeted steps and into my parents room which I had adopted for the time being. As I pulled on my tweety bird pajamas I thought about the pain Tara was going through. Rejection was new to her and it was really hard considering she liked him for such a long time.

I yawned as I crawled under the sheets and placed my watch on the bed side table. "Good night Brooks," I whispered aloud.




The house had never been so crowded with teenage girls all in a hurry to get ready for school because we all forgot to turn our alarms on. There was literally a line for the bathroom as though we were in school. When Tara decided to have a shower with Lilly and I both still waiting to use the bathroom I had never felt so annoyed. The anger rose through me with how inconsiderate she was. I dragged Lilly to my parents room where there was an en suite. She used it first before I followed.

No wonder Tara’s selfish acts effected me so much. It was my month. And I just was not in the mood to deal with this, like at all. I mean bloody hell (no pun intended), why can’t we just get a card in the mail that says ‘CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE NOT PREGNANT’ but obviously mother nature hates women.

Groaning, I carried on getting ready for school. Willow being quite efficient, managed to make all our lunches while we were still getting dressed because she used the bathroom first. Thankfully, we were out of the house on time and in the car driving to ‘Say you like me’ by We the Kings.

We arrived at the ugly green school gates moments before the homeroom bell rang. Slinging my bag over my shoulder, Lilly, Bec and I both walked into the school corridors. At first I didn’t notice it but as soon as Bec pointed it out, it was more than obvious.

People were staring, glaring and whispering about me and at me.

Everywhere I walked, it was like I was the talk of school. But what could they possibly be saying? My uniform wasn’t slipping and my makeup wasn’t running so what was it? As the stares persisted I decided to maintain my gaze on my feet which was of course the dumbest idea because I ended up bumping into someone.

"Sorry," I muttered as I shuffled out of the way and continued to walk but who ever I bumped into had other plans for me.

"Woah there Al," His soft voice comforted me as he had a grip on my wrist.

"Brooks." I breathed, my words laced with desperateness.

"Is something wrong?" He asked, his brown eyes soft and filled with concern.

"Can't you see them staring at me, us?" I whispered while I watched in the corner of my eyes the murmurs growing louder and more eyes on me.

"But that's like everyday," he said which was true. Ever since I began dating Brooks, all eyes were on us. Waiting for a scandal to erupt or something.

"No," I shook my head, "today's different. I can feel it." I said in a hushed tone. I was expecting him to look at me as though I were crazy but he didn't. He simply pulled my small frame into a pug and he held me for a good ten seconds. With my arms still wrapped around him, he placed a kiss on my forehead and gave me the most reassuring smile.

"I'll make it stop," he told me and I nodded because I knew he had the power to do so. I was sort of convinced that we had a mafia at this school and Brooks was their leader. Kind of like if he snapps his fingers together, someone will come rushing to fulfill his needs.

As the bell sounded, I declined Brooks' offer to walk me to homeroom. Informing him that I'd see him at lunch, we parted our separate ways. I waved at him when he turned back to look at me down the hall and he waved back before returning to his journey. Deciding to skip home room, I detached from the girls and escaped to the bathrooms. Frantically, I looked at myself in the mirror and I was satisfactory. So what was it?

I heard the door to the bathrooms open so I hurried in the cubical, not wanting to be seen. “Did you see Luke Brook all fine and happy?” I heard Mikaela’s sickening voice sound.

“Yeah,” who ever she was talking to responded.

“You know what that means right?” Mikaela asked. “It means Alexandra Binks isn’t so pure anymore.” Her voice taunted.

How did she....?

“No way!” Her friend exclaimed.

“Way! It’s written all over his face. He’s never looked so fresh since back in the day.” She continued and it clicked. Back in the day meaning his player days.

Everyone knew that we….

I mean it couldn’t be that obvious? Did he really look as fresh and satisfied as they all say? I mean it happened on Friday. This was ridiculous. They couldn't possibly know. Wait, was this what the whole school was whispering about?

Great, so the whole of Penola Catholic High School knows that I am no longer the Virgin Mary. How mortifying is that!

“I also have some news but it’s about me,” My ears perked. No matter how much of a sly girl Mikaela was, I didn’t want to be eavesdropping on a conversation that I shouldn’t be hearing but there was no escape.

“What is it?” Her friend inquired with open ears.

“So my mum got this prank call last night about me telling her I was pregnant,” No way!

“But you are,” her friend piped up. NO WAY!

“I know but I didn’t tell my mum and now she knows because I couldn’t exactly lie to her so I pretended the fake call was me and she has no idea it’s a fake call. So now I’m worried Vi, who else knows my secret?” Oh no no no no no.

“I’m sure it was just a random prank call Mikaela. People use that ‘I’m pregnant’ line all the time. I mean, not even he knows, which by the way you should totally tell him. You should also tell me who he is. I hate being in the dark about these things Mikaela.” Her friend complained.

I needed to desperately get out right now. I have heard way too much but I couldn’t be caught now. I didn’t want to hear who she is pregnant with who’s baby. I shouldn’t know she is even pregnant. I needed to find an escape root.

“You’re going to laugh.”

“I promise I wont,” Her friend assured.

As I began examining the window and trying to determine is my body could fit through the narrow escape without getting caught. But then his name slipped off her lips and I was doomed with knowledge I didn’t want to know.

“Henry Wood.”

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