Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


35. Chapter Thirty Five - Grease Arena Disaster

Chapter Thirty Five - Grease Arena Disaster

My cover was blown when I choked upon hearing what Mikaela said. I didn't think I heard her correctly, I mean Henry? Like the Henry Wood? As in the boy who in seventh grade still didn't know what was needed in order for a baby to be created. And yet, here I was. Standing in a small blue cubical hearing that he had well in face, done the deed.

Mid thought I realised I was still coughing on my saliva (quite loudly if I might add) and I was surrounded by silence. Ear piercing silence which gave the impression that I was the only one in the bathroom, if only. 

I inhaled sharply before holding my breath. I stood as still as a statue, waiting for them to resume their conversation but they didn't. An abrupt harsh knock on my door caused my to jump back, coinciding with me hitting my ankle against the toilet which made me yelp in pain.

Nice try at staying completely invisible and not there at all. I was so busted!

"Listen here you little eavesdropper, open the door now and show yourself before I knock it off its hinges." Her threat was very very convincing.

I didn't know if Mikaela could actually break down the door as she claimed. I didn't think she'd risk a crack in her artificial nails but I wasn't prepared to pay for the cost of getting a door re-hinged. So I gave up trying to hide and I came to terms with the point that they knew I was there and there was no escaping.

With my head low, I gingerly opened the door. If looks could kill then I'd probably be incinerated by the way Mikaela was looking at me. Then she did two things that surprised me: she shrieked, I mean the type of shrieks you'd hear a banshee perform.

I had to squeeze my eyes shut and fold my ears in because her shriek was so high pitched and deafening. Once the impressively long shriek ended Mikaela did the second thing that surprised me; she cried.

There I was, leaning against the frame of the cubical door frame watching strong Mikaela fall to pieces. It was not a good thing to experience. I didn't know what to do so I did nothing but stand my my place with my mouth agape.

Immediately, her friend tended to her side. Attempting to nurture her wounds with words of comfort but it didn't stop Mikaela's cries. My best guess was that she was scared her secret of the pregnancy would get out, reputation further ruined when the place finds out Henry's the dad. 

Plot twist of the century right? That would be making the school newspapers headline if ever we had one. "Popular girl has a soft spot for geeks and now a growing spot for baby!" Okay so maybe I'm not the best at creating news headlines but that's beside the point. This was big news for the little town of Glenroy.

Noting that my actions has no effect on the current situation, I attempted to do something to soothe the crying because to be quite frank, it was extremely annoying. "You're scared," that's all I managed to do. State the obvious. But I didn't know what else to say, I mean, I've never seen Mikaela cry. I didn't even know she was capable of having another emotion or mood besides bitch.

"No shit Sherlock." She spat and I mean literally spat. Not on purpose of course, between the sobs and the mucus covering the circumference and area of her face, some was bound to spray off.

"Mikaela," I began softly but she cut me off.

"No you listen here nerd, be mad or angry but don't you dare be polite. Give up the good girl act ok because it's tiring and completely inaccurate. You're not even good so stop trying to act like the bloody purest one here. Hell yeah I'm scared, don't pity or empathize because you have no idea what it feels like to know that in a few months, when you start showing your reputation will be ruined."

"I'm scared because you have every reason to be mad at me and hate me and now finally you have the perfect upper hand to get back at me and share my bloody secret. Why did it have to be you Alex in the cubical? Why?" At this moment she wasn't really directing her question at me. As she cried her voice was desperate and her head tilted up to the heavens for answers. Why. 

"Mikaela I'm not going to blurt your secret." I told her solemnly. 

She scoffed at my words, sniffled slightly, ran a hair through her perfectly straight hair and wiped away some of her running mascara on her tear strained face. "Yeah okay Binks, like that'll ever happen," she said as though she didn't believe me.

Seeings as though there was nothing further that I could do to prevent any worse case scenarios from occurring except by keeping my mouth shut, I decided it was time to leave. The sole of my leather school shoe gracefully slid across the white tiled bathroom floor as I progressed out the door.

Lessons had already commenced for the morning so I decided to wander the school corridors alone. The walls of our school were brick and pressed up against them was the blue lockers. As I walked done the hall and I smiled at myself knowing that no teacher would try and ask what I was doing out of class.

This then caused me to question why they wouldn't ask me for a pass or diary check. It was because of those years I spent building up my good girl reputation. Does this year count? Mikaela's unwelcomed words repeated in my mind. 

"Give up the good girl act because its tiring and completely inaccurate."

She was right (Never thought I'd say that). It was inaccurate. This year didn't count. She was also right when she said I had the perfect chance to get back at her for all the horrible things she's done to me. I have a right to be angry and not sympathetic.

I shook my head. Who am I kidding? I couldn't do anything like that, that would be lowering myself to her standards. No matter how 'bad' I was, I would never go out of my way to purposely hurt or sabotage someone's reputation.

But nothing added up. How could someone as nice as Henry sink to Mikaela? How could someone with no reputation except for the school nerd go Mikaela? Why her? Why him? I scoffed at my thoughts. How cliche. This whole situation is basically Brooks and I. It didn't make sense but in it's small quirky way when the two completely worlds joined it did make sense.

Speaking of the devil. His slow, prided walk progressed towards me and he wore his signature smirk. "Fancy seeing you here," his voice welcomed me and I smirked back at him.

"Fancy seeing you here." I repeated. When my body reached his, he turned around and we walked side by side through the corridor and out the front entrance. 

"So what's the good girl doing skipping first period? Don't you have math? Surely you can't miss the most important class of the day," he teased and I cringed at the way he called me a good girl. I may sound lame but I did notice that he remembered what class I had which caused the butterflies to initiate in my stomach.

Then he did something that made them roar and tingle inside. He slipped his hand into mine and laced his fingers with mine. I know that I shouldn't be so caught up over one small gesture and that I should be used to this small gesture but I couldn't get used to it, not with Brooks.

"I didn't feel like learning," I told him and a burning sensation erupted in my throat because I so desperately wanted to tell Brooks about what I found out in the bathrooms. And even though I promised Mikaela I wouldn't share her dirty secret -which she did not believe- I still felt a certain duty to keep my lips sealed.

"What are you doing out of class?" I said, directing the focus of the conversation on him to avoid any verbal diarrhea.

"Let's just say the human body doesn't interest me." He said and I laughed.

"Really? You expect me to believe that. You, Luke Brooks, not interested in the human body." I said with disbelief.

"Only yours," he said effortlessly, sending a flirtatious wink in my direction.

"So," I said swinging our arms as we walked towards the benches where we normally sit for lunch. "What are you doing after school?" I asked him.

"Going to watch a fight," he said absentmindedly.

I jerked my body back causing our hands to break away. Soon he stopped walking and looked back at me. "What?" I spluttered. 

Suddenly images of Brooks attending an arena, blanketed with the smell of sweat and blood made me feel sick inside. The crowds of people would suffocate him, swallow him and who knows what happens at those gathering. Blood, bruises, alcohol, drugs, the lot. I didn't want Brooks to be in that kind of environment.

"What?" He asked, basically repeating what I said.

"A fight?" I clarified and he nodded.

My stomach was consumed by an unnerving feeling. "No," I said quickly and he took a step back. Mouth agape as though he were not prepared for that response.

"Excuse me?" He questioned although he heard me quite clearly.

"I said no," I told him, my feet firmly planted on the grass beneath my soles. The wind whipped my skin as we stood there, secluded on the oval.

"When I said excuse me I was giving you a chance to change what you said," he told me was an annoyed look on his face.

Now it was my turn to say, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me." I was taken aback by this whole conversation. I was only looking out for him!

"Luke, would you just look at it from my point of-" I cut off when his eyes began to roll in a clockwise direction. I was bit having any if that and clearly he was not having any of what I was saying.

"No. How about you look at it from my point of view okay Alex? I didn't ask for you to tell me what your thoughts were on what I was going tonight, okay? I don't want to see it from your point of view because I don't care. I told you where I was going like you asked, end of." His words stung at his sudden approach of Mr. Dick. 

"Are you kidding me? You're not going to watch a fight Brooks. It's a preposterous idea, you could get hurt. I'm only worrying about your safety." He scoffed at my words, kicking the dirt beneath his feet as the wind whispered through his hair.

He threw his head back, "Save it mum. It's none of your business and you can't tell me what I can or can't do." His hands dug into his pockets as he portrayed the careless cold attitude towards me.

Maybe if I wasn't having my week I'd be more tolerable to his dick attitude but he caught me on the wrong week. My voice grew louder as I spat each word. "How dare you talk to me like that? It is my business because you're my business. I can tell you what to do considering the chemistry between us defined us as in a relationship. So yeah, I can tell you what to do especially if you're in danger." I yelled at him. 

I noticed the birds were no longer humming, the wind was so longer swaying and my chests rising and falling pace was no longer even. "When you've actually been to watch a fight then you can tell me if its dangerous or not." He said, completely full of it.

"Oh you're such a bullshit artist. You're not even listening to me. Brooks, I don't want you going to a fight because it isn't safe. I'm only telling you this because I care about you." I yelled at him and I was fairly sure the classrooms on the other side if the school could hear our argument.

"Actually, I think it would be a great idea if I came with you." I said lowering my volume ever so slightly.

He laughed, not chuckled but laughed loudly at my words. He took a few steps back before taking a step forward. Subconsciously, I was digging my nails into the palm of my hand and marks remained behind. 

"Actually, that's a terrible idea." He said mimicking me.

I placed a hand on my hip in a testing manner. "Oh really? And why is that?" I challenged him.

He rolled his eyes, "Look at you Alex. Imagine you, little, petite, innocent, good girl at a big, loud, violent fight. I don't think so." 

"Would you stop calling me a good girl!" I yelled at him, throwing my arms in exasperation.

"Oh yeah I forgot. You're only good if you're pure. Looks like I took that right away. I must be the worst influence." His voice wasn't teasing, it was taunting and devilish which made me sick to the bone.

"You're impossible!" I shouted at him, my mind filling with the most creative cuss words that I wanted to verbally abuse him with.

"Thank you," he said insincerely.

"You make me sick!" Why was he being like this? So completely impossible to the point that I wanted to rip his pretty little throat out. Clearly he wasn't receiving the message so I needed to just leave before I lost my mind.

"Good!" He told me and I was tired of listening to him.

"I'm so done," I said flawing my hands up and around in annoyance.

"Good!" I wanted to punch him, his him, throw my fists in his chest. He was not co-operating. 

I spun on my heel and stalked towards the school. He was being so impossible that I wanted to just hurt him with the amount of pain he caused me with his words. Pain turned into anger. I just wanted to scream at him, tell him he was full of it but it was still the morning and I was in no mood to deal with him.

I stormed back into the school, just in time for second period. Although personally, I was not in the mood for geography I would much rather that than talking or associating myself with Brooks. But I could not comprehend his uncalled for behaviour.

I floated through the swarms of people who were still looking at me because clearly I was still the talk of the school. I mean one would assume that I'm a lady of the night or just a girl who's been around the block a few times by the way they were talking about me but no, I just lost everything my now, intolerable boyfriend.

I groaned inwardly as I advanced into my classroom. Finally some friendly faces to lighten my mood. "Hey Ally," Colt said, moving over so I could take the seat next to him.

"Hi," I sighed longly. He nudged me and send me a 40 watt smile. His hair was nicely combed and it look like he took effort and pride in his look. Unfortunately, he and Tara hadnt overcome their ruff patch and he was still in the dark. I wouldn't be the one blamed for letting the cat out if the bag so I acted clue less.

"Are you okay?" He asked. Was it that noticeable that I was pissed off?

"Yeah my boyfriends just causing me to have violent thoughts." I admitted. The only thing that was gnawing at my mind was what was I going to do about the fight. I couldn't allow him to go. Maybe I should tell his mum? 

Maybe if I approached him at another angle when he wasn't so harsh. Maybe I shouldn't have allowed my anger and boiling blood to take over. Why did he even want to go to see the fight anyway? And why was he so against me going?

Probably because he'd be embarrassed to be seen with me there. He was right. My summer dresses gave the impression that I was sweet. Sweet girls get tempered with at these kind of things. But I needed to go. I wanted to go with him. Maybe this was all about the fact that I'm still trying to hang into the good girl act which is long gone.

Maybe I just needed to dress the part. Maybe I should listen to Mikaela and discard the good girl. Furthermore making me suit the role that I now possess. Suddenly I know exactly how Sandy was feeling in Grease when she did was I was planning to do.

With the inspiration of the effortlessly perfect musical, I worked out just what I was going to do.

It was good bye completely to good old Alexandra Binks


The moment the school bell rang informing us that it was time to go home I texted Jai and asked him when the fight was on.

7:00pm, but Alex, if you're thinking about going these aren't like those teeny boppers concert. These are the big boy league. It's not really safe for a girl like you.

That's what Jai texted me which made me smile. Both Jai's and Brooks' reaction towards the protective side were similar, quick to defend anyone they cared about.

Tara was already waiting by the car so it made my life and task that little but easier.That's what I liked about them. As the engine woke up Tara explained an event involving her and Colt but I wasn't exactly listening which made me felt semi bad but I had my own things to ponder.

My hands gracefully slid across the wheel as I drove us home. Knowing that it was Brooks' day to look after Annabelle, I had no real concerns that my afternoon would be ruined. I sort of had a gut feeling that he wouldn't return home after our fight and my gut feeling was confirmed when we returned home to an empty house.

Colt had the job of grocery shopping because today he was allocated to do dinner so we had the house to ourselves for an hour. "Tara," I breathed as she fiddled with her keys to open the from door.

"Yeah?" She mumbled, sliding the French doors open before securing the house and making sure the alarm was off.

"I need a favour." I told her as she gave me her undivided attention.

"Okay," she drawled as she placed her school bag down in the situated corner, specifically arranged beside the front door, designed for wet weather gear and bags.

"I need you to turn me into Sandy from Grease at the end of the movie." I dead panned as I watched her every move. Her eyes perked and her eyes shimmered. Clearly she was interested in my proposal so that was a good sign. A little squeal of excitement escaped her lips as she gently took hold of my wrist and rushed me up the stairs.

She settled me in her room at her computer chair and she turned her back to me as she analysed her desk. I then took this opportunity to observe her room and compare it to mind. The obvious difference was that her walls were a lavender colour, where as mine were a deep aqua. She had a feature wall, which was the one her queensize unmade bed was pressed up against. Upon this wall hung a decoratively designed clock which was pink and this wall was splattered with rainbow paint which was a quirky and very tasteful effect.

Tara then progressed towards her cupboard as she was in her own little world, while I sat uncomfortably noting just how many boys had been, well exposed in this room. I shuddered in dismay as Tara rummaged through her things. 

Soon she returned an instructed that I were to put a pair of electric black skin tight leather leggings which I did, not so gracefully. Then she requested that I were to place a black cotton mid shirt, before explaining to me that we had little time. 

Next thing I knew, we were in the car and Tara was directing me to two shops which she told me that we had to go to. Little did I know that these were not actually clothes shops but hair and beauty shops.

I killed the engine once the car was parked in front of the 'Sassy Sisters hair and beauty Salon'. I kid you not, that was genuinely their name. With an extreme distaste towards their pink everything salon, I tried to tame my disgust to a minimal. But c'mon, this place with like a place only Barbie would get her already perfect hair done at.

"Tara, babe," a young fit woman with bleach blond hair greeted Tara. She looked as though she fit right in here, sporting her natural aurora along with an attire that Barbie herself would have in her wardrobe. Pink.

"Hey Kelly, how are you?" Tara asked politely.

"Good, good. Now are you getting your hair redone? Special event? Touch up?" She inquired, completely ignoring my existence but how could you when I was the only one not wearing a touch of pink.

"No actually, I was wondering if Willow was working today. You see my sister needs the alternative look and who better than Willow right?" Tara told Kelly and she beamed.

"But of course," and with that she rushed to the back of the shop and we awaited for Willow to come out. Now I was more than surprised to see our American friend Willow, working here. No wonder her hair was so perfect, she was a skilled hair dresser. She beamed at the sight of us, instantly embracing us in hugs.

"We have a lot of work to do," Tara said, not raising my self esteem at all. 

"She looks hot already, I'll just touch it up so she's electrifying!" Willow said as though she already had a plan in what she was to do with me.

"I'm just going to cover the mirror." Tara said with an evil smirk as she placed a large cloth over the mirror so now there was no visible access to me seeing my reflection. I was placed in a pink chair, where they placed a pink cloth around my clothes. I was then instructed to close my eyes and allow Willow to work her magic. She even lent me her IPod. I decided upon Ed Sheeran, just because his voice could instantly relax me. And with that, I became her own Barbie doll which she could do whatever with.

Considering his album was on replay, I accidentally lost track of time. Pulling one ear phone out I heard Tara squealing after Willow told her it was nearly done. I guessed that an hour or so had passed considering the sun suggested that it was growing weaker, so I guessed it was around 4-4:30pm. 

At the back of my neck, I felt a hot whip and a loud murmur suggesting that the blow dryer was on. I sunk into my seat and nervousness erupted in my stomach. What if it looked bad? Not because of Willow's efforts but because of me? I shook my head unintentionally and closed my eyes once more.

After 30 more minutes a hot and used straighter was placed on the bench and I took a wild guess that her task was now complete. They spun the chair around and Tara had a big smile etched across her face, Willow mirrored this smile.

"I can't wait for you to see, but first, lets do your make up!" Willow said, clasping her hands together as she called for Kelly. At first Kelly's eyes widened before they smiled. 

"Wow Willow, another job well done!" She exclaimed and I didn't feel so worried about my appearance.

I was confronted with multiple hands, working at my face as we had little time. Tara was working on the bottom half of my face -lips down- while Kelly did the eyes up. This was of course after Willow did the base coat. I couldn't really explain what they were doing because a) I didn't have the technical terms to properly explain what was happening and b) I couldn't see a thing. 

What felt like another hour later then led to me standing before the still covered mirror, awaiting for Tara to unveil my appearance. Kelly and Willow had their attention completely on me. Watching every square meter of my face for any reaction towards their work which made me nervous.

And so the time had come and Tara's delicate hands were enclosed on the cloth, which she soon teared down. I was taken aback by my own appearance. I looked nothing like the old Alex. My hair was not what I was expecting at all. It was perfectly straightened, every last strand and I noticed that it had royal blue highlights. It was gorgeous. I couldn't believe what I was seeing in the mirror.

My lips were more prominent as they were coated with a deep red lipstick. And my eyes, I don't know what Kelly did but they were bold, striking and gorgeous. My attire was now alternative and edgy which made me smirk. 

"You look damn hot." Willow said first which made my smile grow.

"I think this is our finest master piece." Kelly stated, genuinely ecstatic with her efforts.

"Alex, you look, wow." Tara said, as utterly speechless as I was.

I couldn't form any sentence to justify their work. All but saying, "Thank you," this was truly the most amazing gift I could ever receive.

"Good luck out there kiddo," Kelly told me as I payed. While they worked on me, Tara must have told them my plan to shell shock everyone.

"Thank you." I said gratefully and with that we exited Barbies wonderland. 

"Not so fast," Tara said, grabbing my hand. She pulled my down the street where we stopped just in front of a very familiar shop. 

"What are we doing here?" I asked skeptically and her smile grew. 

"C'mon" she said, pulling me in. Now this environment made Tara look like she did not fit in. The trill sounded, informing the employee that there were customers and a familiar somebody turned around.

"Chase!" I said, trying not to sound to worried yet excited.

"Sorry love, I've seem to forgotten your name." He said and I blushed. Of course he wouldn't remember me, I've only ever been here once.

"I'm Alexand-" I cleared my throat. With a new look comes a new name. "I'm Alex, Luke Brooks' girlfriend." I told him.

He stood with his jaw agape, "Wow he goes through them fast." He muttered but I heard him.

"Excuse me?" I asked, my eyebrows just knitting slightly.

He cursed under his breath, "Sorry, just a month ago a little cute one came in all innocent and got a tattoo. She was his girlfriend, just sad to see he moved her on. She seemed like a real keeper." I blushed deeply and held out my wrist.

At first he didn't get it and he complimented me on my tattoo but then he recognised his art and he gushed. "Welcome back Alex, you sure have changed but you look really good." He said and I thanked him.

"So what can I do for you today?" He inquired, prompting Tara who ever since we walked in has been checking him out. Chase was cute, he had a completely gawk worthy body and jet black hair. He had natural flawless charisma which was addictive so no wonder Tara was interested, although I didn't think she was one for many tattoos.

"She's getting her belly button pierced," this was all new information to me.

Chase nodded and opened a draw reveling a piercing gun. He came around the desk, handed me a selection of belly button rings to choose from and within all of 10 minutes it was done. He had already informed me on how to take care of it to avoid infection. He also told me he would see me at the fight, already assuming I'd be going. Nevertheless, he hugged me on the way out and politely shook Tara's hand which apparently made her physically weak in the knees because she was incapable of walking out of the store.

Finally, after getting him to recite his number she was finally mobile enough to carry herself out of the store and to the car. As I got in the car, I turned the key in ignition and read the time: 5.32pm.

I had Jai text me the address to the arena and so I had just enough time to drop Tara home and get there in time. "Be careful okay? And good luck." Tara said as she hugged me.

"Thanks for everything okay?" I told her and she nodded.

"Just please Alex. Be careful." She said, shaking my arm to further emphasis everything. 

She silently closed the car door and I revved up the car before zooming out of the driveway. It took a considerably long time to get to the arena so I took this alone time to practice what I was to say. I personally could not wait for Brooks to see my transformation although at this moment in time, referring to his behaviour this morning, he did not deserve it.

And just like Sandy said to Danny, Brooks need to shape up. No matter, I was not prepared to break out in song tonight so I needed another approach. 

20 minutes before the fight started I had arrived at the arena. Cars parked all over the carpark, carelessly and people walked in with beer bottles already in their hands. I was not in my comfortable environment but I was doing this to prove to Brooks that I'm fit to be called his girlfriend.

Pretending to act as though nothing of what I'm seeing fazes me, I walk towards the main entrance of the arena with my practiced and mimicked attitude. The lady that was hidden behind a clear glass window asked me for the twenty dollar entry fee which I gingerly gave up.

The arena was loud, roaring and swarming that crowds of people. It was an easy place to get symptoms of claustrophobia. I pushed through people who were big, covered in piercings and tattoos, and looked like they could squash me like a pea. I pretended to act calm, cool and collected. Attempting to hide my fear from shining through which luckily it did until I couldn't find Brooks.

I circled the ring and there was no sign of him. Suddenly my phone shook violently and his name popped up. I exhaled a breath of relief as I answered, "hi." 

I tried my best to hear him over the loud screams of people and what I heard was 'you were right'. 

"Where are you?" The volume of his voice increasing.

"At the arena looking for you." I admitted.

"Al, what? Why? You need to get out of there, it's dangerous." His voice was full of concern and desperateness. I assumed if he were here with me, he'd throw me over his would shoulder and carry me out himself.

"I thought you said that these weren't dangerous." I scoffed and he groaned.

"For you! I didn't think you'd actually go, Al, I didn't even go." Oh shit.

At that moment the crowds roars grew louder and I was being suffocated my them. At one point I felt a hand squeeze my bum and a few drunk men called me princess. I was in deep trouble.

"Alex, talk to me, what's going on?" Brooks was feeling apprehension as he spoke desperately to me.

An ominous feeling consumed me as I ducked beneath the crowd and tried to crawl to the entrance. "I'm on my way the entrance. Brooks I'm scared." I admitted.

I heard a fidget and jiggling of keys. "Al, get out of the arena and hold tight. I'm on my way there." He told me and relief washed over me that was until I felt my body being lifted off the ground and a low taunting voice carried over me.

"Where are you going princess, the fight has only just begun."

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