Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


30. Chapter Thirty - Dun, Dun, Dunk

Chapter Thirty - Dun, Dun, Dunk

Don't be stupid Alex, I told myself. Luke isn't like that and I don't need venomous Mikaela making me think otherwise. I swallowed and looked from side to side. My best friend's foreheads were both creased, waiting impatiently for my next move. I knew I had to do something. I couldn't let this heinous behavior continue.

So I took a step forward. Although this seemed like a grand gesture for myself and my friends, I was simply just another face in the crowd to everybody else. No one noticed my movement and no one cared. Not even when I cleared my throat.

I recited to myself to just breathe, this would just be a simple conversation between Brooks and I yet the pressure felt like so much more with everybody crowed around.

"Dunk him, dunk him." Childish imbeciles taunted, cheering Brooks on and he smugly smiled victoriously, shaking Henry's leg a little. It was an unsafe practice, all his blood at that moment was traveling down to his head and who knows where that may lead. He was probably nauseous right now, boarder line vomiting.

"Brooks," I said quietly but my soft petty cry was not heard in amongst the crowd so I planned my timing right, listening to their monotone hum and when they all took a breath I called out.

"Brooks," I yelled, catching myself of guard. It came out much stronger than I expected but it came out how I imagined. Pat on the back, Alex.

All of a sudden I no longer heard their chants, I no longer heard their cheers. I swear from the distance between myself and the dunking pool I could almost hear the soft whimper of Henry, that was how quiet it was.

I uncomfortably shifted my weight when I noticed heads whipping from every direction to lay eyes on the one who disrupted them. I could tell that some were caught off guard when I called Luke by their last name, others taken aback with the fact that a nerd spoke out over the crowd.

I averted my eyes to Brooks, who's eyes were staring back at me. I tried giving him a penetrating look to make him fear my force but his black expression was all I received. What happens now? 

"Brooks, put Henry down." I said in a slightly shaky voice, the pressure completely suffocating me.

Brooks' posture was composed and he tried to look almost innocent. He stared back at me, the same blank expression. I heard a few boos in the crowd but I was completely zoned into this one on one moment. Some say this is where our relationship is defined, others is where the relationship draws a line.

"Okay Teddy," he drawled, "I'm put him down." His voice was taunting and I was scared, shaking, because I had never heard Brooks use this voice before. As Brooks lowered Henry I fast forwarded to how this would play out.

"Place him on the stand, don't dunk him." I said firmly. It was obvious that I was receiving the skink eye from the majority of the booby blonds and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the athletes stood back and said 'What the fuck does this nerd think she's doing?'

"Al," Luke's voice was softer now, he looked back at me as though we were the only two people there. I was praying that Brooks wouldn't make me look like a fool and end up dropping Henry because I would be so hurt.

But aren't you a Bad Girl now?

I stared back at Brooks, the intensity in our stares were almost frightening. He inhaled and sighed before swinging Henry's body over the dunking pool and dropping him on the grass, face first. What else was I going to receive from the Bad Boy?

The whole crowd booed outrageously. They called him a pussy, weak and whipped. He took it all on the chin for me. He simply shrugged before hopping off and walking through the crowd that split into two to make a path for him, naturally. 

Then I heard it. The sweet sound of clapping amplified. I spun around and there on the stage was Tara, clapping into a microphone that Colt held firmly. Taking a social queue, one by one -just like from a movie- the crowd drowned down on the booing and came to realisation with the gesture.

Brooks strutted over to me, as smugly as expected. I quickly mouthed a thank you to Tara which in return I received a smile and a nod. An arm was thrown over my shoulder and a sweet kiss was planted on my cheek as I was guided away.

"I'm sorry Al," Brooks apologized but we both knew that I wasn't the one he needed forgiveness from.

"Oh and Al," Brooks began before I could tell him, "Do you by chance have Henry's address?" He inquired.

I turned my head, raised my eye and looked at Brooks skeptically, "Yes, why?" I asked.

He shrugged, "Looks like I'm gonna have to pay him a visit." That was the boy I fell in love with. The Bad Boy act guarded by the inner softie. And to think I couldn't fall any further.

"Hope you don't mind if we join." Jai announced as his friends Aaron and Tyla joined us.

"Let's have some fun!" Lilly exclaimed, rubbing her hands together as we walked towards the rides.

I couldn't keep swallowing the question so I had to ask, "Brooks, you weren't gonna drop him, were you?" My hand traveled up to my shoulder where his hand dangled and I fiddled with it nervously, waiting for his answer.

He shook his head, "Nah, I new my angel would come and stop me." He reserved for me his precious 400 watts smile before kissing the top of my head.

"Come on gents, the kissing booth." Jai stated, guiding the troop to the kissing booth. My arm wrapped around Luke's waist as we trailed behind, laughing at the people Brooks pointed out that ever made passes on him in the past.

Our school needed all the money they could muster and apparently the Principal was okay with spreading herpies for the cheap price of a dollar per kiss. Not that the worthy candidates were disease-ridden, oh no.

We had the pretty Cherry Evans, body and face so similar to Cher Lloyd and brain from Athena the Greek God, so with brains and die hard looks the boys queued up for a light kiss. Beside her stood Carrie Michaels, in all her glory. She was beautiful, short dress, big boobs, she was a looker. No wonder the lines were so long.

Then in the booth beside them was Alec Hughes and Braden Phillips, the infamous basket ballers, who not only were tall and dark but were both incredibly sexy, sandy blonde hair, Alec with green eyes, Braden with bright blue. Enough to make a girl swoon and pay up the worthy one dollar.

"You can look but don't touch." Brooks said, snapping me out of my small trance.

Before I had time to make a witty remark Aaron's voice called for Brooks. "Oi Luke, coming for a little peck?" Aaron asked in line.

Brooks pretended to think about it before he looked down at me and smirked. "Nah, I can get more for free." 

I slapped that boy in the chest, then I yanked my arm back so I wouldn't get carried away with his firm upper body. Bec winked at me and Lilly waved as the lined up, as the other boys did in their separate lines. Luke's hand massaged my hip as my head rested on his shoulder.

"You look incredibly beautiful today, Al." He announced, in a slightly articulate manner.

"Thanks Brooks." I said sincerely.

I watched as a girl walked towards us, her arms filled carrying a box. As she drew closer I noticed the box was filled with multicolored balloons. A sign dangled from the front of the box that said 'Free water bombs', that was just a disaster waiting to happen.

"Want a free water balloon, Luke?" She offered, her voice sweet and endearing.

"Sure thanks..." He trailed off, trying not to make it obvious that he didn't know her name.

"Andrea." She interjected with a small smile as though she wasn't phased nor surprised.

He nodded at her and dwindled the balloon filled with water in his hand. He scouted the area, scrunching his eyes from the glare as he tried to pick his victim. Then his eyes feel on me and he smirked. My eyes widened and I shook my head vigorously towards him.

"Oh no, oh no Brooks." I said, taking steps back as he threatened to throw the balloon at me.

"It's a win/win." He said before he came charging at me. I squealed, running through the crowds and I thought I had victory, I thought I lost him so when I turned around I knew how terribly wrong I was.

I didn't hear the splatter notice when the balloon came into contact with my shirt. I squealed from the impact because the water was ice cold. He achieved his target and I had to give him credit for his impeccable aim. He strolled through the crowds, throwing his head back as he laughed. He was pointing at me as though I were the punch line.

"What did you mean win/win?" I hissed at him, my arms falling at his chest as I hit him repeatedly.

"I predicted that I could make you scream and make you wet." He smirked and I rolled my eyes in attempt to hide my smile.

Then he came in close, so close that the fabric to his navy blue shirt pressed against my wet shirt. His head rested beside mine and I felt his warm breath making contact with my skin. 

"Al, your shirt is see through." My cheeks boiled and I knew that if I were to look into a mirror they were a bright red colour.

I knew that he was telling the truth because he was smiling smugly and also my shirt was a white light weight, any splash of water and my bra would be see through. Thankfully, I wore a white coloured bra. But then I was second guessing myself, did I end up grabbing the purple bra like I had originally intended, I swore that I didn't.

I looked down to meet my fate that my bright purple bra was shining through. My palms hit my cheeks in embarrassment and Luke's smirk grew wider when he knew that I knew. I probably looked like a female prostitute, flaunting my bra -unintentionally of course but others didn't know that. I needed a step by step procedure that I needed to follow.

Step 1. Buy another shirt (Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm more than sure that the Preppy Girls had a store selling clothes).

Step 2. Kill Brooks.

Step 3. Dance over his grave.

Okay, maybe my measures towards the end were a bit extreme but I definitely had to get him back, no question about that. So I surveyed the rides and contemplated my options. I could of course make him afraid, sadly he was not scared of heights. Maybe I could seek revenge my pulling a humiliating prank on him. Then I told myself no, I mean I can't even get my bra on effortlessly, let alone perform an accurate prank on the master.

Then I allowed my mind to wonder and I formulated an idea. I had to beat him at something. What better way to make him embarrassed when his own girlfriend beats him at something masculine. It was only then that I was the disaster in this plan because I wasn't good at anything that he wasn't.

"What are you thinking about?" Brooks asked, drawing my attention.

Revenge. "Nothing," I answered and he looked at me skeptically.

"Really? Because you made your contemplating face, where your forehead creases and its basically when your brain enters mechanic mode." He laughed lightly to himself.

It was cute how he could depict my expressions. "No, just thinking about how far Bec is going to take her 'one dollar' worth kiss." I chuckled looking at my best friend who had her fingers running through Alec's hair. His hands on her waist as she sat on top of him, not making light of their tongue action.

"Wow," Brooks laughed at my maniac friend. "What happened to her and Adam?" He asked.

"McKain? Oh well he is a laugh but he's fridget." I stated in reference to the previous conversation with Bec when we caught up.

Brooks raised his eyebrows in shock. "Really? I wouldn't have depicted him as that kind of guy." He said and I simply nodded before zoning out and entering my revenge plan.

When the gang gathered back up again, lips red from heated lip action, we decided to head over to the food stalls because it was nearing towards the 12pm mark. On the way I stopped Brooks because I spotted some t-shirts on sale. 

A challenge was presented when I saw Mikaela behind the table of the stall. Her first reaction upon seeing me was a smirk as she looked at my shirt. Her smirk soon faded when she saw Luke'a arm draped around my waist but I didn't feel victorious. I felt quite bad for Mikaela, she was shagged and dumped but she developed feelings. Seeing a random new girl in his picture has got to burn.

"Hi." My voice came out sympathetically.

I expected her to come right out and say 'what loser?' but I should have known better. This won't happen with Brooks in the scene. So she smiled at me as though we had never met before, never came into contact.

"Hi, what can I do for you." She asked politely which scared me.

"Would you get over yourself? Stop being so polite." It wasn't me who spoke it was Brooks and his words left two girls completely taken aback.

"Sorry?" She asked softly. She seemed worried and scared that she hurt someone, someone famous like she looked up to.

"You heard me," He bit back, "I know behind my back you've been putting Al through hell and I would have put a stop to it sooner, if you weren't a girl." From behind me I heard someone high-fiving and I also heard Lilly murmur, "Burn bitch." 

She expressed the look of innocence, "Luke , I-" but she was cut off by Brooks.

"Save it Mikaela. I don't know your intentions but I certainly don't want to hear your excuses, we just want this shirt," He held a tasteful cream shirt -somewhat similar to the white button up that I was wearing- in the tips of his fingers, "and we can leave each other be, okay?"

She nodded despite how much she mentally disagreed and cursed. She mumbled the price before offering us a bag. "To be honest I'm not even going to bother offering to pay because you caused this mess." I sat matter-o-factly to Brooks and he smirked.

"And just when I thought you were a cheap girlfriend." I allowed the laugh to escape my lips as Brooks purchased the shirt.

I carried it before noticing the stares and snickers from around me. It was driving me crazy so I succumbed to the need of having to change my shirt their and then. "Can I borrow your help?" I asked the troop.

Considering they were my friends and boys, non objected to be my little tent, plus they were all taller than me so the coverage would be beneficial. They formed a circle around me and I smiled gratefully with faith that they won't humiliate me. I began pulling up my shirt before noticing that Aaron, Tyla, Jai and Luke's were firmly glued to my body.

I shifted uncomfortably sighing, boys would be boys so I croaked and asked for them to turn around which reluctantly they did. I peeled off my shirt in the middle of the fair and pulled on my new one which fitted quite comfortably.

"I sneaked a peek." Brooks whispered from behind me.

"D-Did you enjoy it?" I stammered nervously, genuinely interested to see if he liked what he saw and I knew I couldn't be mad at him for sneaking a peek because plenty of times I was caught checking him out.

"Let's just say it will be hard for me not to perform acts of PDA on school grounds." He smirked and I smile up at him.

"Okay troops, lets advance to the food stalls." I announced and we all smiled considering we were all hungry.

It was apparent as the smell in the air changed from nothing to the smell of glorious cooked cuisines. It didn't matter what variety was an option I had my eyes set on a hot dog. So then I thought, a way to emasculate a boy is easy if you beat them in a competition involving food.

"Hey Brooks, why don't we get hot dogs." I suggested with my eyes widened.

"You know me so well." He smirked, pulling me towards the hotdog stand. 

When we had arrived at the yellow and red stand I ordered an original hotdog while Luke ordered one with the lot. When the warm food hit my hand I immediately walked towards the area where multiple tables were set up. To my delight, Lil and Jai were already seated and I assumed the rest went to buy their food.

I joined them with Brooks trailing behind and expectantly he took the seat beside me. Before he took a bite into his food I stopped him.

"Wait, how about we make a contest out of this?" I suggested and his eyes sparkled with interest.

"Who ever finishes first get glory rights." I stated but Brooks was not satisfied with my arrangement.

"How about winner gets free kissing rights," He compromised and I frowned but agreed considering it wasn't as bad as I expected. "And body fondling." He whispered in my ear and I choked on my saliva.

Some how he managed to make me agree, maybe it was the way he was caressing my cheek but either way I found myself biting into the hot dog like there was no tomorrow. Half way through the meal I felt sluggish and my jaw ached from all the chewing, physically I most likely appeared attractive as I could feel the tomato sauce skimming down my face.

I could no longer continue as I felt like I was going to vomit up the contents of my stomach. How he was nearly done I will never know. But I have up and thought maybe I could beat him in something else.

"Winner, winner, winner." Luke cheered once he finished swallowing his last mouthful.

"Shut up." I said, shoving his arm slightly.

"Naw Al, don't be a sore loser." He teased and that's when I decided that the war had officially began.

"Oh it's on Brooks, it on like Donkey Kong." He smirked at my cliche reference to donkey kong before we left the group and adventures forth to any booth that we could challenge each other in.

I endured sumo wrestling -don't ask how that ended, a pie throwing competition where the antagonists were the teachers, he hit four physical education teachers accurately while I only managed pie facing my homeroom teacher.

The deciding challenge was the pool dunker. My worst enemy. Bravely I took my place on the seat and Brooks had the ball in his hands.

"You know Al, we don't have to do this." He said softly as if pitying me.

"Throw the damn ball Brooks." I said aggressively.

"Al, I don't want you to-" I interrupted him.

"Brooks," I said through gritted teeth, "throw the damn ball."

From a far I watched as he mumbled and muttered most likely cuss words under his breath. He turned around and walked further back for better aim (I had a very nice view of his fit bottom) before spinning back to face me. He inhaled deeply before shaking his head and looking at the ground. He looked up, eyes on the target before he threw.

It was flimsy and wide and I knew he did it on purpose. He missed the shot by a mile but he smirked and shrugged at me. If he wants to play it that way then by all means Brooks, play it like that. Gracefully, I stood up and hopped of the mechanism. I smiled sweetly at Brooks who looked at me curiously.

I knew what he was thinking, Fat chance she's gonna make it.

So I stood at a healthy distance a part and made playful banter with him just before I let the ball roll out of my hands. It was then that I allowed the Preppy girls and their boyfriends to talk to Brooks and take photos of him, little did they know that I was advancing to target. I stood in front of it and I watched as Brooks noticed my appearance  no longer in front of him but now beside him.

"Al, No-" He called out but it was drowned out when I slapped the pad and he dropped and crashed into the water. It only took moments for him to resurface but I knew he was laughing.

I noticed that the girls had managed to record his dunk and sure enough that video would go viral around the school. Caption: SCHOOL'S BAD BOY GETS DUNKED! I mentally laughed to myself but was cut short when an abrupt slashing noise grasped my attention.

"Well played Binks," He called out, "But you can't hide forever, we have a whole two weeks together."

Oh shit.

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