Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


13. Chapter Thirteen - He's the Only One to Remember My Birthday

Chapter Thirteen - He's the Only One to Remember My Birthday

I don't know how it happened but I didn't bother trying to stop it. One moment I'm at his door step early Sunday morning, next moment I'm in his mother's car on the way to join them at Sunday Mass. It happened so fast that I couldn't even control the outcome.

It all started when I woke up at 7:30am, force of habit due to school. Groaning, I groggily got up only to hear Tara's voice floating up the stairs and through the corridor to my ears, where she was talking about a lunch with the Mayes. That's not the worst part, the worst part was that both I and Tara were invited. Being with Tara is bad enough but being with Tara and Colt, now that was like death. After completing my morning rituals I had nothing to do, so instead of going to Bec's house, I found myself staring at Luke's door.

I didn't even have a chance to open the door because as my hand formed in a knuckle and approached the wood, it swug open. Magic, I thought. No, it was just Brooks swinging the door open as he adjusted the skinny tie. He almost ran into me, I could tell he was in a rush but he still managed to crack a smile. "Teddy, it's early." He said in a husky, early morning voice which left me weak in his presence. Damn him! I shuffled back, giving him some personal space.

"Yeah, I um...." I honestly had no response.

An evil grin formed on his face. "You were just about to ask to join us at church, well I accept." He said, buttoning up the last button at the bottom of his checkered shirt. Even at church you couldn't rip him away from his leather jacket but either way, he looked classy with black skinny jeans. My entire felt weak in his presence, something that Bec has only ever described to me.

"Um okay." I said, not exactly knowing how to respond.

Just then three bodies hustled out of the house, all clean and dressed appropriately. Luckily I decided to wear my nice skinny jeans and flats today. "Alex, will you be joining us?" Gina's voice questioned. Was this whole situation weird?

At first I was baffled that Luke actually goes to church, I mean, he lets off this reckless punk attitude so I didn't know religion would be in his vocabulary. Me? I mean, I was baptised a Catholic, I followed the sacraments as you do, I went to church on the special occasions like Easter or Christmas. But I wasn't a weekender participant. As I was immersed in my thoughts I heard Brooks accepting for me.

Beau took the passenger seat of Gina's commodore, which of course, she was driving. This then led to an argument between Brooks and I, where I was forced to take the middle seat, squished between two teenage boys. He only won because he used the word 'diminutive' which made me blush, therefore he won.

Before walking into the church itself I was stopped by an elderly woman. She was frail yet was firm. "Excuse me miss, but you can't go inside with your shoulders bare." She informed me, referring to my crop top which didn't have a sleeve. I simply nodded at her and watched her slowly climb the steps. Luke was beside me, asking if I had brought a jacket.

"No." I replied. What now?

Moments later a familiar warmth was draped over my shoulders. After my hands touched the fabric I knew exactly what had been placed on my shoulders. He placed a hand on the small of my back, mind you, bolts of electricity flew through me as I nestled into the smell of Brooks. As described in books, I only now realised how people can have a sixth sense when it comes to a particular person. They know their smell and they know their touch and warmth. I felt this with Luke but he would never feel the same way.

I pulled my arms through the long sleeves of his leather jacket which I was grateful for. He followed behind me as I followed Jai's lead into a pew. Before stepping in Jai bowed, I gave him room for him to bow before sitting in the pew. Following his example, I bowed only to have my bottom meet which I can only guys to be Brooks' crotch. Standing back up I felt his chest on my back.

"Watch out Al, I almost gave you anal." He whispered in my ear and a smile etched on my face.

"Only you Brooks, only you." I muttered as I took the seat beside Jai and soon Luke was sitting next to me.

His hands were nestled in between his thighs and his right thigh was a millimeter away from mine. I felt his warmth transmitting onto my leg. There was an evident prickle at my thigh but in a sense, I enjoyed it.

Surprisingly the mass wasn't something I had to endure, it was comforting to be sitting there, spiritually at peace as the priest spoke about the Gospel. It didn't even get awkward (Why would it be awkward? He doesn't like you) when we had to shake each other hands for the sign of peace. Brooks' hand was so warm, evidently leaving me with a shaky hand and an adrenaline shot due to his own voltage.

During this time though, Gina whispered something in Luke's ear which made him roll his eyes and deny. Followed by this was a small hymn and I had a feeling of what Gina ordered Luke to do because when she noticed Brooks' mouth sealed shut she gave him the 'You better open your mouth boy' look. This then led to a small hum coming from Luke's clenched teeth.

It was actually in tune and it sounded bearable. Brooks can sing? I tried giving him a reassuring smile and I tried to comfort him by singing myself. Notice the word 'tried', instead of singing along Brooks attempted to cover his laughter while the priest glared at him. It wasn't like Brooks was laughing at my singing, I was attempting to cover up my own grin.

Either way when we left Luke earned a smack on the back of his head, totally deserved it though. "So Alex, will you be joining us for Sunday lunch?" Gina asked as she smoothly drove out of the car park.

Surely this family has gotten sick of me always sticking around. I know Brooks can barely tolerate me. I mean, since when did 'partners for an assignment' mean get involved with his family life or come over when ever I felt like it. He wasn't rude though but I know that I've gotten just a bit too friendly with his family. Constantly over staying my welcome.

"Thank you for the offer," I began. Oh yeah, and even if I wanted to go, I can't. I had lunch with the Mayes. Even Voldemort can smell my excitement. Maybe while he is sniffing around, he can catch a waft of my sarcasm. What am I going on about? Surely I'm not mixing Harry Potter in with my reality. Yes, that is how pathetic and sad my life is.

"But I'll have to decline due to an already committed occasion." I politely declined, causing Brooks' head to snap to my side.

"Please, dumb that down for my brothers to actually understand." He joked but I saw a flash in his eyes that he wanted me to elaborate, which was weird considering the fact that he actually wanted to know where I was going. Maybe that is just my eyes playing tricks on me.

"I have agreed to go to Sunday lunch with the Mayes." I said and I felt Brooks tensing adjacent me. As my shoulder bumped his due to car movements he felt as stiff as a rock.

"How do you know that self centered beep?" He asked, purely vinegar in his words. He didn't actually say beep but I decided it was necessary to repeat that vulgar word. Along with this, the only word forming in my head as a mechanism for a comeback was 'hypocrite'.

"Mayes, as in Colton Mayes? I haven't heard that name in years. Hey Luke, remember when you lef-" Beau's story was cut ever so short when Luke spoke over him.

With a tight jaw and clenched teeth, he boomed, "I remember." And just like that, silence filled the car. I realised then that I never ended up answering Brooks' question but it was too late now.

Upon arriving in their driveway, Luke stormed out of the car, slamming the front door behind him. Not giving me as much as a backwards glance as I said goodbye. I found myself shocked, staring at the threshold which now divided Brooks and I.

"Good bye dear," the angelic voice said from behind me. Ripping myself from the current trance, I said goodbye to both Gina and her two boys before leaving in my car, without a word to Brooks, driving away slowly thinking. What the actual f#ck was that?




"You have to wear a dress." My mum pestered as she pulled my wardrobe apart. She stressed the 'have' because apparently this lunch would make or break our family relationship with the Mayes. Why did my mum care so much? Well the answer to that would be our future outcomes. Like previously mentioned my mum wants one of us to marry Colt, secretly, I think she's a gold digger. But shh. That's our little secret.

Anyway, we both had to dress nicely because my mum said it was important to impress our future relatives and she actually said that. I shook my head, ashamed of my own mother. I hadn't actually met Colt's parents before because of the simple fact that I never dared to step foot in his house, in constant fear of booby traps. But now I'm not scared anymore. The fear of Colt actually vanished the moment I stopped liking him, it's like he had some sort of sick hold on me with all those good looks.

I'm not saying that one year completely transformed the guy and now he is some sort of horrid monster. No, he was still the same, same boyish good looks but what changed was me. And I think it was because of Brooks, he has given me this new found confidence and now, I'm no longer that invisible girl at the back of the classroom who knows all the answers before the teacher even asks the question. I still knew the answers it's just, I was no longer invisible.

"What ever happened to that pretty slim dress that had a diamond cut on either side of the waist?" My mum asked as she tossed all my tack suit pants out of her way.

"That would be Tara's." I corrected her and she nodded.

"How about that peach fitted one, the one with the padded bust?" My mother questioned. I groaned in frustration, did my mother not know me at all? I'd rather not answer that question.

"Once again mum, that would be a part of Tara's wardrobe." I groaned inwardly with one thought in mind; Does my mother not know me?

"You never wear dresses Alexandra." Mother sighed in despair as though it were the end of the world.

"That's because I have no where to go, mother." I explained, throwing my hands up in the air dramatically.

"You seem to be spending a lot of time with that boy." My mum shot back with a gleam of happiness in her eyes, as though finally she was happy with my social life, unlike her normal disappointment.

"Mum!" I groaned in a slurred tone.

"How about this?" My mother asked, her legs cross-legged on my floor, with her arms stretching as she held up a surprisingly cute outfit. A small floral skirt, flowers both purple and hot pink, white petals surrounding. It had a black, elastic waistband which matched the black, tight crop top. Pairing along with this, my mother raided Tara's cupboard and skimmed the cutest black ankle boots. I could have died being in the presence of such perfect.

"Mum!" I squealed like Tara each time she gets a new top. I think I deserved to be treated by nice clothes once in a while. It wasn't often that I dressed out to impress. Grabbing the opportunity by the throat, I styled my hair in a simple plait but I curled the ends of my fringe. I felt like a complete girl at that moment but to be honest I looked good and in return I felt good. The bust was tight making my boobs look 3 times bigger.

If only Brooks could see me now. Really mind? I'm shaking my head in shame that that thought ever appeared. I cringed knowing that I went to all this effort for a meaningless lunch with the Mayes.

Of course, I drove us there, with Tara's horrible directions I managed not to get us lost. The surprising thing was that Tara actually complimented my outfit and I quote 'Those boots a cute on you, I should get a pair' unquote. It was fair to say my older sister was a complete and utter air head but she would have ripped the shoes off my feet if I dared to mention that they were hers and she did own this pair.

I had never been in this part of town, the 'rich' side of town. I mean, it's a five minute drive from my own house but the quality is housing just excels. I still remember the look on Luke's face when he took a step into my house, such awe in his eyes. This was the same expression replicated onto my own face when the door opened to reveal Mrs Mayes.

It was as though I'd never seen the colour yellow before when my eyes laid upon her very expensive yellow summer dress. It was gorgeous, she was gorgeous. Laying eyes on Mrs Mayes taught me where Colt got his good looks, but apparently, not where he picked up his attitude or cruelty because there before me was the most beautiful woman.

"Tara." She said with utter happiness, embracing my sister as though it were her long lost daughter.

Her grin widened when she finally looked at me. "You must be Alex." She said, "I've heard lots of good things from my boy Colton." Embracing me in the same, big hug as she did with Tara. I swallowed a scoff that was threatening to come out on her words. Colt tells his mum about me? Good things too, that's where I was dying to scoff.

"You have a lovely home, thank you for inviting us." I said sincerely, their 'home' seemed more like a castle or mansion to me. Mansion most likely.

"Fantastic to see that Sarah raised such well mannered and beautiful daughter, surprised Colton only took a fancy now." She mumbled the end sentence to herself but I was close enough to hear. Ah, so Colt does like Tara, well my mum (Sarah) would be over the moon if she heard that comment.

"Please, come this way." Her words, so posh as she led us to the biggest dining room I'd ever seen. It was though I stepped into Buckingham palace, not even joking it was that elegant. I knew Colt was rich but I didn't know he was this rich.

Tara taking a seat at the head of the dining table as though it were her own house, we were now greeted with Mr Mayes. "Hello my dear," he greeted Tara with a kiss on the cheek. Bloody hell, since when did we fly to England with all this posh talking. Not stereotyping England at all but far out!

"And you are..." He paused, trying to rack his brain for my name.

Don't hurt yourself old man. "Alex," I informed him, politely nodding as he said, "Agh, yes, welcome." I felt like a commoner, out of their world, the world where I didn't fit in. I never had this odd, not belonging feeling with Brooks, I always felt at home with his family. Strange.

"Colton, finally deciding to join us." Mrs Mayes said with slight disappointment as he wasn't there to greet us. Tara lept out of her seat and embraced herself in his arms. For a guy who likes this girl he doesn't seem to be showing passion in his hug, I guess it was a normal hug, one I would share with Bec but there was an evidently different hug from when I would hug........Brooks.

Then his mum looked at me expectingly. Oh right, she didn't know that her son his a complete dick head who made my life hell for several years, this making me hate every inch of his body, even his name. So she looked skeptically as I didn't make an effort to greet her boy. I remembered my mothers words, "Be polite and be on your best behavouir, make an effort for the Mayes family to like you." Which in turn repeated to mean.......No way! Absolutely no way was I hugging him!

"Hi Ally," he said weakly in front of his parents. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that he is fully aware that I hate him but his parents didn't know.

"Hi Colt." I said through gritted teeth.

"He doesn't bite." Mrs Mayes giggled at my 'odd' behavious, not hugging her son like Tara did. I was tense, fists bound and firm at my sides, jaw tight and teeth clenched, anger seering through my skin as I approached Colt.

Never have I ever wanted to show such affection like a hug towards Colt, but for the love of my mum I ate away all my pride and fell into his open arms. There was an apparent difference from hugging Luke, first of all, I am not forced in hugging Brooks, second of all, Colt had no warmth, he was just skin and muscle, a lot of muscle. He wrapped his arms around my waist, a little too low for my liking. Nevertheless, he held me so tightly as though he were somewhat afraid to let me go. I stood there still and frozen, my hands plasted on his hips as that was basically the height difference.

After an unwanted long hug I literally had to place my hands on his chest, his firm chest and push him away from me. With the fakest smile I could muster I walked towards an empty seat and took my place after instructed. Just my luck, I didn't survey that the only spare seat for Colt was the one next to me. Just Great.

"Dig in," Mrs Mayes said with the most welcoming smile. Surprisingly as Colt served himself he also served me. It made me want to puke just at the sight of him being so polite. There was a variety of food choices, meaning I had multiple food on my plate. Trying each with half my fork the most glorious and savouring flavours were in my mouth. I had never experienced such fine dying.

The little fantasy in my world ended when Colt placed his hand on my knee. No one else could see from under the table but I swear to God that I was going to break his hand. On the look out, I sent him the most evil glare I could pull and he almost winced, as though he were hurt. "I'm sorry," he whispered and for a second there I believed him. No, I am not falling into this death trap.

When lunch finished another surprise occured, Tara offered to help wash up. I was also surprised that Mrs Mayes didn't reject the offer, expecting that she had a maid or a chef but evidently not. I thanked her for the meal and then she said the worst words anyone could ever say to me. "Why don't you hang out with Colton in his room while we clean up, Alex."

Colton. Room. Alex. Three big issues in that sentence. He gave his mother a pleseant smile as I unhappily followed his trail to his room. Walls blue, frames of artwork, double bed. I glanced in every direction on his walls, beneath my feet, behind a door, waiting silently for the booby trap. Now was his perfect chance, alone with his victim. What was I expecting walking into a rich boys room? There was an evident smell of aftershave that man my knees go slightly weak that I actually had to take a seat on his bed. Dammit Alex and your lack of experience with boys!

He sat opposite me on his bed with a determined look in his eyes. "Listen Alex." He began, automatically shutting me up, he called me Alex.

"Please hear me out, I know you would never believe me even if I said it a thousand times or wrote it in the sky but I truley am sorry and I promise that you will never have to look over your shoulder. I saw you checking every inch of my room, waiting for something to pop out at you but I promise that my pranking days are over. And no, this is not a trap itself. I just never knew it really affected you and I'm sorry that I was such a stupid kid." The dumbest thing I did was believe him, but to be honest he gave me the vibe that I could trust him and I never doubt my gut feeling.

"Okay," I said silently, hating myself for it.

"Okay as in 'Colt, you are speaking bullshit as always' or 'Colt, I forgive you'?" he inquired.

"I could never forgive you for the releantless torture you put me through but I believe you that you say you are sorry." I admitted, not daring to look into his eyes.

This wasn't right. I shouldn't be in his room, getting not cosy but reconciling with Colt. I should be in the only place I felt right, with Brooks.

"I guess I should have expected that. It just hurts hearing it."

"Hurts? Do you know how many nights I spent crying because of the chanting torturing my mind 'Chubby Ally', you don't even know what hurt feels like." I spat at him.

"Al, I didn't mean to-" I cut his words of by placing a finger on his lip.

"Don't ever, EVER, call me Al again!" My words like fire, I bolted out of his room, quickly muttering a goodbye to Mr and Mrs Mayes, yes, leaving Tara at her second home, I drove home, pushing back the tears. No more crying over Colton Mayes. No more.




I felt the same, I obviously looked the same. It was a normal Thursday morning from my perspective. I was expecting something, longer hair, stronger nails, prettier face, something signifying an older year on this earth. But, no, I'm still just Alex. Propelling myself off my bed I was half expecting to be crash tackled by Tara on my way to the bathroom but nothing.

Peaceful humming came from downstairs in which I followed after dressing myself in uniform. Cheery smile from my mother and a hidden mouth from my dad as he had the local newspaper in front of his face. "Hi," I yawned.

"Morning hunny" My mum replied and dad grunted in acknowledgement of my presence. Not even 'Want an egg?' to say the least but really, nothing? They couldn't have forgotten. Ironic if they did though, luckily I'm seventeen today and not sixteen. How cliche.

Tara's clanking school shoes made her presence apparent and my mother was more than thrilled to see her. "Tara, Colton and his family have invited us to another dinner next week." My mother squealed.

I groaned, maybe they did forget. A little party was screaming 'Surprise Party' but knowing my family it wouldn't be. It finally sunk in when I left this morning for school that they were too absorbed in their own lives, marrying Mr Colton Mayes that they forgot all about the birthday of their daughter. Already in a shitty mood I actually stood my ground and told Tara to shut up as she rambled on about the lunch at Colt's, may I remind you it was 4 days ago. Some love bug there.

Storming into the school corridors, apparently I was still, after weeks, was the talk of the school. Do these people have a life? I pondered. Meeting with my friends it was obvious that they had other things on their mind, I couldn't blame them, exams were heading our way and we were less than prepared. As per usual, the conversation flowed, no one mentioning my birthday, a pang of hurt hit me like a bull placed their horn up my ass.

The bell rang and I was more than happy to attend homeroom, or so I thought. Stopped short by the sexiest voice whispering, "Happy Birthday," in my ear, who ever it was I wanted to kiss them. That was until I saw Luke's smug face in front of me.

"Sorry?" I asked, checking if I heard him correctly. Stuffing his hands in his pockets he sent me a sheepish look.

"Shit, sorry Al, I thought it was your birthday..." His voice trailed off in embarrassment but my smile grew.

"It is my birthday silly." I said, lightly punching his arm but he caught it before I could contract it. Wrapping it around his waist, he pushed my face flush against his upper chest. Once again, I felt myself hugging, or being forced to hug Brooks. The fresh smell of aftershave and cologne drifted into my nose causing me to slightly dribble as his chest was hard.

"In that case, Happy Birthday Teddy!" His voice bright and chirpy. He remembered my birthday? He, Brooks, being the only one who remembered my birthday.

"You'd be the first." I mumbled into his chest, frowning he pulled out of the hug. I instantly missed his warmth.

"What?" He inquired, having a gentle grip on my arm.

"Everyone else forgot it was my birthday." I said, looking him square in the eye. That's when his lips curved into a smile.

"What are you smiling for?" I asked, noticing he was dragging me in the opposite direction to my class room, with halls empty we were headed in the direction of the exit.

"Al, I am taking you out today." He said as if it were obvious.

"Sorry, what about school did you not comprehend?" I questioned him, was he crazy.

"We are ditching and I'm going to give you the best birthday ever." Alas, we were outside and staring out into the car park.

"Brooks, we have school, exams are coming up, we can't ditch." For some reason the thought of ditching excited me but it was against all my morals.

Brooks forced me to look at him. "Let me guess, you have never ditched school before, so this will be your first time. It will also be the first time that you'll be spending it with someone as great as me. Additionally, this will be the first time you go swimming in a lake." A smirk arose on his face.

Lake? "I feel like you are stripping me of my innocence." I mumbled as I followed him to his bike. Everyone forgot about my birthday besides him, who was I to argue if he wanted to spend the day with me.

"Only of your virginity." He chuckled, after we were settled on his bike we zoomed off, wind in my hair. Stripping me of my virginity? Now I'm positive that this was a bad idea, yet my heart was telling me it was right.

He parked beside a forest, I didn't question his actions aloud and I followed him as he lightly tugged on my arm. "I come out here to think, it's my quiet place." He mumbled as I tredded on the bark. What was I doing? I was still in my school uniform and everything. But I quietly followed, listening to the crunching sound of fallen leaves beneath my leather soles.

Finally he stopped at a cleared area, there were little trees and I understood what he meant by 'swimming in a lake' because there, before my eyes was a long, flowing, probably ice-cold lake. I didn't understand, why did Luke bring me here? To his 'quiet place'.

He sat down on the only patch of grass there was for miles, lightly tugging on his shoe laces. "What are you doing?" I quizzed, sitting on the grass beside him. A smirk formed on his face as he pulled his shoe off.

"We," he corrected me, "are going swimming." Before I knew it, Luke was pulling down his trousers, right before my eyes. I didn't want to look but, wow, it was as big as the girls had described it. Utterly, confused, scared and quite frankly excited I watched as he slowly undid his buttons. I had seen his abs and biseps before but I never managed to get over how fit he was. He is perfect. My eyes raked over his body, more of his chest because I noticed quite a few patches of ink stains. Brooks had tattoos. That itself literally screamed Bad Boy.

"If you are done checking me out Al, I'd appreacite it if you join me." My cheeks flushed a crimson colour, quite embarrassed that Brooks caught me and picked me up on it. Before I knew what I was doing, I began pulling down my stocking, right after my shoes had come off. Oh no, this meant he would see me. Brooks would see me in nothing but a bra and undies. I knew he had seen plenty of girls like this before, and I mean plenty. I was no where near close to competition compared to those super models. But I was average and now he would see me.

"Al, don't flake out on me, don't get shy. You are already beautiful, I won't judge." My heart literally stopped, skipping a beat before returing rapidily. I looked into the almost naked boy in the lake, the only one who had ever called me beautiful. Brooks called me beautiful. Me.

It didn't take long before I shyly pulled off my over garmets, classified as my uniform. Luke's jaw dropped and I knew then, it was that bad. Sighing I quickly ran to the lake so he wouldn't have to look at me for that long and I jumped, well bombed into the lake.

"Not bad for a nerd." He teased in a joking manner before we both laughed. His laugh. Wow, I sound like a crazy Luke Brooks fangirl.

We began having mini slashing wars in this freezing close water. With my teeth chattering and my skin most likely turning purple, Luke noticed my cold. He gathered my limbs up in his arms and wrapped his body around mine, surprisingly I was warmer. My heart, not needing to mention was soon coming into cardiac arrest when I noticed just how close his face was to mine.

"You have tattoos." I mumbled, looking into his eyes.

"They don't call me a bad boy for nothing." I laughed at his words, throwing my head back.

"I love your laugh," he said absent-minded. Did Brooks just associate the L-word with me? Oh no, I could feel it. It was happening.

"Shut up." I said, playfully punching him when my arm finally struggled and was free.

He looked into my eyes and smiled. I could see his face etching closer as I noticed my eyes flicking to his lips. They were curled up into a smile but as I stared longer they itched closer to my own. Oh no. A butterfly feeling errupted in the pit of my stomach and I grew nervous. He was as close as he was before, at school, when I covered for him.

"I still owe you one," he smirked, leaning closer but it was as almost as if he read my mind.

"You make me nervous." I said stupidly and he chuckled, leaning back slightly giving me room to breathe.

"And why is that?" He asked, his head resuming in the close position, his breath tickling my bare skin of my neck.

I was about to respond, my mouth was open and ready but something stopped me from talking. Beautiful, I was living in absolute bliss. His lips, so comfortable on mine as if we were made for eachother. Time seemed to stand still, as though we were the only people on the earth. I did what he was doing kis- "We should head back to our bags and get some lunch."

I gave him a confused look, weren't we just kissing a moment ago? Why were we talking about food and why wasn't his breath heavy? His lips not red and mine not tingling. Oh right, that wasn't reality, that was the fantasy in my mind. In reality the sound of my stomach grumbling occurred, that's what stopped us from leaning in.

Brooks pulled himself out of the lake, helping me out with him. Wrapping his arm around my shoulder as though it belonged there, we walked back to his motor cycle with our clothes in our hands. He began to look at me and smile. "What?" I questioned, slightly blushing.

"You look so real, so pretty without make up on your face. I have seen some real fake dolls in my life time." He chuckled, remembering a previous memory. But he said I was pretty, along with being beautiful with such ease, as though he were stating that the sky is blue.

"Why do I make you nervous?" He asked with a serious look on his face.

"I don't know." I responded, not quite knowing my emotions yet.

"You aren't scared of me are you?" He asked, slightly worried.

"No, I'm not scared of you." I laughed.

"But you are scared of something." Luke don't cross that territory or my feelings will get confused. Please don't ask.

"What are you scared of?" He questioned and my mouth remained sealed shut like a volt.

"What is it?" He asked calmly. A feeling of anger swelled inside me, can't he keep his questions to himself? I swear, if he asks me one more time I swea-

"Al, what are you scared of?" He stopped us, his arm no longer on my shoulder. I knew it, any minute now I was going to explode. His eyes, desperatley searching for an answer within mine.

"I'm scared of falling for you." I screamed, pulling myself away from him and as if the empty forest couldn't be any more quieter, impossibly it was deadly silent.

Not the wind moved through the trees creating a rustling sound. The lake dared not to flow as laid still. Not even his breathing could be heard. All I heard was the loud noise of my stupid brain saying 'Nice one Al, spilling your secret' and my heart beat, pounding in my chest. THUMP. THUMP.

After what felt like an eternity of silence he whispered, "You say it like it's a bad thing."

"It is," I was on the verge of crying. Too late. "It is a bad thing" I loudly sobbed to myself.

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