Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


16. Chapter Sixteen - He has My Back

Chapter Sixteen - He has My Back

We sat in complete and utter silence. I'm more than likely sure that he heard my mumble but he still sat perfectly still beside me. The tension in the small cupboard was enough to suffocate me. Is he going to say something? Do something? Anything?

I was more than embarrassed, my cheeks were burning. I want to kiss you too. What on earth possessed me to say that? Like literally, I sounded like a ten year old. It was more than mortifying due to the fact that I admitted that and he heard. 

But can we not by pass the fact that he openly admitted that he wanted to kiss me. He's kissed so many other girls, you're no special.

Well there goes my self esteem.

I was more than sure that he heard me because he placed a hand on my knee. Massaging my knee cap with his thumb he exhaled slightly. "Maybe some other time."

Maybe some other time? Maybe some other time? Way to kill the mood Brooks. It was at that moment when I felt literally sick. I couldn't sit beside him, with his hand on my knee and have him tell me 'Maybe some other time.' So I got up, without explanation and I charged for the cupboard door.

I dashed out, glaring at all the smug faces as I held one hand on my stomach and the other to my mouth. A sicking feeling consumed my throat and I felt as though I was going to throw up. I'm guessing that my over all appearance portrayed the face that I was feeling a bit off because Beau commented, "He was that bad?"

I quickly apologized and excused myself from the party and I ran out. That is the second time where I have just run out of the place because my situation was too overwhelming. Two bodies followed behind me as I leaned on Bec's car.

"What happened?" Bec asked with a confused look etched on her face.

"Nothing." I admitted and they didn't believe me.

After telling them the complete story they were both horrified with Luke's response. "I just cringe so much hearing 'Maybe some other time.' Like what was going through his brain?" Lilly exasperated, expressing my exact thoughts.

"He wasn't thinking." Bec muttered as she inhaled in the cool wind.

"Well are we going back in?" Lilly asked, I could tell she really wanted to stay due to the fact that this was the only time her older brothers allowed her out with teenage boys.

I sighed inhaling the cold air. It was best if we did return back inside considering the fact that we dashed out quite rudely. Shuffling my feet I advanced to the front door. Exhaling loudly I opened it to see 4 big smiles on 4 boys faces. Brooks was the one with the smirk, trust him to do that. 

"Ready to play?" Beau asked with a smug smile.

I gulped audibly and nodded. So it was that we continued to play. I resumed in my seat, folding my legs and I spun the bottle. It landed on Jai. 

"Truth or Dare?" I asked with little interest.

"Dare." He smirked, patiently waiting for me to respond. 

I glanced at Bec who was giving me a look, a look of inspiration. I'm not really good in social scenes, nor am I really good at understanding facial expressions. Except with Brooks, that I'm good at.

"I dare you to kiss Bec." I said in a flat tone.

He sent a charming smile. Luke's is better. He advanced to Bec and kissed her right then, right there. The boys wolf whistled, while I sat there uncomfortably. A look appeared on Lilly's face but vanished just as fast as it came. But it was too fast so I didn't quite catch it. 

We continued playing and as the game progressed I lost interest. That was until it landed on me again. My heart was racing as the words escaped his recently licked lips. "Truth or Dare, Al?" He taunted with a smirk.

Stay brave, I told myself as I licked my own lips. "Dare." I said, zeroing my vision in on him. He wore his signature smirk so well that my eyes almost didn't noticed his features attraction. I knew he was ripped but in that fitted shirt his biceps bulged out. The biceps I wanted wrapped so tightly around my waist. I was snapped out of the spell of my false reality when he spoke.

"I dare you to jump into the pool with your clothes on." He smirked and I averted my gaze to the back yard. Ha! I win. James doesn't have a pool.

"There is one next door." Brooks whispered as though he read my mind. 

So there we all were, huddled in a cold form outside. We had just jumped the weak wooden fence separating James' yard with his neighbors. Before advancing to the other side I found my strength in my upper arms to pull myself up. Soon enough I felt a burning sensation on my hips, either side. To firm yet warm hands were placed there, lifting my up and over the fence.

Receiving a charming and flawless wink when I landed, it felt as though my knees were going to buckle in. "Are youready?" Beau asked from beside me, giving me a slight nudge.

I noticed that I had been staring at the pool aimlessly because my mind had been too focused on Brooks hands on my waist, the burning tingle that remained and the perfect wink that made my knees wink. All for me.

"Jump." Daniel egged on creating a little chant that flew among the crowd.

I quickly slipped off my boots, if it looked like I was prepared to jump maybe they wouldn't actually make me. Or so I thought. The silence was evident as they silently waited for me to jump. I was not going to jump into the most likely ice cold water in the middle of the night.

"You have to do the dare Alex." James reminded me after no action was made.

"It really isn't a safe practice. I can contract hypothermia where body is exposed to cold temperatures meaning that the body has to work hard in maintaining body heat. As the temperature falls, the body shunts blood away from the skin and exposure to the elements. Blood flow is increased to the vital organs of the body including the heart, lungs, kidney, and brain. The heart and brain are most sensitive to cold-"

I was stopped from continuing when I felt my body being thrown, my cheek felt impact against a rigid surface. I inhaled and then was intoxicated by his heavenly smell. I surveyed the area, at first I struck about the amazing view my eyes gawked upon. After zoning out on Brooks' ass I realised that everything was now upside down.

"This is also dangerous due to heavy blood flow to the brain-" Once again I was cut off but this time by a husky silencer. "Shh." He instructed.

Then I realised just what was happening, I was slung over Brooks' shoulder and we were advancing to the pool. "Brooks no, hypothermia can lead to death occurrence." I warned but he didn't listen and he continued to run.

"It's okay Al, you be Lois Lane and I'll be your Clark Kent."

It was necessary to 'Aw' at Luke's comment. For a nerd that was the biggest compliment you could receive and for Brooks to say that to me- I was cut off mid thought as I was soaring in the air, then slowly descending.

"Hold your breath, Teddy." He whispered and soon my whole body was consumed by a cold, dangerous feeling. I blinked at the bubbles which blurred my view, slowly together, as I latched onto Brooks, we resurfaced.

"Wasn't that fun?" He panted after inhaling heavily.

I couldn't trust my throat to respond. Soon enough the nippy air and cold water were not a good combination as I was shivering immensely and my teeth were chattering to no end. To say that I was freezing was an understatement.

"Come out you two before Mrs Blantly goes spastic." James threatened, slightly worried that he would get caught.

We stumbled out of the water, Luke lightly carrying me until Beau took over and carried me to the house. He was warm but not as warm as Brooks. He wrapped me in towel before making a comment that I didn't really listen to about preferring Luke'a arms or something to that effect.

James placed a heater in front of me an I sent him an appreciative smile. "The way her clothes stuck to her body though..." Daniel drooled and I'm pretty sure it was about me because no doubt, my clothes clung to me like I would cling to Luke.

"Shut up." Luke said through gritted teeth and I think I heard an impact of a punch followed by a groan on Daniel's behalf.

"We should take Alex home." Lilly told James as she hugged him goodbye.

"Thank you for inviting us." Bec thanked on our behalf.

"T-Than-nk Y-You." I chattered as they led me out the front door and hauled me into Bec's car.

They dropped me off and Lilly walked me up to my house. Surprisingly Tara took me up stairs, helped me into the shower before tucking me into my bed. I was pretty much out when my head hit the pillow.


I decided it was best to avoid Brooks the next day. I don't know exactly how he felt but I felt pretty damn awkward. All I could remember was the awkward cupboard scene. It was best to avoid eye contact, interaction and conversation with him at all costs.

Everything was running so smoothly until lunch where he decided it was best to join my friends and I. Literally, bringing himself and his posse along, we were huddled up on the bed, shoulders pressing and all. He spoke to me like nothing ever happened in the cupboard.

It literally meant nothing to him...

"Are you feeling better?" He asked after noticing that Lilly, Bec and Jai were immersed in one conversation.

"Sorry?" I pardoned, I was fine and I had no reason to not.

His eyebrows scrunched. "You didn't contract hypothermia?" He elaborated before chuckling.

"Oh right," I muttered. "I'm fine."

"So Al, I reckon it's about time that we take us to another level." My ears perked up at his words, repeating them over and over again.

"What?" I blurted out quickly.

"I think it's about time that you give me your phone number so I can contact you. It's only logical." Brooks stated.


"How is it logical?" I asked him.

"Well, we've known each other for quite a while. A month if I remember correctly and you should really give it to me so I can contact you at night if I need to." 

I noticed that the girls were no longer in a conversation and they all listened to our conversation.

"Why would I do that. True I've known you for a month but that's not long enough to entrust you with it." I shot back, clearly fired up with this discussion.

"Come on, every one does it. Why do you have it if you will never use it?" He paused before deciding that it was a rhetorical question.

"Plus, it will benefit both of us. Taking a step further into us." The way he said us made my body tremble. It so so good from his lips.

All eyes were on us. I could feel the searing heat from their burning glares on my back. I was well consumed in my heated discussion with Brooks so I tried to ignore them and finish my victory.

"No, if you haven't noticed Brooks. I'm not everyone so no, I will not satisfy your need." 

An eruption of laughter echoed from around us. My head jerked to James who said, "You do realise what your conversation sounded like." Maybe there was a poor choice of words on my behalf.

Luke bellowed in laughter and my cheeks turned from pink to crimson. I wasn't going to bother defending myself because I knew the result would be making a bigger fool out of myself.

"I win." Brooks whispered in my ear. I bit my lip, knowing that I was defeated.

"As a part of my victory I deserve my prize. Teddy, your number please." He had his phone at the ready to type in my number.

"But.." I said hesitantly. He gave me reassuring eyes that I could trust in giving him my number. Maybe it was logical and it would be beneficial.

"Fine." I grunted and I read out the digits to my mobile phone number.

"Thanks Al." He said with the smile that made girls fall at his each and every command. 

"No problem Brooks." I said through gritted teeth.

He got up off the bench and slowly, stuffing his hands in his pockets, began to walk away. I found myself frowning and deep down my heart sank. I didn't want him to leave. 

"Where are you going?" I called out after him.

He turned on his heel with a smirk. His eye contact was lingering as he spoke. "To the bathroom Al. Unless you'd like to join. Or do you have a problem with a vital bodily function?" He inquired with his head tilted.

"I'm starting to have a problem with all your functions." I cooed with a smug smile. This earned me a high five from Jai and a lower uproar or 'ohh's.

"Except for one function that all girls scream for." I grimaced at his words, with a smirk he walked away in the direction of the boys toilets.

Lunch period progressed and soon finished. With my bag slung over my shoulder, I walked briskly to period five. Sliding somewhat gracefully into my seat, I settled and felt a vibrate in my pocket.

On the rare occasion that I do get a text I never do get one in class. I have expected it to be my phone carrier informing me about a new deal they have. My eyebrows knitted in confusion as I saw an unrecognized number. Averting my gaze towards the teacher I cautiously unlocked my phone to read the message.

There was a photo attached of a Teddy Bear which struck me as odd. Was this a sick virus? Below was enclosed a message which I read thoroughly, over and over again and each time I read it I found myself smiling because I knew exactly who it was from.

teddy[ ted-ee ]
noun plural ted·dies.
1. a woman's one-piece undergarment combining a chemise and underpants, sometimes having a snap crotch.

teddy bear
1. a toy bear, especially a stuffed one.

Glancing back at the teacher I quickly texting Brooks back before saving his contact into my phone.

So you are indirectly calling me undergarments and/or stuffed? I texted him back, smiling with satisfaction.

Almost immediately I got a text back replying, I could just imagine Brooks frowning as he walked in a slow pace avoiding class.

No I'm calling you sexy like undergarments and cute like a teddy bear. Learn a lot in class Al and stop yourself from thinking about my good looks.

To say that I wasn't flustered nor blushing would be a complete and utter lie. Brooks admitted that he found me sexy and cute. I cannot even comprehend the feeling that I was experiencing at that moment in time. It was as though all my insecurities about anything had immediately vanished. Just like he told me not to

I found myself thinking about Brooks. His undeniably good looks and his smart ass personality which was hard not to like.

I was in a daze thinking about his chocolate brown eyes and I almost wasn't aware that the dismissal bell had rung. I collected my book and stuffed it in my back pac before being stopped by the teacher who asked me if I was okay. It was an unsurprising question because it is highly unlikely that Alex Binks doesn't pay attention in class. I came up with the excuse that I had a headache before rushing out of class.

With my eyes on my feet I felt a hard impact, almost like a wall. My knees buckled in and I came crashing down to the ground. I looked up to see a well built boy who was laughing at me. "Watch it nerd." He spat before his leg whipped around and his foot made contact with my knee.

"OW!" I yelped trying to push away the threatening tears. The pain in my stomach was inexplainable.

"Don't cry loser." He taunted. My arms wrapped around my stomach protectively as I watched his leg swing around once more. I squeezed my eyes shut and waiting for more unbearable pain and more name calling.

It never came. I dared to peek through one eye and I saw my hero. The boy who pushed me to the ground was now pushed up against the wall. Brook's fists were tightened around the cotton material of the boy shorts as he threatened him in a deadly tone.

"Never touch her again do you hear me. Never hurt her again or I swear to God I will make your life a living hell." Brooks threatened as he slugged the boy in the stomach.

I tried not to focus on the unfathomable pain in my stomach as I zeroed in on the boy who was against the wall, scared for his life and nodding to Brooks' every word.

"Agologise to her." Brooks said and there was a pregnant pause.

"NOW!" Luke said violently.

"Sorry..." The boy trailed off obviously not knowing my name.

"Alex," Brooks offered.

"Sorry Alex." The boy muttered, flinching as Brooks dropped him to the ground.

"Go!" Luke demanded to the boy who then scurried off.

Immediately Brooks came to my side, asking me all kinds of questions which I couldn't really understand. He touched my stomach and I winced in pain. Just like he promised me, he had my back. It was then apparent that I could trust Luke. Soon I found myself off the floor and being carried bridal star to the nurses office.

"Brooks," I croaked and he eyes bored into mine. "You're good at being my super man."

His worried yet fire burning look softened and he smiled. "Only for you Al, Only for you."




Bec was in complete melt down mode. At this moment in time she was sprawled out on her bed, balling her eyes. It was better than her pacing the room like a man woman coming up with all kinds of what ifs like she had done 5 minutes ago, for 15 minutes. I didn't really understand what the current situation was because she would be completely bi polar, first piss mad and now crying.

Lil was in the kitchen getting food because none of us had eaten since lunch. I was sitting in the corner of Bec's room holding her pillow as she melted down. She's had melt down like these before due to stress or boys but she has never needed both Lilly and I here so something big must have happened. Lilly walked in quietly, not daring to say anything. She handed a brunch bar which I munched on happily.

I decided not to tell them about my incident where I got sucker punched in the stomach, I should have but it didn't feel right with Bec completely flipping out. I told Tara when I got back from the nurse, I was expecting her to say 'You deserved it' but no, she got me to describe the boy before then telling me that she will deal with him in a deadly tone.

We literally shat our pants when Bec exclaimed. "He told me he loved me." With that her head sunk into her pillow and Lilly and I looked at each other like 'Oh no'. One wouldn't normally respond in this way if a boy told you he loved you but with Bec, we knew this day was coming. Bec is the girl who doesn't get attached with guys because she doesn't believe in love. Now we were all questioning in our minds just who this mystery guy was.

"Guys," She sniffled. "I need junk food and movies because...somethings telling me that I love him too and that is no good."

Neither of us questioned who 'he' is, we obeyed Bec's wishes but I knew someone who could fix this situation because he can fix any situation. He was the first and only person to enter my mind when I thought of needing someone which kind of scared me. That's why moments later Brooks received an extremely and vital text.


With a briefing, minutes later I found Brooks hustling through the door way with a crooked smile and a sleeping baby Annabelle in his arms. It was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. I offered him a smile and soon he was settled next to me, under a blanket as the first movie was in. He seemed to say the right things, breaking down Bec's protective walls. Soon she was sitting, clutching a pillow as she watched a movie and she was smiling.

I observed as he made jokes with my friends, he fit right in. They were enjoying his company because he was such a likeable person. My friends don't open up to people easily but seeing them joke together made me smile. I could tell that they were beginning to like him, thinking that he wasn't as bad as I made him out to be when I ranted about how much I hated him.

"Thank you." I whispered to him as I snuggled into his shoulder.

He smirked which made me smile. "No problem, I've always wanted to be in a chicks sleepover." He said and I chuckled.

We leaned back on the comfort of her couch, Brooks wrapped his arm around my waist which made me burn with electricity.

Imagine if people saw, Bad Ass Brooks sitting here, cuddling under a blanket with a nerd, watching a chick flick with one emotional teenage girl and another slightly less quiet. No one would have believed it yet it was happening and I was happy that it was. I knew I could depend on him now but I didn't want to be become too dependant on him.

I could feel my eyes growing heavy, slowly fluttering as I continued to glare at the screen. My head nestled in the crook of his neck I inhaled his sweet toxin.

"Fall asleep Al." He whispered to me noticing my droopy eyes.

"I don't want to fall asleep in your arms." I mumbled to him as I closed them slightly.

"Why?" He softly inquired.

"Because when I wake up I don't want to see that you aren't there." I whispered back.

I felt a soft kiss on my forehead which made my heart melt.

"I'll be here Al, I'm not going anywhere."

I found myself drifting off to the soft murmur of the television with his heavenly words repeating in my head that I felt I needed to rely on. And soon I realized what was happening.

I was falling for Luke Brooks and I was didn't mind it. Not one bit.

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