Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


6. Chapter Six - Anti-Luke Strike

Chapter Six - Anti-Luke Strike

The conversation flew amongst the table so freely, it wasn't as though I was invisible, it was as though I were actually a part of the family. Gina invited me to help myself as she placed the big dish of spaghetti on the table. Politely, the whole family waiting until I served myself. So upon noticing this my arm reached out for the utensil to retrieve my spaghetti, as did another hand.

Shyly, I placed my hand back on my lap and waited for Luke to serve himself. He held onto his plate as he dished a good scoopful of pasta onto the plate. Soon, the plate was right in front of my face, my nose inhaled the sweet aroma of freshly home cooked pasta. I searched into Luke's eyes as he gestured once more for me to take the plate.

I held it in my hands and took note that Luke, although he is obnoxious, he is actually quite a gentleman.

Surprisingly, before we began to eat his Nonna started with prayer. But, there was a twist, she held out her hand which Jai took, Gina gave Jai the look which meant that involuntary he took Beau's hand, Beau held his mum's hand, who held her dad's hand, who then reached over to hold my hand.

My eyes darted around the table, everyone was holding hands and the circle was incomplete until I held Luke's hand. "The amount of girls who would want to be in your position is uncountable" he said in a cocky tone with that simple smirk on his face.

"Quit playing hard to get Al." He said, referring to my free hand which was fumbling with the hem of my shirt.

"I'm not playing, I am hard to get." I said with more confidence than I expected.

Oh you wish Alex.

"Al" he said with a cheeky smirk, he knew that this was inevitable.

And soon he slid his masculine, warm hand into my small, shy one. It had literally felt like our hands were a pair. His hands warmth radiated onto mine, my hand molded into his form. His hand was so big, yet it was protective over mine. As we all mumbled the words to the prayer, I couldn't help but stare at Luke's hand in mine.

His hand burned through mine and of course my heart rate was increasing the longer it stayed in mine. My breath hitched in my throat as I listened to my impossibly fast heart beat.

"You can let go now Al." Luke smirked as I finally snapped out of the trance. No one but he and I could see that our hands were still interlocked as they were under the table.

Although every ounce of my body did not want to let go, hesitantly I did and instantly I missed his warmth. My whole body felt a shiver, it was as though his touch could keep my whole body warm. I glanced down at my paralyzed hand, it had tingled in it, every finger tip tingled but it was a good kind of tingle. I kind of loved that feeling. That feeling I only got from Luke.

We tucked into our meals and I was addressed on several accounts to answer questions both his grandparents and mother asked. With my best manners put forward I answered all their questions which ranged on a variety of topics to the best of my ability.

Soon we all moved from the table, after clearing the plates, to the television. Luke invited me to take a seat, I observed all the couches and there was only one free one, the same one which contained Luke's body on it.

I took a seat on the couch beside Luke but my estimations were incorrect, I said closer to him than I intended. He didn't seem to mind though. I glanced back at him, consuming his features. How can one human being be so incredibly sexy?

"So Alex, why don't you stick around and we can play a little game." Beau said suggestively, making me feel uncomfortable. I could feel Luke's blunt glare at Beau and cautious stare at me.

"I really should be getting home" I said, fiddling with my fingers which became the most interesting thing. I analyzed the environment I was in just before, Luke's environment. His family. How he came out of those wonderful people will always be a mystery to me.

"I'll drive you." Luke said, pushing himself up off the couch.

"I have my car." I shot back, feeling slightly odd about Luke's predicament. He is never like this, ever. Why is he being so nice?

"Right." Luke said, I read his facial expression and for some reason he was beating himself up. As to say 'face palm, nice one dumbass'. 

I gathered up everything Luke prepared for Annabelle, I bid his family good bye and I headed for my car. I didn't realise that he was following behind, his footsteps almost silent.

"Another lonely night Al?" He cooed as I unlocked my car.

"Excuse me?" I said, overly offended.

"There is always room in my bed, if you ever feel to lonely." He offered with a smug smile.

"Sorry, I was never one for a threesome." With that I flicked him a wave of good bye and I dug into my car.


"Another night out?" My mother greeted me as though she had been waiting out for me.

"Hi mum," I said taking note that for the first time it was obvious she didn't trust me, but why?

"Don't 'hi mum' me, do you what it's like to get a phone call from your children's school and for them to tell you that their child was on detention. Then embarrassing yourself by saying that the school got their children mixed up but no, they hadn't!" my mum said, the obvious hint of anger in her voice that I had never experienced before.

"Mum I'm really so-" she cut me off by shoving her hand in my face.

"I dont want the excuses, where exactly have you been." She said, glancing at the bundled up blankets in my arms.

Her mind went for the worst as she dug through the blankets to Gina babies face, "Mum relax, it's fake." I said trying to calm her shocked face.

"Alexandra Brooklyn Binks, straight to your room, I don't even know who you are anymore." she yelled at me. Usually she only says full names when she is mad, but the anger is ne'er directed towards me so I have never experienced this before.

As I walked up the stairs to my room she muttered to herself, "A detention, my Alex." She repeated in disbelief.

I slammed my door shut to prevent her from following me any further. I groaned inwardly, slamming my hands on my desk. I then sighed realizing that I was in the wrong, I'm the one who got on detention. I was still in shock. I hauled myself to retrieve my homework from my bag and I began consuming myself in trigonometry.

It's him. And I'm disappointed in myself that I succumb to be one of them, just another sheep in his flock. He is a bad influence and I'm losing sight of the real Alex, the Alex who doesn't swears, the Alex who doesn't get on detention and the Alex who doesn't fall for dumb boys.

I decided that it was best for everyone if I went on an Anti-Luke strike. He did nothing for me except for getting me into trouble. My marks on small quizzes are dropping. All I have to do is take a shift and look after a baby and that's all I'm going to do. No more stops at his house, no more meeting his family and no more him.

He was over confident and definitely over rated and I don't need that mess in my life. We would be acquaintances, end of.

I found myself getting back into the rhythm of actually doing homework, something that I have neglected for the past week. As I patted Annabelle on the back, I memorized lines in a scarlet letter which would come in handy if we ever needed to perform a small portion of the play. Now I was getting back to the best of being the real Alex, one who is organized.

I was finished with my homework at around 10pm and I decided to call it a night. It was fair to say that when I smiled, it was a smile of Alex, not a sheep. And suddenly I realised that I was dependent on Luke but why? He did nothing for me, absolutely nothing.

Just as I was about to fall asleep my door opened and my light was turned on, a very excited, surprised and shocked Tara walked in.

"Detention," she mumbled, jumping onto my bed without permission.

I squinted as my eyes desperately tried to adjust to the light. "How is it that the hottest guy in school still wants to spend time with you and not me?" She questioned as if it were so hard to fathom.

"Tara, I want to sleep." I groaned, throwing my covers over my head to block out the light. It was unsuccessful.

"No, you aren't helping me achieve my aim." She whined as she re-positioned herself on my bed.

"Your aim to get in his pants." I said with disgust and she giggled but then soon gasped.

"You like him dont you." She squealed.

"What no. That's gross." I said quickly, maybe too quickly.

"Then why are you so defensive?" She quizzed.

"Stop denying it Alex, you like the Bad Boy." And without she skipped out of the room, without closing my door behind her.

She's crazy I don't like Luke. In fact I might hate him. I hate his arrogance, the fact that he thinks he's always right, the cute smirk, the mesmerizing brown eyes.

No I don't like him and even if I did it would never happen because I am way out of his league.


There was something in his walk that was arrogant. Hands dug into his pockets, head up, walking superior over every body else. He walked with such pride, back straight, his arrogance was literally radiating off him. Through the white school shirt his back muscles were visible. I had an urge to have my fingers travel over them.

So much for finding him arrogant Alex! Remember Anti-Luke Strike?

Along side him was his twin brother, Jai. And a boy I met before, James. As per usual they pretended that they didn't notice the audience watching as they strided through school. Mikaela was trailing behind them, weak in their presence. She was like a sheep, following their each and every move. But back to him, he walked right in the middle of the corridor, as if he owned the school. He knew that he would always have his way, no matter what task.

I scoffed as I watched each and every girl having their eyes glued to his back side. He jerked his head to the left and his eye caught mine. Everyone knew he was a jerk but no one minded, especially when his pure brown eyes were gazing upon you, like he was doing to me now. I gave him the glare, as if to say 'What'. I watched as he threw his head back in hysterics.

I could just imagine him hearing my voice in the back of his head. He did his signature smirk towards me for looking away and heading out the doors. How could one person have so much pride in himself? I could hear his words repeating in my head, "The amount of girls who would want to be in your position is uncountable" he was so cocky yet so sure of himself.

The problem was that he knows he is unbelievably good looking yet he uses his charm for evil.

I wanted to look away first so then I would have that over him. Why did I even look at him? I don't care about anything to do with the name Luke Brooks. But I couldn't escape it, he, his name was every where.

I began my journey to homeroom, I was not landing myself another detention for being late.

"Binks." I heard my name being called out in a deep, husky and completely sexy voice.

Way to be mad at him Alex!

"Binks!" He said as I pretended not to hear him, I continued my way down the hall on my way to science, a subject that I needed my mind in.

"Al," he said almost breathlessly which made me completely weak. He was right behind me, his chest almost hitting my back and I could hear his unsteady breathing.

"Are you avoiding me Al?" He asked jokingly as we turned the corner, yes I say 'we' because he was walking right beside me.

"Trying to." I shot back, just being in his presence made my fists clench.

"Wait," he said, reading my facial expressions. He devoured each and every detail on my face which made me slightly insecure. 

And of course we were dealing with inconsiderate Luke who actually stopped me in the middle of the corridor causing a disruption in the schools traffic but either way we stopped.

"You're being serious?" he questioned, examining my face for more emotions.

"Nice observation genius." I spat at him, readjusting the folder that was digging into my wrist.

"What's fucking wrong, what happened?" He asked, retracing in his mind the good evening and now not even being able to comprehend my mood.

His swearing was making it hard for me to breathe, it was so articulate, his eyes were dark brown with anger.

"You came into my life!" I shot back, the words formed into my mouth without my brains consent and immediately I regret opening my mouth.

He paused for a moment, composing himself and being the true bloke he said, "Alright Alex, if that's how you feel" and with that he walked off.

I'm going to be blunt, it hurt when he called me Alex, it shouldnt though, its my name. He shouldn't have that effect on me. He just shouldn't.

Ignoring him didn't go quite to plan considering I had a Health Class later that afternoon.

Luke's P.O.V:

I had a Health Class that I considered ditching, it was Al's words that were repeating in my head, "You came into my life". She said it with such disgust, such passion. She meant it.

I regretted swearing at her. As I consumed every inch of her skin I noted how beautiful she is. Her curly brown hair was up, like always and I imagined it down, running through my fingers.


I leaned on the door frame, 16 minutes late. Those 16 minutes I spent looking at myself in the mirror. Maybe it was for the better. Cliche movies were right in saying that mine and Alex's social groups should not mix. I thought it would be different, she is different.

I huffed and gave up that I was late enough so if I was even going to show up it may as well be now. I felt obligated in some respect to show up because it was now my responsibility to care for this child as well as Al's. But either way I know that she would have preferred me not to show up.

I know I should like a major pussy but I don't want to be a dick for the first time. Just the thought of her being mad at me makes me hate myself. 

She stands near her friends, one finishing of a story and the only laugh I hear is hers. It's not like the other girls aren't laughing, they are in absolute hysterics but she's the only one I hear. She looks up and for a faint second her eyes meet with mine and I see something pass through them, appreciation that I showed up.

She moved over to our bench, my eyes watched her hips sway as she moved. If she wasn't mad at me I wouldn't have been able to control myself. She eyes me, gesturing me to move over to her, mentally messaging me with her eyes that she isnt doing all the work herself.

"You aren't doing a very good job at staying mad at me." I say with the smirk that all the girls love and the voice that sends all the girls weak.

"You aren't easy to be mad at," she said quickly, knowing that she didn't think about that one before letting it slip. It made my lips curl.

"Are you just going to stand there with your hands in your pockets all day?" She said, referring to exactly that, my hands in my pockets.

"Where do you want me to put them?" I said suggestively and I could tell she was doing her best not to smile.

But then she did, man, Al your smile is killing me.

"I didn't mean to hurt you." I said, not knowing where to take this.

She scoffed, amusement written all over her face, "I should have known, the only type of apology one would ever get from the Bad Boy."

"You're lucky you got an apology." I shot back and she chuckled. 

I licked my lips and looked at the beautiful girl in front of me. I eyed her up and down, taking note of her perfect body which has all the perfect curves in all the right places. She really was like a female hour glass shape, one that I adored outlining the figure with my fingers.

She blushed the moment our eyes met once more, she had seen me checking her out.

Al, I love the fact I make you blush. It's adorable.


"Yeah, yeah," was her response as she placed another spoonful into Annaelle's mouth. I quite liked the idea that she used the name I chose.

"Do you hate me?" The words formed in my mouth all by themselves, maybe subconsciously I wanted to know the answer, now that it was out it the open it wouldn't kill to know.

Unless she says yes.

Of course she'll say yes, she had made it pretty clear that I'm an arrogant asshole. 

I watched as her mind correlated my question. With her head down, she shook it lightly. "No, I don't," and that enough was able to make me smile.

"Doesn't change the fact that you are still an asshole." she said and I instantly chuckled.

"Yeah okay, I can live with that." I responded with a heart warming smile.

"It won't fit." She said, referring to the spoon not being able to fit in Annabelle's mouth.

"That's what she said." I hollered, she shot me a disgusted look but soon a smile replaced it.

"You are a real piece of work there Luke." she said with a replicated smirk.

I could have collapsed, the way she said my name, her sweet voice saying my name. She never called me by my name before. It's usually 'hey you'.

"A sexy piece of work." I chimed, moving closer to her.

I could see that she shuddered, getting nervous almost. I was proud in knowing that I had that effect on Al.

"You're not too bad yourself Al." I complimented her, wanting to give her more credit for being such a fine specimen.

She scoffed at my words as if she didn't believe me. Was she insecure? Maybe she was that blind that she can't see how amazing she is.

"Is that the line you use to get the girls?" she quizzed, taking a step away from me.

"Oh," I said, letting my ego shine. "You will know if I'm trying to get you on my list" I replied.

"Oh you have a list?" she questioned with eye brows raised.

"Hall of fame, really, only the best make it. But don't worry Al, you'll be on there for sure." I said, adding a wink. I wanted to step closer but I decided to give her some space.

"Not for a very, very, very long time." she retorted, wiping Annabelle's mouth.

Hey, at least she didnt say never. Now I know that there is a chance because I think Al and I, we can make it work.

What am I saying? I'm Luke Brooks. I dont have crushes on girls, they have crushes on me. I don't date girls, I just screw them.

But when I advert my gaze to the girl beside me I can't help but smile, she makes me want to define all my morals. The way I saw her with my family yesterday, I cant describe it, she looked so at home. Then when her hand was in mine, I had never felt so alive. A million of electricity bolts zoomed through my veins making my heart beat unsteady.

She probably felt nothing, she was probably thinking 'What a freak show', by then I actually question, Al wouldn't be the one to insult tradition, she's too nice.

Too nice for you.

And just like that health class became my favourite subject, one that I will always attend. Because Al is always going to be there. And you know what, I think the world was working in our favour when my mum dragged me to school because the school actually called and said my grades were dripping, I wasnt going to show up that day but I'm happy I did. The day I got number 15 but more importantly the day I met Al.

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