Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


17. Chapter Seventeen - I call the Bad Boy Cute

Chapter Seventeen - I call the Bad Boy Cute

A promise is something that has the effect of an express assurance; indication of what may be expected. 

The feeling you get when someone keeps their promise is something to treasure. I experienced that feeling the moment I woke up and just as I fell asleep, I woke up in the most comforting and protective pair of arms. How I lasted the whole night without a heart malfunction will be a mystery to me. 

What I do know is that the moment I woke up, the gnawing feeling that was there for a second was gone when I inhaled his sweet in-toxin. He had this relaxing scent about him which was heavenly cologne with a mix of his boyish good smell and it was mouthwatering. My head was now in a position underneath his chin meaning this my whole body was laying on top of him with my back on his chest.

His arms firmly wrapped around below my breasts gave me comfort yet surprise that he was still there. His legs were tangled with mine and anyone to walk in would get the impression that we were together. My heart was racing as a small morning throat clearing was made from beneath me. I stayed still, not daring to move, not one bit just in case he forgot everything and went spastic. So silently and patiently I waited for his next move. Surprisingly his grip tightened around me but then relaxed again.

His voice low and hoarse made my eyes roll back in pleasure. I should not be feeling this kind of attraction to Brooks. "Good morning Al."

My heart fluttered at his words, I now realized that every morning I wanted to hear a greeting from him.

I knew my voice was weak but I forced my self to reply otherwise. "Morning Brooks." I croaked. What I did notice was this his body shuddered at my words, as though I gave him pleasure or satisfaction. Much same as he did to me. Did I do that to Brooks?

"How was your sleep?" He asked, his voice still ruff gave me a tingling sensation as I could feel the vibrate from his vocal cords from beneath my head.

"Great." I blurted out which made him chuckle. I also felt the vibrate from under my back from his chest.

My Chest. My Shirt. His Shirt. His Chest.

"How was yours?" I tried to ask back just as cool, calm and collected as he did but I failed miserably.

"One of the best sleeps I've ever had." He whispered in my ear making me shudder and I know that he understood my reaction. I could just imagine his sexy smug smile plastered on his face right now.

"Okay you two love birds, we have school so you better get home. Like now." Bec said, resuming to her normal state. She was frantically looking at her watch and I couldn't bare to look at the clock. I knew that I was going to be late but I tried to hide my nervousness. Additionally, I was blushing increbibly at her comment about 'Love Birds' which Brooks must have brushed off.

"Well, we better go then." Luke said squeezing me once more before lifting us both off the couch and settling our feet firmly on the ground.

"Is your back alright?" I asked out of shear concern. I've heard on a few documentaries about the back injuries brought about by sleeping a night on the couch. Let's just say it isn't a healthy practice. This thought then led me to think about my father and what Tara said about my parents fighting.

It wasn't common considering my father barely spoke and he usually let my mother get her way so for him to actually fight back was something that I needed to see for myself. A warm and comforting hand was placed on the small of my back. I could already tell by the thrilling chills that I was experiencing that Luke was walking me out of the house.

"See you soon, Al." He said when we were both now outside in the fresh morning. The birds happily chirping away gave me the sense that today would be good, considering that I woke up in the best feeling, maybe today would top off the weekend.

"Bye Brooks." I said as I unlocked my car. With a curt nod and a small wave he drove off. I settled in my car and a sinking feeling settled in my stomach and my heart sunk with it. I can't miss Brooks already? He only left a moment ago. What I did know was that this feeling, the feeling of missing him was not healthy and I'm pretty sure that I should get that checked out.

My house was quiet when I stepped in, at first I was convinced that no one was home but then I heard it. I stood still in my place and observed as it happened. It is much scarier right before your eyes than it is portrayed in movies. I was just in shock more than anything to experience my parents in this state.

"It's always your fault, Paul. You never take responsibility for anything. Your girls are gone almost every night, sleeping over boys houses and you don't even care. You just sit there with your mouth shut the way you've done for TWO YEARS PAUL. TWO YEARS." My mother screamed for the top of the stairs, not caring about the audience she gathered from Tara and I.

I was stunned to hear my dad's voice shouting in return. "And you are so perfect Sarah, you're the one not keeping tabs that your daughter is looking after a baby, working her butt off to get the grades to satisfy you, and your other daughter who does everything in her power to grasp your attention for two seconds. I hope they show up at your door, pregnant one day. I really do wish that." My father shouted back but not in an enraged tone, he was calm yet yelling. That's what scared me.

"How dare you undermine my authority in front of-" My mother's voice was cut off by a louder voice, I expected it to be my father but no. Tara stepped in front screaming out her lungs to shut my parents up. She was on the verge of breaking but as I studied her I read that she was trying her best to stay strong. She felt compelled to because she was the older sister.

"ENOUGH. I've had it up to here with you two constantly yelling. If you hate eachother so much why don't you just leave. Alex and I don't need this stress Friday morning before school, just before exam weeks. You two better sort out your differences because Alex and I are over carrying all your dead weight."

My sisters words caught me off guard but I'm sure that they smacked some sense into my parents. With a loud huff my dad grabbed his tie, mumbling that he was off to work he pushed past me and was off. My mum look at her daughters with deep regret and sadness, I hauled my way upstairs, I looked at her and embraced her in a pity hug. Then I returned to my room to get ready for school.

"Thanks for back then. My mouth was dry and no words were forming." I thanked Tara when we got in the car, breaking the ear piercing silence.

She cleared her throat, not trusting if her own words could come out. "It's okay, I just had enough. I'm sorry you had to see that. I know you see them as a perfect couple and I didn't want your image of them to be ruined." Tara quickly apologized to me.

I snorted at her words. "Yeah, a husband who goes days with only speaking three words and a controlling mother is definitely the combination of perfect that I was imagining." The sarcasm, dripping from my words as I spoke.

I couldn't understand the mood I was in because I was angry at my parents for being so immature, yet I had a burning desire to see Brooks so then everything would be okay. I was starting to think that maybe I'd become a little too latched onto him. Something that I was trying to avoid.

Tara gave me a strong hug as we stepped out of my car to face today, head on. I decided to let go of the thought of my parents and I wanted to start fresh. Greeting Lilly and Bec, who was now completely okay after realizing her mellow dramatic breakdown was little over done. So she really liked the guy, so what? I think she was just afraid of getting hurt. Remind you of anyone, Alex?

"So, he held you in his arms. Huh?" Lilly said, nudging my arm with a twinkle in her eye.

I knew I was blushing and I hated the fact that I inherited that trait from my mum. "It was nothing, she took over the whole bed and I was not sleeping on the floor." I chuckled, pointing fingers at Bec.

"Hey, it was a big deal for me." I was now really good at shifting the conversation off of me and onto someone else. Pat on the back Alex.

"So who is he?" The question was on my tongue but Lilly beat me to it. Bec is so lucky with her naturally gorgeous Spanish nationality that she inherited the most perfect skin tone one could ever want. And just because we could all tell that she was blushing on the inside, not one faint tinge of pink formed on her cheek.

"Don't judge okay?" She paused, waiting patiently for our nods. "It's Matthew O'Reilly."

My jaw hung open at his name, Bec placed her palm to my chin and closed it.

"Alex." She groaned in frustration. You may be pestering yourself thinking, who could Matthew O'Reilly possibly be? Let's just say that he isn't good news. All the bad news beginning when you come to know is that Matthew is Bec's ex. Yes, devastation. He is university- two years above us- He and Bec would be on and off all the time. He is the most bi polar person you could ever meet.

She lost everything to him, he told her that he wanted to marry her. Then one night he came to her house drunk and almost raped her. She would cry over him saying that he changed after they got back together, this went on for a whole year. Then her grades began to drop and he cheated on her when she went away. She is still convinced that he has changed but guys like that never change. We haven't heard about him for a whole year....until now.

I didn't have time to ask questions but I promised her that I would judge so I wished her the best before scurrying off to home room. When roll call was completed, Sir let us out early so when I stepped out of the class room it was perfect timing to run in on the Bad Boy who was late.

I knew exactly how I was going to play this out. Messing with Brooks is probably the most exciting thing to do, it is genuinely so much fun. It is the best because I think that I'm the only one who can mess with him and get away with it. In my peripheral vision I was his signature smirk, in my direction as he walked with pride through the corridors. I walked straight past him, pretending that I hadn't seen him.

I was walked past him, a waft of his cologne escaped from his body and flooded my nose causing me to smile instantly. As I continued to walk at my teasing pace, I listened as he turned on his heels and was now watching me walk away.

"Al." The way his voice laced around my nickname with such warmth made my heart jolt. I turned around and pretended that I didn't see him.

"Oh, Hi Brooks. " I said in the most bitter tone that I could muster. I stifled back a laugh and he gave me a confused look.

He wasn't talking, he was just examining me so I continued. "I didn't recognize you without an STD hanging off your waist." I shot at him which caught him off guard.

Brooks: 101, Alex: 4

He stepped closer to me after the uproar died down from the people in my homeroom who heard my sly comment. His eyes let off a look of pain and confusion as he looked down at me. "Al, Did I do something? I told you I'm over those days." He replied back and honestly, it was adorable how confused he was.

"Why can't your little achiever perform anymore? Has it shrunk and no one wants to touch it anymore because it's off his game." Brooks turned from innocent to defensive.

"Nothing about my achiever is little, nor is he off his game, nor has it shrunk." Luke replied in defense, his eyes never leaving mine.

He looked some what intimidating but I wasn't scared, I knew that he wouldn't lay a finger on me. "That's not what the girls say as they pass in the corridors." I teased him causing him to step closer to me, which instantly made me take a step back.

"Trust me Al," He was now smirking, "that's is what they say. You can see it if you want." He replied back suggestively.

I gulped feeling overwhelmed by the sexual tension between us. "I would have pass please, I can see your size just by looking at the mini hot dogs at the canteen." I fought back, I am not losing this battle.

"It seems like you've spent a while thinking about my size Teddy, I'm flattered. But I'm pretty sure that you won't be able to handle my package." He said, taking a step closer to me. He didn't give me a chance to take a step back because it was then that I felt his package on the inside of my thigh.

"I think the count is Brooks: 102, Al: 4" He whispered in my ear before stepping back and walking away like nothing happened.

And just like that, I was left in the crowded corridor, all hot and bothered.




"Why did he call us here?" That simple six worded question was on the tip of everyone's lips.

After lunch period was finished, instead of heading to Health Class like my time table read, the whole grade was called over the PA because we had an impromptu meeting. Just my luck it had to be the period where it was just Brooks and I.


"I don't know." Bec whispered from beside me, answering my original question. We were escorted into the hall where multiple rows of chairs were placed. Taking a row and following Bec's lead, we took up three seats and whispered among each other.

Like high school students do, the theories were buzzing around the seats saying that the police were here to pick up Brooks. That rumor alone made my stomach churn, even my lunch was threatening to come back up again.

The hall silenced as our old principal, ungracefully climbed the stairs as though it were Mount Everest. He adjusted the stand for the microphone when he was on stage and tested it. "Now you all may be wondering why I called this meeting with your year group." He began.

I was impatient to hear what he had to say so I was nervously fiddling my the hem of my skirt that fell at my knees. As he continued to talk about his inconvenience I felt a vibrate on the inside pocket of my blazer. Frantically raking my eyes over the sides of the hall for any teacher who wasn't focused on the principals speech, I quickly slid out my phone to receive my message.

Brooks - 'What a drone.'

I looked up, eyeing my grade in search for his perfectly fixed, bad ass head of hair. I zeroed in on Sir's words as he finally caught the majority of the girl's attention.

"There will be a formal dance, hosted by the Parents and Friends committee and it is necessary for your whole year to attend. If you fail to attend or dress inappropriately I will make it my personal job to have you in detention each Saturday for the rest of the year." He paused, eyeing a group of girls who were already chirping on about their dresses. Girls. Some times I had more faith in the male gender.

"At the end of this night the year eleven highest achiever will be decided." That is the only part of his speech which made my ears perk up.

A loud boom roared from the middle right of the sea of students. "Luke Brooks is the highest achiever." This sent the crowd snickering because everyone knew what he meant by that.

Me - 'May the highest achiever win'

Brooks -  'Looks like you have some competition Al.'

Me - 'Please, you are no competition.'

Brooks - 'A little cocky there Al'

Me - 'I just scoffed so hard'

Brooks - 'It's going to be nice to see you in a sexy dress Al. Just make sure that you don't tempt me too much.'

I couldn't even text back because my hands were on my cheeks trying to stop my blushing. Why did he have such an effect on me?

Brooks -  'Let me guess. You're blushing? You're so adorable Teddy!'

That boy knows me so well.

After several rules and regulations were clarified, in single file we were escorted out of the hall where we stood around for a good ten minutes before being dismissed for sixth period. Due to fact that this lesson is my free period I decided to flee to the bathroom before I headed to the library which is the most common place that I spend my free periods. The library is like my safe haven.

I watched my footing as I entered the bathrooms, I usually don't make an effort to look anyone in the eye as girls apply their make up but this time I felt a force pushing me against the cold tile walls and forcing me to look in their eyes. A wand of black mascara was brushed against my cheek as a weapon. A thin yet forceful forearm was pressed against my neck as I looked into her cold grey eyes.

"Listen here Binks." Her words spat into my face and I think a spray of saliva was lodged into my eye. Disgusting.

She was trying to hard to be tough and intimidating which made me laugh but I stayed quiet as she glared at me.

"What are you playing at?" She questioned me.

"I'm not playing at anything." I said in a confident tone which evidently pissed her off.

"Stay away from Luke." She barked at me and I tried to hold back my laugh. Was she serious? She was like a twig trying to hold me back and I was just playing along.

"Maybe not." I responded, pushing her out of my way.

"Binks." She turned around with shear anger in her eyes and the next moment I realized that she was in a back and forth motion throwing her foundation on the front of my white school shirt. Great. Seriously great.

"Stay away from him. He's mine. He's taking me to the formal dance so you lose. Keep away from him or you'll get another thing coming." She bit at me.

"Looks like you don't really have him if you are threatening me to stay away. Well guess what Mikaela, I'm not going anywhere." In triumph I stalked out of the bathroom and glared at the mess on my perfectly white shirt, which now had a splattered bronze mess.

The thought of Brooks and Mikaela together didn't sit right with me. In fact in made my stomach tighten and my face scrunch. Was this jealousy over Brooks?

He can't take her to the formal dance. He just can't.




The tapping on my window startled me as I was desperately looking for my sunglasses. I groaned, lifting my weight up and scowling at who ever dared to disturb me. And of course, the stupid yet flawless smirk caught my eye. He gestured with his hand for me to wind down the window. I rolled my eyes which made him chuckle and I lowered the window.

"What?" I huffed in exasperation.

"I'm good thanks Al, how are you?" He asked with a smoulder from his sarcasm.

"Brooks." I warned in a fierce tone and he held his hands up in defense.

"Okay, well my bike broke down so...oh hell I'm just going to ask. Al, can you give me a ride?" It took Brooks a lot of courage to ask me for a ride so why not? I owed him this much for all the rides he has given me.

"Sure." I said with a warm smile which surprised him before hopping in.

I was just about to wait in the car a moment longer in the school car part for Tara when suddenly i got a text message. Speak of the devil.

Tara -  'I got a ride with Colton.'
Me - 'Okay
Tara - 'You forgot didn't you?'
Me - 'Forgot what?'
Tara - 'Dinner at Colton's house in two hours.'

I groaned inwardly before settling my phone in the glove box.

"What happened?" Brooks motioned for my shirt.

I rolled my eyes. "Girls expressing their anger." I dismissed.

There was something that made me not want to tell Brooks about Mikaela's threat. Maybe if I told him it would make me look weak. Or maybe he would take her side. Either way, I was not looking forward to the out come so I was going to bring it up.

Shit. I had two hours until Colt's house for dinner where I needed to be dressed in respectable clothing. That means I need to change, the issue in that is that I lent Tara my house keys for when she comes home tonight because she will be staying later at Colt's house. So I have no keys to access my house to get clothes for today. Great just great.

"What is it?" Brooks asked, immediately knowing that something was wrong.

"I just don't have any clothes for a dinner that I'm going to tonight." I responded, also avoiding the topic of Colt because it always makes him tense.

He chuckled. "Al, a mall was invented for that issue." He replied.

Duh. How could you be so thick and forget that.

"Maybe I am competition." He teased playfully.

"I'll just drop you off-" He cut me off from finishing my sentence.

"I don't think so Al, I am not passing up the opportunity to shop with you." I averted my gaze from the road and I looked at him. He, of course was smirking. Grunting, I took a sharp right and headed for the place I hated going the most. The shopping centre.

I parked skillfully, Brooks even complimented me on it before heading inside as if he knew exactly where he was going. There was a store that I recognized and began pulling him into but he stopped me.

"I can't go in there." He said, looking up at the big Jay-Jays sign.

"And why not?" I inquired and the most adorable embarrassed look appeared on his face.

"Well, there was a dare and I had to pretend to work there. Let's just say it didn't end well and now I am banned." He elaborated briefly.

I nodded understandingly. So it was that he dragged me into a few stores and made me try on some clothes. I evaluated the whole situation, here I was, trying on clothes with Brooks for a guy we both loathed. His reasons unknown. Now as I analyzed I realized just what we were doing. It felt like we were in a movie, he threw me random clothes from behind the curtain and I laughed trying them on for him.

I must say. I was enjoying my time with Brooks.

"Dammit Al, you look so hot." He said, eyeing me up and down which mad me blush.

I was wearing a very small skirt which barely covered my bum and I was wearing a floral crop top. I pretended to pose which made him lick his lips.

"Now can we try and find something acceptable for this dinner?" I asked, with my hand placed on my small waist.

His hand covered my hand and he placed his other hand on the empty side of the waist. My heart was racing and my heart was racing. "Yes, Al." He said and his hand skimmed my cheek.

"You look so amazing." he complimented me like he has done for the one hundredth time today. I cannot even believe that I was still breathing and alive the amount of times my heart stopped at his smile.

"Thanks." I breathed, eyeing the outfit that I was wearing, pieced together by Brooks and myself.

I hid behind the curtain to try and hide the fluster that I was currently in. Taking off the white summer dress that showed off my tan, I placed it back on the coat hanger before purchasing it. Next we went to a shoe store and I bought simple soft pink flats.

"Thanks Brooks, for everything." I thanked feeling slightly ungrateful.

"It's fine. I don't know much about female clothing, I just know how to take it off but today was good." My heart dropped at the first half of his comment.

He noticed that my face fell because he immediately apologized. "Sh#t Al, I am so sorry- I didn't mean to- I am so so sorry." We now stood in the car park, facing each other and he looked at me with such desperateness.

"Can you forgive me?" He asked me with a worried look.

I tried to smile but Brooks' past kept haunting me and Mikaela popped up in my thoughts. Every thought escaped the moment his finger tips tangled with mine. He was still looking at me with intensity.

"I forgive you Brooks."




"Colt." I breathed as I made it to his door. My breath hitched as I looked over him. I couldn't lie, he looked really good.

"Ally." He offered me a smile which I returned. I couldn't hate that face.

"You look incredible." He complimented me, leaning on the frame of his front door. It made me feel guilty because this outfit was Brooks'.

"Thank you." I said before chuckling. "You going to let me in Colt?" I inquired and he face palmed before stepping out of the way.

"Sorry Ally." He apologized as I took a step inside his perfect house.

Once again, dinner was quite formal with the Mayes. Being polite was an expectation and of course I was on my best behaviour.

"Ally, can we start again?" Colt whispered from beside me.

I inhaled slightly shakily before nodding. Maybe it was finally time to make amends.

"Yes, we can."

The smile on Colt's face was a million dollar winner. It was like I just told him that he won one hundred thousand dollars. Did I make him smile like that? With such pearly white teeth.

"Thank you." He said and he gave me a reassuring smile saying 'I won't let you down.'

Once the dinner of expensive wine and gourmet meals, yes, meals as in plural. I chose to give up my half hour and help Mrs Mayes clean up all the dishes. It ended taking up relatively closer to an hour due to the fact that we had three meals.

Brooks - 'If you are finished with the dinner can you meet me at Hungry Jacks?'

Me - 'I'll be there in ten minutes.'

Drying my hands on the tea towel, closest to me, I thanked Mr and Mrs Mayes for the meal. Leaving a better impression on them they asked Colt to walk me out to my car. When we were outside I could hear that he was about to speak and apologies.

"Colt, stop apologizing, starting a fresh remember?" I laughed, turning to face him.

"Yeah but I still feel bad about wasting all those years hurting you." He said, looking down at his feet with his hands in his pockets.

"Colt, I'm all grown up now, I'm fine." I said with an encouraging smile.

He exhaled before smiling sweetly. "Bye Colt."

"Bye Ally."

Upon arriving at Hungry Jacks I noticed Gina's car which made me smile. I headed into the fast food building and was engrossed by a heavenly smell. I wasn't hungry but you know how those smells make you think you are hungry? Well that's the feeling that consumed me.

"Hi." I said lamely as I saw the most gorgeous guy waiting for me in a booth.

"Hey Al." He said, making room under the table so I could slip my legs in and sit across from him. I noticed by the empty packets that he had dinner here.

"Did you want me to get you something?" He asked, noticing my gaze on his empty rubbish.

"No, I ate three courses. I am not hungry." I said with a chuckle.

I looked around the place which was moderately empty. It was 9:23pm so most people went to drive through at this time. As my eyes looked in every corner of the place a question slipped off my lips.

"So, why did you invite me here?" I blurted out, immediately feeling rude.

Something adorable and unexpected occured. Brooks Blushed. "Wow, you cut to the chase don't you." He chuckled, looking at the most fascinating thing, his hands.

"You are so cute when you blush." I admitted causing his cheeks to turn from pink to crimson.

"Really Teddy? I've been called all things like sexy but never cute." He smirked, his eyes boring into mine.

"What? Has the line 'You look sexy with your hair pushed back' been tried on you?" I questioned and I wasn't surprised when he nodded.

"Am I here for you to inform me that you are going to the formal dance with Mikaela?" I winced at my own words and he looked taken aback.

"Don't make me cough up my dinner." He retorted which made me smile.

"So..." I dragged on, desperate to know why he brought me here.

"Al, the reason why I asked you here is because I wanted to ask you on a date." My eyes widened at his words and I repeated them in my head just to hear if I heard them right. Brooks wanted to take me on a date? Then I pinched myself just to see if I was dreaming.

"Did you just pinch yourself?" Brooks asked, as I rubbed the now red area in which I previously pinched.

I blushed and nodded, is he going to ask me then? As if reading my mind he asked me the words that I'm pretty sure every girl in the whole of Melbourne, in fact in the whole of Australia, wanted to be said to them. He exhaled slowly and spoke.

"Al, will you go on a date with me?" My heart beat was racing when he said that he was going to, now that he actually did I was about to go into cardiac arrest.

"Seriously Brooks, is that even a question?" I asked, not being able to get the words out fast enough.

"Stupid idea?" He groaned, slumming in his seat.

"Brooks! Of course I'll go on a date with you." I said excitedly. I still couldn't get over the fact that we were living in the reality that was my life.

"Really?" He asked, sitting up in his seat and I swallowed hard because he shot me the most enthusiastic smile.

"Yes." I said, punching his arm as though he were stupid.

"Why did you ask about Mikaela?" He asked, knitting his eyebrows in confusion.

"She just said that you were together." I mumbled quickly, slightly embarrassed that I even fell slightly into her trap.

He scoffed loudly. "No thank you. Why would I be with her when I could be with you?" He questioned, as if that wasn't enough to make my heart stop beating he smiled genuinely at me.

A lopsided grin appeared on my face as I looked at him. He was so perfect. "But Brooks, I thought the Player didn't date girls. Isn' t that too cliche for you?" I quizzed.

"Well you're my exception and if I had to be cliche with anyone it would be you. Plus, I'm looking forward to the mystery that is Alexandra Binks." He smirked and I admired his choice of words.

"Are you sure I won't bore you?" I questioned because I knew his reputation. One night of passion with a girl was boring for him so what's a date with me that has no kissing involved going to do to him? He will be bored the moment we step foot in wherever he takes me.

"Are you serious Al? You could never bore me. I mean never." There was a strong emphasis on the word never so I held him to his word.

I laughed at the situation we were in, a greasy fast fooding place is the place Brooks chose to ask me on a date. It was so us. No matter where we were though my answer would have remained the same. The happiest sentence replayed in my head and I smiled like a goof ball.

I am going on a date with Brooks.

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