Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


9. Chapter Nine - I Show Him to My Room

Chapter Nine - I Show Him to My Room

Stereotypes. We hate them yet they follow them. When I say 'them' I'm referring to the people in my school. We fit them yet we defy them. Now when I say 'we' in this case I'm referring to Luke and I.

Stereotypes; proving them wrong. People with zero status like me shouldn't be talking to people with faces like his. True. Nerds like me can't have a decent conversation with a Bad Boy like him. False. I can't be anything more than friends with someone like him. Also False.

Don't jump the gun. I said they can't, which is incorrect because anything is possible. What I didn't say in alternative to cant was 'shouldn't' or 'wont' because then it would be true. I can't allow myself to be another one. Pardon my language, but a lady of the evening in high school (without pay). Just another one chasing after the all time famous Luke Brooks.

Not that he wants to. You aren't pretty like those other girls. You don't know how to flirt back like those other girls and you definitely don't catch his eye like those other girls.

"Hello?" A hand flicks in my face, breaking the spell that is my brain, spiraling in endless thoughts of that delinquent. 

"So Al, you going to bring me to your house some time? It'll save you some petrol." He adds, knowing that one day he will get around me.

"Hm, let me have a little think about that one." I pause, twisting my pencil between my index finger and my thumb.

"No." I reply, scribbling the answer to the small task placed in front of us which we should be doing in silence.

"Why? Are your walls paper thin and you're worried that your parents might hear your scream?" I studied his face, something that I found myself doing quite often. 

I registered his words then in the small filing cabinet in my brain that is called 'dirty lines' I understood just what he meant. I looked back at him with a scowl on my face and he was smirking, just like I suspected.

"Gosh Al." He said pretending to be surprised and disgusted. "I'm ashamed of that dirty mind of yours, that could get you into trouble one day. I was merely referring to you screaming when I scare you." His smirk, that sexy smirk grew bigger to his left side, the way it always does.

Gee for a person who really doesn't like this boy I seem to be flattering him a lot, in my brain of course.

"You're distracting me." I said, frowning at the smile that was etching across my face at the slight thought of Brooks.

Stupid Alex!

"I'm the best distraction though." I could hear the smile in his voice as I zoned in on the questions.

They were all about the Scarlet Letter. Adultery. And there goes my mind, skipping back to Brooks. I questioned just how many girls he had been with, maybe they were just rumors. What am I saying? I saw the clothes in the 'glory basket.' There was more clothes there than my entire wardrobe combined.

I hear his tongue can work magic, magic not even one could begin to imagine. I hear that you can feel it through your whole body. Ew Alex, way to get grossed out.

"Are you going to make me follow you home?" He whispers from beside me.

"Remember the days where you attempted to convince me that you weren't a stalker." I replied with one eye brow raised in his direction.

Most of the time I always have something to say, something to retaliate with, words only of course. With Brooks only, I have a new found confidence. I'm surprised myself that he hasn't bored me with his ego. Then there is other times where he leaves me completely and utterly speechless. Something that no one but him has succeeded at.

He is my exception.

The bell sounded and I quickly finished off the small task that wasn't going towards my report, hence my little effort. This isn't like you Alex, you always put one hundred percent in everything you do. You aren't being your perfect little self. Maybe I'm tired of what is expected, I'm tired of trying to be perfect. I'm tired of not being the Alex who used to run around the back yard, care free. Free of stress, high standards and what's expected.

"I love it when you're thinking hard." His voice just like butter.

"What is it you want Brooks?" I asked bluntly, slightly annoyed that once again he disrupted me from my thoughts.

"Depends on what you're offering." His voice, so deep, so masculine, so chiseled, so great. I could just imagine him winking after this comment.

"Do you always have to be conceited?" I asked, stuffing my books in my back pack and slinging it over my shoulder.

"Well with a face like this how can I not be." His eyes brows were raised, waiting for my reaction. I scoffed with a disgusted look on the outside but on the inside I was bluntly agreeing.

"It's okay Teddy, you wouldn't be the first to be starstruck by these curls." His eyes boring into mine, like a predator waiting on the reaction of it's prey.

Not that I would be anything close to his prey, he wouldn't even settle for me.

"Be careful not to trip on your ego on the way out." I shot back as I finally exited the classroom.

"Aw Teddy, I'm touched, you are looking out for me." Theatrically holding his hand to his heart as though he were really touched by my words which were not of concern.

My face wrinkled and my eyebrows knitted in confusion. "The name is Alex remember?" I felt a bit hurt and annoyed that he didn't care to remember my name. It lasted for a week of calling me Al but he bluntly forgot, as though I were nothing. "Just Alex." I finished off.

"I know that Al." This was his response.

My confusion bluntly screened across my face, I blinked several times at the amused face in front of me. "You called me Teddy, twice." I informed him.

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." His words leaving me once again confused. Wait, that is a quote, I know it. I've heard it. It's on the tip of my tongue.

He ruffled my hair, slightly loosening the pony tail that I'd spent all of 5 minutes on. "It's adorable when you're confused."

Then he frowned, ever so slightly. "Didn't I tell you about having your hair out," a look of hurt flicked in his eyes before his normal, glass brown eyes looked at me.

"And since when do I ever listen to you Brooks?" I asked as I began to walk to my next class, surprisingly he continued to walk next to me. Suddenly I became nervous and excited, could this be classed as a boy walking me to class? Not just any boy, the boy.

Wow really Alex? Really?

He furrowed, "Now Al, why do you always have to be so rude? Didn't your mother teach you any manners?" He questioned, his eyes with a hint of amusement.

"And didn't your father teach you not to hassle a lady." I hissed at him, too quickly.

Dammit Alex, didn't you learn anything 'Think before you speak'. Why did I bring up his father?

Luke chuckled, "Nope, anyway, where's the lady?" He questioned, pretending to look around. I slapped his forearm that was just dangling by his side. At least he took it light heartly. No you were plain rude. Apologise.

"Brooks, I'm sorry I did-" I was cut off by him pinching my cheeks.

"Al, you really need to stop apologising for everything, even when it's not even associated with you." He retorted and once again I was confused.

"When have I ever apologised for someone else?" I asked, trying to rack my brain of any such incident.

"When I pushed that annoying year seven over, you went to his side and apologised for me." He replied with a simple shrug.

"You pushed the poor boy to the ground!" I responded remembering that specific moment, I looked up into his eyes.

"Don't you have a class to go to?" I huffed in annoyance, he really knew which buttons to press.

"Don't you?" He mocked, but with amusment in his eyes.

I really should stop looking at his eyes.

"Social Science. What about you?" I asked him, now looking at the floor beneath me.

"Modern History." He replied, noticing where my eyes were.

"You do know that your class is all the way on the other side of the school." I pointed out, he was walking in the complete opposite direction.

"Do you have a problem with me walking you to class?" He asked, just checking if I minded his company.

I tried to stop the smile sweeping across my face but my attempt failed miserably, I was also trying to prevent myself from blushing immensely, also failing. I could hear him chuckle from beside me. "I take that as I no," he said, brushing his arm against mine. There goes the volts of electricity.

"So, can I pick up Anabelle from your house?" He asked me. Why was he itching to go to my house so much. Because Tara is there, duh.

"Um......" I trailed off but then he stopped me in the middle of the corridor. He pulled me aside which was odd.

"Are you embarrassed?" He questioned. "Scared that I'll judge you accordingly?" He had his hands on my shoulders which were of course numb and tingling. "Because if you hadn't noticed, my house isn't any castle." He added, trying to make me feel better.

"No it's not that." I tried to tell him but he wouldn't understand and neither could I. Why couldn't I show him to my house?

"Then what is it?" His voice wasn't aggressive or annoyed, it was calm and patient.

"You can come over." I reassured him with a small smile.

"I don't want to force you to show me, if you are uncomfortable I understand, you don-" I cut him off.

"Brooks, it's fine, now I've got to get to class." I told him, my hand on his chest I tried to push him away to give me personal space. The smile on his face gave me the feeling that I just gave him the key to my whole life, a small opening to who I am and in some respect I did.

My house is where I grew up, I rarely have friends open so to share my home with Luke was kind of a big deal. For me it is.

"See you soon Al." He said with a small side ways smile and then he turned around and walked down the empty corridor.

"What took you so long?" Bec interrogated me as I slipped into my seat as the teacher's back faced the class.

"I was talking, has he marked the roll yet?" I asked, my heart racing as I waited for the suspense filled answer.

"No." She replied to my relief, she was skeptical as to where I was but she left it be.

"So did you want me to come over tonight and help you look after Annabelle?" She offered like the kind friend she is. If I wasn't bringing her down she would be in the popular groups no doubt, same for Lilly, they're both gorgeous.

"Tonight?" I questioned, pretending that I didn't hear her clear enough when I surely did.

"Yes but if you have some thing on..." She trailed off. No, only that the Bad Boy would be coming to my house.

"Maybe come at 5?" I offered, surely Luke would be gone by then. Actually he'd probably be out the door, not wanting to spend any time with me.

She smiled, "Sure." I was lucky to have a friend like Bec, one always by my side, one to put me in my place.

"What's he doing here?" Bec asked almost breathlessly, her eyes fixated on my spot. I followed her eyes to where they met the figure she was talking about.

Colton Mayes. Only the fittest, most popular and most gorgeous guy wandering these school halls. Way to neglect Brooks so quickly.

There is a bit of a back story to this particular boy, good history I wish. He is in the year above us, last year he was forced to move to Western Australia where I'm pretty sure his schooling was neglected. To say the least his family is loaded, unlike Brooks he isn't a player. His ex-girlfriend, take a guess. Mikaela.

We went to primary school together, he knew me as chubby Alex. I didn't lose my baby weight until high school. Anyway, he would tease me only because I wasn't anything like Tara, his best friend. Together they were partners in crime, making my life hell. He would start rumors like I still wore a nappy in the fifth grade, even though I didn't. And me being the idiot had a massive crush on him and he knew it, the whole school knew it.

We hit high school and his pranks died down, I was now invisible to him. This whole year and last year I completely forgot about my little crush on him....until now.

The classes loud whispering hushed down to a murmur when the teacher announced to the class that he would now be joining us. Figures, neglecting a whole year of school meant that he needed to repeat year 11.

"Colton, take the seat beside Alexandra."

Kill. Me. Now.

I didn't want him to recognise me, I didn't want him to remember me. I didn't want my years of primary school to catch up to me. All eyes were on me. Great. Bec punched me because she was sitting on the other table beside me. She knew about him. Everyone knew about him but they didn't know about me.

He had the same mix of blue and green eyes that could send a heart into cardiac arrest if you looked at him. I hadn't heard him speak post puberty but I'm guessing that it is deep and sexy to match his character. His jaw line and cheek bones, so defined and sharp. He looked good. He was full of himself but if you were on his good side he could be the sweetest guy. I don't know from experience, I just remember pressing my ear against Tara's door some nights, just listening to him talk to her, help her through bad break ups. I know, pathetic on my part right?

I could see it in his eyes as he walked in a similar pride to Luke. He had a look of recognition plastered on his face but I knew he couldn't quite place me. It was bugging him too. I could feel him studying my profile as I wrote notes from the teacher who was babbling on. A finger brushed my arm and I looked over to see Colton looking at me.

"Do you happen to have a spare pen?" He questioned me, waiting to see if my voice would remind him of exactly who I was. He used a voice, similar to Brooks', one that would get any girl to fall at his feet. But not this girl. I wasn't falling for the Colton act again.

With my mouth sealed shut I searched through my pencil case for a spare pen which I unwillingly gave him. He questioned my actions. He found something off about me. I could literally hear his mind screaming, 'Why isn't she paying attention to me?' Clearly a response he didn't catch often.

I managed to go the whole lesson avoiding his eyes. He found me odd, better than finding out who I really am. For some reason I was afraid. Although I didn't have a reputation at the school I didn't want to be seen in a bad light. He taunted me 'Chubby Alex' he got the whole school to tease me.

I didn't want that here, finally I got away from it all. Yet it seems pretty peculiar that I had a crush on him even though he tormented me. All I know is that those feelings are buried and I don't want those coming back up. Now that you have Luke.

I could feel a burning desire coming off him that he wanted to know who I was but I rushed out of class too quickly for him to catch up with me. Soon he will find out my status as a loser and he won't want to know who I am.


Luke's P.O.V:

"Follow my lead Brooks." sShe said with a slight tease to her voice. I smirked out of reaction.

"Why are you talking to him like that?" Her sister questioned as they got in the car.

I could see through the screen that they were bickering. Tara must be a major pain in her a-HONK! She peered her head out the window, replicating my smirk. I got on my bike, adjusting my helmet before doing exactly what she told me to do. Follow her.

I felt like I was in fast and furious. She tried so hard to lose me on the road but I kept up, I chased her. She wanted to drag race. It felt good as she teased me on the road. At one point I cut her off on the freeway and in my rear view mirror I caught her checking out my ass. I still got it. Finally we began pulling into some streets and soon her car came to a stop.

I scoped out the place and so far no parents. Good. I'm not good with parents but what's my issue? It's not like we are dating. I averted my gaze to her sister opening to door, still shocked that I was going to enter her house. I smirked that I had that effect on people. Al glared at me as she saw my gaze on her sister. Was that jealousy?

It can't be, we are talking about Al here.

"Don't touch anything." She warned me and soon it felt like I stepped into a mansion.

Everything was clean, sparkling. White walls. Elegant framing. It was big. My jaw hung open as I admired her home, I didn't know Al had money like this. She blushed, slightly embarrassed as she saw my gaze everywhere.

"Come on." She said, tugging me up the stairs. I was about to step into Al's room. I've been in plenty of girls rooms before but this was different. The room represents the person. A key to her life. A weird feeling consumed me in the pit of my stomach as she twisted the door knob to her room.

What was I expecting? I honestly have no idea. Everything was neatly packed away, spelling bee trophies were stacked on her shelves, books piled up on her desk. Home work sheets, cluttering her bed. Then I smirked as I saw what was on her floor. "You have a dog?" I said appreciated what we had in common.

She blushed and shook her head. "No, that's where Annabelle sleeps." At first I scoffed and then I began to laugh. She frowned at me, placing her hands on her hips.

She was tempting me and she didn't even know it.

"Sorry it's just, I thought you'd have a little more class." I responded, not meaning to offend.

"It's not like she is real." Al added, 'she' referring to Annabelle, packing up Annabelle's stuff. She wasn't getting rid of me that quickly.

"So," I said, throwing myself on her bed. She bit her bottom lip and the sound of crumbling and scrunching paper came from under my body.

"Are you hanging around?" She asked, I couldn't depict whether she seemed annoyed or just curious.

"Yeah, I think I might stick around for a bit." I replied with my signature smirk. Although she tries to hide it I know it has an effect on her.

She settled down in her desk chair, digging through her bag, until she grasped her folder. I observed as she opened her laptop and I listened to her fingers tap aggressively against the key board. I got up off her really, really comfortable bed and I stood behind her.

"What you working on there Al?" I questioned trying to read the words that she typed on the screen.

"My chemistry assignment." She replied, not taking her eyes off the screen.

I leaned against her desk. "You could always write about the chemistry between us." I teased and that caught her attention.

Her eyes snapped to meet mine and I tried to hide my smirk. I placed my hand over hers trying to get her up off the chair which reluctantly she did. "Come on Al, don't bother hiding it." I whispered in her ears and she trembled.

I liked that I had that effect on her.

"What am I hiding?" She tried to sound strong but her words come out stuttering slightly.

"Stop keeping it bottled up, for all those 4 years you've bottled up this sexual tension." That broke the spell cast upon her.

"You wish Brooks." She said and she settled herself up on her chair and continued to type again.

"Hey!" I heard a loud squeal coming from downstairs, I knew it belonged to her sister.

"I cannot believe you are here!" She said even louder to grab someone's attention.

There was a hum of a deeper voice, maybe a boyfriend? Loud stomps on the stairs caused both mine and Al's attention to the door. Ears perked up, we listened to the sound of the footsteps that drew nearer and then they stopped right at the door.

A very happy face belonging to her sister, beside a grim one face.

What was he doing here?

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