Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


40. Chapter Forty - Weekend Away: Part 2

Chapter Forty - Weekend Away: Part 2

I walked out of the elevator doors in a light Valley Girl summer dress. It did little to hide the peach bikini that I was wearing underneath but I made now effort to change. I progressed past the reception desk and through the lobby until I had reached outside. Outstretching my arms, I inhaled the beautiful town and a smiled formed on my lips. The cool refreshing breeze tickled my ankles as I walked forward, around the hotel and my feet met with sand. We had struck gold. With the hotel just in front of the beach I knew that we would be having a spectacular weekend.

With the sun making its way to set, I noticed Brooks on the shore in his navy blue board shorts. He was helping Adam set up the beach chairs that we were borrowing from the hotel. I stood fascinated as I watched his back muscles work and move as he lifted each chair. I watched as Adam spoke to Brooks who then snapped up and turned to face me. With a smirk on his face he gestured for me to step closer.

"How much money do you have on you?" He asked me with an amused look on his face. 

I exaggerated that I had no pockets before replying, "None." 

"You know," he said taking some steps towards me, "I don't let girls watch this show for free." His smirk had the same effect on me as it always did, I was growing weak. He placed his hands on my waist as I stared straight into his soft brown eyes.

"I'm scared to ask how you would like for me to pay you," I stammered as Brooks' arms wrapped around my lower back.

"You can pay me in all kinds of different ways," he said with a wicked grin on his perfectly complexed face.

"You know what I like?" He asked, changing the subject as he tucked some loose strands behind my ear.

"My lips?" I asked as I felt my blush creep on. I could distantly hear Bec and Lilly running down the ramp and racing down the stairs, informing us that they had brought food.

A low chuckle escaped Brooks' lips which made me fall weak in the knees. "Yes, but I also like this dress. And you know what I'd like even better?" He asked and I shook my head, looking up at him through my eyelashes.

"I'd like to see this dress off." His fingers began trailing at my mid thigh that's where the dress stopped. As he lifted his fingers up my thigh, he also brought the dress up. His hands crept to my stomach and wrapped around my waist as he pulled me closer.

"Al, why don't you remind me why I like your lips so much?" He whispered as me pulled me flush up against him.

"That I can do." My voice was soft and sweet, making me sound so incredibly innocent. One of Brooks' hand moved from my waist causing it to be suddenly cold but then it moved to my face, cupping my upper jaw making his warm hand radiating into my exposed skin. As I slipped my arms around Brooks' neck, his neck dipped causing his face to be closer to mine. His lips hovered around mine, his hot breath fanned my face and my heart almost stopped beating.

I leaned up and pressed Brooks' lips against mine. I could never get used to this feeling. As Brooks' kissed me, each and every time I was taken to a new world. My hands ran through his hair at the back of his head, Brooks drew circles with his thumb on the sides of my waist. I parted my lips to allow some air to pass in but Brooks clearly took this as an opportunity to slip his tongue inside my mouth. This was always new and great. 

Brooks tasted like spearmint, it was addictive. I wanted more. I pulled his head closer towards me and I soaked Brooks in. A low moan escaped the back of his throat giving me encouragement. My hands dropped from his head and they met at his bare stomach. I was still clueless how a guy who resembles a model would be kissing me right now. His abs were so warm and glorious. I wanted to lick them if I could but then I heard the sound of someone clearing their throat.

Pulling out of the daze, a spell that Brooks put me under each time he touched me. I averted my gaze towards the person responsible for us pulling out of the enjoyable make out session. It was Jai who was clenching his stomach and pretending to vomit. "If you're both done sucking each others faces off, dinners here." Lilly said as she bit back her laughter.

"You're all the dinner I need." Brooks whispered to me with an incredibly sexy smirk etched across his lips. A blush burned on my cheeks and I tried to hide my flushed face behind my hair. I ducked my head under Brooks' outstretched arm and walked towards the beach chairs. I heard Brooks groan before he spun around and walked towards where the rest of us were sitting. We were having nandos.

I stared distantly out at the ocean lapping on the shore. I felt the familiar tingle in my lips, from when Brooks kissed me and my sides felt as though they had been burned from when he touched me. Bec handed me my dinner with a cheeky smile on her face. I noticed that she took the seat closest to Adam, moving her chair impossibly closer to his before they snuggled in. It was only then that I had taken this time to realise just how close they had become. She was smiling up at Adam, the same way I smile at Brooks.

I ate in silence while everyone expressed their opinions on Lakes Entrance. Everyone knew I thought it was breathtaking so I allowed them to talk amongst themselves as I admired from afar the soft waves crashing against the moist sand. After Lilly voiced that she was cold, Jai offered to go get her a jacket from the room and Luke offered to go with him to get the cooler with all the drinks. When my meal was complete, I placed my rubbish in the plastic bag centered in the middle of the beach chairs. Pushing off the sand, I walked to the brim of the shore, allowing my feet to be suffocated by the sand.

Despite the air being fresh, I still decided to pull off my dress. The water looked so peaceful and I wanted to be one with it, but I didn't know if I wanted to go for a swim just yet. A heard a few cheers from back where the group was but I didn't turn back. I heard the sound of soft sand crumbling beneath someone's feet but I didn't need to turn around to find out who it was. My Brooks alarm was going off. 

"Are you putting on a show there babe?" Brooks asked and I could hear the smirk laced on his words. Snapping out of my admiration I turned to him, with my arms folded across my chest. 

"What are you looking at?" I asked as Brooks stared at me as though he could swallow me whole. I licked my swollen lips in anticipation, taking in another breath of the fresh air.

Brooks let out a small, low laugh. "Well Al, when you stand there in that tiny laced peach bikini, what do you expect me to be looking at? I'm a guy, babe, and with you pressing your forearms against your chest, showing some more skin, it isn't exactly helping me to contain myself." My blush intensified as he spoke each word. Immediately my arms dropped to my side and I subconsciously bit my bottom lip.

"Now Al you're just teasing." He said causing me to chuckle. His eyes glistened as he took me in, raking his eyes all over my body. Something concerned me when his eyes widened, he paced towards me pressing his fingers to my hips.

"This is definitely new," he said, running his fingers along my belly button piercing. I almost forgot that he had a little bit more of exploring to do. He was unable to take his eyes off the dangling piercing attached to my tanned belly.

"When did you get it?" He asked, his fascinated eyes boring into mine. I smiled down at him at told him the exact date.

He took a step back, throwing his head back he groaned. "What's wrong?" I asked with general concern.

He bit his bottom lip causing me to stare directly at his beautifully sculptured lips. "Everything, after seeing that sexy piercing its going to be hard keeping my word to your father about not trying anything on you." This caused me to laugh because he seemed as though he was generally in pain. 

"Will you be joining me?" Brooks asked, trying to keep his mind preoccupied from my piercing. I noticed his boxes falling low on his narrow hips causing my eyes to trail down his body.

"Maybe it isn't the brightest idea..." 

"Come on Al, show a guy who has to keep his hands to himself all weekend a little sympathy." I flirtatiously placed my hands on my hips which I made pop out to the right slightly.

"What daddy doesn't know won't hurt him right." That line seemed to pull Brooks a part with pleasure. He came splashing out of the water and began chasing me around the beach. My back pressed up against a large rock as my chest rose and fell quickly over and over again. Brooks had now caught up and I pulled him closer, little did he know that as I pressed my body up against him, I was planning my escape route.

With his lips dangerously close to mine, I darted out of his grasp and ran down to the shore. Spinning around I came to face him, he placed his hands on my lower back causing me to lean down in his grasp. Slowly my back felt the cool sand, he pulled the hair behind my back out from beneath me. Hovering over, he leaned down on me. I zeroed in on his lips, inhaling his sweet toxin. His bronze, rock hard abs were pressed on my goosebumps exposed skin.

Brooks lowered his head before he softly pressed his lips to mine. Washed over by his turn on, I lifted my head pressing my lips on his harder. "I am not watching my brother about to get laid on the beach." Jai's disgusted voice floated into my ears causing me to smile in the kiss. To my dismay, Brooks lifted himself up, his hair flicking the water slightly in my face.

"You should be taking notes genius." Brooks teased causing me to roll my eyes at his smugness. Helping myself up, I pushed past the two brothers, adding a little sway in my hips to give Brooks something to look at, before I joined the rest back at the beach blue stripped chairs. Fishing out a can of ginger beer, I took a seat on one of the chairs which had a towel draped over it.

"So you and Luke seemed to be getting awfully cosy this weekend. Would be if easier if we move out of the hotel room for the night?" Bec joked as she batted her eyes in Adam's direction. I had a chance to embarrass her in front of Adam about them getting quite comfortable but I decided just to leave it.

"You could move out all weekend." I joked which caused Bec to laugh aloud to my amusement.

I swung my gaze over to Brooks who was looking directly at me. I allowed my eyes to admire his upper chest from a far, knowing I'd be completely weak in his presence up close. "Would you stop looking at me like you want to lick me?" I called out to him with a smirk on my lips.

"Hunny, I want to do much more than lick you." He called back as he licked his lips. I had to hand it to him, he was good with the fast flirty comments.


As the night rolled in, the sky darkened and I sat on Brooks' lap as we watch the sun set, being swallowed up in the horizon. The lapping shore made no efforts to interrupt us as we were peacefully whistling to the classic song Walk like a man. Bec was on the phone to the council of the beach to ask if we could light a camp fire as we already had the equipment set up. We had the wood that took well over an hour to collect, I mean we were genuinely going from home to home requesting for any unused firewood. We had newspapers which we had taken from the lobby of the hotel we were staying at and Brooks had his lighter so we were set.

"Okay, thank you very much. Yes we will clean it up before we leave." That was the magic of Bec, she was a very persuasive person. In year nine, I taught her how to write a persuasive argument for practice, you see Bec wants to become a lawyer. So now, by the end of year eleven, she was a natural.

It took several attempts on Jai's behalf to light the fire, after a whole lot of mucking around Brooks took the liberty of successfully lighting a fire. I watched it catch a light before my eyes as I wrapped a comfortable arm around Brooks' hip. "Well now I know who not to call if I was in an emergency and desperately needed a fire lit." I teased Jai playfully, attentively watching him for his reaction.

"Real genius you have there Luke. Princess, when are you ever going to be in an emergency to need a fire lit?" He challenged in a condescending manner which caused a once hidden smirk to be revealed on my rosy pink lips.

"If I was suffereing from hypothermia." I stated theoretcially which caused Jai to mutter a curse word under his breath. I felt Brooks' chuckle vibrate onto my body as his hand carressed my upper arm and shoulder.

"Shut up Alex before I kick you on the dairy ear." My eyebrows knitted and I couldn't help the bellow of laughter escape my lips.

"What did you say? Dairy ear?" I asked for clarrifcation and Jai nodded defiantly.

"Oh my goodness, no Jai, it's derrière." The words dairy ear repeated inside my head and for some reason I felt as though it were the funniest thing on the planet. I observed as Jai's cheeks went pink, to red, to blood crimson as the group laughed at his mistake on words.

"It was an honest mistake," Lilly's sweet voice floated to Jai's side to save him all the embarrassment. But really, dairy ear? But I did have to thank Jai for bringing the laughter to the car trip and now to the beach.

In the distance -after the laughter died down- I could hear cheers and new laughter from the other side of the beach. Squinting my eyes slightly, I saw a crowd of shirtless bodies and a sea of bikini made bodies heading in the direction of where we made camp. As our group settled down, opening a fresh packet of marshmellows and fetching long sticks in substitute for skewers I couldn't help but have my gaze drawn to the crowd which was advancing towards us, getting louder and louder, and their bodies getting clearer and clearer.

A booming voice escaped from the progressing crowd, I couldn't tell which mouth it came from but it sure did get each and every one of ours attention. "Am I seeing things or is that Rebecca and Lilly troublemakers?" I remembered that all too familiar last name, used to pair Bec and Lilly up from when we took trips down here with Bec's family. That last name was used by the Anderson boys.

Sharp gasps whipped each of the back of mine, Bec and Lilly's throats, to the point that I was almost choking on the saliva in my mouth but like a ninja I hid my soft gagging so no one had any idea. "Anderson." The soft last name floated out of Bec's mouth and cut like a knife in the cool air. We all knew it was true.

Bec spared a glance in my direction before she whipped up from her seat and approached the boys and girls who we didn't know. Lilly and I followed in suit. As I stood closer to the three boys who stood out from the crowd, I recgonised the facial structure. As the years went on, we lost contanct and barely saw them, hence the reason as to why we didn't recognise them straight away. Their sandy blonde hair were messy as always, their bright blue eyes still captivating.

Immediantly I could tell Brody a part from Jake and Austin because of his smirk, superior and over powering. I then gazed upon another who I recognised to be Jake because of his cheeky and michivous eyes. That only left Austin who evidently grew up the most. Each of them hard rock hard abs, suggesting that they maintained their fanatic with sports. They also maintained their deep tans and summer swooning smiles.

"Well, looks like you girls grew up." Austin spoke first, his voice deep and kind.

"Speak for yourself." Bec announced in utter amazement. Bec's the type of girl who becomes a natural in the flirt department when surrounded by hot guys, not that I was complaining, I was taking notes.

"Come 'ere." Brody said in a low voice, the same voice we heard before they had approached us. Bec's smile broadened as she was enveloped into a tight hug with Brody, which was a little less than what they did when we were sixteen.

"What happened to Alex? Doesn't she hang out with you guys anymore?" Jake's disappointed words immediantly caused the smile to rise up on my lips.

"Hello Jake Anderson," I said in a teasing tone which caused Jake's eyes to flicker towards me and have a double take. As his eyes skimmed over my body, I couldn't help but wish that I wasn't standing in front of him in only my bikini. You see, we were eight when we all met. That was the first time we drove up to Lakes Entrance. As little kids we would easily grow bored of the hotel room so we opted for the park which was across the road.

That was when we met the Anderson boys. Brody was ten, Jake nine and Austin eight. With Brody taking an interest in Bec's soft sweet tousles, Austin and Lilly digging up earth worms that left Jake and I to become good friends. Suddenly, coming down to Lakes Entrance was the most exciting thing for happen me. By the time we were eleven Brody had already stolen Bec's first kiss and by the age of thirteen, Lilly was stripped of her first kiss by Austin.

Since my eyes were always on Colt (I still shudder), I never saw Jake as anything but an extremely good friend. We watched movies, read books, pushed each other on the swing, raced each other to the ice cream palor, even still till we just turned sixteen. The last time I ever visited Lakes Entrance was the time that Austin said and I quote, 'Dude, Jake's so hung up on you', unquote. I wasn't avoiding him, I was a sixteen year old girl, different to may others may I add. Just hearing that a boy was hung up on me, I didn't no how to react. Additionally, Bec's family never returned to Lakes Entrance, therefore, neither did we.

As Lilly moved over to talk to Austin, I stared helplessly at Jake. "Alex?" He asked with a hint of uncertainty in his voice.

I smiled up at him, "The one and only." I replied, remembering all the good times we had at the country club with his family.

"You look so different," a gleam of cheekiness flicked in his crystal clear blue eyes.

"You aren't the only one stranger." I told him with a small laugh, pulling him into a hug. He smelt like candy canes which was odd but it was a nice kind of odd. His arms were so big that they covered my whole body, causing me to feel extremely small.

Behind us I heard my favourite voice call, "Alright that's enough." Jake's arms were torn from my body and he stumbled back as Brooks appeared at my side.

"I can't believe you're here!" I heard Lilly exclaim as she wrapped the very willing Austin into another hug.

"What brought you guys back here?" Brody asked, as he moved over to envelop me in a hug. Brody was bigger than Jake, unlike Jake's hug, Brody's was short and sweet.

"Austin." I squealed as I was brought into yet another hug this time with Austin. Austin was always a hugger, nuzzling his head into your neck although he couldn't really do that now since he shot up and him nestling his head into my neck was near to impossible.

"Alex was the one who thought of taking a holiday and we all agreed that this was the most beautiful place to visit at summer time." Bec said excitedly, mistakingly forgetting that Adam was glaring at Brody who was thinking they could pick things up from where they left off. I thought of correcting her by saying that the whole trip suggestion was Brooks' idea but I knew she would have just wavered my input.

"It's so good to see you again." Jake had returned right in front of me and was smiling down on me in a new light. With all three for brothers in nothing but board shorts it was hard to not do my fair share of looking. I smiled back at him which then caused his cheeks to turn a tinge of pink.

"I love reunions." An extremely tipsy girl called out from the group which caused a chorus of people telling a certain Sydney to shut up. Biting back my laughter, Bec and Lilly kept to conversation going and Jake just looked at me in awe, detached from the conversation which made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Sorry, we forgot our manners," I interrupted what Bec was saying which earned me a glare from her direction but I simply brushed it off. "Brody, Jake and Austin, this is Jai, Adam and Bro- I mean Luke, my boyfriend." I introduced half expecting Jake to glower at Brooks but he didn't, in fact he completely ignored Brooks. Brody and Austin made the effort to shake the boy's hands which I was grateful for.

"You should come to the party we're hosting tomorrow night. You'll still be here, right Alex?" Jake inquired, staring dazed at me.

"Yeah, we'll still be here." I answered him as I shifted uncomfortably on my feet. As Jake took a step forward, Brooks pulled me a step back which brought a smile on my lips.

"Well maybe you could give me your number so I can text you the details." Jake said, fishing out his phone from the back pocket of his board shorts. Brooks took the initiative and progressed a step in front of me.

"Lilly, give the guy your number." Brooks demanded and Lilly nodded due to his Brooks' booming voice which slightly startled her. She immediately began reciting her number and Brooks glared at Jai not to interject his thought on why Lilly shouldn't give Jake her number.

"You should go," Adam's voice surprised each of us, except for the Anderson boys. Brody threw an arm over Bec's shoulder and she giggled in his warmth. I couldn't blame Adam for growling forward and close to throwing an arm, that was before Brooks stopped him.

"We don't want to cause any trouble." Austin was always the reasonable one, keeping the hot head Brody in line. Austin and Jake took a step back and Jai instructed that it was in Brody's best interest to be on his way. Jai even came across as some what intimidating.

"Good bye," Brooks called out in anticipation. Brody nodded and walked off, kicking the sand beneath his feet. Austin was always polite and friendly, shaking the boys hands and giving Lilly one last hug before he was on his way. 

"Hopefully we will see you tomorrow," Jake said, slipping his hands in the back pocket of his board shorts. His eyes zeroed in on me so I simply nodded and smiled at him. After all, I had known him for years than I've known Brooks.

The first thing I heard when the Anderson boys and their crew was, "We will not be going to that party." The hallowed and protective words left Brooks' lips which did everything to magnify the smile on my lips.

"Um guys," Lilly began, capturing everyone's attention, especially Jai's. Her blonde hair flowed freely through the cool whipping wind as she nervously flattened her palms. "I think I'm going to go with them. You know, stay the night with them." 

We couldn't exactly tell her no so we just nodded and hugged her goodnight. To say that Jai was a wreck the rest of the night was an understatement. He was the one who started the first bottle of beer. I curled into Brooks' side, with his arms wrapped around my waist, we ate marshmallows by the fire in utter silence.


Bec opted to sleep in the boys room with Adam. Although I was confused considering the feelings she was insinuating before with Brody, I decided not to interject my input as it may offend. Additionally, I was not complaining because that would mean the whole hotel room would be mine, and of course I would be inviting Brooks in.

Changing into my pajamas, I glanced at myself in the mirror to just check is my hair was ok and suitable, although it wouldn't matter that much considering I assumed Brooks' hands would be in them in less than five minutes. Peeping quietly out of the room, I saw that all the lights in the hotel were dim and almost non existent.

Crawling slowly, I approached the room and I raised my shaking knuckle to the wooden door. Impatiently I waited until the door swung open, revealing a very fit Brooks in nothing but boxers. I shut my mouth tightly, in fear that I would start drooling.

"Al, you gotta get me out of here. Jai's telling Bec about Lilly and they're crying like little girls." I highly doubted that he didn't exaggerate that sentence but I wasn't complaining. I was just looking for an excuse to sneak him into my room.

My hand sneaked and intertwined his fingers in mine. Quietly we crept to my empty room, where we felt like thieves in the night. Opening the door, we made no sound although we couldn't exactly get caught either way. We slipped into the room that had no lights on and I tried to convey the message I was feeling.

His bare chest brushed the thin material of my rosy pink pajamas, his eyes screaming the one word captured in my head; lust. He laced his fingers with my willing and weak fingers. He gently pressed his weight on me so I was now dependent on the now closed door behind me, to keep my weak body in its stand still place. He leaned in slowly, his eyes gleaming in a teasing manner. My heart was hammering away in my chest as I expelled soft breathy words, "I liked how protective you were." 

Using my free hand, I snaked it across his broad shoulders and trapped it around his neck, gently pulling him closer pulled his neck closer. With his lips only centimeters from mine, his hot peppermint breath fanning my flushed face, he smiled. "I like it when you make fun of my brother." I allowed the smile to etch across my lips as I stared longingly into his cheeky brown eyes.

I didn't know how much longer I could last, just staring into his eyes when all I wanted to do was bring his lips to mine. "Brooks, can you kiss me now?" I requested politely in only a whisper. Drawing his lips closer, I closed my eyes and felt his impact. An explosion erupted in the pit of my stomach the moment he began kissing me softly. His hands were safely on my waist, but soon he gripped me closer.

I kissed him as though I were telling him what my mind was screaming at me. My mind wanted him, my body wanted him, everything wanted him at that moment and I was having no regrets. I was growing impatient as he kissed me with such passion. Trailing my tongue along his, I grew playful as I bit his lip to take the kiss deeper. His hands found their way at the hem of my little tank pajama top. His hands gave me goosebumps as they trailed along my stomach, stopping at the beginning of my bra.

I wanted him, I wanted his body on mine. My hands found their way through his hair, clutching each strand, enjoying the pleasurable sensation I experience with every kiss. Tearing my lips from his, I began kissing down his neck and leaving small love bites on his exposed collarbone. Brooks pressed me flush up against the door, digging his hips into mine. "Al," Brooks' voice came out raspy and horse causing me to become extremely overwhelmed and all the more turned on. "Al, you taste like marshmallow." Deciding to do my own exploration, my hands drifted down began outlining each and every line and edge of his abs with my thumb. Moving my lips back up to his, I wanted to taste him again as his flavour was my kryptonite. 

A small moan escaped my lips which drove him crazy. He moved his hands to my ass, cupping each cheek, he picked me up and carried me towards the bed. "Al, you shouldn't have worn those shorts. They expose too much and are way too inviting." Pushing myself deeper into the mattress, Brooks hovered over my body. Holding his jaw in my hands, I could feel that he was clenching. I knew he was uncertain of what these heated kisses would lead to so I tried to convince him by bringing my hands to his boxers.

His warm hand covered mine, stopping me from tugging them down which caused me to frown. "Al, do you want to do this now? We don't have to." I licked my lips in anticipation, he didn't know that I wanted him the moment I saw him in those navy blue board shorts.

"For each piece of clothing that you take off, I take off four." His smirk rose as he did the math equation because I was only wearing four prices of clothing and he was wearing one. 

"As you wish Al," bringing his mouth to my neck, my hands pulled down his boxers and his warm hands lifted up my shirt. I pulled his lips to mine, kissing him as my back arched. I was aching for his touch. My hands trailed across his bare chest and his hands rubbed against my thigh all the way down my leg. 

"I want you now Brooks." I told him, pressing my pelvis into his. He kissed me softly as his hand run up my back and unclasped my bra. He looked so incredibly good with his hair all messy from my hands running through them.

My hands touched each muscle in his back which was tense and I wanted to relax them. He smirked down on me, "I'm all yours Teddy," he told me, not even making the effort to hide that he wanted me. He covered my exposed and lustful body with his. His hands resuming where they were before, which were slipped in my small pajama shorts. I lowered my hands and traced his V-Line which caused him moan and I shuddered in pleasure.

This was the second time that I proved my love to Brooks. My heart pounded in my chest as the adrenaline took its toll all over my body. "I love you Alexandra Binks, I love you so fucking much." Brooks yelled, his words exploding off the walls of the expensive hotel room.

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