Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


41. Chapter Forty One - Weekend Away: Part 3

Chapter Forty One - Weekend Away: Part 3

Each time I fall asleep in Brooks' arms I always manage to have the best possible sleep ever and then some. I fluttered my eyes wide open and smiled as I felt Brooks' arms wrapped tightly around my hips. Leaning up, I gently caught the eyelash that was on his upper cheek. He looked so at peace sleeping there. I wanted to stay like that with him forever, if only it was possible. Since I woke up in the best mood, I decided to carry on with the calmed attitude. 

Wriggling carefully out of Brooks' arms, no matter how hard it was to fight it, I crawled to the phone and dialed room service. After being prompted I ordered the big breakfast and was informed that it would arrive in no later that fifteen minutes. I crouched down beside my suitcase and pulled out a fresh pair of underwear, along with a matching bra. I collected the clothes I discarded on the floor and I made the effort to leave the floor spot less. 

During the night Brooks left to his room to fetch a t-shirt but I ended up taking that off him too because what I truly desired from him was skin-to-skin contact. "Too many clothes," I told him as I began tugging off the shirt he only just pulled on. He laughed at me and said that he agreed. I noticed the shirt left hanging off the edge of the king size bed so I collected it in my hands and couldn't resist the urge to wear it.

The shirt fell only a little lower than my bottom and it smelt like spearmint and Brooks. Holding the collar in my hands, I couldn't help but swallow my neck and just sniff the shirt. Soon I had made the effort to wash my face and wet the ends of my hair to make them curly, just so I'd look presentable and desirable. No sooner had I accomplished this that I heard a knock at the door. 

I padded my feet lightly against the royal carpet and made it to the freshly painted white door. Propping up on the tip of my toe, I looked through the eye hole to see a man dressed formally with a long tray. I grinned as I opened the hotel door and greeted the room service man. He wheeled in a portable tray which had a large oval platter on top. Removing the lid, he revealed an array of continental breakfast ranging from scrambled eggs, sausages, pancakes, bacon, donuts and much more.

The smell alone was enough to wake Brooks up, I heard him yawn and I imagined him outstretching his arms as his beautiful muscles flexed. Out of curtsy, I tipped the man who soon left, wheeling with him the tray and leaving the platter behind on the wooden table. "Well I must say, I'd love to wake up to this every morning." I could hear Brooks' smirk as he strolled into the room in only boxers. He came up behind me and wrapped his tanned arms around my waist and he slowly kissed my neck.

"What? A continental breakfast?" I asked weakly, still wearing and undergoing the full effects of Brooks' raspy voice in the morning and beautiful complexion from just waking up. I felt the chuckle vibrate from his lips onto the skin on my neck which caused me to shiver.

"Yes, but also the sight of my sexy girlfriend wearing my t-shirt. That's a sight I'd like to see more often." He replied as he untangled his arms from around my body and walked towards the table laid out with our breakfast.

"So last night, pretty steamy." He boasts as he fills his plate with the food which has steam radiating off it from every direction.

"I mean, it was okay." I lied as I stared down at my food. Avoiding his gaze was best because I knew if I looked into those perfect brown eyes I wouldn't be able to hold my poker face.

He scoffed, "I really don't think it was okay, I think I remember perfectly you moaning-" I almost choked on the sip of orange juice I was taking.

My flailing hands reached my flaming face as I begged him to not to finish his sentence. He chuckled while he began eating the food I so generously shared. Along with the delicious food, the big breakfast special came with hot tea which I so gratefully accepted. After finishing my meal, I moved to the two seated couch and curled into the pillow. Nestling the hot tea in a mug between my two palms, I leaned over and grabbed the magazine -supplied by the hotel - which I began to flick through.

"What did you want to do today Al?" Brooks asked as he scooted me over to join me on the couch. I shrugged my shoulders but thought that maybe we could just do this all day. Reading on the couch with a cup of hot tea with Brooks, that would be nice. Clearly our friends had other plans for us.

"Rise and shine love birds, we heard you two had quite a night." My cheeks seared at the sound of Bec's voice who tumbled into the room uninvited, bringing with her Adam and Jai.

"Good morning Rebecca." Brooks greeted with a humbling smile. His arm leaned out over the couch, around my body and I leaned into him.

"What are you rugrats planning to do today because we were thinking of going fishing and then getting a milkshake before returning to the hotel and getting ready for the party." Bec beamed as she discussed her planes.

Adam took a step forward, "Actually I suggested fishing." He corrected, claiming his good idea.

"Sounds like a plan." Brooks said, getting up off the couch. Clearly I missed his warmth but I was fortunate in receiving the show of looking at the way Brooks' back muscles contract.

"Well we will collect Lilly from the Anderson's house and then we will meet you at the docks ok? Oh and Al, cute outfit." Bec winked teasingly as she moved the boys out of the room. I glanced down at my attire and wanted to bury my face in embarrassment because Adam and Jai saw me in nothing but a t-shirt. 

"Bec was right, you do look sexy in my clothes. If I wasn't so conceited I'd say you look better in them than I do." Brooks' hands did their job and roamed around my body but I wriggled out of his clutch. He threw my words back at me which I found amusing.

"Brooks," he looked at me bemused as the way I said his name was in relatively a sigh. I was meant to ask Bec on how she knew where the Anderson's live but I wasn't prepared to hear from Brooks asking why I cared. Luckily I remembered where the docks where so I -like a little girl- dibbsed to drive and Brooks couldn't have any objections. 

I always secretly loved driving in Brooks' car although I never really got the chance. The drivers seat always smelt like him which was comforting and delicious. Plus, his seat was extremely comfortable and supportive of my back. Some times when I'm on my period, I ask him to take me on a little drive because the passenger seat of his car is supportive of the back pains I endure in my month.

I changed into a short denim skirt, a lightweight tank top and a cream cardigan. I noticed Brooks was attentively watching me as I did change my clothes. His eyes raked over my body and I hated the fact that I was still slightly shy. "Dammit Teddy, your innocence will be the death of me. It makes me want to jump you and drag you back to the bedroom again." He made no effort to hide his bluntness.

"So why don't you," I said in a serious voice although I was teasing. I wasn't going to risk consuming any more minutes because I know Bec wouldn't let me hear the end of it. You see, as well as I am, Bec is very punctual and she will bite off my ear if I dare to make her the tiniest bit late.

I heard Brooks groan, he threw his head back as he grounded his hands together. "Al, you can't just say things like that." I could hear the frustration in his voice due to the temptation but luckily he did not succumb. No matter how much I wanted Brooks to take me on the bed again, I knew that there wouldn't be enough time. He continued to tug up his right black jeans before throwing on a white shirt. The shirt was a little tight that his shirt was allowing room for me to see through it and stare wide eyed at his tattoos.

"Al," he said, his back facing me as he slipped on his boots. "You know that you don't have to stare and you can just touch." He was referring to his body. I licked my lips as I advanced towards him. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, so I crawled on and wrapped one arm around his right shoulder and the other beneath his left arm. I kissed his covered shoulder an then pressed my cheek flush against his back.

"You sure do smell good Al." Brooks told me before I mumbled a thank you into his back. I could have stayed like that forever but someone abruptly slammed through our hotel room, checking on us.

"Bec is going psycho, I mean like mental hospital psychopathic. She can't find her blouse." Adam's eyes were full of worry and desperation, clearly he had no idea what to do in this situation. Unwillingly, I scrawled out of Brooks' warmth and confirmed to Adam that I would handle it.

He praised me as I walked out of the room, where I then crossed the corridor and landed right in front of the boys door. I heard her muffled abuse as I leaned in to listen through the thick wood door. My hand flew to the door handle which I turned and swiftly entered into the room. It was a similar set up to the room I stayed in, just everything was placed on the opposite wall. Her eyes widened at the sight of her new victim, me.

I gulped as she paced towards me. "My suitcase is missing! Someone stole it! I think it was Jai." She screamed and poor Jai was clutching to the wall in the corner, fearing his life.

I tried my best to calm her but that just made her blood boil further. I was just waiting for the steam to roll out of her ears. "Bec, listen to me. Your suitcase is in the other room, the room you were allocated to sleep in last night." I told her calmly and I watched as she slumped down in her stance.

All the anger drained out of her body as she stood innocently. "Oh," she said quietly before excusing herself and exiting. Jai exhaled a large breath that I assumed he had been holding in fear of disturbing Bec even further.

I pivoted at the sound of the door opening and I saw Brooks standing there, ruggedly handsome in all his glory. "Come on babe, you're driving." He winked as he tossed me my keys. I always loved it when Brooks called me babe or sexy. As I had never been called that before (obviously) it always made me feel, it sounds silly but special because I was the only girl that he called babe.

I had successfully caught the keys and bid goodbye to Jai whom I believe was still recovering. Moving past Brooks, I exited the room and travelled down the now familiar corridor and came to a halt at the elevator doors. Brooks followed behind as we entered the elevator, taking separate sides. We were fortunate enough when no one else slipped into the small moving elevator before Brooks suddenly said, "Kiss me Teddy." 

Turning to face him, I smiled before saluting. "Sir, yes sir," I teased as I moved closer to him. Leaning up I kissed him slowly. His thumb caressed my my cheek while the rest of his hand cupped my jaw. I had my arms wrapped around his waist as I kissed him deeper. When the elevator doors opened on the lobby floor we flew apart and began walking out of the hotel as though we didn't even make contact in the elevator.

My index finger erected out of the warmth of my cardigan pocket as I clicked the button which allowed Brooks' car doors to be unlocked. Graciously, I slipped into the drivers seat and Brooks smugly walked around to the drivers side. My eyes flicked to the automatic double doors and I watched as Jai hastily walked to Bec's Audi in the parking lot while Adam and Bec trailed behind, attached together like protons and electrons.

"Al before you start the car make sure you put your seat belt on." Brooks joked, mocking a driving instructor.

"Brooks, do me a favour and shut up." I sigh as I peel carefully out of the parking lot. Brooks just chuckles at my response.

"I'm sorry love but you're going to need to do more than just tell me to shut up." I knew what he was insinuating but I was driving and needed to concentrate on the roads. He continued jabbering, telling me that I had to check my mirrors and my blind spot. Earning my right to drive, I decided to shut my delinquent boyfriend up.

Removing one hand from the steering wheel, I moved it towards his tight jeans. I trailed my hand up and down his upper thigh and he began asking me what I was doing. I then moved my fingers slowly down his inner thigh and he jumped. Biting back my laugh, my fingers itched closer to his growing unit. Just to tease, my fingers crawled right beside it before I slipped them back to the wheel. Evidently, it shut him up.

Upon recovering Brooks groaned before smirking. "Two can play that game Al." I didn't understand what he meant by that until I felt his hand on my thigh.

"Brooks, I'm driving you cant." I pleaded. I didn't want his distraction being the reason as to why the car is totalled and both of us lost our lives.

"Brooks, I'm serious, I'm driving." I said in a warning voice which made him chuckle.

"The only time you aren't begging for me to touch you is when you're driving." My flushed cheeks turned bright pink at his words but I decided to ignore him. His fingers still roaming around was getting me flustered.

"Luke," I said in a low voice, "if you don't remove your hand now, I promise that you won't recieve anything tonight. Now move your hand." I deadpanned hoping he'd get the message.

"Yes ma'am." He said with his signature smirk. Brooks removed his hand and put it to good use by turning the radio on. A song I hadn't heard before began playing and I was thoroughly enjoying the tune so I requested that Brooks left it on this station.

Five minutes later, I pulled into the recognizable dock and parked the car. We only had to wait a further minute in silence for Bec's Audi to pull into the free parking space beside Brooks' car. Adam stepped out of the drivers side as we all hopped out of the car. I noticed Lily and Jai were cozy in the back seat which caused me to become confused but I decided not to dwell on it.

"Adam and I will go and book three boats for renting while the four of you rent the fishing equipment which is stationed in that silver shack about ten meters from us," the well informed Bec instructed as well all huddled together.

We all agreed and moved to do the task we were allocated which was collecting the fishing equipment. It wasn't until we had successfully gotten on the boat that I realized just how terrified I was.

"Al, it's ok. Just sit on that wooden plank and hold the fishing rod. We may not even catch anything. Breathe in and out. Why don't we just talk." I did as Brooks instructed and it was soothing. My breaths were slightly shaky as I walked towards the wooden seat on the drifting boat that we were isolated on.

"You know Teddy, after this week is over we will be in year twelve. Doesn't that scare you? It scares me. We will be in the big leagues. Everything that we work for will go towards the higher school certificate. I've been thinking about universities, not seriously like in depth but my mind has drifted there. No one wants to allow a no good punk kid like me." I had never heard Brooks talk bad about himself and I hated it, he sounded so vulnerable.

I gulped before interjecting my thoughts. "Brooks, from the point of view of the good girl that I was at the start of the year I would have told you no way would the university of Melbourne allow you to learn there, I don't even think tafe would let you take a course. But now that I know you, I know that you're a hard worker and you have experience that universities value. Brooks you can do anything you set your mind to."

I watched as he laid his body down on the plant adjacent to mine and rested his head on the edge of the boat. Folding his hands together across his chest, he shook his head. "They don't give a shit about what I've done and what I'm good at. They'll take one look at my clothes, one look at my history, one look at my tattoos and say no. They won't even take a second glance at my good marks before saying no. I know how it is, it's different for people like me."

When he said that my blood started to boil. I felt bad that he perceived people like that but I didn't appreciate his judgmental attitude. Then when he said 'people like me' I grew upset. I felt like that little good girl who didn't stand a chance for a guy like Brooks because we were from two separate worlds but then when we got to know each other and we realized we weren't so different at all.

"Bullshit, people aren't that shallow anymore Brooks. And don't talk like we are so different. I have streaks of blue hair for fucks sake! All the care about is your work ethic and your results, nothing else. Your body could be covered in tattoos and your mind like Einstein and they would still let you in for your talents. Brooks you're a good guy and you get good grades, you can get into any university you want." My voice was softer at the end of my speech.

He sat up and studied every square inch of my complexion. He narrowed his eyes as my gaze swung to look out at the calming waters. "You're right," his words were soft and captivating. "I can get into any university I want, only if I deserve it." I smiled sweetly at him as he turned his gaze to lay back down.

"Do you think I can?" He asked, his voice so meek.

I inhaled deeply, "I believe in you Brooks."

"Thank you Alex." Those three words seemed to mean everything to me as they had more meaning than I could ever muster. It seemed that my five words made his whole heart complete and his courage in himself stronger.

If only that little moment wasn't interrupted by my screams. At first I thought it was nothing but then my heart jumped at the feeling of someone tugging on the rod, the tugging came from within the water. I had never fished before so I had no idea what to do but scream. Brooks laughed after I told him that I think I caught a fish.

Placing his warm hands over mine, he used my fingers to reel the rod in, slowly slowly the line became shorter and then before I knew it I saw a carp out of water. I screamed like a little girl at the sight of a wriggling fish, fighting the hook stuck in its mouth. Brooks swung the line onto the boat and I ran down the boat when the fish was struggling, flapping its scaly skin all over the boat's floor. Brooks bent down and grabbed the fish, unhooking the fish from the hook and then he did what I feared. Brooks chased me around the boat, carrying the fish in his hands.

"Kiss me Alex," he chanted for the fish as we circled the boat.

"Yuck, Brooks chuck it in the water. That's disgusting." I yelped as I jumped over the obstacle which was the wooden plank.

"Come on, pucker up!" He said and I suddenly hit a dead end because I slipped over, luckily not hitting my head.

Brooks hovered over me, smirking widely. "Just kiss the fish Al, you caught him." Brooks drawled as I curled into a ball. You see, Brooks being so cruel, he was lowering himself, threatening to touch me with the fish.

"Never." I screamed as I buried my face in my hands. I did not want to be touched with the fish.

"But he's so cute!" That was when Brooks did the most disgusting thing. Brooks kissed the fish. Smack on its lips and I wanted to throw up knowing that I had to kiss those lips. With all the courage I could muster, I jumped up, grabbed the fish out of Brooks' grasp and threw it back in the water.

Brooks found my motives amusing but I had to warn him. "You are not kissing me with those fish lips." My nose crinkled as I was reminded of the sight.

He threw his head back, "Please Al, you couldn't last a night without kissing me. I'm too irresistible."

I sunk back down on the wooden plank, huffing as I folded his arms. Admittedly, I hated that Brooks wasn't wrong.




I chimed happily as my chocolate thick shake was placed in front of me. Leaning up, I gladly placed my lips to the straw and began sipping. Brooks' grin faded as he watched my every move attentively from sitting across from me. My eyebrows knitted at the sight of Brooks' frown. "What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Al, you can't just suck a straw while sitting right in front of me." I couldn't help but outburst in laughter. Brooks was in serious discomfort and I found it amusing.

"Poor thing, here have a cookie." Jai said in a condescending manner which widened my smile.

We were all sitting in a booth in a small milk bar up the road from the docks. Our red booth was plastered horizontal to the black and white tiled wall of the milk bar. It had a retro eighties theme with a duke box in the right corner and a collection of eighties vinyl records, stacked on a bookshelf near the bar opening. Just like you'd imagine, there was a long cherry red bar table with stools to sit up on. Similar to a pub, instead of beer taps there were syrup taps which I thought was cute a quirky.

I loved the vibe in the atmosphere. The owner was dressed in white, with a small apron and dressed just as you would imagine he would as if we were in the eighties. The milkshake I was consuming was by far the best milkshake I had ever had. Exploding with the indulging chocolate flavour. Everyone was enjoying themselves, sharing stories of their time on the boats.

Lily explained how hers and Jai's boat almost capsized and Adam explained how he caught two fish but let them go. Brooks of course shared my embarrassing story, exaggerating the parts where I was fearing for my life and threatened to chuck him out of the boat if the fish didn't go.

We were all laughing and making jokes until Lil said, "So when are we leaving to get ready for the party?" The booth fell quite for two reasons. One, none of the boys wanted to go. Two, Bec and I were too scared to say anything in front of our boyfriends who didn't want to go.

"Lil, we don't really have to go. I mean, we could have a bon fire again. That was fun." I said first but Lil just looked at me with a strange look as if to say are you crazy?

"Yeah I mean, we won't even know anyone there." Jai said, placing his hand on Lil's back.

"But we will know people there." We being Bec, herself and I.

I could tell Jai was itching to retaliate and voice his opinions to Lil but he calmed down and chose not to. I also observed that no matter what Bec was saying, she really did want to go. She was always a party girl, first and foremost.

"I guess we could go for an hour or two," Brooks' voice surprised me especially when he told me specifically that I was not going. I looked at him skeptically and he read my thoughts because he said, "I just want an excuse to see you in that tight black dress you brought along with you." He even had the nerve to wink at me. That cheeky boyfriend of mine.

"So it's settled, we'll go." Bec said, trying her best to hide her smile.

"Okay we will go, but no one is drinking tonight. We have to drive home tomorrow and I'm not having one of you guys with a hangover." I warned and the group laughed. Soon we piled out of the booth and made our way back to the hotel where we arranged to get ready for the Anderson's party which I assumed would not be good news.




I stepped out of the car and was instantly hit by the big mansion before us. This time I drove with Bec because I wanted to surprise Brooks in my little black number. You see, he hadn't seen me since the milk bar because Bec hid me away. I was fortunate that she brought her straightener and I did my eye makeup and hopefully I looked as irresistible as I felt. I silently prayed that Brooks wasn't his fish lips tonight too.

Mesmerized by the big castle before us, I was disappointed in the fact that it had already been trashed by someone's stupidity to throw toilet paper and eggs on the roof. I almost missed the right of Brooks' car flash by. Parking directly in front of us, three handsome gentleman stepped out of the black cruiser. My eyes raked over Brooks' body and I licked my lips in satisfaction.

Dressed in tight jeans and a black t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, I knew I wanted to get him on the dance floor as soon as possible. He smirked as he approached him, his eyes doing their fair share of wandering. "Hello beautiful," he greeted me as I pulled him into a hug.

"Not looking too shabby there, aye Brooks." I teased as I soaked him in. Pulling away I smiled at him and leaned up, kissing his cheek softly.

"Shall we?" He asked, offering out his hand which I gratefully took.

"We shall."

Walking into the mansion was a maze. Teenage bodies, some shirtless, some dressed and some wearing nothing at all. The music was loud and the atmosphere was hot, reminding me of why I didn't really attend parties at all. I followed Adam who had a hand on Bec's back as they guided us into the house. Someone offered me a drink but I politely declined.

Some how, miraculously we made it to the lounge room which was littered with empty party cups. The main party was outside on the massive patio but there still was a fair few people in the house, none that I recognized. "How about I get us a drink?" Brooks suggested and I nodded. Still holding onto his hand, I informed Bec like we were getting a non alcoholic beverage and we separated from the group.

The kitchen was filled with fit teenage surfer boys and wasted models (I only assumed due to their physical appearance) who were all taking shots. Some how Brooks managed to find to new and clean party cups which he then moved across the counter to where the soft drink was stored. Opening up a bottle of lemonade, he smelt the liquid just to check if it really was lemonade which luckily it was. He filled up a glass and handed it to me, which I gratefully accepted because it was hotter than the Sahara desert in there.

Winding our way through the crowd, we reentered the lounge room which I wish we didn't because mingling with our group was none other than the Anderson boys. "Alex, I'm so glad you could make it." Jake said once he saw my face, he sounded so genuine it almost hurt.

"Sure, no problem." I laughed nervously as I took another gulp of my lemonade.

I hadn't noticed where Jake's eyes were travelling until Brooks cleared his throat loudly and said, "Eyes up here pal, that's where her eyes are ok?" I loved the attitude in Brooks' voice and the way he was so protective of other guys checking me out was a major turn on.

"A group of us were about to play suck and blow, are you interested?" Brody asked the group. When he received shrugs because half of us didn't even know what that game was, he pulled took it as a yes and dragged us outside.

I was kind of in a daze because I was watching Brooks. Sometimes I just drift out of whats happening in front of me because I'm just admiring the cute things he does and the way he looks so effortlessly perfect. We were placed in allocated spots. I was placed between Brooks and Jake. I noticed all the girls were placed in between two guys. Some people were playing whom I didn't know but I didn't mind because I didn't know how to play.

Without being given any guidelines or rules, we began to play. I watched as there was a single piece of paper, placed at someone's lips. Then that paper was moved to the person beside them by placing their lips together with only a single sheet of thin paper between them. My eyes widened in shock as it went half way around the group but then the paper fell, resulting in a girl with chestnut hair and Jai to lock lips.

I gathered why it was called suck and blow because on my turn I could feel it. I looked into Brooks' smiling brown eyes. I could feel him tense at my touch as he was sucking on the paper, keeping it at his lips. Copying what everyone else did, I moved my lips to his and just before my own lips could touch the paper, I felt it flutter down. Brooks tugged my chin up and kissed me hard, his tongue taking me to another place.

"On with that game guys," I heard a pesky girl ask from across the circle so as it was, I picked up the paper, placed it too my lips and sucked it. My stomach bursted with uncomfortable nerves as I turned to Jake whom I prayed wouldn't pull a stunt like Brooks and allow the paper to fall on purpose.

My gaze locked with Jake's and slowly, I felt him move in. His lips, centimeters to mine, I continued to suck until his lips touched the paper. I felt his unsteady warm breath fan my face before his lips sucked on the paper and suddenly I blew. It felt like hours till Jake finally broke his gaze from my eyes and he turned to continue playing the game. A relieving sigh escaped my lips and I whispered to Brooks that I didn't want to play anymore.

Unwillingly, we stayed another hour. Brooks and I spent the majority of the time by the stream at the back of the Anderson boys house. I sat in Brooks' lap and he was playing with my fingers as he told me that he was thinking of getting an apartment after year twelve. He told me what he wanted to do, he said he wanted to get a job close to home but he didn't want to endure it so it wouldn't be called a job to him. He wanted to do something he loved.

He just didn't know what it was yet. I told him that I wanted to get an editing job or become a teacher even though he already knew it. He just asked me to tell him again because he loves the way I talk about my dreams, apparently my voice sounds so excited and I'm ultimately happy. Surprisingly Lily was the one who suggested we left. It was only eleven at night but I had no objections. We all had to get a good nights sleep before we headed off tomorrow.

We entered back into the house where the party was shifted and I made the effort to find the boys whom I may never see again. I weaved through sweaty bodies who cheered for a wasted girl to take her top off who was dancing on top of the dining table. I hated the environment, it was hot and smelt horrible. The stench of alcohol flooded through the house and my ears were close to bleeding from the blaring music.

"Thank you for inviting us. It was so nice to see you again." I told each Austin, Brody and Jake as I hugged them goodbye.

"Thank you for coming, it was a really good night. It's a shame you are leaving tomorrow. We were really good friends when we were kids and its a shame to see that wasted, but what can you do." I felt bad because we did have good times. I had all those good memories with them so I decided to make amends and hand out my phone number so we can keep in touch.

"I'm gonna miss you Alex." Jake said as he hugged me tightly.

"Maybe when you're in Melbourne we can all meet up again." I suggested seriously and his eyes glistened gratefully.

"That would be great." Brody said for Jake who was speechless.

"Yeah, we'd like that." I told them with a sweet smile.

The group found me not long after and we all said our goodbyes. Brooks and I escaped the crowds and I was grateful that the air outside was colder and refreshing. I slipped my hand in Brooks' hand and I intertwined our fingers as I gave him a weak smile. "I was kind of regretting suggesting that dress when Jake's eyes were all over them." Brooks said which caused me to laugh.

"This was only for you," I admitted which earned me a long and slow kiss. I smiled into the kiss when there was no hint of fish, only Brooks.

Soon the girls and the boys filed out of the house and we walked along the littered driveway. Taking Brooks' car, we also drove with Jai.  It was late when we returned at the hotel at a late hour and I stumbled into the hotel room, my fingers still attached to Brooks'. I just pulled off my dress and tugged on the t-shirt that Brooks wore tonight and crawled into bed. Brooks joined me in only his boxers.

He tugged my body closer to his and wrapped his arms around my frame. I molded into his touch and just laid there, happily in his embrace. "Al?" Brooks' voice was soft and raspy, I wondering if he was just checking if I was still awake.

"Yes?" I replied in almost a question.

"Remember how we were talking about our futures before, well Al, I really want you in my future." My heart lifted in my chest and I swear I had never felt as happy as I felt than than I ever had before. I was so happy with what he said that I was crying, happy tears of course.

"What's wrong?" He asked, flipped my body so he could see my face. I buried my tear stained face in his chest and laughed before I sniffled.

"Nothing. I want you in my future too." I don't think I'd ever been more honest with a person before in my life, okay well maybe only when tell Brooks I love him.

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