Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


5. Chapter Five - I Meet his Family

Chapter Five - I Meet his Family

I swallowed as I allowed my fingers to travel over my lips. In all my life I had never swore, there it goes, another perfect record, broken. But the way my words came out so carelessly, so free, it felt good. I blinked a few times and then shook my head to myself, I'm a menace.

The rest of the lesson we were instructed to copy off the board but I struggled to concentrate as my brain turned into a black hole. My brain spiraled over questions, then repeating them because for once, I didn't have the answers.

What was detention like? What was I suppose to do? Was there a book I could read up on it? How many teachers will lose their trust in me? What if this is the beginning to many detentions? What if my parents find out?

I decided to keep my mouth clamped for the rest of the lesson, along with next lesson but then after that, instead of driving home I had somewhere to be and not a good place at that fact.

The bell rang, indicating that we had five minutes to walk to the next class. I was stopped as I attempted to push past everyone and evacuate the room. He grinned up at me before peeling off the seat and standing up. Now I was looking up at him.

"See you in detention, Al" he smirked as he threw his bag over his shoulder.

"See you there" was my response, I didn't even take note to what he said, I didn't even realize my response, before charging out the door.

I tried to relax in home economics but nothing was working. I buried my head in my hands as I massaged my temples with my finger tips. Word had already travelled from English to this class and people were whispering. Many shocked though, as was I, double checking if they were talking about the right Alex.

I considered ditching detention but then I'd just end up in more trouble. I was hoping that this lesson would carry on for ever. My detention slip came that period.

Alexandra Binks. Year 11. Detention Room 31a, 28.7.13. 3:10pm

I was disappointed in myself. How could I let that word slip? Or worse, how could I let a guy like Luke Brooks get the better of me? He was nothing to me, nothing.

My leg tapped the side of desk leg, I was impatient, maybe I was just waiting to get this over with. Who am I kidding? I never wanted the clock to strike 3:10pm but that was inevitable.

"Hanging to go somewhere?" An unfamiliar voice asked from beside me.

"Sorry," I noted that my constant glances at the clock and agitated leg was enough to send someone crazy. "Just not wanting to go somewhere." I answered him. He looked tall and well built, he had brown hair and for a boy in year 11 he seemed more like a man. His voice was soothing and friendly.

"I get that." He said, understandingly. "I'm James." he introduced with his hand out. I politely shook it and admired his good manners.

"Alex," I replied with a simple smile.

He leaned eagerly in his seat, "Wait, could you be the Alex?" He asked, emphasizing the 'the' in his sentence.

"Yes," I sighed, "I did swear in class and get a detention." I told him, leaning back in my seat.

"Oh," he said slightly disappointed. The curiosity was no longer lingering in his eyes.

"A bad oh?" I thought aloud and he chuckled.

"No, it's just I'm trying to find this good girl, her name is Alexandra." He told me.

"Im trying to find her too." I mumbled to myself, questioning where I was. Or who you were pretending to be. I pressed my lips into a thin line after taking note, why would he be looking for me? He must have thought that I wasn't her after mentioning the detention and he would have assumed that good girls don't get detention.

"And why are you looking for her?" I questioned him, not daring to take a glance away from his face just in case I missed a screening of emotion.

"My fri-" he was cut off by the loud bell that rang through the class room.

I never did get to hear the end of his sentence because I had somewhere to be. I darted out of the room and my stomach lurched as I headed towards room 31a. Swerving through hundreds of people was a hard task.

"Alex!" A familiar yet annoying voice said as they grabbed my arm.

"What?" I exclaimed with my voice caught in my throat.

"I assume you are busy going somewhere?" She assumed with jealousy streaked through her words.

"But make sure you give him my number, do you remember it?" She tested.

"Yes, now I have to go Tara." I said and attempted to push past her but he grip on me tightened.

"What is it?" She shrilled.

So I stood there and recited her number to her just so she would let me go. The last thing I wanted was to be late to my first detention. I glanced at my phone, checking the time. It was 3:08pm. I had three minutes until I would be classed as late. At least there was a silver lining to this grey cloud. Luke won't be there.

It was as though I spoke too soon. What was I expecting? This was his territory, his second home, his environment, was I really thinking that he wouldn't be there. Most importantly why was I even thinking about him in the first place? 

He grinned, already settled in his seat as I stood in the door way. I was getting odd glances from people I'd never seen before, I was feeling that I didn't belong, it was apparent that I wasn't one of them.

"Alexandra, it seems that you've come to the wrong room." Mrs Carling said from her desk.

I smiled sweetly, I hadn't made a mistake, "No miss, I'm here to serve my detention." She looked at me with disbelieve as I handed her my slip.

I glanced at all the desks in the classroom, the back row was filled with delinquent kids, who am I to talk, I'm here as well. The rest of the kids were scattered between rows. I was getting odd looks from the students, I think they were all in shock, it had been two hours since I was issued it yet I was still in shock. Then I saw him.

"I saved a spot for you Al," he said, pointing to the desk adjacent from his.

He was enjoying this way too much. I took the seat beside him unwillingly but soon the teacher instructed me to sit. There was a circular clock, hanging on the wall in front of the classroom. It was similar to Luke, loud and obnoxious. The only thing I could hear was its loud ticking after we were all told to be silent. It's ticking was enough to send someone crazy.

Was this is? Were we expecting to just sit here for an hour? Maybe detention wasn't that bad after all? I really mustn't be the same Alex if I just said that detention 'isn't that bad'. I heard the new sound of ripping paper which automatically caught my attention. I looked over at Luke was now flicking his pen along a line of paper he ripped off.

I didn't want to waste anymore of my brain on him so I maneuvered my attention to around the classroom and soon enough I found myself reading every poster that was stuck to the walls. "Psst," I heard a low voice whisper.

I jerked my head to the side and took not of Luke trying to discretely hand me a piece of paper. I looked around the room to check if anyone was watching as my hand descended and scooped the paper. In fine penmen ship it read 'Bored?'

Was there even a need to answer? I pulled out a pen from a pocket in my bag and scribbled back 'Yes'. The teacher's head was down as she glared at her ipad so I took the opportunity to flick the folded paper back. It managed to get it right on the philtrum. I heard him laugh aloud as he read my response.

Moments later a small paper airplane landed on my empty desk. I scooped it up and unfolded it. 'I know there is something I could do to you to entertain you' he wrote and I chuckled because my head read it in his voice.

'You'd do it just about anywhere. Which reminds me, here's my sister's number' I scribbled down the digits to her number and with a heavy sigh I threw it over to his table. I watched as his face scrunched after reading it.

His note flicked in me in the head and I had to reach down to retrieve it from the floor 'What part of annoying didn't you get. I thought that you were a genuis'  it read and I smiled. I took note that he had drawn thick lines over Tara's number.

'Why don't you pounce on someone who is keen on you?' I scribbled back and discretely handed him the note.

He sighed loudly, this time I caught the note that he threw 'Not. My. Type. But hey, I'm pretty good at memorising numbers as well as memorising the geography of a female body. Maybe this time you should hand me the right number' he wrote. I glared over at him, grimacing at his words, he was smirking with his face towards the front of the class room.

'And what number would that be?' I wrote back on the free space left on the paper.

I unfolded the note that spun around on my desk 'Once again genius. Yours' for some reason I instantly smiled upon reading this note.

'Nice try, smart ass'

'You really shouldn't continue swearing, it's a bad habit, besides that's what got you here in the first place'

He really was a smart ass. And he was cruising for a bruising as my mum would say.

'You always have a come back, fuck me' I sighed at how much I underestimated him.

'Just tell me when love!'

My head rolled back and I could feel all the blood running straight to my cheeks as they turned crimson. My jaw at dropped at once again due to Luke I was at a lack of words. My hands clenched, I was so outraged that he could make me feel this way. I shook my head as I smirked, only Luke Brooks whould write a comment quite like that.

I looked back at him and of course he had that signature smirk on, who could blame him? He wore it well. I was determined to allow the next half hour free of any thoughts of Luke. But the more I stared at that same, empty black board it became apparent that my brain would wonder.

What I wasn't prepared for, similar to Luke's comment which I should have been smarter to see coming, was that now all I could see was those big bright chocolate brown eyes and that childish yet attractive smirk.  It also didn't help that I saw images recurring of Luke topless when he changed for his appointment. And once again I was mad.

But how could one human being like Luke dominate my life? I mean we just have a simple task like looking after a baby together yet he seems to be everywhere, school, my mind and now invading my day dreams. What also didn't help was the fact when I looked back I saw him looking at me.

'What are you looking at?' I wanted to scream. He must have seen my anger shine through my emotion filled face because his common smirk rose to the side of his lip.

I looked into his eyes and I experienced a new emotion. One I've only read described in books. It was a mild case of lust because when I looked at Luke's lips all I could imagine was mine over his. Now that wasn't something I should be imagining, not at all.


"How was that?" He asked, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

"Would have been better if you weren't there," I replied, squirming out of his grasp.

"Now Al, Why do you have to be like that?" He asked, finally removing his arm off my shoulders.

It was odd. My shoulders were consumed by a tingling sensation. "Like what?" I groaned, trying to move my shoulders around, in attempt to make the tingling stop.

"You're always looking for an argument." I could see that he was trying to not crack a smile.

"Me start the argument?" My eyes were full of fire, "You are the one who-" I was cut off by Luke's laughter which once again made my heart flutter.

"What are you laughing at?" I asked, trying not to smile myself.

"Oh nothing, you're just really cute when you are angry." He said so easily, it was as though he complimented girls everyday, which he probably does. A pang of jealously hit me but why? It's not like I like him.

"What's wrong?" he asked, noting my sudden mood difference.

"How many girls have you kissed this week?" I blurted out and I immediantly apologised as it was none of my business.

"3." He said smoothly and I almost choked, it was only Monday.

"But the question is why can't I kiss the girl who I really want to." He said, with his hands in his pockets as he began making his way to his bike.

"And why can't you?" I asked, moving in the other direction to my car.

"This ones complicated, she's unlike any other girl," he paused. "She's not interested" he said and he got on his bike. Those were the exact words I told him last week but he couldn't possibly be referring to me.

"See you tonight Binks." He said slightly suggestively but I knew that it was just my shift to take Annabelle.

The moment I hopped in the car my phone began to buzz. I put it on speaker as I drove out of the school gates.

"Did you give it to him? Is he going to call me?" Her voice rang throughout the whole car.

"I gave it to him, it's just he didn't want to take it." I said, with a little bit of happiness in my voice.

"What do you mean he wouldn't take it?" She shrieked.

"Um, he didn't want it. Sorry, driving, got to go." I replied and quickly hung up. I would deal with her later.

After organising to hang out with Lilly and Bec at crusty's I drove there in attempt to never return home. The were already there in the booth we always have, my friend's looked eager than ever to see me.

"Is it true?" Bec asked as she scooted over in the booth, allowing room for me to sit.

I held my arms up, gesturing 'tada', "The one and only bad ass Binks." I said with alliteration which made me smile happily to myself.

"No way!" Lilly said in astonishment, "How was it?" they asked. My detention slip was like a battle scar, someything to be cherished and admired in most eyes.

As crusty's set up for dinner, I decided to go and retrieve my baby duty. Luke's words repeated in my head as I drove to his house 'This ones complicated, she's unlike any other girl, She's not interested'. I analysed this, I couldn't be the only girl in Penola, the only girl in Melbourne who has rejected the offer to have intimate relations with Luke, I can't be.

A charming face greeted me at his door "Couldn't get enough of me at school eh, you had to follow me home?" He teased.

"Shut up and let me in." I retorted and pushed past him.

"You really should be more polite considering my Nonna is in the next room." he informed me with a twinkle in his eye as he mentioned his Nonna.

"She's holding Annabelle, after all, it's time that you two meet." Luke said, dragging me into the lounge room.

After all, it's time that we meet?

The little Italian woman sat in her rocking chair as she held Annabelle with such affection. She reminded me of my own Nonna. Geez Alex, you're Italian? Well my dad is Australian, hence my last name, but my mum is an Italian through and through.

"Ciao," I greeted her, similar to the way I greet my own nonna.

By her dialect it was apparent that she was from the South, "Ciao Bella, si parla italiano?" (Translate: You speak italian)

"Si, un po." (Translation: Yes, a little bit)

"My english, no very good." she said in her own italian accent.

"It's very good." I complimented her.

"Al, I didn't know you spoke italian." Luke said astonished.

"You don't know a lot about me." I retorted which made him pout.

"Doesn't mean that I don't want to." I heard him mumble which instantly formed a smile on my face.

"My mum's italian so I learn from my Nonna." I informed him.

"Ma, Al is Italian!" He called out and Gina smiled.

"Dinner's ready," Jai called out, he smiled and greeted me when he saw me.

"I should go." I replied, gathering up Annabelle's stuff.

Luke's Nonna gently grabbed hold of my hand, "No, you eat wit us." She said in her cute accent.

Luke shrugged and smirked before leading me to the seat beside him. So there I sat, about to have dinner with the Player and his family.

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