Mr Player

Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line.

Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy. He has the looks to fit his title. He plays the girls hearts as though he was on a football field to fit his label. And he is route cause of any trouble.

You'd think that these two opposites would never associate themselves with each other and no one expected this to happen but in Health Class they are allocated to be partners. Will she end up doing all the work by herself? Or will she spend all her time with him and have a little bit of the Bad Boy rub off on her?

Copyright © Obey_Janoskian 2013-2014


15. Chapter Fifteen - He Makes Me Play Truth or Dare

Chapter Fifteen - He Makes Me Play Truth or Dare







"Ugh," I groaned inwardly. "Blue and that is the final decision," I said firmly.

I studied his profile, amusement portrayed through his face. He was enjoying this. Arguing. We had been doing this repetitively for the past five minutes, back and forth. At this moment in time we were trying to decide what colour is best to have little baby Annabelle wear. Brooks is so demanding of pink, maybe because he wants to disagree with my every choice.

"Why do you want pink so much anyway?" I sighed. "Perhaps it has something to do with your sexuality." I smirked knowing what path I was taking with my words.

His head cocked up as he examined me. "What do you mean?" He questioned.

"If this was the easiest way for you to tell me then I get it. I won't judge you." I tried not to break a smile as I spoke.

"Al, I'm not gay." He said catching onto my drift. He was raking his eyes over the rest of the class to see if they could hear us.

"Brooks it's okay. I understand it's hard for you but I promise we can get through this. I will not judge you based on your sexual orientation." I continued and he was getting frustrated. This was his weak spot.

"We are not seriously discussing my sexual orientation in front of a baby." He wanted to ditch this conversation fast but I was only just beginning.

"You need to let it out, step out of the closet."

"Teddy, trust me, I'm not gay." There was a cocky tone to his words, now he was smiling as if he had the upper hand.

"You don't have to be afraid anymore, I get it." I added.

His smirk was more apparent as he raised his eyebrows. "How about you come over tonight and I'll show you just how straight I am."

Almost instantly I blushed at his words, I knew exactly what he was implying which made me smile. He took a step closer to me and I took one back, this continued until my back was firmly against the wall of the class room. Brooks leaned in to whisper in my ear, his hot breath tickling my bare skin. "Brooks; 100. Al; 1"

He leaned back out to see my reaction, my eyebrows were knitted and my lips were pursed into a thin line. "And where exactly did I get my point?" I questioned him.

"When we were in the forest, for your birthday. I can show you exactly," with each word he itched closer to me, almost impossibly close. "How you made me feel." This deep, seductive words mingled in with the overall classroom chatter made his words more effective.

Keep it together Alex, you can still win.

I placed my hand on his upper thigh and I watched as his eyes rolled back in satisfaction. "Advantage one" I said, pushing him out of the way with a smirk.

"Speaking of that day, so much for your words of 'No more meet ups' yet you show up at my house and stay for dinner, hours after." I remarked.

"You are a hard person to stay away from." He said with such honesty which made me compelled to actually believe his words.

"T-Thank you." I stammered which made him smile.

"You don't receive compliments often, do you?" He questioned but we both know that he already knew the answer.

"I never got them, until I met you..." I trailed off, slightly embarrassed.

"Do you believe me when I say it?" He questioned me with an eyebrow raised.

I shook my head, "No."

"I think this is the part where I'm supposed to break out in song singing, What makes you Beautiful." He whispered in my ear, I could feel myself shudder as I chuckled.

"That would be a sight to see." I said and while he was distracted with his own thoughts, I dressed Annabelle up in a blue play suit.

Brooks: 100; Alex: 2.

"Why do you always call me Brooks?" He asked me. I was examining Annabelle's behaviour as a part of the task for today's lesson. My body hunched over the bench, in my peripheral vision I could see Brooks placing his hand beside mine, his body curled to the form of mine so we weren't touching but we were close to it.

My underwear, My Skirt, Centimeters of air, His pants, His underwear. That's how close we were but I tried not to concentrate on it and actually answer his question.

"Because everyone calls you Luke or THE Luke Brooks, I'm not everyone. I wanted to be different when addressing you so you knew it was me." I'm pretty sure this answer satisfied him because in his response I could hear his smile.

"Alright Teddy, You'll always be different to me." His words puzzled me. It was like I was a mutant compared to him. The underlining fact as to why I was going to be different to him is because he associates himself with people who aren't like me. People who are all the same. Even in his eyes I was an outsider. I wish it was different but I wasn't going to change an conform to society to be accepted. Not even for Luke.

"I don't want you to change, I would never want you to change." His words caught me by surprise.

Did I say that out loud? Oh great. Now I can't even control my own mouth in the presence of Brooks. Wait, did he say he didn't want me to change?

"Good." I mumbled, being consumed by my own terrorising thoughts.

A month ago I didn't know the first thing about emotions in general let alone my own emotions. I never felt this weird sensation in the pit of my stomach when I talked to anyone. I would never evaluate situations, or study a profile, or even come to recognise a welcoming scent until I met him. I never got excited for elective classes like Health Class because a certain someone would be in that class. A month ago I would feel uncomfortable with anyone touching me, even lightly brushing my arm. Let alone having a tingling sensation remain.

Brooks has left a fine impression on my life, slowly breaking down my insecurity walls. Eroding my uncomfortable barriers. A month ago I never had this burning desire to kiss someone, the whole concept of swapping saliva freaked me out. I mean, it has been scientifically proven that there is at least 40,000 bacteria living on your tongue. Talk about a turn off. But in all honesty, I'm not going to lie. Thinking about kissing Brooks makes my heart race and I like that feeling.

As I wash my hands in the bathroom some times I hear girls talking about their experiences with Brooks. Girls attempt to challenge each other, saying that they do the most horrific (Yet impressing to other girls) things with Brooks just to get another girl jealous. It is quite sad but in reality, that's how it is. Anyway, so I hear about the insane 'mouth orgasms' they get when his tongue dances with theirs. They use vulgar language but I think when describing a kiss it should be romantic. Call me a sucker.

Maybe he was right when he said that I was jealous. He probably is. I know he has joked about it before but the truth is, I know that he wont put his mouth anywhere near nerd over here (Me). Additionally, if his touch can send my heart racing, my pulse rising and electricity shots (Over used term but that's the only way I can manage to describe it) through my body than imagine him kissing me (Hard to imagine, I know), I would be sent to the hospital, literally.

"What are you thinking about?" He said, bringing me out of my thoughts and back to reality.

Kissing you. "Nothing, just the fact that you still didn't notice that Annabelle is wearing blue." I smirked with victory.

"Oh I noticed Al, I just didn't mind defeat against you." He sent me a charming smile, big white teeth showing, brilliant lips on display. If Luke's smiles could kill me I'd be long dead.

"Come with me to James' small gathering tonight." He said randomly, I was a bit taken aback, was that a demand or a question. Was this a date? No fool, Why would he go on a date with a girl like you? Some times my inner voice sounds like Tara, to say the least it's a bitch.

"Is that a request or a command?" I quizzed him with a cheerful ring in my voice.

"Well if you say no it's a command, if you say yes it's a request." He manipulated my words.

"Well a request from the Player, I'd be stupid to say no right?" I smiled the best smile I could pull off.

"Correct, Teddy." He seemed to pull off his smiles so effortlessly, he is so perfect.

"You can bring your friends Rebecca and Lilly if you are concerned that I'll take advantage of you." He seemed concerned, so he ticked off a worry on his mental list.

"Fine." I said, pretending to be bored.

"Fine as in you'll go and your friends will come too?" He asked, he seemed edgy as if this answer meant the world to him. Weird.

"Yes, I will go." I accepted clearly for him which made him immediately smile, in turn, making me smile.

"If you come to my house at around five, actually, yes come to my house at around five because I want to show you something. And from there, we can drive to the party."

"On one condition." I piped in, although my mind was half focused on what he wanted to show me.

"Yes?" He asked, ready for my answer.

"We have to take my car because in Victroria of 282 people, 41 of them are either passengers or drivers of a motorcycles." I paused trying to remember the government site I looked at at least two weeks ago. Before I could continue Brooks interjected.

He didn't object to the condition which was surprising. "It's fine, only that I drive okay? Oh and Al, It's really cute how you are worried about me."

I blushed at his words which made him smile, I watched his hand, so tempted to pinch my cheek but he restrained himself because last time he did that I slapped him. He coped fine with little damage but I warned him next time I would kick his 'High Achievers' which made him wince, and now restrained.

"Deal." I said and we shook hands.




Something was different today, it was evident when the moment that Tara sat in the car she apologised. Yes, a sincere apology from Tara is quite rare but today I managed one. She apologised for the incident at home on my birthday. She apologised for her sly comments and also the fact that the family forgot. She said that she forgot because she was worried about her Higher Schools Cetificate which was understandable, HSC sets you up for your future. Then she assumed that mum and dad forgot because apparently they have been a bit off lately.

Due to the simple fact that I'm barely home anymore, I rarely notice these things. Things like mum and dad actually verbally fighting, also that dad has slept on the couch more than once this week. I hadn't noticed anything. Tara wouldn't have noticed either but apparently it was that bad.

"So I guess you and Luke are pretty serious huh?" She didn't sound envious, in fact she sounded almost happy for me.

"What no. We aren't going out. He would never be interested in me." I told her straight, laughing mentally that Tara would assume such an obserd thing.

She scoffed, loudly and then smiled. "Not interested in you? Alex, do you not see the way he looks at you? Let alone the way that he constantly invites you over to his house. A place where no girl in our school or any other girl has stepped foot in." The way he looks at me?

"And I thought you were smart. Maybe you are just oblivious to all these things because they are foreign." Tara suggested, slightly insulting my intelligence but I brushed it off.

"He invited you out tonight, didn't he?" She questioned with an excited look on her face.

"How did you know?" I half gasped.

"You have this glow or something shining through your face. I notice that when ever someone mentions him around you." She smirked and I blushed.

"Where is he taking you?" She quizzed.

"Oh it isn't a date, no way. It's just a small gathering with his friends." Which then reminded me that I had to text my own friends. I shot them a quick yet detailed message which they replied to quickly, all agreeing.

Tara sighed heavily which caught my attention. "Alex, I know that I pick on you and call you names but that's only because I'm jealous." She admitted and my eyes widened, along with my jaw dropping. Tara, gorgeous Tara, with the legs, the boobs and the looks was jealous of me?

"I mean, I have to wear make up all the time, tight clothes to outline my curves yet then you come along, so natural and so beautiful. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I hope you are happy and I hope that Luke treats you right because in the end. I want you to have the perfect boyfriend that you have waited for and that you deserve."

I was literally at a loss of words, I didn't know whether she was tricking me. I sat silently, cruising along the roads, waiting for her to snigger and say "Just joking you are a troll." But she didn't, she sat there as well, lightly humming along to the sweet tune of Teenage Dream which was on a CD that I had chucked in earlier, spare of the moment.

I smiled at her and I turned up the volume to the CD player, together we belted out the lyrics to the chorus and it felt good, spending time with my sister. Maybe a ghost had possessed her but either way, we were bonding and I wanted nothing to ruin this moment. The second the car stopped in the driveway Tara zoomed me off into her room where she sat me down on her bed. Heading in the direction of her cupboard, a heavy mass of clothes began to be thrown on top of me.

Literally covered from lap to chest with a moutain of clothes, approaching me Tara lifted the load and began sorting into Yes and No's piles. "What is all this for?" I dared to ask, completely confused.

"For you silly, you are going to look great tonight."

Instant worry filled my head upon hearing her words. "Tara you aren't going to turn me into a barbie will you. This won't turn out to be like a scene straight out from mean girls-" She silenced my rambling by placing the outfit right before my eyes. It was so simply and goregous.

"You said it was a small gathering, so I went for the casual yet sexy look. If you wear those killer ankle boots, along with red lipstick you will be the life of the party." Tara's sweet smile was sincere and I was so grateful.

I was just hoping it looked as good on as it did matched together. "You need to wear a black bra to prove you have boobs." Tara called out as I changed in my room. Her comment made me laugh so I followed her advice. Pulling the white tank top on, I shrugged up Tara's super black skinny jeans. Over the top, I wore the blue light weight over shirt which was a play on denim but wasn't actually demin. So far so good. I slipped into the 'killer boots' described by Tara before examining myself in the mirror.

Wow. I honestly didn't think I could pull it off, but wow. Finishing touches was obviously the red lipstick which was extremely effective in making my lips the main attraction, it contrasted well with my skin which was an additional bonus. I noticed my silver deathly hallows necklace and I felt compelled to wear it, so I did. Although I wore extremely good clothes, I was still a nerd.

Tara immediantly smiled and clapped when I finally opened the door. "I know, I know. My masterpiece is perfect." She said, bowing her head, taking in all glory. On the floor beside her feet I noticed a small present bag. A look of confusion was screened across my face which Tara caught onto.

"Oh right." She said, bending down to retrieve the bag.

"Here, sorry it's late." She handed me the bag which I thanked her for. A look of excitment etched across her face as she waited for my reaction. Upon opening the bag I noticed a rectangular box, reaching for it I knew what it was.

It was the Calvin Klein 'In 2 U' female perfume which I have been eyeing for months. I squealed like a little girl and hugged Tara, she actually hugged me back. "Just so Luke can because addicted to your smell." She giggled in my ear and watched me spray it.

It was glorious, not too strong, just perfect. I hope Brooks likes the smell. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was fifteen minutes to five past master. In simple terms it was 4:45pm. Grabbing the black shoulder bag I prepared earlier, after saying good bye to Tara (She wished me luck), I whisked downstairs and out the door.

Being punctual, I arrived in his driveway at 4:59pm. Beeping the horn to make him aware that I had arrived, I got out of my car and locked it. Brooks had opened the door by the time I managed to reach the porch. I watched as his jaw hung low and he gulped. "Hey," I breathed, in attempt to use a seductive voice. In reality it most likely sounded like a dying moose.

"Hi." He replied, eyeing me up and down.

"You look..." He trailed off, trying to find a word in his vocabulary.

"Edgy?" I suggested with a laugh.

"Mmm." He mumbled, licking his lips.

I pushed my way forward into his home with the biggest smile on his face. Although he licked his lips like I were a piece of meat, I still found myself smiling because I think he found me attractive. I give him credit for his own looks, he was sporting tight black jeans, black nikes and a cute yellow shirt that says 'Smile if you fancy me'.

Brooks: 101. Alex: 3.

"Al, I'm going to have to say that that smile is directed at my shirt." He smirked, soon enough his ego will be so big that he can't fit through the door.

"If that helps you sleep better at night Brooks." I commented, following him up the stairs which he was travelling backwards.

"You with me will help me sleep better at night." He commented suggestively.

"Keep dreaming." I retorted, trailing behind him into his room.

His room was always a big experience for me. He's room always looked different each time I entered. This time, get this, Brooks had textbooks on his desk and they were open! Looks like the bad boy studies. Even his bed was fixed which was a major difference. "Come up." Luke said, gesturing me to join him on his bed.

Carefully I travlled the ladder until I was securely seated on his bed. In his arms he held an acousitc guitar. Is this what he wanted to show me? "You play?" I asked dumbly as he played a few chords.

"Only songs that I want to learn. I'm self taught, you know." He said smugly.

"I'm impressed." I admitted and soon I noticed what song he was playing.

"You like Secondhand Serenade?" I squealed, appreaciting his taste in music.

He nodded only for the simply fact that soon, he came into sing. Yes, I know my jaw dropped too. And it was in tune and bearable. In fact, Brooks actually had a really good voice. You would never believe that the Player was actually good at other things besides his night time activites.

He was singing Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade, a song that I've had on replay for many late homework nights. As I listened and watched him play and sing I listened to the lyrics. It was like this was the first time I had listened, sure I'd heard them so many times before, I knew them off by heart even but listening to Brooks sing it, it was as though it had so much meaning. Maybe a double meaning.

"But hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find

This is not what I intended
I always swore to you I'd never fall apart
You always thought that I was stronger
I may have failed
But I have loved you from the start

As the song progressed, Luke used dynamics in his vocals and in guitar and I was literally blown away, it was so beautiful I thought that I was going to cry but I managed to swallow the lump in my throat. Soon the song ended and I was sad because I didn't want it to end.

"Brooks, I'm speechless." I exclaimed and he smiled.

"You are really talented, who would have thought?" I complimented him.

"Thanks Al, I'm glad you like it."

I was on the cusp of correcting him and telling him that I loved it but that would mean that I had to associate the L-word with Luke and I was not prepeared for that.

"I'm really happy that you showed me." I admitted because slowly I think I was breaking down the protective and bad ass barriers of Brooks and getting to the core of the guy who was really sweet.

"I'm happy I showed you too." He whispered, it was only then that I became aware of our close proximity. Oh no. My heart was somersaulting at our moment but soon the fear factor came. Although I had imagined kissing Brooks and we had come close to it times before, the fact alarmed me. I looked into his eyes because I had a sudden urge to but I wish I didn't. There was a look in his eyes that I'd only read about with description, the thought of Luke having that look while looking at me really scared me.

Thankfully Jai busted through the door and told us it was time to go.




The car ride was good, Brooks was quiet and Jai was chattering on about something, I felt bad because I wasn't really paying attention. Both Brooks and I were so consumed in our own thoughts. The look in his eyes was embeded in my memory and every time I blinked it would screen across in my mind. I shuddered internally.

When we arrived at James' house Brooks wasn't lying when he said that there was a small gathering. There were only four cars parked, one I recognised. It was Bec's so I assumed she also drove Lilly. What was surprising was that Brooks opened the car door for me, inviting me to exit. I mumbled a thank you as we advanced our way to the front door.

A very happy James opened the door, his smile was so big as he welcomed us. "Just in time guys, we are about to play Truth or Dare."

I found myself clinging to Brooks arm as if James had just told us that a portal to the evil world has been opened and Dementors were about to fly out, sucking off our matter. Brooks chuckled and I could feel the vibrate of his laugh onto my own body.

"I'm guessing that you aren't a fan?" He questioned, examining my expression.

"I've never played, but I've heard all about them. They don't sound like fun. Being pressured into doing things you don't want to..." I trailed off as my mind entered a dark place.

Brooks shook my shoulders to grasp my attention. "Al, No one is going to make you do something that you don't want to. If anything comes up that can put you in danger I will make it my responsibility to rescue you." Brooks' words made a safe halo around me because I believed that he would protect me.

"Okay," I mumbled and I followed him into the lounge room.

James' home was really nice, walls painted in a fine blue added a breath taking touch. Furnature elegant and respectful. As we entered the living room I noticed Bec and Lilly jumping out of their circle to embrace me in a hug. Brooks gave me a reassuring smile as he moved past me and took his place in the circle.

"Hi!" They squealed, I think they hadn't rapped their mind around where they were. Bec had always had big dreams of going to a small, secluded and secret party and now, her dreams were coming true.

"Well are you playing?" Brooks asked, motioning for us to take our seats.

I was sat next to Beau who gave me a welcoming hug which was odd and beside me was Bec. James explained the rules and I could hear my heart, loud and clear, pounding in my chest. I took note of who was actually here and who I would be playing with. Beau, James, Jai, Me, Brooks, Bec, Lilly and Daniel if I remember him correctly.

The bottle landed on Beau and since it was spun by James, James said, "Truth or Dare?" With a classic grin Beau chose dare.

"I dare you," James spoke with a smirk. "To pee in a plastic cup and then poor it over yourself."

Soon we were all huddled outside, Beau (privately) peed in a plastic white cup and we watched as he poured it over himself. I tried not to laugh because it was rude but I couldn't hide it. The guy actually poured pee on himself. James hosed him down to rid the stench of pee from his clothes. Draped in a towel with continued with our game.

The bottle landed on Daniel. "Truth or Dare?" Beau asked.

"Truth," Daniel replied.

"What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?" Beau questioned.

"I was being felt up by my grandma and it felt good." Daniel replied with a hint of embarrassment. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't control it. Maybe tonight will be funner than I expected.

Landing on Lilly, she chose Dare only because she's tougher than any of us.

"Eat a spoonful of wasabi." Daniel dared.

James came back from the kitchen with a spoon and a tube of wasabi. With a smirk as though it were an easy challenge Lilly licked the spoon clean. "I have 3 brothers." She justified and Jai called her a legend which made her blush.

Next it landed on none other than Brooks. "Truth or Dare?" She asked with an evil smile on her face.

"Truth." He replied. What a wuss.

"How come you haven't had a shag for longer than a week? That's unlike you Mr. Player." Lilly asked with an extreme boost of confidence. I turned crimson in embarrassment for him.

He cleared his throat softly. "Because I like someone."

That's the moment my heart sank. He had given up his ways for longer than a week, I just thought he was busy but no, he liked a girl. Brooks liked a girl and let me tell you, that was the hardest thing I had to hear.

"Who is it?" Bec questioned eagerly.

"Sorry, It's not my turn." He said with a smirk, brushing off the question.

Luke spun the bottle and it landed on Bec. Bec chose truth so he asked if she had ever flashed someone. Sheepishly she answered yes before elaborating that it was at Sound wave and her favourite band member was looking at her. Obviously she grabbed his attention.

The bottle landed on Jai and I was silently thanking God that it hadn't landed on me. "Dare," he said and Bec smiled sweetly.

"I dare you to exchange a clothing item with the player on your right." She said. Secretly I think she just wanted to check out what was under Jai's shirt. Which she ended up getting because he swapped shirts with Daniel right in front of us. I felt a burning glare from the direction of Brooks as I watched Jai shrug the shirt on.

"Next," Beau called out so Jai spun the bottle.

Oh no. My heart was racing so fast as it stopped directly in front of me.

"Truth or Dare?" Jai asked innocently.

What do I chose?

I looked at Bec who gave me the look like 'Live a little, chose dare.' I then looked at Lil who just shrugged, no help there. Then my eyes dared to Brooks who was giving me an encouraging smile and before I knew it the word slipped out of my mouth.


Jai's smug smile became more apparent as the words left his lips. "I dare you to make out with Luke in the closet."

My heart was pounding as I processed his words. Me. Brooks. Closet. Bec squealed as she helped me to my feet. I can't 'make out' with Brooks. Although I had been dying to the time had finally come and I was freaking out. He had had plenty of experience and here I was, a helpless seal. Additionally he liked some, I couldn't do this to him.

Bec pushed me towards the closest, I stumbled but warm hands helped me regain my balance. "Al" He breathed which made my heart flutter.

"We can go in there and just talk, we don't have to do anything. I'm not pressuring you." He whispered, his words as easy and soft as butter.

I swallowed and nodded, he held my hand as he led my into the dark closest. Soon he turned the light on, his back pressed up against the wall, he sighed heavily and he sunk down. He wasn't happy with this arrangement.

I fell to the floor and sat beside him. "I'm sorry they put you up to this, I understand that you like someone and I don't wish this upon you." I blurted out.

His head cocked up and he studied me. "You don't get it do you?" He questioned, it wasn't rude it was gentle.

"Get what?" I whispered, remembering that they thought we were kissing when in reality we were whispering.

"I don't want to kiss you." I knew it but still when he said it, his words cut like knives into my heart.

Please don't cry.

He groaned when he noticed my face fell. "No I didn't mean it like that," he said quickly.

His warm hand slid underneath my chin, lightly holding it with his thumb, he tilted it up to face him. "I meant," he inhaled as though he were get rid of nerves. "I don't want to kiss you like this." His words were odd.

I was officially confused.

"What do you mean?" I questioned and he sighed quietly,

"I mean that I don't want to kiss you in this situation or in this environment. I don't want you to be scared and I don't want my first kiss to be with you because we were dared to do it. I want it to be natural, intense eye contact and all that jazz. I don't want you to remember it as some stupid kiss you had at a party." He elaborated.

No kiss with you would be stupid. "I understand." I lied. I had no idea what he was talking about.

"So you do want to kiss me?" I thought aloud.

He chuckled from beside me, our shoulders slightly brushing as he did so.

"Yes, Al, I want to kiss you."

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